“The May Day demonstrations illustrated the political and social tensions that are building up. On the one hand, a rally in support of the government around the CUT and the coalition parties, on the other, a left-wing opposition with a dissident class struggle trade union pole and social movements.” - IV568 - May 2022 / Chile
“In the beginning of the Twentieth century, the international left was much clearer about how to combine opposition to all imperialisms with recognition of the right of oppressed nations to self-determination.” - Ukraine / United States (USA), Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine debate
“Internationalist feminist politics must take as its starting point the voices of the people concerned. Any feminist politics that is done without these voices will ultimately be done against them, and will thus be detrimental to the construction of global feminist solidarity.” - Ukraine / Russia, Women, Ukraine, Ukraine debate
Right now, our international solidarity must be based on the payment of reparations to benefit Ukraine. […] It is also important to clarify that, first and foremost, reparations should be paid by the rich: officials, the nomenklatura, oligarchs, businessmen, etc. - IV568 - May 2022 / Russia, Women, Ukraine, War drive/Anti-war movements
In the aftermath of its invasion of Ukraine, Ilya Budraitskis describes Russia as evolving to a new form of fascism. What had been a “managed democracy” with limited personal freedoms, has become a society and polity which requires unequivocal acceptance of the Ukraine invasion and treats any sign of deviation as treason. The article first appeared in German
Two months ago, when I wrote “A Letter to the Western Left from Kyiv,” I hoped that the shock of the Russian invasion and the voices of the Ukrainian left would push Western leftists to reconsider their approach. Unfortunately, too many of them have failed to do so. In their analyses of the war, Ukrainians are just victims in need of humanitarian aid, not subjects
The Executive Bureau of the Fourth International has issued two statements on Ukraine. One before the invasion, on 30 January 2022, entitled "Against NATO and Russian military escalation in Eastern Europe”; and another one after the start of the invasion, on 1 March 2022, entitled "No to Putin's invasion of Ukraine! Support the Ukrainian resistance! Solidarity
In a recent article in Jacobin, “What the Left's Critics Ignore About Military Solutions to Ukraine,” Branko Marcetic argues that the left should oppose Western military aid to Ukraine. Marcetic condemns the Russian invasion and believes the Ukrainians have a right to defend themselves, but he insists they should not get arms from the United States or its
I am very conscious of the great honour of being invited to participate in this seminar (2012) as someone who did not belong to the same international current as Daniel Bensaïd and only got to know him in the last decade of his life. But as soon as we met, what drew me towards Daniel was not simply his immense personal qualities—his strength of character, warmth and
There is a common narrative in the West, which corresponds to the Kremlin's narrative, that the Russian government may be tyrannical but it is supported by the majority of Russian people, and the dissident minority, while brave, has no ability to change society. This fits the Vladimir Putin regime's view of itself as the inheritor of a thousand-year-old state.
Against the Current advisory editor Peter Drucker, the author of Warped: Gay Normality and Queer Anticapitalism, is one of a handful of scholars who have in recent years developed the field of queer Marxism. Another pioneer of queer Marxism, Kevin Floyd, died tragically in 2019. This year the Marxist Literary Group honored Kevin Floyd's legacy with a special
It is widely accepted that the accelerating rivalry between the great powers—the United States, China, the European Union, Russia, and Japan—is a key feature of world politics and will remain so for the foreseeable future. This makes it urgent for progressive forces to have a clear view on the character of the powers involved, which in turn requires a concrete
The disastrous military campaign, unprecedented Western sanctions and the ensuing economic crisis tested the resilience of the Russian regime. Putin's political system withstood the test; and his grip on power is as strong as ever. However, his ability to solve Russia's problems and achieve constructive goals is another matter. - IV567 - April 2022 / Economy
“At the same time, like that of WG2, this report is full of the profoundly unrealistic idea that it would be possible to make antagonistic social interests converge to save the Earth's climate in universal harmony, without in the least questioning private ownership of the economy, competition for market shares, production for profit and the "produce for produce"
“The worst disease is the treatment of the Negro. Everyone who freshly learns of this state of affairs at a mature age feels not only the injustice, but the scorn of the principle of the Fathers who founded the United States that ‘all men are created equal.' [I could] hardly believe that a reasonable man can cling so tenaciously to such prejudice.” — Albert Einstein
Academic conferences generally uncontroversial, even boring, affairs. This was decidedly not the case in October of 2018, when a two-day workshop titled “Turkey's New Neoliberal State in the Making?” was held at Middle East Technical University in Ankara. - Reviews section / Turkey, Reviews
“The Russian invasion of Ukraine sets a terrible precedent for the resolution of conflicts which involve the risk of nuclear war. This is why the Left must come up with our own vision of international relations and the architecture of international security. ” - IV567 - April 2022 / Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine debate
Since the very first day of the war, protests have been ongoing throughout Russia, and they have taken a variety of forms. The primary one is the daily “stroll” on the streets. In contemporary Russian political language, the words gulyanie (strolling) or progulka (a walk) mean protests and meetings. Formally, only one-person pickets are allowed, but their
We present below our understanding of the tasks facing the Western left in particular. We hope to contribute to the debate and the construction of the peace movement, solidarity with the Ukrainian left and social movements, refugee support and anti-racism, and the strengthening of alternatives to imperialism in the west and the east of the European subcontinent.