“The initial slogans, generally directed against the morality police, were very quickly enriched by mass chants such as: “Death to the dictator”, “Down with the Islamic Republic”, “No Shah, no Supreme Guide”, “Woman, Life, Freedom”, or “Bread, Work, Freedom”. The movement was highly politicized from the start, and it was no longer a purely protest movement.”
“As a first step we call on feminists around the world to raise prominently solidarity with Ukrainian and Polish women in their mobilizations in defence of abortion and reproductive rights on the occasion of 28 September, International Day for Abortion Rights.” - IV572 - September 2022 / Poland, Women, Ukraine
“As in the past, women are at the forefront of the protests and by taking off their scarfs, and they have shown that they are protesting not only against the hijab but also against the entire brutal structure of the Islamic Republic.” - IV572 - September 2022 / Women, Iran
“A new wave of feminist internationalism is now evident in the huge marches to defend women's rights to abortion in Poland, and in the recent Green Wave of feminist militancy (symbolized by women waving or wearing large green handkerchiefs) that has swept across Latin America, with huge mobilizations to end violence against women and secure women's reproductive
“As left-wing activists in the climate movement, we sometimes feel stuck by what can be seen as a lack of strategic perspectives within the movement. How can we radicalize the climate movement and why does the movement need a strategic debate in your opinion?” - IV572 - September 2022 / Youth camp, Belgium, Sweden, Fourth International, Climate
“The Russian-Ukrainian war put an end to the post-Soviet period. The nature of the emergent period, including our current moment, will be decided on the battlefield. If Ukraine wins, we will finally have a chance for progressive changes not only in Ukraine, but also in the larger post-Soviet space.” - 2022 - Ukraine / Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Ukraine
IN 1986, MASS protest overthrew Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Thirty-six years later, his son was elected president. The 2022 elections have crowned a decades-long project aimed at returning the Marcos dynasty to power and shown the support for Rodrigo Duterte's authoritarianism. A late surge in the campaign of Marcos' main rival, the liberal
“Our main goal now is to win this war. We understand that it can be protracted, and it is not a quick process, and there are hopes for it. What is critical to victory is not to let the war and all the terrible events in Ukraine disappear from the world's agenda.” - IV571 - August 2022 / Russia, Women, Ukraine
“The climate war has begun and it is a class war. By this I mean that it requires a point of view on the REAL needs of men and women, that is to say a point of view freed from commercial alienation and the race for selfish profit which stands reality on its head.” - IV571 - August 2022 / Climate, Ecosocialism
The first Congress of Democracia Socialista (DS - Socialist Democracy) opened in San Juan last weekend with discussion on the climate crisis and ecosocialism as the alternative. Congress activities began on Friday, August 5 with a presentation by Professor Jorge Colón entitled, “The Climate Crisis and the Ecosocialist Alternative.” - IV571 - August 2022
It has been a year since Taliban's takeover of Kabul after the ignominious fall of Western-backed regime of Ashraf Ghani. The so-called democratic experiment of American imperialism and allied Western countries, built by militarily overthrowing Taliban back in 2001, came to an end after twenty years of colossal military expenditures. - IV571 - August 2022
Internationalist solidarity with the PST! It is because its activists are useful in the trade union and social struggles and also against the repression of the Hirak that the party is banned! - News from around the world / Algeria
“In Ireland, in Argentina, in Poland, and Chile, the abortion struggle has been fought on the streets, through direct action and unapologetic claiming of abortion as an inalienable right – not by electing politicians who will defend “the right to choose.” It is this militant action that we will need in the United States if we want to win.” - IV568 - May 2022 / United
“The May Day demonstrations illustrated the political and social tensions that are building up. On the one hand, a rally in support of the government around the CUT and the coalition parties, on the other, a left-wing opposition with a dissident class struggle trade union pole and social movements.” - IV568 - May 2022 / Chile
“In the beginning of the Twentieth century, the international left was much clearer about how to combine opposition to all imperialisms with recognition of the right of oppressed nations to self-determination.” - Ukraine / United States (USA), Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine debate
“Internationalist feminist politics must take as its starting point the voices of the people concerned. Any feminist politics that is done without these voices will ultimately be done against them, and will thus be detrimental to the construction of global feminist solidarity.” - Ukraine / Russia, Women, Ukraine, Ukraine debate
Right now, our international solidarity must be based on the payment of reparations to benefit Ukraine. […] It is also important to clarify that, first and foremost, reparations should be paid by the rich: officials, the nomenklatura, oligarchs, businessmen, etc. - IV568 - May 2022 / Russia, Women, Ukraine, War drive/Anti-war movements
In the aftermath of its invasion of Ukraine, Ilya Budraitskis describes Russia as evolving to a new form of fascism. What had been a “managed democracy” with limited personal freedoms, has become a society and polity which requires unequivocal acceptance of the Ukraine invasion and treats any sign of deviation as treason. The article first appeared in German