Éric Zemmour's rise on the French political scene may seem dazzling — but it certainly didn't fall from the sky. The likely transfer of the main far-right media heavyweight into the party-political arena is a symptom that encapsulates the deeper trends of the current period. - IV561 - October 2021 / France, Far Right
Andreas Malms new book How to Blow up a Pipeline. Learning to fight in a World on Fire has got a great deal of attention. The focus has been on Malms critique of parts of the climate movement that a priori and in any given situation advocates civil disobedience. Malm highlights the role of sabotage as one of several tactical methods in the struggle against the fossil
In this rather unusual volume edited by Robert Nichols, we find his translations of Bensaïd's 2007 title essay, as well as new translations of Marx's five 1842 Die Rheinische Zeitung articles on wood theft, from which Bensaïd draws. Nichols also provides a substantial introduction in which he calls this collection an ‘experiment' representing ‘a deliberately
“In the meantime every day lost is a day in which the profits of Big Pharma are costing countless lives especially in the Global South, as this video from the International Transport Workers Federation shows. And in that context the likelihood for more variants of concern to develop and spread reminds us that no one is safe until everyone is safe.” - IV561 - October
“The sectarian nature of the state, accompanied by the promotion of neoliberal policies, is an obstacle to the rise of a working-class alternative from below, capable of challenging the ruling bourgeois sectarian parties. In this perspective, the ruling parties will use the next elections as a way to try to regain some legitimacy, both locally and internationally.”
In Sri Lanka, the far-right government of Mahinda Rajapaksa represses without restraint: Tamils, Muslims, trade unionists, students fighting against the privatization of colleges and so on. Stan Miller spoke to Samantha Rajapaksa, a Sri Lankan far-left activist in exile in France. - IV561 - October 2021 / Sri Lanka
“Mandel's main fault, several speakers at the commemorative meeting claimed, was over-optimism. But he left us with writing on the history and economic grounding of capitalism, analyses of bureaucracy and alienation, and an account of the underlying structural preconditions for the world we live in today.” - Ernest Mandel Archive / Marxism, Fourth International,
Russia Has a New Socialist Movement AN INTERVIEW WITH MIKHAIL LOBANOV The big winner in Russia's recent election was the Communist Party, which jumped to almost 20 percent support. The party is today being transformed by a new wave of democratic socialist activists opposed to Vladimir Putin's rule. Mikhail Lobanov at a campaign rally. (Courtesy of Sofia Kalinina)
“This article, if I remember well, was published around 1979 in the French Journal Quatrième Internationale. If I would rewrite it today, I would probably give greater emphasis on the positive side of Rosa Luxemburg's and young Leon Trotsky's views on political organization. But I still agree with the essential argument of the paper, bringing together both
In late August a local blogger Li Guangman in China posted an article which would earn him national fame the overnight. His “Every One can Sense that a Profound Transformation is Under Way” was reposted online by multiple Party media from the People's Daily to the PLA Daily. - IV560 - September 2021 / China
“We believe that a socialist transformation will be needed in order to tear down the state structures of oppression and racism that political Zionism has created — which are now inextricably intertwined with Israeli and regional capitalism — and to open a future of national equality, democracy and freedom from oppression for Arab Palestinians, Jewish Israelis
As elsewhere, the Delta variant has become dominant in the Philippines, causing a new wave of infections, more serious than the previous one. Despite this, the Duterte presidency is acting as if the epidemic is already behind us. - IV560 - September 2021 / Philippines, Solidarity after disasters , Covid-19 Pandemic
On 14th July, two hundred families in the Briandene informal settlement north of Durban lost everything in a devastating fire. All houses and shacks were burnt down. This catastrophe was only one of many in the Durban area during days of looting, killings and destruction. The Briandene community is a member of the shack dweller movement Abahlali baseMjondolo.
Brazil's independence dates from 7 September 1822, when the Prince Regent ousted his father Joao VI and became Pedro 1st, Emperor of Brazil. An independence finally achieved without much drama and consolidated by a financial transaction between Brazil and Portugal under the auspices of Great Britain. It's the occasion of a military parade. It was this date
“Let's remember that this is not only a time of rightwing menace, but also a moment when popular resistance movements and anti-dictatorship struggles are exploding globally. In the United States there's a revival of interest in socialism, even if organizations of the revolutionary left coming from the struggles of the 20th and early 21st centuries are at
“The Chad of the Débys remains in the same vein as Habré: assassinations, ethnicism, regionalism, nepotism, clientelism, shameless exploitation of human and natural resources for the benefit of a minority of parasites, plundering of public funds, and nauseating religious rigorism! All this with the blessing of French imperialism.” - IV560 - September
Adrienne Rich was many things to many people. She was one of the United States' leading poets, the recipient of countless honors, beginning while she was still in college and continuing until her death in 2012. In her forties, Rich became a lesbian feminist icon, idolized by crowds who flocked to her readings and talks, renowned for her book on motherhood Of Woman
Below is the transcript of a talk titled “Marxism, socialist strategy, and the party” by Gilbert Achcar, which was delivered to the South African initiative, Dialogues for an Anti-capitalist Future. Here, Achcar traces conceptions of the party from Marx to the present and its implications for socialist strategy today. This transcript has been revised,
“Life no doubt was bad under the US occupation. Taliban suicide missions further compounded the misery bombed onto Afghan villages by the US war jets. The latter claimed more civilian lives. However, under the Taliban it will go from bad to worse. Once consolidated, Taliban will start deploying their horns more ruthlessly.” - IV559 - August 2021 / Afghanistan
A woman's right to decide what happens to her body is at the core of her right to equality, human dignity, and choice. This right is identified as one's bodily autonomy. By criminalising abortion, Sri Lanka's law undermines a woman's right to exercise her bodily autonomy. Despite this criminalisation, women who choose to exercise such rights are vulnerable
We mourn with the Afghan people their double tragedy. The first tragedy---the US's illegal and utterly unjustified military invasion twenty years ago---helped prepare the ground for today's tragedy, the accession to power of the Islamo-fanatical Taliban. Condemnation of the latter must not mean any softening of the criticism of US and Western imperialism
Wales is the one country within the United Kingdom where there has been a Labour administration over recent years [1]. To many people's surprise, including their own, Labour not only won the Senedd [2] election in May but gained a seat overall. - IV559 - August 2021 / Britain, Wales
In 1880, five years before the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the federal government's imposition of a head tax on Chinese immigrants, Dukesang Wong (1845-1931) migrated from China to “Gold Mountain,” the term Chinese migrants used to refer to the west coast of the United States and Canada. He landed in Portland and eventually found work building