Mark Keam is a Korean American Democrat in the House of Delegates from northern Virginia. Speaking to the New York Times, Keam expressed his doubts about Bernie Sanders and “socialism”: If you’re an immigrant from Asia and you came to this country from a country that was socialist, or you’re from Africa that has dictators or South
To protect yourself and your family from coronavirus, we suggest socialism, and also handwashing—the Centers for Disease Control recommends you scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds. If you have nothing to think about, 20 seconds can feel like an eternity. Here are 20-second socialist and revolutionary songs, poems
As e-commerce continues to encroach on brick-and-mortar stores, with online sales making up 10.8% of all retail sales in 2019, stories about Walmart’s new fleet of roving robot janitors and Amazon’s cashierless convenience stores stoke concerns that automation is making retail jobs obsolete. This specter of automation has haunted American
With the latest primary results narrowing Sen. Bernie Sanders’ path to the Democratic nomination, a number of mainstream media pundits and establishment politicians have urged Sanders to drop out of the race in the sake of “unity.” Thankfully, Sanders is forging on, preparing for a one-on-one debate with Joe Biden on Sunday, as well as
CHICAGO—What began as back pain ended in a five-month stay at the hospital for an excruciating spinal infection that almost paralyzed Catherine (name changed for privacy). She is ready to go home, but to recover, she requires a hospital bed, a Hoyer lift to get from her bed to her wheelchair, a wheelchair ramp, in-home care, and transportation to her doctor.
Cabbie Seth Goldman joined members of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance (NYTWA) outside New York’s City Hall in August 2018 to read an elegiac poem he wrote for Doug Schifter, a livery driver who killed himself in his car in front of City Hall earlier that year. In an emotional note Schifter posted on Facebook, he claimed gig economy taxi competition left
Ever since the Senate declined to remove Donald Trump from office, the president has continued his victory lap, kicking off his reelection pitch with the State of the Union address and launching retaliatory firings and pressure on the officials who testified against him. Trump will face his next test at the ballot box in November. Sooner or later, Donald Trump
Howard Zinn’s many contributions to the American Left make his sins as a scholar forgivable—such is the usual (and understandably sympathetic) critique of this icon of revisionist history. But now, on the eve of the 40th anniversary of A People’s History of the United States—with more than 2.5 million copies in print and its influence
UN Women, the United Nations group for women’s empowerment, tweeted an infographic in February showing that only 7% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. “Retweet if you really really really… want more women CEOs,” it read. Some Twitter users were fast to ironically agree they “really really really” wanted “more
“Which side are you on?” In many ways, this has been the core question posed thus far by he Democratic Presidential primary, which has become a battle between an emerging multiracial coalition fighting for a progressive agenda, and that of the “business as usual” Democratic establishment. Elizabeth Warren’s departure
This story was first published at the Intercept. THE LAST FEW days have seen a rapid consolidation of the establishment behind Joe Biden, following his expected but decisive win in South Carolina. Both former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar dropped abruptly out of the race and threw what weight they had behind the former vice president.
end • the • fil•i•bus•ter verb 1. Stop puffed-up windbags from blocking legislation that has majority support “The first bill to make lynching a federal crime ... passed the House in 1922. But it got killed in the Senate—by a filibuster." —Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren Of course
NEW YORK CITY—Human rights lawyer Steven Donziger, 58, prowls his Manhattan apartment from bright living room to dim kitchen and back, too restless to sit still while discussing the events that have brought him to this moment: nervous about the future, his law license suspended, his every movement surveilled by a black ankle bracelet he never
For supporters of Elizabeth Warren, the last several months have been tough: frustrating and often painful. The pro-Warren momentum that had been gathering steam through the summer and early fall came to a halt, and her poll numbers fell as she was dogged by attacks on her Medicare for All plan and the controversy over whether Bernie Sanders had or had not told
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders emerged by early 2020 as the Democratic presidential frontrunner, finishing in the top two in the Iowa caucus (with Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, as of press time) and in national polls (with former Vice President Joe Biden). Sanders’ strategy, which distinguishes him from his opponents and breaks with the traditional Democratic
PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, WIS.—Nicasio Cuevas Quiles III, a 46-year-old prisoner at Prairie du Chien Correctional Institution (PDCI) two hours west of Madison, calls In These Times in October 2019 to discuss a civil rights complaint against the facility’s administrators. During the call, Cuevas Quiles rhetorically asks why prisoners are rationed
CHICAGO—Some labor struggles can feel like long, dramatic sagas: unexpected twists, broken hopes, valiant attempts to overcome unyielding giants. Michael Smith knows this tale well as a member of the small, beleaguered Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union, BCTGM. Smith lost his delivery job of 15 years
CHICAGO—Refrains of “Heartland and ICE, same shit twice” caught the attention of passing cars and pedestrians Dec. 8, 2019, at the Malibu condominiums on Chicago’s lakefront. Around 30 organizers from Little Village Solidarity Network (LVSN), Rogers Park Solidarity Network (RPSN) and Free Heartland Kids (FHK) demonstrated
The 2020s opened with dual crises. In Australia, unprecedented bushfires tore across a total area the size of Virginia, killing at least 29 people and an estimated one billion animals, and destroying 2,000 homes. The news was flooded with images of thousands of people taking refuge on Australia’s southeastern coastline, the sun blocked by thick smoke,
In the wake of Tuesday night's Iowa caucus results debacle, one question has been on everybody's mind: Is Michael Bloomberg an oligarch? The query was first raised by Bernie Sanders’ campaign co-chair Nina Turner, in the course of an interview by MSNBC host Chris Matthews. Her description of Bloomberg as an oligarch buying his way into the Democratic
RALEIGH, N.C.—“Being an old Baptist preacher, you know how we are,” Floyd Johnson drawls with apologetic humor to the North Carolina State Board of Elections (BOE) in late December 2019, at the end of its final meeting of the year. Johnson, who chairs the Cumberland County BOE, traveled to the capital with a simple request: include Smith
Back in 2013, I was looking to write a big piece about a highly successful workers’ center that hadn’t received national press. Several labor professor friends recommended Workers Defense Project (WDP) in Austin, Texas. I flew down to meet with Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez, WDP’s executive director. I found her whip smart, a born
One running theme of the bipartisan outrage at Donald Trump and his administration has been the constant stream of falsehoods emanating from the White House since he took office. Ever since Kellyanne Conway defended the Trump administration’s use of “alternative facts” following the president’s inauguration, nary a week has
Since the 2018 election of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Queens, New York has stood on the cutting edge of left politics because the borough’s progressives have developed effective strategies to take on establishment institutions and win. When, in December 2019, activists who support Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren caught wind of backroom deals
Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have something in common: Both believe they are unique candidates with different politics and agendas—a point both have made clear in countless interviews and policy proposals. And both believe these differences are worth fighting for, which is why both are running for president. I agree. Specifically, I support
The new year opened with the United States committing an extrajudicial assassination in a foreign country by drone. I’m not talking about the January 3, 2020 rocket attack that killed Iranian general Qasem Soleimani. I’m talking about the January 1, 2019 drone strike that killed Jamal Al Badawi, an alleged Al Qaeda plotter, in Yemen. The U.S.
In "What a Bernie Sanders Presidency Would Look Like," Daniel Denvir presents a comprehensive and upbeat appraisal of Bernie Sanders’ platform and its resonance with a variety of social movements, echoing the campaign’s rhetoric about the central role of popular movements and touting Sanders’ purported credentials as an organizer,
In the face of Trump and the imminent threat of fascism, and after over years 40 years of experiencing the 1% usurp our political system, progressives cannot let dogmatism and ultra-leftism lead us to confuse allies with enemies. Elizabeth Warren is an ally who has embraced many progressive reforms. The difference between her platform and that of Bernie
We have a decade to transform the U.S. economy to stave off climate catastrophe, and Bernie Sanders has the only agenda to do so and the only mobilization strategy to get it done. No plan for a better future is worthwhile if environmental crisis renders our future unimaginably bleak. As Naomi Klein notes, this planetary emergency “entered mainstream
If Elizabeth Warren wins the Democratic presidential nomination, she will have prevailed against daunting odds. She will have overcome a potentially career-ending scandal (the DNA test debacle) and defeated not only the runner-up in the 2016 Democratic presidential contest, but a popular two-term former vice president. If she defeats President
I can’t say I’m convinced this decade has really just ended, especially since it didn’t start Jan. 1, 2010. As far as I can tell, it actually began in 2007, with Wall Street’s historic financial crisis. That calamity has defined the last 13 odd years—call them the long teens—and transformed American politics by showing