The United States is experiencing a wave of worker militancy and a White House administration that actually wants to take concrete actions to defend and grow labor unions. That strange sensation you're feeling is optimism about labor’s prospects, reflected in the giddiness of #Striketober. Let’s take this opportunity to restore the legal right to strike.
PHILADELPHIA —Alisha Gillespie’s three children call her a “gentle giant” because of her height and demeanor. She’s had a difficult life. Her mother disowned her after Gillespie had a child at 17, and she spent some time unhoused. Before she landed her most recent job in the dietary department of a hospital (lost during the pandemic), her children would pump
Despite four decades of imperial interventions, the United States was defeated in Afghanistan. Tariq Ali explains the long history of meddling in Afghanistan — and why the US's defeat will set back the broader project of American military supremacy. Tariq Ali speaks at the 2014 Support for Gaza Demonstration. (David Hardman / Flickr) Tariq Ali is a member
I come here from a country whose seven million children, women, and men refuse to die from ignorance, hunger, and thirst any longer. My aspiration is to speak on behalf of my people, on behalf of the disinherited of the world. And to state the reasons for our revolt. – Thomas Sankara (speech at UN More The post The Trial Of Thomas Sankara’s Killers appeared first
Audubon’s portrait of the unassuming Bachman’s Warblers isn’t one of his best works. The little birds just sit there, away from each other, the male posing closer to the center of the picture and the female cowering on a branch right at the bottom, as if aware of her inferior rank in life. Their colors--a subtle symphony of yellow, green, black, and grey—blend
If Colin Powell’s life has meaning, it is as a cautionary tale about the perils of going along to get along. Rarely has history offered such a stark example of a human being offered a clear existential choice between right and wrong. Hardly ever has so much hung in the balance for humanity and for More The post Colin Powell, Moral Weakling appeared first on
What sort of gap exists when it comes to American support for Palestinian rights? Is it a generation gap or perhaps a perceptual gap leading to an argument over what is and is not true? This question was suggested, at least in my mind,  on 28 September 2021 when Vice President Harris (age 56) paid More The post Vice President Harris Confronts a Reality Gap appeared
Events are unfolding at a quickening pace. Facing an alarming escalation in tensions around the world, we are looking to our most respected and renowned thought leaders for an honest assessment of both U.S. foreign and military policy to offer their most current thoughts and insights. We know they have some ideas for improving the More The post What Are the Prospects
It happened three times yesterday, and I only watched or half-watched a few hours of TV news. It happens every day, it seems.  Somebody wonders out loud (yesterday’s most prominent was Alex Witt with Dr. Anthony Fauci) why over 60 million Americans who are eligible to be vaccinated are still refusing — including hospital workers More The post Advice That Kills
“Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty.” – Plato So many millions of people have been duped into believing Donald Trump’s Big Lie that he won the election, it seems as if we’re reliving the North-South hatred over slavery. We know More The post America’s Cold Civil War
In response to COVID-19, EU member states have agreed to policies that once seemed inconceivable. The EU recovery fund falls well short of what’s needed, but there’s now an opening for the European left to demand more radical forms of economic redistribution. The European Union flag in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. (European Union 2013 —
So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night I hate to go and leave this pretty sight So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu So long, farewell, au revoir, auf wiedersehen I leave and heave a sigh and say goodbye — Goodbye! I’m glad to go, I cannot tell More The post Adieu, Facebook: Irony and the Finale of
We are now witnessing the collapse of a supply chain based on the globalization we were all told would save us money. We’d ship all those low paying jobs away and become a booming service economy. A few facts that demonstrate how this has worked out: The other day there were 76 container ships off More The post Supply Chain Blues: Who’s Pulling Yours?
Tekst af Rachid Moutiq. Billeder af Christine Vassaux Noe. “Dengang kaldte de det integrationshonning, men jeg tænkte, glem det der integrationshonning, det skal hedde Dansk Ghetto Honning,” siger Yusuf Aydin og griner, imens han sætter et klistermærke på toppen af honningglasset med det honning, der er lavet lige i kvarteret Taastrupgaard.  På
Budskabet fra lærere og elever på den forberedende grunduddannelse, FGU, er til en vis grad trængt ind bag Christiansborgs tykke mure. Efter, at omkring 400 elever i sidste uge demonstrerede foran Christiansborg, lyder meldingen fra en række partier, at de er parat til at sikre flere penge til FGU-uddannelserne. Arbejderen har haft kontakt til uddannelsesordførerne
Alt for ofte hører man denne sætning, “Jeg har intet at skjule!” når vi påpeger de farer, der er ved statsmagtens internetovervågning og dataindsamling fra officielle kilder, sociale medier osv. Historien om Kabuls fald bør lære alle at frygte statens overvågning og registre. Af Arbeit-Zukunft, TYskland Gode lovlydige borgere har intet at
Det italienske firma Solesi skal betale 14 millioner kroner til 3F. Det har en italiensk appeldomstol på Sicilien netop slået fast. Afgørelsen kommer fire år efter, at Solesi blev dømt af den danske Arbejdsret for brud på overenskomsten og grov underbetaling af 130 bygningsarbejdere under byggeriet af en olieterminal i Fredericia. Firmaet nægtede at betale
I sidste uge fremlagde indenrigs- og boligminister Kaare Dybvad regeringens plan for at skabe byer med plads til alle. I planen lægges blandt andet op til at at bygge 22.000 nye almene familie- og ungdomsboliger i Danmarks største byer over de næste 13 år. Og det skal vel at mærke være “kvalitetsboliger som er til at betale for mennesker med almindelige
One of Canada’s largest institutional investors, responsible for managing billions of dollars in workers’ pensions, has committed to fossil fuel divestment. It’s a good step — but without pressure from the labor movement, these promises will mean nothing. The 2018 Carr Fire in California, where climate change–driven wildfires have become a regular occurrence.
NEW YORK CITY—Outside the gated entrance to City Hall, a dozen yellow taxi drivers huddle under the canopy of a tent to take shelter from the pelting rain. They sit alongside a line of their sunflower-yellow parked cars, next to a sidewalk makeshift memorial and protest shrine with a backdrop of signs that read: Respect the Drivers, No More Suicides; No More Bankruptcies,
For months, Bernie Sanders has been making a case for the multitrillion-dollar reform bill he’s spearheaded in the Senate. Now, he’s taken that case to Joe Manchin’s home turf in West Virginia — and is facing backlash from the mainstream media for breaching the norms of Beltway etiquette. Senator Bernie Sanders arrives to a news conference at the US Capitol
10 years ago, over a bowl of ramen near Times Square, David Graeber gave me a copy of his book Debt: the first 5000 years. Inside, was a typically generous dedication: “For David Wengrow, who has gotten me excited about the past in a way no one has since I can barely remember.” It was the start of a project that would absorb us for the next 10 years, as an
In Mexico, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is attempting to transform the country’s overpriced energy industry by nationalizing lithium — a move essential to kicking out private mining and developing a robust and affordable public energy sector. Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador speaks during his daily morning press conference in Mexico
As the spread of Covid-19 forced millions of workplaces to close in March 2020, Cesar Moreira continued to report to a bottling plant in Wharton, N.J., where he works as a batching technician. During 12-hour shifts, Moreira mixes vats of powdered concentrate and sugar to churn out brand-name beverages like Gatorade and Arizona Iced Tea. Management for Resfresco
Jo – den er god nok! Torsdag den 18. november klokken 19:30 hos Arbejderen i Hillerødgade 30A i København optræder ingen ringere end Benny Holst Trio. Koncerten er annonceret i Arbejderens kalender og har været det i godt en uge. Men der er stadig ledige billetter! Entré: 175 kroner. Billetter købes efter først til mølle-princippet ved at sende en mail til:
Omsider blev Fjodor Michailovitj Dostojevskij 200 år. Den er god nok. Er du født i 1821, så bliver du 200 år i 2021. I anledning af Dostojevskijs fødselsdag har Ruslands Hus i København arrangeret en udstilling, der i det store og hele koncentrerer sig om den verdensberømte digters 10 dage lange ophold hos baron Aleksander Wrangel i Bredgade i København i 1865.
SF Hillerød stiller med et stærkt og bredt hold, 4 kvinder og 7 mænd. Den yngste er 18 år, den ældste er 74, alle sideordnet opstillet. SF vil et Hillerød i rødt og grønt, hvor vi i fællesskab løser kommunens udfordringer. Vi vil mere lighed, alle skal ses – også de svageste. Vi vil borgerinddragelse og demokrati. Hillerød Kommune skal have mere natur. Vi
Kære Cecilia Lonning-Skovgaard Vi skriver, fordi vi håber, at du – som vi – ønsker et konstruktivt samarbejde om at formidle job til de ledige, som hører til under Jobcenter København i Københavns Kommunes Beskæftigelsesforvaltning (BIF).  Vi beklager, at du gennem de seneste måneder blandt andet i Berlingske har sået alvorlig tvivl om kvaliteten i arbejdet
As Britain prepares to host the Cop26 climate conference in Glasgow next month, it is pursuing two contradictory policies that undermine its chances of success. On the one hand, it is seeking a unified global response to the climate crisis with nations agreeing to targets for the reduction of their coal and petroleum emissions. But at the same time, it has joined
“I am not Hamlet. I don’t play a role anymore. My words have nothing more to tell me. “ ― Heiner Müller, Hamletmachine The great European project of never shutting up, an express train of constant babble that has been running full speed since the Renaissance, reached an apogee at the end of the 19th century. More The post Modernity: Never Shutting Up appeared first
The sinking local economy – weighed down by the years of drought, inflation and climate change – has exacerbated the farmers’ problems. Their struggle for survival has become more difficult since the pandemic started, pushing many farmers to the brink of poverty More The post Forlorn Farmers, Fatal Fears appeared first on
It was not for everybody, but the shock advertising tactics of the Australian comedian Dan Ilic made an appropriate point.  Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison, a famed coal hugger, has vacillated about whether to even go to the climate conference in Glasgow.  Having himself turned the country’s prime ministerial office into an extended advertising
For decades, I kept a poster on my wall that I’d saved from the year I turned 16. In its upper left-hand corner was a black-and-white photo of a white man in a grey suit. Before him spread a cobblestone plaza. All you could see were the man and the stones. Its caption read, “He More The post Seeing the Future appeared first on
At this point it seems likely that “negotiations” between Democratic Congressional leaders and Sen. Joe Manchin and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema over President Biden’s Build Back Better bill will drag on indefinitely. Or until progressives either give in to their demands, or Democrats lose Congress in the mid-term election, whichever comes first. The problem
Far-right organizations like Project Veritas in the US and the Vox party in Spain are increasingly looking to Latin America as the key to consolidating their international network. To prevent that from happening, Jair Bolsonaro must be stopped from winning — or stealing — Brazil's 2022 election. Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro speaks at Planalto Palace
Does a “Green New Deal” make sense outside of America – or even within it? Sarah Jaffe contrasts the demand for green jobs with the growing resistance to work in a extended interview from Planet B: Everything Must Change, a podcast series produced with Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung London. The author of Work Won’t Love You Back talks to Dalia Gebrial
A recent Wall Street Journal article painted recent pandemic-driven declines in men’s postsecondary enrollment as an escalating crisis with “no reversal. . .in sight.”  Responding a few days later in the New York Times, Kevin Carey wrote that the picture is a more complex with “women keep playing catch-up in an economy structured to favor More The post Young
Last Sunday, a 94-year-old woman held a small European flag in her hand as she wheeled her wheelchair through Warsaw among thousands of demonstrators protesting against the reform of the Polish judiciary and her government’s confrontation with the European Union. That lady, who in 1944 was a young fighter in the Warsaw Uprising against Nazism, More
You’d have to be of a certain age to remember what it was like to have passenger rail service on the southern route through Montana. But if you ever got a chance to ride those rails 50 years ago, the memory of enjoying an absolutely beautiful, effortless, and relaxed trip across Montana’s vast expanses of More The post The Virtues of Passenger Rail for Rural America
Tredje bind om Københavns udvikling og mulige deroute af arkitekten Peter Schultz Jørgensen, kommer til tiden – en måned før kommunal- og regionsrådsvalget. I 2019 udsendte han Byernes jord, der tog fat på den private ejendomsret, og spurgte, om det ikke er på tide, at vi kommer af med den, fordi den forvrider demokratiet, og er en økonomisk, socialt,
Foto: Afghanske kvinder demonstrerer i Kabul den 10. oktober for retten til arbejde, uddannelse og frihed.   Afghanistans politiske landskab ændrede sig, da Sovjetunionen invaderede landet. En blodig krig begyndte og førte til, at Mujahedin fik magten fra 1992 til 1996. Denne periode blev hærget ikke bare af civile ofre, men også af afskyelige krigsforbrydelser.
“In the meantime every day lost is a day in which the profits of Big Pharma are costing countless lives especially in the Global South, as this video from the International Transport Workers Federation shows. And in that context the likelihood for more variants of concern to develop and spread reminds us that no one is safe until everyone is safe.” - IV561 - October
Den 19. oktober kan FredsVagten fejre, at de i 20 år har holdt det regnbuefarvede fredsflag højt foran Christiansborg. Og på trods af at de sidste danske soldater trak sig ud af Afghanistan i juni i år, bliver FredsVagten på deres post. – Vi vil ikke overlade Slotspladsen til dem, der tror, de kan løse verdens konflikter med krig. Folk, der kører forbi, skal ikke
Den 16. oktober anførte tre italienske fagforeninger en protest imod fascisme i Rom, hvor hundredtusind var på gaden under parolen: “Ikke mere fascisme: For arbejde, deltagelse og demokrati”. De tre store fagforeninger gik sammen i protest, efter at den ene fagforening, CGIL, blev angrebet af fascister ugen før. Ved at samles til protest viste
Dette indlæg er skrevet den 14. oktober 2021 Enhver, der har haft tiden og overskuddet til at sætte sig ind i Lynetteholm-projektet, ved, at det største problem med Lynetteholmen er, at der er så mange problemer med projektet, at det er svært at kommunikere det klart ud. Det er så komplekst, at det desværre kræver en del tid og gåpåmod. Men på trods af det er vi en
Hører du nogen kalde / på store og stærke mænd, / da er det tiden at samle / de svages styrke igen. Således lyder sidste vers af et kendt digt af Carl Scharnberg, som indgår i Arbejdersangbogen. Sunget a capella er det en kuldegysende bevægende og stærk sang. Netop på denne måde indledes musikforestillingen Arbejder – sange fra hjertet. Det er næppe tilfældigt.
Som anmelder i Solidaritet har jeg tit overvejet, hvilke kriterier jeg skal sætte for at udvælge litteratur til anmeldelse. De store forfatteres værker skal nok få masser af omtale – om end sjældent med en venstreorienteret tilgang. De mindre kendte forfattere får til gengæld knap så megen omtale. Derfor kan det give mening som et alternativt medie
The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed that, while we’re all interconnected—through the air we breathe, our public health systems, the economy—the government is largely absent in American life, leaving us to fend for ourselves as individuals in the so-called “free market.” The crisis has wreaked economic havoc on working Americans. But U.S. billionaires
Like Frito-Lay, Nabisco, John Deere, and Heaven Hill Distillery, cereal giant Kellogg’s has seen consumer demand skyrocket during the pandemic, reporting profits of $1.25 billion in 2020. To meet this demand, many workers in Kellogg’s plants around the US report pulling 12 to 16-hour shifts seven days a week, leaving little time for anything outside of work
Some of those in the George W. Bush administration who were most responsible for starting the Iraq War were obvious sickos — the kind of operatives who can make bloodthirsty policy in a democracy, but could probably never get elected to anything because their public statements cause decent humans to cringe in horror. Defense secretary […]
The Israel lobby appears to be readying for a campaign to root out leftwing academics in the UK critical of Israel’s continuing oppression of the Palestinian people – echoing its efforts against the previous leader of Britain’s Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn. More The post After Corbyn, Israel Lobby Turns Its Guns on UK Academia appeared first on
On August 25, Camilo Enciso, a 41-year-old anti-corruption advocate and attorney, says he was walking inside the Walled City of Cartagena, Colombia, a popular tourist destination known for its colonial architecture and spacious plazas. He had traveled there from his home in Bogotá for a wedding, and was taking a nighttime stroll. Suddenly, he recalls, a
TKTK dek Mike Miller, vice president of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), speaks to members at a rally in Los Angeles on September 26, 2021. (Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images) On Saturday night, Deadline reported that a tentative agreement had been reached between the International Alliance of Theatrical
37 timers arbejdsuge. Ret til ferie, løn under sygdom og dagpenge ved arbejdsløshed. Det er blot nogle af de goder, som fagforeningerne og deres medlemmer har tilkæmpet sig igennem historien. Fredag den 15. oktober var det således 150 år siden, at Louis Pio m.fl. – med tilladelse fra selveste Karl Marx – stiftede “Den internationale Arbejderforening
“This isn’t about the undercover police officer who deceived me,” says Kate Wilson, an activist who was duped into an intimate relationship with an officer for two years in the 2000s. “He’s a pawn in the operation; he isn’t the one setting the strategy, or deciding to have the undercover operation in the first place. It has always been about getting the people
On June 13 this year, GB News aired for the first time on British television. The presenter of the channel’s first broadcast was former BBC anchor Andrew Neil. Several of Neil’s interviews with politicians and public figures have gone viral in the past, with liberals and conservatives alike lauding the avowed Thatcherite and former editor […]
Two blocks from the Mississippi State Capitol in downtown Jackson, Robert Shaffer, head of the state AFL-CIO, sits on a couch in his office trying to explain how unions could become more powerful in Mississippi. “It’s just,” he says, then pauses for an uncomfortably long time. “It’s difficult.” It’s not that Shaffer doesn’t know how to do it. His problem is getting
Udviklingen sætter boligmarkedet under pres og sender boligpriserne på skyhøj himmelflugt, som vi har set gennem den seneste årrække. Derfor glæder det mig som formand for 80.000 HK-medlemmer i hovedstadsområdet, at regeringen nu vil afsætte 10 milliarder kroner til en ny boligfond, der skal finansiere 22.000 nye almene boliger i de store danske byer frem
French media is saturated with the fascist pundit Éric Zemmour and his absurd, racist talk of a “great replacement” of France’s white population by immigrants. Now, he’s weighing a bid for the presidency — and his talking points are already dominating the debate. Far-right French pundit Éric Zemmour. (Chesnot / Getty Images) France’s presidential election
It’s time for Democratic leaders to make Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema, and every other senator vote — and not on some gutted half measure, but on a real $3.5 trillion bill. Senator Joe Manchin at the US Capitol in Washington, DC. (Drew Angerer / Getty Images) As millions of Americans are being cut off from jobless benefits, pulverized by health care costs, bankrupted
Is there such a thing as a good landlord? Britain is being held hostage by a class of people whose only talent is owning stuff, and extracting money from people who don’t. Rents have doubled in the decade following the financial crisis, and the average house price is between 8 and 14 times the average annual wage. Maybe – even if you’re a nice
The rich have always flaunted their wealth. It was rarely good enough to enjoy financial success, you had to be conspicuous about it. They build enormous homes for everyone to gawk at. They throw lavish parties. They commission paintings, statues, biographies. They endow institutions so that their names can live on in granite forever. At More The post The Embarrassment
The number of strikes and of striking workers might be far higher if more workers were unionized. Non-union workers like McGrath and Ragland hired by historically anti-union companies like Walmart might have been able to organize their fellow workers instead of resorting to individual resignations. While viral social media posts of quitting are impactful
I didn’t expect to write again about Powell being reappointed as Fed chair, I had expected that Biden would have made a pick by now, but here we are. Now that Larry Summers has condemned the “woke” Fed for failing to crack down on inflation, it seems worth recapping what is at issue. What we More The post Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve Board appeared first on
It was such a noble public health dream, even if rather hazy to begin with. Run down SARS-CoV-2. Suppress it. Crush it. Or just “flatten the curve”, which could have meant versions of all the above. This created a climate of numerical sensitivity: a few case infections here, a few cases there, would warrant immediate, sharp More The post Funeral Rites for COVID
The billionaire founders of KKR, America’s first nationally celebrated “private equity” giant, have just announced they’re stepping down as the company’s co-CEOs. Henry Kravis, now 77, and George Roberts, 78, helped found KKR in 1976. They opened up shop with $120,000 in capital to invest. Their KKR portfolio currently holds assets valued not all that More
I’m an animal activist who wants to believe in God, but has a hard time getting past what’s known in theological circles as the problem of evil. Specifically, it’s difficult for me to reconcile the existence of God with wild animal suffering not caused by humans. So I decided to ask scholars, clergy, and other More The post Reconciling God with Wild Animal Suffering
A year ago, when I examined the lessons of hatred and political violence in the US, I made note of the ugly role dehumanization and hate played in the alt-right’s support of Donald Trump. I was inspired, in part, by thinking about what Matthew Shepard would have experienced had he lived to see the full-force More The post Is Trump’s Violent Dishonesty Inexorable?
“That’s unbelievable,” my father-in-law wrote me from Ireland after watching me give a statistic-heavy webinar on the advances for the poor in Nicaragua since 2007. “I know, right?” I replied. “No, I mean it’s actually unbelievable,” he wrote back. “For cynical people like me, our faith in humanity has been undermined. The story of a More The post Nicaragua
Since WWII behavior of the German people throughout the Nazi era has been a moral mystery to many Americans.  That party never won an election let alone a plurality of voters but with Hitler’s coup, representative government became a memory.  Hitler authorized his own tyranny and ruled by terror but the degree to which Germans More The post Good Americans appeared
Over two thousand people have died trying to cross from Africa to Spain’s Canary Islands so far this year. While the European Union boasts of its humanitarian migrant policy, it has made these islands into a rampart of a murderous border regime. Young migrants try to reach Spain by raft but are intercepted by the Spanish Civil Guard on May 19, 2021. (Diego Radames
Since the late 1970s I’ve been actively involved in issues that relate directly to protecting forest ecosystems in the Northern Rockies bioregion. I still marvel at the beauty and God-given miracles that can be found everywhere among the trees and animals that live there. Everyone can experience this same forest magic without paying a fee. More The post Stop