Trods mere end ti år præget af dyb krise, en global pandemi og heftig modstand, lever kapitalismen stadig. Det kan lyde som en sørgelig konklusion, men er ikke desto mindre sådan filosoffen Søren Mau indleder sin nyligt udkomne bog Stum Tvang. Meget mere optimistisk bliver det da heller ikke i næste sætning, hvor Mau skriver: ”På en måde er kapitalens greb om
Allan Rørsanger har slået sin sidste trille. Allan Harry Andersen er her ikke mere. For kun cirka to måneder siden fik Allan den triste besked, at han havde to knuder i hjernen og en i brystet, og det var mere end selv en stædig og stålfast mand som Allan kunne overkomme. At han fik sin dødsdom tog dog ikke humøret fra ham. En kort overgang følte han det nærmest som en
Op til søndagen valg til Forbundsdagen i Tyskland fører partiet Die Linke kampagne på en venstreorienteret platform, der vil mindske uligheden i samfundet. “De superrige blev rigere under coronakrisen, mens mange almindelige mennesker på kort tid næsten ikke har kunnet få enderne til at mødes”, skriver partiet Die Linke, der stiller op til søndagens
The Tennessee Valley Authority could likely rightfully claim a place in the Guinness Book of World Records, but it’s not an achievement for which the federally-owned electric utility corporation would welcome notoriety. After taking a whopping 42 years to build and finally bring on line its Watts Bar Unit 2 nuclear power reactor in Tennessee, TVA just broke
We reenact our history again and again without even realizing it, so absolutely has the darkest chapters of our nation's past been erased from the collective memory. Our leaders react in mock horror when confronted with the outlandish scenes of torture and gratuitous violence that they themselves have set in motion. The liberal conscience, frail as it is,
One of Freire’s most important contributions was his politicization of culture. He viewed culture a terrain of struggle that both reflected and deployed power. He rejected the vulgar Marxist notion that culture was simply a reflection of economic forces. Not only did he connect culture with social relations that ranged from producing and legitimating class
I have, as expected, received numerous emails defending Glenn Greenwald against a recent Counterpunch essay in which I, among other things (all of which were ignored by the emailers), criticized his mocking presentation of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s instantly infamous “Tax the Rich” gown caper as an attempted act of “revolutionary socialism.” Don’t
A century-plus ago, the U.S. economy was dominated by what were then known as “cartels,” “trusts” or “monopolies.”  According to one source, between 1897 and 1904 over 4,000 companies were consolidated down into 257 corporate firms. Among them were Standard Oil (40 refineries), AT&T (22 units), U.S. Steel (nine steel companies) and J. P. Morgan’s More
In a rare pushback against the radioactive pollution industry, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission — well known as a rubber stamp for the nuclear lobby — has flatly rejected an attempt to further weaken the agency’s radiation exposure regulations. After six years of deliberation, the NRC’s three commissioners, two Democrats and one Republican, voted
President Biden addressed the UN General on September 21 with a warning that the climate crisis is fast approaching a “point of no return,” and a promise that the United States would rally the world to action. “We will lead not just with the example of our power but, God willing, with the power of More The post U.S. Militarism’s Toxic Impact on Climate Policy appeared
Things just go from bad to worse. In mid-September, we learned from Bob Woodward’s new book that Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley had to assure his Chinese counterpart, General Li Zuocheng last January that Trump was not a raving lunatic ready to nuke China, which Chinese leadership assumed from his erratic, aggressive behavior. This More The post
For over 50 years I have been writing about foreign policy, mostly America’s, but those of other nations as well. I think I have a pretty good grasp of countries like Turkey, China, India, Russia and the European Union. I regret that I am less than sure-footed in Africa and Latin America. During this time More The post Looking Back: 50 Years of Foreign Policy appeared
William Oliver Stone, the Legendary Filmmaker and multiple Oscar-winning writer and director of JFK and Born on the Fourth of July, has a powerful new memoir: Chasing the Light: Writing, Directing, and Surviving Platoon, Midnight Express, Scarface, Salvador, and the Movie Game. Stone is also poised to release a brand new documentary about the assassination
The quasi-official history of the Afghan War has now be written by cable news house historians. Key elements: 1. The terrorist organization al-Qaeda was headquartered in Afghanistan at the time of 9/11 and so HAD to be destroyed to prevent further attacks on our Homeland. It was a “war of necessity,” as President Obama said More The post The Official
With that orange haired brute of a president supposedly ushered out of the White House with moralising delight, the Biden administration was all keen to turn over a new leaf.  There would be more diplomacy, and still more diplomacy.  There would be a more humanitarian approach to refugees and asylum seekers – forget, he claimed, More The post Trumpism with a
As Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, I want to say a few words about some of the important budgetary issues that Congress is now facing. I want to focus on the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill but before that I want to comment on the looming debt ceiling crisis.  Republican leader Mitch McConnell this morning More The post Why We Need the $3.5 Trillion Reconciliation
It’s a well-worn trope that history is written by the victors. It can also be said that it is written by those in power. In Europe, the combination of these two statements means history is written by the corporations, banks and those who serve them in the universities and governments. What this means for us More The post Twentieth Century Europe: Revolution
Suddenly there’s major concern across the country — from the mainstream media to every last rock-ribbed Republican — for the rights of Afghan women and girls to be able to work, to go to school. Oh my God, we’ve given Afghanistan back to the Taliban! Even George W. Bush found his way back into the More The post Women’s Rights: Afghanistan and Beyond appeared first
Life’s been a ball this week. There was the Met Gala ball with AOC’s “Tax the Rich” ballgown, and #Ballgate with Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s vaccinated friend’s swollen balls. We also had Brett’s Balls virtually in our face (again!), when Crybaby Kavanaugh and four of his fellow Right-Wing Supremes voted to let the Texas Taliban practically More The post #Ballgate,
Only weeks after U.S. President Joe Biden courageously ended the war in Afghanistan—in the face of bitter opposition from the media and Congress—came the announcement of the formation of AUKUS, a new trilateral security alliance between the U.S., the UK and Australia. The creation of AUKUS is only further confirmation—as if more was needed—that the
As lawmakers scramble to finalize a historic jobs and infrastructure package, huge fights are underway to figure out how to fund it. The simplest, most effective, and most popular way is to tax the extremely wealthy, like the billionaires who’ve seen their collective wealth grow by $1.8 trillion during the pandemic. Unfortunately, lawmakers have missed
Donor-advised funds have come under increasing fire as tax avoidance vehicles for the wealthy. Donors get a charitable gift tax deduction when they transfer money into the funds, but whereas private foundations have to distribute at least 5 percent of assets to charities every year, donor-advised funds face no such payout requirements. Under pressure from
Sweet Girl, a 2021 film released on Netflix in late August, dramatizes power relations between Big Pharma and families. One party gains. The other loses against a backdrop of stunts galore that some critics praised while damning the film’s clichéd storyline. Clichéd is not my adjective of choice. Depoliticized better captures my view of the More The post Families
US-atomdreven ubåd af typen Virginia. Foto: U.S. Navy/Wikimedia   Den nye alliance, hvor Storbritannien og USA vil forsyne Australien med teknologi og ekspertise til at benytte atomdrevne u-både, er en krigsberedt magtdemonstration, der er en trussel mod freden og stabiliteten i Stillehavsområdet.   Aftalen om Aukus kommer netop på et tidspunkt,
When Thomasine Wilson started her career as a home care worker 20 years ago, she had no fixed work hours. She toiled at the whim of her employer—without overtime, days off or paid sick leave. "We had no one who advocated for us," Wilson says. In recent years, the momentum behind building the power of domestic workers has grown. The National Domestic Workers Alliance
I en mail til Arbejderen begrunder transportminister Benny Engelbrecht hans forslag om at afskaffe klageadgangen over Lynetteholmen med, at ”en klage med opsættende virkning i forhold til store anlægsprojekters komplekse tidsplan indebærer en for høj risiko for såvel forsinkelser som fordyrelser.” Nej, intet må komme i vejen for kapitalen og deres
The good news is that Canada’s far-right party was shut out of Parliament in this week’s federal election. The bad news is that the People’s Party still tripled its vote and is now in a position to exert a dangerous influence on the political mainstream. Maxime Bernier, leader of the People's Party of Canada, meets with his supporters at an election rally in Borden
The last two years of Boris Johnson’s leadership have been defined by a heady mix of disaster and triumph: Brexit, a landslide election victory, a catastrophic pandemic, by-election wins and one surprising loss. What makes Johnsonism different from the Conservatism of yesteryear, and what’s coming next?
Activists are fighting the construction of the Line 3 tar sands pipeline in Minnesota — a pipeline that would have devastating consequences for indigenous people in the state and for all of us around the planet. Police in riot gear arrest environmental activists at the Line 3 pipeline pumping station near the Itasca State Park, Minnesota, on June 7, 2021. (Kerem
Denne bog, Kvinde kend din historie, skrevet af historikeren Gry Jexen, fortæller om 50 danske kvinder, som du måske – måske ikke kender. De har alle levet indenfor de seneste 500 år, og fælles for dem er, at de på én eller anden måde har sat sig spor i Danmarkshistorien. Da Gry Jexen for tre år siden blev færdiguddannet som historiker, så hun i øjnene, at hendes uddannelse
Regeringen er kommet med et nyt udspil med reformer på dagpengeområdet og for kontanthjælpen. Regeringen mener, at deres udspil vil få flere i arbejde. De samme dogmer og logik man normalt hører fra de borgerlige og liberale. Helt konkret foreslår regeringen, at man sætter dimittendsatsen for nyuddannede ned med 4000 kroner fra 13.815, som ydelsen er nu.
The LuLaRoe documentary LuLaRich got one thing right: everybody wants full-time pay for part-time work. But it blames selfishness and incompetence for keeping that dream out of reach — not the market forces that produced and encouraged the company’s behavior. DeAnne and Mark Stidham, cofounders of LuLaRoe, featured in Amazon's new documentary series LuLaRich.
BESSEMER, ALA.—Here is what a 1920s city looks like in a 2020s world. Along Bessemer’s broad downtown streets sit an array of small shops that have somehow managed to survive into the age of big box retailers: the rug store, the dusty furniture store, the store that sells sewing machines. They sit alongside empty, peeling husks of all the stores that didn’t make
The word “freedom” is being bantered about these days in different contexts. On the one hand, those opposed to mandatory vaccinations claim they have the freedom to be vaccinated or not. It’s their choice what to do with their bodies. The government cannot force them to be vaccinated; they are free to choose. On the other hand, many of the same people say that pregnant
Now that George W. Bush is back in the news with his attacks on the Trumpist insurrectionists, it might be worth reviving one of the great lines of his presidency. After the September 11thattack, when Bush decided to go after not just the terrorists who planned the hijackings, but all sorts of people around the world he didn’t like, he lumped them together as “evil
Our beloved dog Echo died last week. She was almost 15 years-old, or about 87 in human years. In addition to grief and fond remembrance, her death prompts thoughts about the many historical changes that happened in her lifetime.  So many in fact, that it seems like she really was born Lincoln’s “four score and seven years ago.”  Has historical change become so
Taking up the position of education secretary is Baghdad-born Nadhim Zahawi, one of the Commons’ richest MPs, who made his fortune in petroleum, and was previously minister in charge of Covid vaccines. The Tories make him a regular choice for radio and TV appearances, where his forte is sounding thoughtful while saying virtually nothing. But the true nature
In German elections – like the coming ones, as always on a Sunday – all you have to do is present the registration paper mailed to every citizen, then make crosses on a paper  ballot. No trouble with the boss, no missing work, long lines or quarrels about fraud or discrimination.  It sounds easy. But those ballots More The post Germany’s Who With
The postwar German left has had a lot of ups and downs — and leading Marxist political scientist Frank Deppe was there for most of them. On his 80th birthday, he spoke to Jacobin about the need to root left-wing politics in the changed realities of the modern working class. Frank Deppe (right) and Wolfgang Abendroth address a student movement meeting at the University
Journalism needs a new rule. Are you reporting about a human rights violation in another country? If the United States commits the same offense, you should be required to refer to that fact in your article or broadcast. Criticizing how a nation treats its prisoners or responds to internal dissent implies that the behavior being More The post Taliban Cops vs American
As a longtime Hawaii resident, I have always wondered how the former President of the United States, Grover Cleveland, was so ineffective when it came to foreign policy matters. His efforts to right the wrong of the unauthorized armed invasion and imprisonment of the last sovereign monarch of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Queen Liliʻuokalani, in 1893 More The post
The Alliance for the Wild Rockies went to federal court on Tuesday to halt the Ripley project, a massive clearcutting and logging project in Cabinet-Yaak grizzly habitat in the Kootenai National Forest southeast of Libby, Montana. The Ripley logging project calls for almost 17 square miles of commercial logging (10,854 acres) including 5 square miles of
Everyone knows that we are in trouble. The university graduation statistics suggest that there will be a downturn in enrollment. Just as in previous cycles, silver bullets are being proposed. It is natural that we have different opinions. However, this is nothing new. When educators—or let’s say administrators—propose solutions, they are generally based
In ancient Greek mythology, Cassandra was a priestess who was able to predict the future but unable to convince others to act upon her prophecies. The fate of Cassandra seems particularly relevant today, for there has been ample warning about three developments that threaten continued human existence—preparations for nuclear war, climate change, and disease
I don’t remember exactly where I first saw the Adbusters poster with a ballerina poised atop the famous Charging Bull statue in lower Manhattan, calling for the “occupation” of Wall Street on September 17, 2011 but it was certainly an eye-catching. I do remember thinking it was funny in a weird kind of way. “Occupy More The post Reminiscences of a Wall Street Occupier
As a society, we love heroes. We adore baseball players who pull out a win in the bottom of the ninth inning while down by several runs. We love the frontier myth of the savior who comes to the rescue of others amid daunting odds. Pop culture and particularly movies thrive on heroes saving all More The post Don’t Count On Heroes! appeared first on
I april 1921 blev Danmarks kommunistiske Parti (DKP) og Fagoppositionens Sammenslutning (FS) (syndikalisterne) efter tilskyndelse af Komintern enige om at danne Danmarks kommunistiske Føderation. Hver organisation beholdt sin selvstændighed, men der blev nedsat et fælles arbejdsudvalg. Et af resultaterne af sammenslutningen blev, at DKP’s
Corona-pandemi, klimakrise og flygtninge. For de fleste mennesker står indgangen til 2020’erne nok tilbage som en periode, der gerne må gå i glemmebogen. Men intet er så skidt, at det ikke er godt for noget. Eller rettere sagt nogen. For mens resten af verden lider, har krisen været en sand gave for de ultrarige, der har forøget deres formuer helt enormt under
On August 5, 2021 labor advocates across the country lost a champion with the death of AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka. Eleven days later, another working-class advocate, activist-sociologist Stanley Aronowitz, succumbed to a long illness. Between the arc of their overlapping but very different careers lay both the promise and tragic unfulfillment
Over the summer, Max traveled to Wisconsin to report on a crucial struggle that has been largely ignored by corporate media. Residents of rural Polk, Burnett, and Crawford counties in western Wisconsin have been embroiled in battles over the proposed construction of industrial "hog factories" in their communities, which would collectively house roughly
“Udeladelse – ikke fake – er det største problem”, skrev fredsforsker Jan Øberg i går i en kommentar på hans blog, som handlede om en droppet interviewaftale med TV 2 News. Jan Øberg skulle have medvirket i et indslag om dansk våbensalg til De Forenede Arabiske Emiraters militær, der fører krig i Yemen. I den aktuelle sag er det store aarhusianske
Canada’s federal election replaced a Liberal minority government, with nothing on offer for workers with . . . a Liberal minority government, with nothing on offer for workers. Neither establishment party offers working-class communities a brighter future. Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau makes a speech during a campaign stop on September 13, 2021,
In Norway’s recent election, the radical Red Party doubled its vote share, helping the Labour Party toss the Conservatives from power. Two of Rødt’s new MPs speak to Jacobin about socialist strategy in Norway and building a workers’ party from the ground up. Marie Sneve Martinussen (L) and Seher Aydar (R) are newly elected MPs for Norway's Red Party. (Photos:
Kyrsten Sinema has received some of the most Big Pharma money of any Democrat in the Senate — and a pharma-backed dark money group started running ads for her just before she threatened to take down Democrats’ drug pricing plan. US senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) speaking in Washington, DC, 2019. (Michael Brochstein / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images)
In what was supposed to be an easy victory, global liberalism’s would-be savior lost the popular vote for the second time in two years — and now enjoys the slimmest popular mandate of any prime minister in Canadian history. Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau speaks during a Liberal Party election night event in Montreal, Quebec, in the early hours of September
COP-15-mødet i 2009 blev afsluttet med en banket på Christiansborg. Tre aktivister – i gallakjole og mørkt jakkesæt – slap gennem sikkerhedsopbuddet. I festsalen, og for rullende kameraer, foldede de et banner ud med budskabet: “Politicians talk – Leaders ACT”.   Aktionen blev set som majestætsfornærmelse, fordi
The political climate created by the Global War on Terror, or GWOT, as Bush administration officials quickly dubbed it, set the stage for humongous increases in the Pentagon budget. In the first year after the 9/11 attacks and the invasion of Afghanistan, defense spending rose by more than 10% and that was just the beginning. It would, in fact, increase annually