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U.S. Poli­cy on Immi­grant Chil­dren Vio­la­tes the Con­ven­tion on the Rights of the Child?

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Ame­ri­can Con­cen­tra­tion Camps

Fund Head Start, Not Inter­n­ment Camps

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Trump Is No Fri­end of the Kur­dish Strug­g­le

Sup­por­ting dicta­tors is not anti-impe­ri­a­lism

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Tif­fa­ny Cabán, a Soci­a­list in the Distri­ct Attorney’s Offi­ce

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‘Like an A&E run by Vir­gin Acti­ve’: Phy­si­o­t­he­ra­py Firm Awar­ded £86m NHS Men­tal Health Con­tra­ct

We Won’t Load Your Ships of Death

Against Twen­ty-First-Cen­tury Race Sci­en­ce

Insti­ga­tors of a Per­si­an Gulf Cri­sis

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Deep Fakes: Will AI Swing the 2020 Election?

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Gre­ed and Poli­ti­cs Should Not Dri­ve Forest Poli­cy

Pro­tecting the Gre­at Burn

‘Modi­fied’: A Film About GMOs and the Cor­rup­tion of the Food Sup­ply for Pro­fit

The Got­hic and the Idea of a ‘Real Eli­te’

Send ICE to Han­ford

A Trum­pi­an PM

Ada Colau remains may­or of Bar­ce­lo­na

Ber­nie to Stu­dent Loan Sharks: Drop Dead

A Spark in a Dry Field

Tif­fa­ny Cabán Will Put the System on Tri­al

Canada’s Chan­ce for a Gre­en New Deal

David Harvey’s Anti-Capi­ta­list Chro­ni­c­les: Ep. 18

Eco­no­mic Upda­te: The Rise and Fall of the USSR

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Mike Gra­vel Is the Anti–Joe Biden

Meet the Woman Who’s Fought Racism in the Mis­sis­sip­pi Del­ta for 54 Years

Eve of Destruction: Iran Stri­kes Back

Sor­ting Out Rea­li­ty From Fiction About Venezu­ela

Pick­in’ and Choo­sin’ the Win­ners and Losers of Cli­ma­te Chan­ge

“Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran”

The West’s Dis­gra­ce­ful Silen­ce on the Death of Mor­si

The Old Japan Disa­ster Hor­ror Story

The Gal­lat­in Forest Part­ners­hip and the Tyran­ny of Ego

How Moun­tain Bikes Thre­a­ten Wil­der­ness

The Jour­na­list as Hemor­r­hoid

Yan­kee Wors­hip of Bom­bings and End­less Wars

Iran—Who and Whe­re is The Thre­at?

Revi­si­ting Mora­li­ty in the Age of Dis­ho­ne­sty

Facebook’s Libra Isn’t a “Cryp­to­cur­ren­cy”

Defend Abor­tion Rights!

Argen­ti­na in its Labyrinth

“Hong Kong’s Last Batt­le”

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The Biden Met­hod

Against Pol­ling

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Whe­re 2020 Demo­cra­tic Hope­fuls Stand on Rejecting War with Iran

The Next Refe­ren­dum?

Why Ber­nie Should Launch a Natio­nal Voter Regi­stra­tion Dri­ve

The Gro­tesque Hor­ror Show of the Tory Lea­ders­hip Race

Making Cor­by­nism a Rea­li­ty

War With Iran Would Be Even More Disa­strous Than Iraq

What Can We Expect From Boris John­son?

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America’s Respectab­le War Cri­mi­nals

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Roa­m­ing Char­ges: Ask Your Local Death Squad

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From Tel Aviv to Tal­la­has­see

Per­maf­rost Col­lap­ses 70 Years Ear­ly

Nor­ma­lizing Atro­ci­ty