How Media Con­so­li­da­tion Paved the Way for Right-Wing Insur­rection – A batt­le playing out at the Supre­me Court could make media monopo­lies way wor­se.

Argentina’s long history of strug­g­le for legal abor­tion

Armies of the Right – We all know who the real thie­ves of the election are.

The Lau­ra Flan­ders Show: Coun­te­ring the Coup, From the Gras­s­roots Up

To Stop the Far Right, Biden Must Fight for the Avera­ge Ame­ri­can

Cor­o­navirus Is an Occu­pa­tio­nal Disea­se That Spre­ads at Work

Donald Trump, the Pan­to­mi­me Presi­dent

The Shipwreck of a Demo­cra­cy: Trump and the After­math 

Gover­n­ment Mista­kes Provi­ded the Bre­e­ding Gro­und for the Mutant Virus, Which it is Now Using as an Ali­bi for Its Fail­u­res

Trump May be on Tri­al, But the System that Pro­du­ced Him will be Acquit­ted

By ‘For­ce and Fraud’: Is This the End of the US Demo­cra­cy Doctri­ne? 

Trig­ger Fin­ger for Arma­ged­don: Trump and the Ther­monuclear Monar­chy

Ame­ri­ca and the Mob

Must Our Bil­li­o­nai­res Remain Poli­ti­cal­ly Immor­tal?

After Four Years, Acco­un­ta­bi­li­ty is Long Over­due

“Bra­zil is Bro­ken”: Bol­so­na­ro, COVID, and the Loo­m­ing Return to Auste­ri­ty

Insur­rection at the Capi­tol

MLK: “Loving Your Ene­mies” Mes­sa­ge for a Poli­ti­cal System Based on Hate

When Joe Biden Takes the Whi­te Hou­se, What’s Next for the Left?

Trump’s ‘March on Rome’

Hold on to That Fear

Why the Dutch Soci­a­list Par­ty Is in Cri­sis

A Slan­ted Nar­ra­ti­ve on Slan­ted Jour­na­lism

Will the UK Ever Era­di­ca­te Covid?

The West is still com­pli­cit in the war on Yemen

Gand­hi Led a Mass Move­ment for India’s Fre­edom — But He Also Con­stri­cted It

Jack­son Brow­ne – The Wai­ting

Eco­no­mic Upda­te: Noam Chom­sky looks ahe­ad at 2021

When Germany’s Soci­al Demo­crats Made a Revo­lu­tion by Half

“This Is the WORST Inter­view I’ve Ever Seen With a Poli­ti­ci­an”

Are Covi­di­ots Real­ly to Bla­me for the Third Wave?

Germany’s Chri­sti­an Demo­crats Are Tur­ning Toward Coa­li­tion with the Gre­ens

Why the Dutch Soci­a­list Par­ty Is in Cri­sis

It’s Mid­term Sea­son in Mexi­co, and the Right Has Joi­ned For­ces Against AMLO

Bol­so­na­ro is bre­aking the coun­try: 200,000 dead, unem­ploy­ment and pover­ty

Dr. Mar­tin Lut­her King’s Chal­len­ge to the Move­ment, as the Fascists Storm the Capi­tal

The Impea­ch­ment Tri­al of Donald Trump: Can He be Con­vi­cted?

Les­sons From the 6 Janu­ary Insur­rection

Time to Trash the Ter­r­o­rist Watch List, a Poli­ce-Sta­te Fran­kenste­in Gone Off the Rails

Trump’s Fai­led Coup

Why Trum­pism Will Live On

Coup, Coup, Kachoo

Encircling China and Pra­i­sing India: The US Stra­te­gic Fra­mework for the Indo-Paci­fic

Dear Repu­bli­cans, Was Your Deal With Trump Worth It?

An Ordi­nary Ger­man Neo-Nazi

Pea­ce in Nagor­no-Kara­bakh Remains Fragi­le, With Key Issu­es Unre­sol­ved

Lyn­ching Poli­ti­cal Cor­rect­ness

Misu­sing King’s Mes­sa­ge

The New No Fly List: More Dan­gerous than the Capi­tol Rio­ters

After MLK, Unlear­ning Hate

Moving Forward with Acco­un­ta­bi­li­ty and Justi­ce

Honor­ing Dr. King

King on the Brook­lyn Brid­ge

The Mexi­can Right Has Uni­ted to Defe­at AMLO

After Prop 22, Expect Uber to Esca­la­te Its War on Wor­kers’ Rights

Jere­my Cor­byn: “The Rule of the Few Over the Many Rests on Shaky Gro­und”

#ACFM Trip 13: Crowds

How the Left Got Whe­re It Is in Venezu­ela

The 2019 Upri­sing Pro­du­ces an Electo­ral Ope­ning Toward the Left

Flint Acti­vists Remem­ber How Gina McCart­hy, Biden Pick for Cli­ma­te Poli­cy, Fai­led Their City

Cli­nic Wor­kers Should Be Cen­tral to the Fight for Abor­tion Rights

The Indo­nesi­an Mas­sa­cres of 1965–1966

Far-Right Intel­lectu­als Are Offe­ring Wor­kers a Rot­ten Deal

Micha­el Apted’s Up, a Deca­des-Long Film on Britain’s Class System

Musi­ci­ans Need to Orga­nize Col­lecti­ve­ly, as Wor­kers

The Return of Demo­cra­cy and an Uncertain Futu­re

Cor­pora­te Demo­crats Want Tax Bre­aks for the Rich — Not $2,000 Sur­vi­val Checks

Chri­sti­na McAnea’s Uni­son Victory is a Les­son for the Left

Isra­el Is Refu­sing to Give Palesti­ni­ans COVID Vac­ci­nes

Wor­kers Are Stan­ding Up to Far-Right Vio­len­ce

Bel­le and Seba­sti­an Makes Us Feel Exa­ct­ly as We Are, Toget­her

‘Star­me­rism’ is Fai­ling on Its Own Terms – And Mem­bers Need to Lead the Way

An End to Auste­ri­ty Eco­no­mi­cs with Mark Blyth

Here Are 4 Bet­ter Respon­ses to the Capi­tol Riot Than Expan­ding “Domestic Ter­ror” Cra­ck­downs

How Chi­ca­go Tea­chers Are Resi­sting the City’s Dan­gerous School Reo­pe­nings – A con­ver­sa­tion with spe­ci­al-ed tea­chers about what’s at sta­ke, and the reta­li­a­tion tea­chers are facing for spe­aking out.

Do Donors Now Con­trol the Labour Par­ty?

Biden, Don’t Wor­ry About “Over­he­at­ing” the Economy—Go All Out on Relief and Sti­mulus Spen­ding – Com­mon metri­cs that defi­cit hawks often point to as evi­den­ce of eco­no­mic over­he­at­ing are not con­vin­cing.

Bernie’s Plan to Give Eve­ry­o­ne Health Care During the Pan­de­mic Could Trans­form Our Health System

Bre­aking Point

Let’s Not Beco­me a Bunch of Pani­cky Rea­ctio­na­ri­es – The les­son of the Capi­tol riots is to chan­ge the power struc­tu­re, not to embra­ce it

Is the Wal­mart Family Cap­turing the Col­ora­do River? – The Walt­on Family Foun­da­tion has been pouring mil­li­ons into non­pro­fit groups con­cer­ned with the Col­ora­do River — inclu­ding media out­lets that cover the issue.

We Must Get COVID-19 Vac­ci­nes to Pri­so­ners Imme­di­a­te­ly

Ten Years of #Novar­aFM

First as tra­ge­dy, then as far­ce? AUR and the long sha­dow of fascism in Roma­nia

New York Is Weig­hing Dive­st­ment From the Capi­tol Riot’s GOP Enab­lers

Scrap Our Means-Tested Child Wel­fa­re System and Give Eve­ry Family $374 Per Child Eve­ry Month

Joe Biden Is Yet Again Trying to Woo the GOP. He Should Give It Up.

Trump Is a Thre­at to Demo­cra­cy. But That Doesn’t Mean He’s Win­ning.

The Marxism of Leo Panitch

A Yeme­ni Fami­ne Made in Was­hin­g­ton and Riy­adh

QAnon’s After­li­fe: A Holy Civil War

Why The­re Was No People’s Rebel­li­on Against a Fascist U.S. Presi­dent: Nine Rea­sons

Roa­m­ing Char­ges: Do Me Two Times, I’m Goin’ Away

A (Not-So-New) Pro­fi­le of the Ame­ri­can Right: On the Aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­an-Fascist Cri­sis

Absen­ce of Abor­tion Rights is Depri­ving Lat­in Ame­ri­ca of Agen­cy and the Right to Thri­ve

Neoli­be­ra­lism is Fascism with Bet­ter Man­ners

Here We Go Again: Bot­ching the Vac­ci­ne Rol­lout

Will the Sena­te Con­firm Coup Plot­ter Nuland?  

The Shor­ta­ge of Bla­ck Phy­si­ci­ans is a Lega­cy of Racism and Class-Based Discri­mi­na­tion

Juli­an Assan­ge, WikiLe­aks and Australia’s Com­pli­ci­ty

Conan and the Van­dals

Capi­tal, the US Two-Par­ty System and the Chi­ck­en Coup

Last Trump Sale of Public Lands for Fra­ck­ing Prompts Out­ra­ge and Hope

The Bre­ak­down: Janu­ary 6, 2021

The Iro­ny of Cal­ling Ame­ri­ca a “Bana­na Repu­blic”

The Stran­ge Case of Andrew Roberts and the Libe­ral Ang­losp­he­re

A Remin­der: Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter and Woodrow Wil­son in Gene­va

Ame­ri­ca Con­demns One Vio­lent Mob Whi­le Cele­brat­ing Ano­t­her

Resi­stan­ce is not Futi­le: A Bri­ef History of Lebanon’s Hez­bol­lah

Capitalism’s Wol­ves in Sheep’s Clo­t­hing

TV Daze

Mis­ma­na­ge­ment and the Domesti­ca­tion of Yel­low­sto­ne Bison

Biden’s China Conun­d­rum

Why Are Peop­le Going Hungry in India Despi­te a Mas­si­ve Grain Sur­plus?

The Public Lands Resto­ra­tion Apo­ca­lyp­se

The Sahrawi Nak­ba in an Age of Insur­rection

Modern Stre­et Con­ser­va­tism

The Poli­ti­cal Class: At War with Each Other and on the Rest of Us

Don’t Tri­vi­a­lize J6

Address the Stag­na­tion That Paved the Way for Trump

The Ever-Chan­ging Sha­pe of Love

Con­gress Votes to Arm Vio­lent Mobs That Storm through Capi­tols aro­und the Wor­ld

Oba­ma Didn’t Clo­se the Raci­al Wealth Divi­de, Will Biden?

A Tale of Two Mobs

Learn From Geor­gia

CEOs Should Pay for Their Own Three Mar­ti­ni Lun­ches

Rape of the Capi­tol

Ste­ve Talbot’s Cine­ma­tic Anti-War Hymns: Lea­ve it to Bea­ver Actor Goes Behind the Came­ra

A Thief and the Guru: A 2021 New Year’s Tale

Is Trump Wor­se Than Nixon?

Enabling a Fascist Put­sch and Empowe­ring a Big Lie


Ten The­ses on Trump

The 6th of Janu­ary (The Batt­le of New Old Beans)

$2,000 Checks Now—And Make Them Mont­hly – The Demo­crats’ victory in Geor­gia was a vote for cash assi­stan­ce. Pri­o­ri­tizing direct mont­hly pay­ments isn’t just good policy—it’s good poli­ti­cs.

Sex and the City Is Back and I Couldn’t Help but Won­der: Will the Show Final­ly Throw Off Sha­ck­les of Capi­ta­lism?

AOC Will Not Be Cowed by the Right

Indonesia’s Repres­sion Hasn’t Bro­ken the West Papu­an Fre­edom Strug­g­le

I’m a Care Wor­ker and I’m on Stri­ke – Here’s Why

Throw the Book at Rick Sny­der for Poi­so­ning Flint’s Water

We Should Cau­se Troub­le, Not Make Nice With Biden – History sug­ge­sts that it’s not making fri­ends, but making the administration’s life dif­fi­cult, that gets results for the Left.

Big Phar­ma Is Figh­ting to Deny Cana­di­ans Access to Tre­at­ment

The Public Should Regu­la­te Sili­con Val­ley — Not the Other Way Aro­und

Cele­brat­ing the power of ideas: a tri­bu­te to Mur­ray Book­chin

The Giant Cor­pora­te Giant Slush Fund Bank­rol­ling the Extre­mist GOP

Post-Election 2020: A Cri­sis of Rep­re­sen­ta­tion

Bibi and Jonat­han Pol­lard: Two Anti-Ame­ri­can Peas in Their Own Pod

The Tra­ding App Robin­hood Takes From You and Gives to the Rich

Ripe for Fascism: A Post-Coup d’Trump Autop­sy of Ame­ri­can Demo­cra­cy

Depart­ment of Redun­dan­cy Depart­ment-Trump Racks Up Ano­t­her Impea­ch­ment

The Trump Administration’s Par­ting Out­ra­ge Against Cuba

Ame­ri­ca Has Ente­red the Wei­mar Era

Gene­tic Engi­ne­e­ring, Agri­cul­tu­re and Bre­xit: Trea­che­ry in Our Midst

No Proof, No Evi­den­ce, No Truth

Vio­lent Right Wing For­ces Have Been Acti­va­ted, It Requi­res Stra­te­gic Action to Stop Them

POW Nation: When Will Ame­ri­ca Free Itself From War?

War of the (Finan­ci­al) Wor­lds

Impea­ch­ment Too Good for Trump

What It Meant to be Con­fli­cted During the Viet­nam War

Twitter’s Ban on Trump will Dee­pen the US Tri­bal Divi­de 

No Tears For Twit­ter Trump

Covid-19 under Apart­heid: How Isra­el Mani­pu­la­tes Suf­fe­ring of Palesti­ni­ans

Trump and His Bil­li­o­nai­re Enab­lers

Whi­te Natio­na­list Bar­ba­ri­ans Storm the Gate(s) of the U.S. Capi­tol

Western Wolf Coa­li­tion Files Lawsu­it Chal­len­ging Nationwi­de Wolf Deli­sting

The Illi­nois Legis­la­tu­re Just Voted to End Cash Bail. Here’s How Orga­nizers Made It Hap­pen. – Illi­nois is pois­ed to beco­me the first sta­te in the coun­try to com­ple­te­ly end the use of money bond.

Stu­dent Rent Stri­kers Don’t Just Want Their Money Back – They Want to Smash Capi­ta­lism

The Ani­mal Legal Defen­se Fund Is Busting Its Uni­on With a Smi­le – A non­stop anti-uni­on campaign comes with assu­ran­ces that mana­ge­ment is “real­ly pro­g­res­si­ve”

Fle­e­cing Britain’s Chil­dren

We Can’t Fight the Far Right in Mili­tary Court

Past Time to Remem­ber Thous­ands Dis­pla­ced and Left Behind by Hur­ri­ca­nes Lau­ra and Del­ta

Uni­o­nizing Goog­le Wor­kers: We Want Demo­cra­cy at Work

Des­pe­ra­do in the Whi­te Hou­se: Coup Fails, Trump Faces Impea­ch­ment

Why Mat­teo Ren­zi Is Sinking Italy’s Gover­n­ment Even as the Pan­de­mic Rages

The Soci­a­lism of James Joy­ce

#ACFM Micro­do­se: Ece Temel­ku­ran on Crowds

The Lau­ra Flan­ders Show: Unfor­get, Dream, Build

Repu­bli­cans Want Metal Detectors for Schoolkids, But Not for Them­sel­ves

Par­li­a­men­tary elections – Results and pro­spects

2021 begins with a new Natio­nal Assem­bly. Will it lead to advan­ces?

What’s next for Juli­an Assan­ge?

Com­mu­ni­sts Like My Unc­le Fought to Expand Ame­ri­can Demo­cra­cy. Fascists Fought to Destroy It.

Sen. Josh Hawley: The Face of New Ame­ri­can Fascism?

Rena­tio­na­lize Canada’s Air­li­nes

The UK’s Bre­xit-and-Covid Languors

Afri­cans See U.S. Ugly That Ame­ri­ca Igno­res

The Only Thing Sca­ri­er than QAnon Is the Rea­ction to It

‘One Sta­te is a Game Chan­ger’: A Con­ver­sa­tion with Ilan Pap­pe and Awad Abdel­fat­tah on the One Demo­cra­tic Sta­te Campaign 

Dan­gerous Cur­ves Ahe­ad

Buil­ding Glo­bal Labor Soli­da­ri­ty

Twit­ter Nukes Trump

The Regio­nal Com­pre­hen­si­ve Eco­no­mic Part­ners­hip Agre­e­ment (RCEP) and the Futu­re of the US Dol­lar

Deno­un­cing Repu­bli­can Evils Can’t Do Much for the Biden Presi­den­cy Wit­hout Deman­ding Pro­g­res­si­ve Poli­cies

Our Post-Trump Demo­cra­tic Pro­spects: What the Ming Dynasty Can Teach Us

Alli­an­ce for the Wild Rock­i­es Sues Over Impa­cts on Grizzlies from Widespre­ad Ille­gal Moto­rized Use on Natio­nal Fore­sts

Trump Fana­ti­cs Inva­de Capi­tol, as His Presi­den­cy Crum­b­les

Three Son­nets on Being Whi­te­ness

Latest Lawsu­it Chal­len­ges Trump Sale of Mon­ta­na Public Lands for Fra­ck­ing 2021-01-13 00:07:52

‘A Red Flag and a Sil­ver Dress?’ | Inter­view With Divi­na De Cam­po