Erdogan’s vio­lent equil­bri­um

Soli­da­ri­ty with His­ham Fou­ad

Justin Trudeau’s Post-Pan­de­mic Plans Will Lea­ve Cana­di­an Wor­kers Behind

Ama­zon Is Cre­at­ing Com­pa­ny Towns Across the Uni­ted Sta­tes

Alge­ri­ans Top­p­led a Presi­dent. Now They Are Figh­ting for Real Demo­cra­cy.

Can East Afri­can wor­kers overco­me coop­ta­tion and sup­pres­sion?

The Many Faces of Regi­me Chan­ge in Cuba

The Right Are Pani­ck­ing About Anti-Racism – As Well They Should Be

Kare­em Abdul-Jab­bar: What the NBA Cham­pions­hip Means to Me

Kwa­Zulu-Natal and Gau­teng are bur­ning, we need to build a just pea­ce

Let’s Make the US a Wel­fa­re Nation

Johnson’s Ping­de­mic Brings Eng­land to Stands­till

Cli­ma­te Doom Won’t Save the Pla­net

#Novar­aFM: Riots and the Red Flag with Keir Mil­burn

The­se Stun­ning Pho­tos Show How Wor­kers Held Their Own Olym­pi­cs

The Genoa G8 Was the Begin­ning of the Ita­li­an Left’s Long Defe­at

Whi­le Meat­pa­ck­ing Com­pa­nies Reap Big Pro­fits, Catt­le Ran­chers Strug­g­le – Gro­ce­ry sto­re beef pri­ces are rising. The rancher’s sha­re is fal­ling. And the com­pa­nies that domi­na­te the hig­hly-con­cen­tra­ted meat­pa­ck­ing indu­s­try are making a kil­ling.

We Don’t Have Time for Cli­ma­te Sym­bo­lism – As we hurd­le towards cli­ma­te cha­os, Demo­cra­tic lea­ders remain all talk and no action on serious cli­ma­te poli­cy.

A Group of Ren­ters Just Won £19,000 From Their Bil­li­o­nai­re Landl­ord – And They’re Just Get­ting Star­ted

How Scott Walker’s Wiscon­sin Paved the Way for Donald Trump’s Ame­ri­ca

Rise of the Right: Whi­te Supre­ma­cy and the Myth of the “Whi­te Wor­king-Class”

Sur­veil­lan­ce, Room­ba­cops, Whi­te Rage, and the End of Empat­hy

Roa­m­ing Char­ges: Bedti­me for Bezos

Have You Heard That Trum­pism is “Beco­m­ing Fascist”?

Pro­g­ress or War: On Islamop­ho­bia and Europe’s Demo­grap­hic Shifts

What’s Real­ly Going on in Cuba

The Sch­na­cke Affi­davit: U.S. Admis­sion of Offen­si­ve Germ War­fa­re Capa­bi­li­ty During the Kore­an War

Bra­zil, Ama­zon, Wor­ld: Part Two

Biden Gives Preg­nant, Nur­sing and Post­partum Mot­hers a Pass

The Slo­gan No Justi­ce, No Pea­ce Gets It Back­ward.  Pea­ce is the Key to Justi­ce 

Why Rege­ne­ra­ti­ve Far­m­ing Wor­ks and Rege­ne­ra­ti­ve Ran­ching Fails

The Ita­li­an Cine­ma and the Left: On Redi­scove­ring Rober­to Ros­sel­li­ni-Film­ma­ker

The Beast that Kills the Beauty

Would Jean-Jacques Rous­seau Get Vac­ci­na­ted?

AMLO and Coup Insu­ran­ce

The Oligarch’s Myt­ho­lo­gy of Cow­boy Indi­vi­du­a­lism: Bezos in a 10-Gal­lon Hat

The Return of Log­ging Wit­hout Laws

Patent Monopo­lies, Cor­rup­tion, and the New Alzheimer’s Drug

Why U.S. Poli­cy Toward Nica­ragua Isn’t Wor­king

It’s Time to End the U.S. War on Syria, Not Restart It

Why Did Net­a­ny­a­hu Vote Against a Racist Law He Whol­ly Embra­ces?

Does Roger Sto­ne Read Coun­ter­Punch?

Juli­us Deut­sch, an Anti-Fascist Who Orga­nized Wor­kers on the Sports Field

How Con­tin­gent Faculty Orga­nizing Can Suc­ce­ed in Hig­her Educa­tion

The Risks of Whe­re we are Today

Ame­ri­can Psy­cho­sis

Rede­em Ame­ri­can Ide­als: US Gover­n­ment Must End the Poli­ti­cal Pro­secu­tion of Juli­an Assan­ge

Insa­ni­ty is Healt­hy

East River Eco­ci­de

Hem­ingway and Lat­in Ame­ri­ca

Curb Your McCart­hyism: An Ear­ly Test for Israel’s New Mini­ster of Educa­tion

Rein In Pri­va­te Equi­ty Befo­re It Kills More Jobs

The Bright­si­de of Cri­mewa­ves

The Mom-and-Pop Tax Bre­ak

Abu Hasan’s Mea­ger Palesti­ni­an Repast: Memo­ri­es, Past and Pre­sent

Mobi­lizing Against the Cor­pora­te Hija­ck of Agri­cul­tu­re and the UN Food Systems Sum­mit

Demo­cra­cy Dies

Vari­e­ties of Coup

A Hap­py War­ri­or: Est­her Beja­ra­no, Pre­sen­te!

The Pro­blem With Milk

Who’s Afraid of Nina Tur­ner?

Down on the ‘Trans­hu­man Farm’ Nigh­t­ma­res  are Tech­no­cra­tic –  Being  Of Cli­ck Built Panop­ti­cons  and Tra­ctors in Human Form , Alas.

On the Chin­e­se regi­me

Trans Athle­tes Com­pe­ting in the Olym­pi­cs Is Pro­g­ress. But It’s Not Enough

Big Phar­ma Is Deci­ding Who Lives and Who Dies in the Glo­bal South – The chil­ling effect of the phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal industry’s vei­led thre­ats.

Rides­ha­re Dri­vers in Cali­for­nia Stri­ke for the PRO Act – A con­ver­sa­tion with Ahmad Ibra­him Moss, a rides­ha­re dri­ver in San Fran­ci­sco.

#ACFM Micro­do­se: Psy­chodra­ma With Nada Sabet

Gene­ra­tion Left Might Not Be That Left After All

Acci­den­tal Death of a Bla­ck Lon­do­ner

André Gorz’s Non-Refor­mist Reforms Show How We Can Trans­form the Wor­ld Today

As Deva­stat­ing Plant Shut­down Looms in West Vir­gi­nia, Natio­nal Out­ra­ge Is Hard to Find – A uni­on set to be wiped out by lay­of­fs says poli­ti­ci­ans are mis­sing in action.

Not a Cau­se for Palesti­ni­ans Only

When Libe­rals Fail on Palesti­ne

We’re Bur­nt Out – and Unless We Demand a New Nor­mal, We Will Be Fore­ver

McDonald’s and the Fai­led Pro­mi­se of Bla­ck Capi­ta­lism

Biden’s Invi­sib­le Bor­der Wall – The Biden admi­ni­stra­tion is expan­ding sur­veil­lan­ce along the Sout­hern bor­der, pus­hing migrants into harm’s way.

Wor­kers Are Being Crus­hed by Gover­nors’ Unem­ploy­ment Bene­fit Shu­tof­fs

The Sum­mer List You Didn’t Know You Nee­ded: Jaco­bin’s 2021 Beach Reads

​The re-bir­th of the left in the post-soci­a­list Bal­kans

Hou­sing Securi­ty Trans­for­med My Men­tal Health

Jeff Bezos’s Vani­ty Spa­ce Flight Was a Unique­ly Ame­ri­can Dis­gra­ce

The Bizar­re Pheno­menon of Cuba Poli­cy to Suit Cuban-Ame­ri­can Exi­les Rat­her than Cubans in Cuba

The Uni­ted Sta­tes Unde­re­sti­ma­tes China’s Eco­no­mic Chal­len­ge at Its Own Peril

The Drug Com­pa­nies Are Kil­ling Peop­le

The Fire…This Time: An Inter­view with Bri­an Fies

Covid-19 Pro­pa­gan­da in Austra­lia

COVID in Malay­sia

It’s a Cri­me to Trust God

I Sur­vi­ved Anders Breivik’s Ter­r­o­rist Atta­ck. But His Poli­ti­cs Are Still With Us.

Why I Can­not Sign a Let­ter From Some Fel­low Acti­vists Cri­ti­cal of the Nica­ragu­an Gover­n­ment

When Lea­ders­hip Fails and Demo­cra­cy Cra­cks! 

Decli­ne and Fall of Western Civi­liza­tion

Con­gres­sio­nal Proxy Voting? No. Do the Job or Quit the Job

Cli­ma­te Acti­vists Cele­bra­te Dis­mis­sal of Char­ges in the Midst of the Hot­test Sum­mer on Record

Old Wine in New Bott­les? ‑The Chin­e­se Com­mu­nist Par­ty (CCP) cele­bra­tes its cen­te­nary

Has the Pan­de­mic Shif­ted Bri­tain Left?

Ame­ri­cans Owe $140 Bil­li­on to Col­lections Agen­cies Becau­se of Medi­cal Debt

Cum­m­ings Tells All in BBC Inter­view

Michel Hus­son, cri­ti­cal Marxist eco­no­mist

Is Ger­ry­man­de­ring Fore­ver? – Ger­ry­man­de­ring gua­ran­te­es unde­mo­cra­tic elections. Can acti­vists in Wiscon­sin win an uphill batt­le for a fai­rer pro­cess?

It’s Lite­ral­ly Impos­sib­le to Afford Rent on the Mini­mum Wage

I Can No Lon­ger Bury My Head in the Sand About Cli­ma­te Chan­ge

Extin­ction Rebellion’s Libe­ral Mora­lism Can’t Save the Pla­net

Hol­ding Onto the Cold War

When the Sh*t Hit the Fan: Recal­ling the 1970s

Vir­gi­nia Vol­vo Stri­kers Nar­rowly Approve New Con­tra­ct

Set­ting the Record Straight at the Met

Why Are the Long-term US Trea­sury Yields Fal­ling?

Our Bil­li­o­nai­res are Bla­sting Off…Good Rid­dan­ce!

Sla­voj Žižek: Last Exit to Soci­a­lism

Undercover Inve­sti­ga­tions Expo­se Brutal Wild­li­fe Kil­ling Con­tests

Rem­ove Non-Nati­ve Fish Wit­hout Poi­so­ning Our Streams

Defund the Cana­di­an Mili­tary

How CDN Provi­ders Bre­ak the Inter­net

A Ruralist’s Lament: Ship to Cita­del

Why Mot­her Natu­re Doesn’t Love You

From Paki­stan to the Phi­lip­pi­nes, facing the health cri­sis and aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­an regi­mes

We Are Zoo­mers and We Want the PRO Act – Gen Z and Mil­len­ni­als are facing a ble­ak eco­no­mic futu­re. The answer is to mas­si­ve­ly expand uni­on mem­bers­hip and demo­cra­tize wor­k­pla­ces.

Soci­al Work Stu­dents Decry SSA’s New Name After Crown Family Dona­tion – When the mili­tary-indu­stri­al com­plex meets soci­al work.

Micha­el Brooks on Why the War on the Poor Must End

Remo­t­he­ring the Land

Soci­a­lists Should Take the Right Les­sons From the Rus­si­an Revo­lu­tion

Eco­no­mic Upda­te: The Chal­len­ge of Pro­g­res­si­ve Uni­o­nism

The Lau­ra Flan­ders Show: Gen­der Justi­ce Requi­res More Than Money

BC Pre­mi­er Dave Bar­rett Showed the Cana­di­an Left How to Make Chan­ge Hap­pen

What’s Actu­al­ly Going on in Cuba?

C. L. R. James and the Bla­ck Jaco­bins of Hai­ti

The US Tax Code Should Not Allow Bil­li­o­nai­res to Exist

The Clo­ck Is Tick­ing on Pre­ven­ting an Unde­mo­cra­tic GOP Power Grab in the Hou­se

Abo­lish the Olym­pi­cs

Anti-Capi­ta­list Chro­ni­c­les: The Bil­li­o­nai­re Class’ Ruling Ideas

If You Grew Up With the U.S. Blo­ck­a­de as a Cuban, You Might Under­stand the Recent Pro­tests Dif­fe­rent­ly

The Gre­a­test Thre­at to Bri­tain Isn’t China or Rus­sia, It’s Boris John­son

Robo­tic Kil­ling Machin­es and Our Futu­re: Chris Pratt, Ali­ens and Dro­nes

How Harper’s Maga­zzi­ne Under­mi­nes the Strug­g­le Against Whi­te Supre­ma­cy

Soci­al cata­strop­he and klep­to­cra­cy feed the fires in South Afri­ca

A Night­ti­me Walk Wit­hout Bugs or Bats

The Taliban’s Dra­ma­tic Mili­tary Victory

The Power Struc­tu­re for Dead­ly Lag and the Prop­he­tic Work of Uns­ung Her­o­es

How to Pre­vent a New Cold War with China

Long Live, Socko! Radi­cal Reflections on Bo Burnham’s Insi­de

Moral Intel­li­gen­ce or Nuclear War

Twen­ty Years Sin­ce the Genoa G8 Pro­tests, Glo­ba­liza­tion Is Imploding

Exerci­se in Futi­li­ty

When Foot­ball Did Not Come Home

Genoa didn’t last for only 48 hours

Cele­brat­ing the Roja­va Revo­lu­tion: A Rea­ding List

Fri­to-Lay Wor­kers Are on Stri­ke for Their Lives

How Rich Coun­tri­es Can End Vac­ci­ne Apart­heid – Unli­ke wor­ld lea­ders, acti­vists saw the moral cri­sis com­ing sin­ce the start of the pan­de­mic and qui­ck­ly came up with a num­ber of actio­nab­le plans to cre­a­te equi­tab­le access to life-saving vac­ci­nes.

‘Fre­edom Day’ Won’t Set Us Free

Clubs Open and Restri­ctions Lif­ted for ‘Fre­edom Day’

What the San­di­ni­st­as Won in Nica­ragua

Across the Sta­te of New York, Left Elected Offi­ci­als Are Win­ning

Biden Just Tur­ned Down a Gol­den Opportu­ni­ty to End Vac­ci­ne Apart­heid

We Will Never For­get Dawn Foster

The Olym­pi­cs Is a Rack­et

Neoli­be­ra­lism Won’t Take Real Action to Stop Cli­ma­te Chan­ge

Even Noah Would Be Ama­zed

Not­hing is Hap­pe­ning in South Afri­ca (Just Deva­sta­tion)

The Poli­ti­cs of Ame­ri­can Pro­test, With a North Kore­an Twist

20 Years of U.S. Occu­pa­tion Was Brutal in Afghanistan—And So Will Be the Exit

Cali­for­nia Can­na­bis, Sum­mer 2021: Lindsay Davey, OGs and the Gang at Can­na­Craft

Chal­len­ging Supre­ma­cy: BLM, Palesti­ne and the Strug­g­le for Equal Rights in Bur­ma

Presi­den­ti­al Prero­ga­ti­ves

The Poli­ti­cs of Fear and Hope

Deva­stat­ing: ‘Near­ly All’ Young Sacra­men­to River Win­ter Chin­ook Sal­mon Could Perish This Year

The Campaign Against Me

All Abbott (No Costel­lo)

Floods: this is not a natu­ral disa­ster

The For­got­ten History of Mexi­can Ame­ri­can Mili­tan­cy

Sum­mer of Soul Is an Ent­hral­ling and Emo­tio­nal Con­cert Film 50 Years in the Making

Europe’s Roma­ni Popu­la­tion Can’t Bre­at­he

From Cuba: a descrip­tion of the pro­tests

The rele­van­ce of the the­ory of per­ma­nent revo­lu­tion and its topi­ca­li­ty

Covid Emer­gen­cy in Indo­nesia: An Urgent Appe­al for Dona­tions

The US Blo­ck­a­de on Cuba Must End

Beat­ing Nuclear Arms Into Plows­ha­res

Why Soci­a­lists Should Distrust Anti­trust

Luca Is Ano­t­her Beau­ti­ful, Over­stuf­fed Pixar Sob Sandwich

In Bel­arus, Pea­ce­ful Stu­dent Pro­testers Are Langu­is­hing in Jail

Wal­king Aro­und Blind Wit­hout a Cane

Is Cine­ma Dead Again?

Bran­son Goes to Spa­ce

Kil­ling Castro

For near­ly 50 days, undo­cu­men­ted migrants have been on hunger stri­ke in Brus­sels

Soci­al explo­sion in Cuba: the ignored sig­nals

Con­testing Cul­tu­re: Eng­land Is in the Midst of an Afri­can Renais­san­ce – but It’s Still Racist As Hell

Austra­li­an Busi­ness Has Used the Pan­de­mic to Atta­ck Wor­kers — Now It’s Time to Fight Back

In Wiscon­sin, an Overze­a­lous Hunt Deci­ma­ted the Local Wolf Popu­la­tion – A new report shows legal and ille­gal kil­lings wiped out as much as a third of the state’s gray wolf popu­la­tion in 2021.

What Biden’s Child Tax Cre­dit Is Get­ting Wrong

Oppo­si­tion Mounts to Johnson’s ‘Fre­edom Day’

Jamaica’s 1831 Revolt Dealt a Ham­mer Blow to Colo­ni­al Sla­ve­ry

James Car­vil­le Has Never Stop­ped Being Wrong

Joe Biden’s Sti­mulus Is Finan­cing Repu­bli­can-Back­ed Tax Cuts for the Rich

Roa­m­ing Char­ges: The Cuba Fixa­tion

US Con­cern for Cuba, Lat­in Ame­ri­ca is Spin for Inter­ven­tion

Richard Lewon­tin: Demo­li­tion Man of the Modern Synt­he­sis

“Going Into Trump Wor­ld”: Bernie’s Trum­pen­pro­le­ta­ri­an Brain Worm and Fascism-Deni­al

Enough is Enough: Donald Rums­feld 1932–2021

Cor­pora­te Capi­ta­lism Wor­ks … For Some!