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When Ger­man Libe­rals Tea­med Up With the Far Right

Trump puster til ilden i Palæsti­na

Against mind­less com­pli­an­ce, towards conscious diso­be­di­en­ce

If Ber­nie Actu­al­ly Wins This Thing, He’ll Need a Reli­ab­le Vice Presi­dent

Labour Must Take Welsh Inde­pen­den­ce Serious­ly

880 dages belej­ring af Lenin­grad

Why the Sha­dow Inc. App Fai­led

The Whi­te Hou­se, “best ene­my” of the Isla­mic Repu­blic

Ireland’s Gre­ens Will Never Con­front the Power­ful

Fag­for­e­ning og luft­havns­le­del­se mødes om fra­træ­del­se til 12 fyre­de

Advo­kat: En dår­lig dag for offent­ligt ansat­tes ytrings­fri­hed

Trump’s ‘Red Meat’ SOTU Spe­ech: US Poli­ti­cal Cri­sis Now Dee­pens

Dinosau­ren Drags­da­hl

Trump’s Imag­i­nary Wor­ld, Maduro’s Real Wor­ld

The Demo­crats and Iowa

Can the U.S. and Iran Avoid a Disa­strous Col­li­sion?

From the UN, New Ammo for Ega­li­ta­ri­ans

Questions for the Iowa Caucus Coun­ters

Repu­bli­can and Demo­cra­tic Par­ties in Tur­moil

The “Final Solu­tion” for Palesti­ne?

A Brutal Atta­ck on Justi­ce and Civil Liber­ties in Imran Khan’s Paki­stan

Why are Demo­cra­tic Can­di­da­tes Taking Money From Uni­on-Busting Lawy­ers?

Will 2020 Be Ano­t­her Victory Year for Trump and Bre­xit?

How Wor­ri­ed Should We Be About the Novel Cor­o­navirus?

To March or Not to March: Why are the Stre­ets Near­ly Emp­ty?

 Fede­ri­co Fel­li­ni: Aut­hor of Cine­ma

Kvin­de­kam­pen skal med i OK20

The Divi­ded Sta­tes of Trum­pi­stan?

Kampag­ne skal stop­pe pen­sions­al­de­ren ved 68 år

Kee­nie Mee­nie: Bri­tish Mer­ce­na­ri­es at War

Ber­nie San­ders’ Feat in Iowa Shows Demo­cra­tic Soci­a­lism Can Win

How Capitalism’s Struc­tu­ral and Ide­o­lo­gi­cal Cri­sis Gives Rise to Neo-Fascism

If Iowa Was Boli­via, the US Would Have Alre­a­dy Inter­ve­ned

Ita­li­en: Sal­vi­ni slå­et til­ba­ge, men den yder­ste høj­re­fløj står sta­dig stærkt

The Iowa Caucu­ses Showed That Medi­ca­re for All Is Still a Win­ner

– Har nådd bri­ste­punk­tet

Ber om kutt i støt­ta

Fryk­ter dår­lig grønn deal


OK-20: Gi’ os en overenskomst, vi kan stem­me ja til!

Læren af Aus­chwitz

Ber­nie San­ders Is the Stron­gest Presi­den­ti­al Can­di­da­te for Mus­lims at Home and Abro­ad

Storm­ing France’s City Halls

Orga­ni­sa­tions­de­bat tur­ne­rer i hele lan­det

Radi­cal Com­pas­sion? Why the West Mid­lands Needs to Know About Liam Byrne’s Record on Immi­gra­tion

Put­ting a face onto the cor­pora­tion

Orga­nizing the com­mu­ni­ty to take on the cor­pora­tion

The modern cor­pora­tion: a char­m­ing psy­cho­path

Cor­pora­tions as pri­va­te sove­reign powers: the case of Total

Basker­lan­det: Gene­ral­strej­ke for ”et vær­digt liv”

Til kamp mod bud­get­loven

EU’s frem­tid skal dis­ku­te­res

Trumps skat­tepo­li­tik gav­ner de rige­ste i USA

Fin­land: Strej­ke for overenskomst­kra­ve­ne – løn og arbejds­tid

Bernie’s Execu­ti­ve Orders List Shows He Means Busi­ness

Hvad lær­te vi af kli­ma­loven?

Capi­ta­list cri­sis, “deg­lo­ba­liza­tion,” and the Left’s chal­len­ges

Kapi­ta­len brin­ger os også sam­men

The Holo­caust, the BBC and Anti­se­mi­tism Smears

Soci­a­li­stisk Påske­se­mi­nar: ’Aty­pi­ske’ arbej­de­re og pre­ka­ri­a­tets orga­ni­se­ring

Live From the Iowa Caucu­ses: In Search of Lost Time and Votes

Boris Johnson’s Bre­xit Got “Done”

After Iowa, Does Ber­nie Have What It Takes?

Giv os en overenskomst, vi kan sige ja til!

Retail Poli­ti­cs, Iowa Sty­le

Bolton’s Batt­le With Gover­n­ment Cen­sors­hip

The Dra­ma­tic Fall of Chi­le as Lat­in America’s Neoli­be­ral Role Model

Left Election Stra­te­gy: Les­ser Evil or Inde­pen­dent Left?

Vag­ter i Køben­havns Luft­havn er gået i strej­ke

Teflon Lies and Mowing Lawns: The Afg­ha­ni­stan Papers

Soci­a­li­stisk Påske­se­mi­nar: Fængs­let for at kæm­pe med kur­der­ne

Demo­crats’ Wim­py Impea­ch­ment Has Made Trump Stron­ger Than Ever

Who Exa­ct­ly are Biden and Buttigieg’s Campaign Money Bund­lers?

The Sha­me of Child Pover­ty in the Age of Trump

Vores børn skal have en tryg start på livet

Pre­ser­ve the Sacred Lands of the Gre­a­ter Yel­low­sto­ne Eco­sy­stem

“Where’s my Roy Cohn?”

In a Time of Increa­sing Pola­riza­tion in Kas­h­mir, Evo­ke Tho­se Scho­lars and Saints Who Sym­bo­lized Plu­ra­lism

Udvi­del­se af Køben­havns Luft­havn bekym­rer ikke magt­ha­ver­ne

How the Wor­ld Ends: a Story

In the Glo­a­m­ing

The Sta­te of the Uni­on Is Sick

Trond­heim­s­kon­fe­ran­sen: Bygg fag­lig mot­stand mot høy­re­ek­stre­mis­me og fascis­me

The DNC Won’t Be Able to Stop Us

De tok imot Ber­nie som en helt

Stan­set åpen kamp­flyrap­port

Anmel­der for rasis­me

Et annet land

Bre­xit: conservatism’s last gre­at gam­b­le?

Inter­view With Rebec­ca Long-Bailey

Andy Gill (1956–2020)

Hil­lary and Chel­sea Clinton’s Gut­sy Labor Theft

Udta­lel­se fra nord- og midtjy­ske mure­re: Vi støt­ter fransk kamp for fair pen­sion

Ude af EU: Stor­bri­tan­ni­en vil for­by­de die­sel- og ben­zin­bi­ler

Ven­stre­ra­di­kal medi­e­p­lat­form for­budt

Iowa: San­ders lig­ner vin­der af kao­tisk pri­mær­valg

Tale til støt­te­de­mon­stra­tion for Bit­ten

“May­or Pete Was the Kin­da Kid Who Unplug­ged the Sega If He Was Losing.”

The Free Mar­ket Isn’t Up to the Cor­o­navirus Chal­len­ge

Kun få ekstra kro­ner til reform af udlig­ning

Leun­bach – abort­læ­ge, seksu­a­l­op­ly­ser og soci­a­list

Brev fra en far

How Bernie’s Iowa Campaign Orga­nized Immi­grant Wor­kers at the Factory Gates

Re-Con­te­xtu­a­lizing Fascism

How to Not Rem­ove a Fascist

A Radi­cal Call To Action

We Live in a Dis­in­te­grat­ing Wor­ld

Sau­ge­en Oji­b­way Nation Has Saved Lake Huron From a Nuclear Waste Dump

Dooms­day Clo­cks and Apple Wat­ches

Do Davos Bil­li­o­nai­res and Ban­kers Real­ly Belie­ve That The­re Won’t Be Any More Booms and Busts?

Why Eco­no­mi­cs is an Impos­sib­le Sci­en­ce (In One Para­graph)

Bre­xit Day

Tech­no­lo­gy, Patents, and Inequa­li­ty

Mud­dling Demo­crats: Cha­os in the Iowa Caucus

The Tri­bu­te Poems of AZ and KSM

Trump’s Environ­men­tal Review Rol­l­ba­cks Will Put Ran­chers in Char­ge of Public Lands

Sedi­tion or Seda­tion?: Libe­ra­lism and Neu­ro­ses

NATO and the Impea­ch­ment Tri­al

Det stri­des 3F og sta­de­hol­der­ne i Tivo­li Food Hall om

Alter­na­ti­vet med Fock i front

DNC Decla­res War on Sanders…Again

Can Roger Fede­rer Beat Gre­ta?

A Histo­ric Con­ver­sa­tion with Legen­dary Drum­mer San­ta Davis

Don’t EU Want Me Huawei? What Plans for Our 5G Net­work Sig­nal About Post-Bre­xit Bri­tain

Fat­ti­ge har størst risi­ko for at dø af foru­re­ning og syg­dom

Thir­te­en the­ses on the immi­nent eco­lo­gi­cal cata­strop­he and the (revo­lu­tio­nary) means of aver­ting it

Soci­a­li­stisk Påske­se­mi­nar: Toner og anek­do­ter fra “Snart dages det brød­re” til “Gril­l­ba­ren luk­ker nu”

“Bud­get­lovens krav til under­skud er unød­ven­digt”

I fra­væ­ret af et efte­r­ord

61-året for den cuban­ske revo­lu­tion fejret med maner!

A Who­le New Wor­ld

Why Ber­nie San­ders Is the Stron­gest Can­di­da­te on Men­tal Health Care

Australia’s Deva­stat­ing Fires Make an Urgent Case for Public Takeover—And Shutdown—of Fos­sil Fuels

(ingen rubrikk)

Vil pun­ge ut for bilvrak

Vil­let poli­tikk

Star­ter i sur motvind

Bret and The Baron: on the (de-)platforming of racism

Opdra­gel­se i den nor­ma­ti­ve køns­for­stå­el­se

Sto­re strej­ker udfor­drer Fin­lands nye stats­mi­ni­ster

David Harvey’s Anti-Capi­ta­list Chro­ni­c­les: Ep. 3

Eco­no­mic Upda­te: Expo­sing Eco­no­mic Myt­hs

The Wor­ld Doesn’t Want a Digi­tal Cold War

The UN’s Top Court Has Offe­red Myanmar’s Rohin­gya a Glim­mer of Hope, but Justi­ce Is Still a Distant Pro­spect

Polens brun­kul-pro­blem

Ber­nie San­ders fører i menings­må­lin­ger­ne i Iowa

Jonas Eika på støt­te­de­mon­stra­tion for Bit­ten Vivi Jen­sen: Det hand­ler om klas­sepo­li­tik og ned­bryd­ning af men­ne­sker

How to Beat Joe Biden

Fængs­let NMR-leder dømt for kni­van­greb og gevær­skud mod gæst

The Pro­blem With Keir Star­mer

Trump Would Make Palesti­ni­an Sub­ju­ga­tion Per­ma­nent

This Can’t Just Be About a Presi­den­ti­al Campaign. It Has to Be About a Poli­ti­cal Revo­lu­tion.

Live From Iowa: Caucus Night

America’s Cor­o­navirus: Con­tai­ning the Out­bre­ak of Trum­pism

Trump’s Banal “Deal of the Cen­tury” is Impos­sib­le to Take Serious­ly

Super Bowl Glut­to­ny

Mis­le­a­ding Cate­go­ri­es and Trump’s Swamps

The Cre­a­tion Myth of the But­ti­gieg Campaign

Bos­sing Grown Folks Aro­und: the Open Let­ter to the Gre­ens

The Public Char­ge Rule for Immi­grants Evo­kes the Ante­bel­lum Sla­ve Codes

Gover­n­ment Orga­niza­tions Shouldn’t Enjoy Tra­de­mark Pro­tection

Mane­u­ve­ring Hell for Our Advan­ta­ge

God kol­lek­tiv tra­fik til ældre

Enheds­li­sten kræ­ver fle­re pen­ge til kom­mu­nal udlig­ning

The Ama­zon under the Bol­so­na­ro gover­n­ment: environ­men­tal deva­sta­tion and atta­cks on indi­genous peop­les

The Issue Divi­ding Demo­cra­tic Can­di­da­tes Is Hid­den in Plain Sight

Kor­rup­tion, zio­nis­me og overenskomst­kamp – Af Kar­sten Jonas­sen

A Uni­ty of Delu­sio­nals

How to Help Someo­ne With a Disa­bi­li­ty: Listen to Them

Iowa Media Back to the Futu­re

Mour­ning in Ame­ri­ca: Kobe and Me

Bal­la­den i DSB fik Kim på bar­ri­ka­der­ne

Donald Trump Is Rapid­ly Gai­ning on Joe Biden in the Polls

Hvem trum­fer Trump?

En kur for alt

Mørkt i enden av tun­ne­len

Frikjen­nes av for­ske­re

Et til­ba­ge­blik: ”Når jeg ser en Shel­l­tank bræn­de .…”

Pete Buttigieg’s Eli­te-Fri­end­ly Poli­ti­cs Won’t Help the Mar­gi­na­lized

Trumps ”Deal of the Cen­tury” must be con­dem­ned and rejected!

Puer­to Rico’s Disa­sters After the Eart­hqua­kes

Okto­ber Radio: Fat­ti­ge i provin­sen skal ikke for­ven­te bed­re tider kom­mer fra Fol­ke­tin­get

Bloomberg’s Hou­sing Poli­cies Are a Joke. Why Is Mat­t­hew Des­mond Cosig­ning Them?

San­ge om mer­vær­di #17 – Atom­kraft

Far-Right For­ces Embol­de­ned in Post-Coup Boli­via

We’re Going to Defend Our Uni­ons

Why the Demo­cra­tic Establis­h­ment Can’t Stand Ras­hi­da Tlaib

From scan­dal to scan­dal in Hai­ti

Bil­led­repor­ta­ge: Palæsti­na pro­test­de­mon­stra­tion i Oden­se for­døm­mer Trumps “århund­re­dets afta­le”

Nej til afskaf­fel­se af pen­sio­ni­st­kor­tet! For ældres ret til god kol­lek­tiv tra­fik!

Ramzan Kadyrov – “One-line” dik­ta­to­ren i Tje­tje­ni­en

“They’re Trying to Bre­ak the Uni­on”

Mili­tary Inter­ven­tions Won’t Sol­ve Cli­ma­te Chan­ge

Musi­ci­ans Can and Should Orga­nize to Improve Their Pay and Wor­king Con­di­tions

Revo­lu­tio­næ­re vita­mi­ner – Enhed og Kamp nr. 1. – febru­ar 2020

How Nati­vism Went Main­stream