The Return of the Anti-Antiwar Left

Char­les Webb Enters Hea­ven

A Call for Radi­cal Huma­nism: the Left Needs to Return to Class Ana­ly­ses of Power

A Tren­dy Rage: Boycot­ting Face­book and the Stop Hate for Pro­fit Campaign

As Monu­ments to War Gene­rals Come Down, Let’s Repla­ce Them with Monu­ments to Pea­ce

Attor­ney Gene­ral Wil­li­am Barr’s Insom­nia

Is Bol­so­na­ro Plot­ting a Self-Coup?

Isra­els plan om annek­te­ring bekym­rer

COVID-19 Means Good Times for the Pen­ta­gon

On Pablo Celi, Ecuador’s super sha­dy “Audi­tor Gene­ral”

Ireland’s New Gover­n­ment Just Puts a Gre­en Face on the Old Order

Tyr­ki­et begår krigs­for­bry­del­ser

Sta­tue af Lenin, EU og Enheds­li­sten

Retspo­li­tisk tæn­ket­ank: Cor­ona­kri­se må ikke føre til rets­sik­ker­heds­kri­se

Defend the Hong Kong Demo­cra­cy Move­ment!

Racis­mens muld

Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter i Stor­bri­tan­ni­en støt­ter palæsti­nen­ser­ne

Glas­gow kil­ling rai­ses major questions about tre­at­ment of asylum see­kers

Hen­rik Thejl under­sø­ger kil­der­ne til Cubas styr­ke

Tel­ling Cops to Get Cri­mi­nal Justi­ce Degre­es Won’t End Poli­ce Vio­len­ce

Geor­gi­en før val­get – Oppo­si­tio­nen ska­ber fæl­les front

Deso­la­tion Cen­ter

Anmel­del­se af Anton Han­sen udstil­ling på Arbej­der­mu­se­et

Støt Trot­sky-muse­et i Mexi­co

The Supre­me Court Will Not Deli­ver Justi­ce on Abor­tion Rights

Want to Fight Pover­ty? Give Poor Peop­le Money.

Kli­ma­hand­ling er sva­ret på Cor­o­na-kri­sen

The Hund­red Years War on Palesti­ne With Ras­hid Kha­li­di

For 20 år siden døde 9 men­ne­sker på Roskil­de Festi­val

Tids­do­ku. Den fran­ske revo­lu­tions ups and downs

The Com­ing Pan­de­mic-Indu­ced Evi­ction Cri­sis

Udsat­te­råd kræ­ver hjælp til hjem­lø­se migran­ter

Your Whi­te Neighbor’s “Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter” Yard Sign Is Not Enough

Patri­ce Lumum­ba on the Congo’s Inde­pen­den­ce: “Our Wounds Are Too Fresh and Too Pain­ful”

The US Public Paid to Deve­l­op This COVID-19 Drug. It Will Cost $3,000 a Dose.

What Does Keir Star­mer Actu­al­ly Want?

The Occu­pa­tion at New York City Hall Has One Demand: Cut the NYPD Bud­get

The Floyd rebel­li­on: pat­hway to a revo­lu­tion?

Fle­re bebo­e­re får uddan­nel­se og arbej­de i “ghet­to­om­rå­der”

Bill Clinton’s Ser­bi­an War Atro­ci­ties Expo­sed in New Indi­ct­ment

ICE is Leaving Immi­grants to Die in Deten­tion, and Reta­li­at­ing When They Spe­ak Out

Should NYC’s Wall Stre­et Be Rena­med “Eric Gar­ner St.?”

My Stu­dent Comes Home

Støt­te­hil­sen til de aktio­ne­ren­de skral­de­mæn­de­ne

Oba­ma­ca­re Vul­ne­rab­le

The Hat­chet Man’s Tale: Why Bolt­on Mat­ters

Afg­ha­ni­stan Boun­ties: Pot, Meet Kett­le (and Turn Off the Stove!)

Anti-Racist Enga­ge­ment in the Kansas Free Sta­te Strug­g­le, 1854–64: Hora­ce Gre­e­ley, Ger­man 48-ers, and the Civil War Jour­na­lism of Karl Marx, 1861–62

A Stu­dent Mur­de­red in Cold Blood and a Kids’ Bike Ride Through Que­ens, New York

Hey Con­gress, Move the Money

Memo­ri­es of Pox, Plague, and Pan­de­mi­cs in Tamil Nadu

Demo­cra­cy Cha­sers in a Bad­ly Inju­red Nation

Waste­ful, Secret and Vicious: the Absurd Pro­secu­tion of Wit­ness K and Ber­nard Col­la­e­ry

Ro Khan­na and Bar­ba­ra Lee Could Defy “the Mad­ness of Mili­ta­rism” as Co-Chairs of the Demo­cra­tic Convention’s Big­gest Dele­ga­tion

Trump’s Record on Foreign Poli­cy: Lost Wars, New Con­fli­cts, and Bro­ken Pro­mi­ses

Imag­i­ning a Vegan Super­man

ESPN to Fol­low “Somebody’s Daugh­ter” in Brin­ging Inter­na­tio­nal Atten­tion to the Mis­sing and Mur­de­red Indi­genous Women Tra­ge­dy

End­nu et bolig­om­rå­de tager ghet­to­loven for Lige­be­hand­lingsnæv­net

An Osprey Forest in Hum­boldt Coun­ty is Being Defen­ded by Tre­e­si­ters

Nyt fra SUF: Kli­ma og sådan noget

Annon­cer og med­del­el­ser

Digi­talt par­ti­liv i en Cor­o­na-tid

Kam­pen er kun lige begyndt!

Indo-Nepal rela­tions­hip under the cloud of Hin­d­u­v­ta

Indu­stri afvik­ling: Foto­repor­ta­ge fra bag­si­den af Århus

USA’s nye sank­tions­lov mod Syri­en kan ram­me gol­f­stat


1973: The dia­lectic of growth

The Roman­ce of Ame­ri­can Com­mu­nism

Public Ene­my, Nas, & More For Ren­di­tion of Fight The Power

How the Glo­bal Finan­ci­al System Is Hobbling South America’s Respon­se to COVID-19

Cul­tu­re Wars, Can­cel­led?

1972: The Dri­ving For­ces of Impe­ri­a­lism

Sheila Row­bo­t­ham on E. P. Thomp­son, Femi­nism, and the 1960s

Demo i Carls­berg Byen: Opbak­ning til betonsjak fra man­ge fag­grup­per

Webi­nar: Peop­le Power & the Pan­de­mic

The Many Explo­sions of Los Ange­les in the 1960s

Eco­no­mic Upda­te: The Pandemic’s Les­son About Capi­ta­lism

3F Kastrup for­ud­ser øget pres på løn­nen efter mas­se­fy­rin­ger i luft­hav­nen

Unge kli­ma­re­bel­ler i aktion mod mas­se­død ved Stor­kespring­van­det

Donald Trump Is a Very Dumb Man

Egyp­ten og Tyr­ki­et læner sig op ad krig i Liby­en

Arti­sts Expl­o­re the Hid­den Tolls of Life Lived at a Distan­ce

The Trump Admi­ni­stra­tion Wants Wor­kers to Foot the Bill for Going Back to Work

Iran udste­der inter­na­tio­nal arre­stor­dre mod Donald Trump

Mini­ster afvi­ser at slæk­ke på ghet­to-krav

Apo­lo­gizing for Soli­da­ri­ty with the Palesti­ni­ans Has Only Fed the Smears Against the Labour Left

Gør op med raci­stisk lov­giv­ning i Dan­mark: Drop ghet­to­pak­ken

The Blun­de­ring Bri­tish Poli­ti­cal Class has Shown the Same Incom­pe­ten­ce in Both Figh­ting Wars and Cor­o­navirus

Arctic Heat Overwhelms Gre­en Infigh­ting Issu­es

Batt­le­gro­und Sta­tes

The Pan­de­mic Shows the Importan­ce of Fun­ding Ear­ly Childca­re and Educa­tion Infra­struc­tu­re

Will South Korea’s Moon Defy Trump and Improve Rela­tions with North Korea?

On the Reces­sion, Sti­mulus and Eco­no­mic Recove­ry

Defund the CEOs

Bolt­on and the Pan­de­mic

Pro­test and the Post-Legi­ti­ma­tion Sta­te

Con­gress Must Hold Presi­dent Trump Acco­un­tab­le!

Mis­souri River Bre­aks: How BLM Neg­lect Thre­a­tens a Wild and Sce­nic River and Natio­nal Monu­ment

The De-Trum­pi­fi­ca­tion of Ame­ri­ca

Gre­at Minds Think Ali­ke: Bol­so­na­ro and Trump

Not­hing Suc­ce­eds Like Seces­sion: Sug­ge­sted Demands for CHOP From a Fri­end­ly Panar­chist Ally

When Com­mu­nism Met Bla­ck Anti-Colo­ni­a­lism in Inter­war Fran­ce

Bred kreds ind­kal­der til demo mod isra­elsk annek­te­ring

An Open Let­ter to Cali­for­nia Gover­nor Gavin New­som on Eth­nic Stu­di­es

Is the Deep Sta­te Attemp­ting a Hybrid War in Mexi­co?

Kom­mu­ni­stisk Poli­tik Digi­tal 13 – 2020 – Nyhe­der hvor der kæm­pes

Titus ople­ver diskri­mi­na­tion og for­skel­s­be­hand­ling

Bat­te­ring Rams for All

Vores soli­da­ri­tet med den ver­den­s­oms­pæn­den­de antira­ci­sti­ske opstand

Mas­siv støt­te til Hugo Blan­co efter til­svi­ning fra den yder­ste høj­re­fløj

EU ind ad bag­vej­en

If they come in the mor­ning…

Støt bor­ger­for­sla­get mod ghet­to­loven

Bra­zi­li­an Demo­cra­cy Is at a Sta­le­ma­te

How South Korea’s Pro-Demo­cra­cy Move­ment Fought to Ban “Mur­derous Tear Gas” 

QTI­BIPO­Cs honor­ing the resi­stan­ce of Bla­ck and brown trans and que­er folx

Defund the Poli­ce. Then Soak the Rich.

Franco’s Stoo­ges Still Domi­na­te the Spa­nish Eco­no­my

“Silen­ce is not an option”: Bla­ck women make history

In Grenob­le, a Gre­en May­or Is Uni­ting the Left

The CARES Act Is Subsi­dizing Fos­sil Capi­tal

Dani­el Bensaïd: a bifurca­tion Marxism

Angela Davis: An Inter­view on the Futu­res of Bla­ck Radi­ca­lism

Okto­ber Radio: Met­te Fre­de­rik­sens før­ste år som stats­mi­ni­ster

Make Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter

Finsk fol­kemu­sik – (pige)gruppen Kar­de­mim­mit – en fol­kemu­sik-kvar­tet fra Espoo, Fin­land.

Angela Davis on “Main­stream Femi­nism”

Abo­ri­gi­nal Deat­hs in Poli­ce Custo­dy Are Fue­ling an Austra­li­an Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter Move­ment

More than a Left Foot

Soci­a­lists and Super PACs

“When You Arre­st as Many Peop­le as We Do, You Can­not Pro­tect Against Infectious Spre­ad”

Sau­di Ara­bia Deser­ves Con­dem­na­tion on Yemen — Not Gra­ti­tu­de

Casca­de of angers: a post-pan­de­mic fan­ta­sy

Marseille’s Con­ser­va­ti­ve Establis­h­ment Is Using Cru­de Anti­com­mu­nism to Demo­nize Its Oppo­si­tion

Kon­se­kven­ser­ne for ung­dom­men er stør­re end en aflyst som­mer

The move­ment against racism and poli­ce vio­len­ce – an ini­ti­al asses­sment

Nyt udbrud af covid-19 i Tys­kland: Arbej­der­kvar­ter omdan­net til fængsel

Kli­ma­for­ræ­de­ri­et mod de unge


“The Uni­on Has to Be About Soci­al Justi­ce”

On Palesti­ne, We Need More Poli­ti­ci­ans Like Ber­nie San­ders

Long-Bailey’s Sack­ing Shows How Anti­se­mi­tism Has Been Dan­gerous­ly Rede­fi­ned

The Supre­me Court Is Still Repe­a­ted­ly Ruling in Favor of the Ultra-Wealt­hy

Les­sons from the pan­de­mic for the muni­ci­pa­lists in Spain

How Spain Sha­med Itself by Leaving the Elder­ly to Die Under Cor­o­navirus

Labour Lea­der Keir Star­mer Sabo­ta­ged Rebec­ca Long-Bailey to Under­mi­ne the Left

Demo mod høje­re pen­sions­al­der den 11. sep­tem­ber

#ACFM Trip 11: Fri­ends­hip

Tag had­for­bry­del­ser seri­øst – for­døm raci­stisk moti­ve­ret vold

Libe­ra­lism Is as Bad as the Eco­no­mist Makes It Sound

Kom­mu­ni­stisk Par­ti kræ­ver gang i byg­ge­ri­et af alme­ne boli­ger

Aktion for mini­mums­nor­me­rin­ger sen­der Fol­ke­tin­get på som­mer­fe­rie

Koba­ne er sym­bo­let på fri­hed

Law­les­sness in Trump’s Fascist Sta­te: Bill Barr and the Ghost of Fascism

Trump’s Tulsa Tra­ve­sty: the Mis­sing Con­nection

Racism and the Neoli­be­ral Con­sensus

The War That Time For­got

How Racism is an Essen­ti­al Tool for Main­tai­ning the Capi­ta­list Order

Infil­trat­ing Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter: Cops, Feds, and Whi­te Supre­ma­cists

Truth is Our Wea­pon and Shield – An Inter­view with Bla­ck Pant­her Par­ty Vete­ran Bil­ly X Jen­nings

US Drinking Beer, Pro­ducing Cars and Mili­tary Tech at the Expen­se of Mexi­can lives

The Respon­si­bi­li­ty to Pro­tect? Bipar­tisan Cri­mes Against Huma­ni­ty in the U.S.

Pari­ah Coun­try

Will Covid Start a Tra­de War Over U.S. Meat Exports?

From “How Could He…” to “How Am I…”: A Con­fes­sion

Con­sta­bu­lary Notes from Nort­hern Ver­mont, or Why We Don’t Need the Poli­ce

Voter Ent­hu­si­asm: Wrong Hea­ded and Over­ra­ted

The Strug­g­le for No Poli­ce in the Los Ange­les Schools: a Gre­at Leap Forward and Victory is in Sight

John Brown’s Body Today

Avoi­ding War With China

U.S. Attor­ney Geof­frey Berman’s Ouster: the Untold Story

US Must Return Its Poli­ti­cal Pri­so­ner Simón Tri­ni­dad to Colom­bia

Resist Evi­ctions and Foreclo­su­res

Class & Other­ness: A Peculi­ar Dia­lectic

Colombia’s Other Pan­de­mic: Uncheck­ed Sta­te Vio­len­ce in the Time of COVID-19

The Big Gre­en Lie

PA Poli­ti­cal Circus: Why Abbas Must Hand the Keys over to the PLO

Cops and a Coverup

Land of the Unfree

Bla­ck Wor­kers’ Jobs Mat­ter

Stop Bla­m­ing Rus­sia, China for US Dis­ar­ma­ment Fail­u­res

Racism Baked In

Hen­ry Wal­la­ce, Ame­ri­can Visio­nary

Sex, Pri­de & Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter

Capi­ta­lism and the Thrott­ling of Demo­cra­cy in India

Bolton’s Memoir Bolts from the Stab­le

What to an Ame­ri­can is Theo­cra­cy?