Erdo­gans inva­sions­pla­ner i det nord­li­ge Syri­en må ube­tin­get for­døm­mes

What to Expect in Canada’s Election Whe­re Populism Isn’t on the Bal­lot Paper

The Anni­hi­la­tion of Roja­va

Transak­ti­vi­ster luk­ker Kvin­de­hu­set for les­bi­ske seni­o­rer

Put­ting Gre­en Paint on the Austri­an Right

Ash Sar­kar X Extin­ction Rebel­li­on: Love­bomb the Cops?

Fake It Befo­re, During, and After You Make It

Job­cen­trets sang: Du kan – og du skal kun­ne

Madu­ro hol­der mili­tæ­ret i alarm­be­red­skab langs græn­sen til Colom­bia

Sowing the Seeds of the Cli­ma­te Cri­sis in Odisha

“Your Transa­ction Has Been Can­ce­led”: Les­sons in Lebanon’s Eco­no­my

Pol­ling the War­ren Factor

Owyhee Eco­ci­de: Ana­to­my of BLM’s Anci­ent Juni­per Forest Destruction

Guns For Hire: the US Shouldn’t Be Using the Mili­tary to Poli­ce the Glo­be

The Real Venezu­ela: Dig­ni­fied, Indi­vi­sib­le and Trut­h­ful

The Poli­ti­cal Rea­li­ties of Sci­en­ce Work

Bernie’s Heart. And Ours.

A Tale of Two Poli­cies: Trump’s Hypo­cri­sy and Sta­te Vio­len­ce in Venezu­ela and Bra­zil

The Death Penalty is Bar­ba­ric and Inef­fecti­ve

David Harvey’s Anti-Capi­ta­list Chro­ni­c­les: Ep.24

It’s Not Just Gre­ta: Why are the Deve­l­o­ping World’s Inspi­ring Acti­vists Being Ignored?

Inste­ad of Explai­ning Gre­ta Thunberg, Deba­te Her Claims

7.5 Mil­li­on Humans Say No to Cli­ma­te Cri­sis and Yes to Life

Over­reach, the Achil­les Heel of Auto­crats

Bud­getcir­kus fort­sæt­ter i Køben­havn til næste år

Enheds­li­sten løber fra deres afta­le med Fol­ke­be­væ­gel­sen mod EU – og læg­ger an til at fjer­ne Ud af EU fra deres pro­gram

Alt-Right fasci­ster­ne krav­ler ud af inter­net­tets klo­ak­ker – Vi kal­der til mod­de­mo på lør­dag!

In defen­ce of Gre­ta Thunberg

Strej­ke for ret­ten til egen jer­n­ba­ne! Strej­ke mod EU’s fjer­de jer­n­ba­ne­pak­ke!

Only Bernie’s Gre­en New Deal Answers Greta’s Call for Action

Ber­nie San­ders Is Spoi­ling for a Fight With the DNC

“A Com­mu­nist Doesn’t Whine — He Shows His Teeth”

Gran­des plan kan stop­pes

Trump gir Erdo­gan grønt lys

Sty­rer mot kli­ma­krasj


The sto­ri­es we need: pan-Afri­can soci­al eco­lo­gy

Why Voter Tur­nout Is So Low in the Uni­ted Sta­tes

Enheds­li­sten beslut­ter at fjer­ne Dan­mark Ud ad EU fra deres pro­gram – og løber fra deres afta­le med Fol­ke­be­væ­gel­sen mod EU

One Side Fought for Fre­edom at Sta­lin­grad

Anti­fa­sci­ster i Aar­hus mobi­li­se­rer

Tre­a­ted Like Meat: Women in Meat­pa­ck­ing Say #MeToo

Sex Educa­tion in the UK Must Be Trans­for­med

Eco­no­mic Upda­te: A Growing US Left

Ask Labor Jane: How Can We Orga­nize Wor­ri­ed Immi­grant Wor­kers?

Pro­te­ster mod nedskæ­rin­ger i Ecu­a­dor fort­sæt­ter

Ny kurs for Fol­ke­be­væ­gel­sen

Ø-års­mø­de skær­per hold­ning til ghet­to­lov

Soci­al­de­mo­kra­tisk rege­ring fort­sæt­ter i Portu­gal

Mere til dag­in­sti­tu­tio­ner­ne

What the Left Should Do in Portu­gal

Finans­lov 2020: Fle­re pen­ge fra de rige til bed­re vel­færd og kli­ma!

Muga­be is dead: remem­ber Chi­adzwa

Iraq is in Revolt

Home­less Oakland Heart: “Not a Home­less Per­son, Just a Per­son Wit­hout a Home.”

The New Age of Pro­test

Law­less Trump-Cana­da Con­nections

Tur­ning 70: Xi’s People’s Repu­blic of China

We’ve Wai­ted Too Long for Cor­pora­tions to Fix the CEO Pay Pro­blem on Their Own

Coun­ting the Dead Through the Fog of War in Afg­ha­ni­stan

Trump Admi­ni­stra­tion to Small Far­mers: Stop Whin­ing, Your Demi­se is Ine­vi­tab­le

Jud­ge Rules, Win­ne­mem Win­tu and WATER Pre­pa­re for Appe­al in Siskiy­ou Coun­ty CEQA Lawsu­it

Educa­tion is a Neg­lected Casu­alty of Wars and Dis­pla­ce­ments

Vin­ar­bej­der­nes fag­for­e­ning tru­er med boy­kot

Enheds­li­sten skal have et nyt EU-pro­gram

Kon­fe­ren­ce i Køben­havn: Palu­dan og jøde­ha­der­ne

Ø klar til for­hand­ling om finans­lov

Enheds­li­sten skæ­rer i lovet støt­te til Fol­ke­be­væ­gel­sen

Cha­ri­ots of War

Psy­ko­lo­ger dan­ner net­værk mod racis­me og diskri­mi­na­tion

The Ana­to­my of MSN­BC

Ingen plat­form for anti-trans agen­da i Kvin­de­hu­set

Bag­dad i brann

Buying the Tory Par­ty

Over­styrt av Nav-legen

Sier nei til et delt Irak

Høy pris sten­ger barn ute

It’s Time to Cele­bra­te a Bla­ck Bri­tish History Month in Our Schools

The Left Can Win in Portu­gal

Kon­fron­ta­tio­ner­ne tager til i Ukrai­ne

No, San­ders and War­ren Don’t Need to Call a Tru­ce

Portu­gi­sisk kom­mu­nist: Vi har skaf­fet arbej­der­klas­sen resul­ta­ter

Making Portugal’s Bre­ak With Auste­ri­ty Real

Boli­via bræn­der – kom til debat­mø­de

Hong­kongs rege­ring fort­sæt­ter sin kon­fron­ta­tions­kurs

When Capi­ta­lists Build Too Much

The San­ders Cli­ma­te Plan Can Work. Warren’s Can’t.

Making Portugal’s Bre­ak With Auste­ri­ty Real

The Fight for Labor Justi­ce in Col­le­ge Sports Is About More Than Wages

Er kapi­ta­lis­men brudt sam­men?

How Labour Beca­me “Anti­se­mi­tic”

Modi’s Phi­los­op­her

Det ame­ri­kan­ske fir­ma Spa­ceX er klar med gigan­tisk rum­far­tøj – forsk­nin­gen kan bru­ges i USA’s rum­krigs­pla­ner

Trolls Are Sowing Discord Betwe­en San­ders and War­ren Sup­por­ters

Get­ting to Know the Con­ser­va­ti­ve Ene­my

We Don’t Need More “Choi­ce” — We Need Medi­ca­re for All

Grøn­ne hei­ser EU-flagg

Fram­skyn­der valg


For­lag får oppstram­mer

Now We Have Your Atten­tion

“Capi­ta­lism Is at the Root of the Pro­blems”

Modi’s Phi­los­op­her

Omkring 50.000 auto­mo­bil­ar­bej­de­re i USA har strej­ket i 3 uger

Skral­de­mænd i Fre­de­riks­havn har fået arbejds­glæ­den til­ba­ge

Finans­mi­ni­ster i fron­ta­lan­greb på topø­ko­nom

Faith, Poli­ti­cs and Soci­a­lism | Aaron Meets Sal­ma Yaqoob

Whe­re Thin­gs Stand in Hong Kong

Tæt­te bånd mel­lem stor­ka­pi­ta­len og den nye EU-kom­mis­sion

The Tea­cher-Shor­ta­ge Cri­sis Is Upon Us

Impea­ch­ment, Brought to You by the CIA

Cru­el Opti­mism and the Sett­ler-Colo­ni­al Roots of Whi­te Gri­e­van­ce

Roa­m­ing Char­ges: Love and Death in the Time of Moloch

We Med­dle Too: Trump, Empi­re, and “The Natio­nal Inte­r­est”

Impea­ch­ment, Pelo­si-Sty­le

Robot Trolls on Ama­zon: How Fake Reviews Could Under­mi­ne Pro­g­res­si­ve Poli­ti­cs

Capitalism’s Tri­umph: Labor Rights Vio­la­ted in Eve­ry Coun­try on Earth

How the U.S. Mili­tary Under­mi­nes the Ame­ri­can Eco­no­my

Coun­ting She­ep as Gras­slands Shrink in Guja­rat

The Batt­les Now

A Year After Khashoggi’s Mur­der, Sau­di Ara­bia is Lur­ching Toward Cha­os

No Deve­l­op­ment Wit­hout the Poli­ti­cs of Mass Mobi­liza­tion and Demi­li­ta­riza­tion in Kas­h­mir

Ber­nie: Keep Figh­ting On

Edward Snow­den, You Legend!

The Afri­ca-Palesti­ne Con­fe­ren­ce: Why South Afri­ca Must Lead the Way

The Poli­ti­cs of Trol­ling

The Myth of the Scan­dal-Free Presi­den­cy

Trump’s Tra­de War With China: Is It About to End?

The Lies of Capi­ta­lism

The Uni­ted Sta­tes of Bri­be­ry and San­ctio­ning

Why Arms Races Never End: Hyper­so­nic Wea­pons and Natio­nal (In)security

Donald Trump’s Pho­ne Aro­und

Our Glo­bal Gas Cham­ber

Why Does Trump Keep Doing This?

How Fos­sil Fuels Pol­lu­te STEM Educa­tion

Secu­ro­cra­tic War, Secu­ro­cra­tic Bor­ders Secu­ro­cra­tic Emis­sions

Alli­an­ce for the Wild Rock­i­es to Trump: Stop Kil­ling Bull Trout

Geo­en­gi­ne­e­ring is a Scam

The Obscu­red Hor­ror Show

My Patients Deser­ve Medi­ca­re for All

The Obstructio­nist Sena­te

Wall Stre­et is Kil­ling Local News­pa­pers

Impea­ching the Symp­tom, Not the Disea­se

Der­for har vi skre­vet et alter­na­tivt for­slag til glo­ba­li­se­rings­pro­gram for Enheds­li­sten

“Zone Defen­se:” a New Way To Stop ATV’s in Wil­der­ness Areas

4 Goril­las to Save the Earth

Pri­vil­e­ging Whi­te Skin: Mone­tizing the Class Strug­g­le with Chel­sea Hand­ler

Justits­mi­ni­ster ned­ju­ste­rer antal­let af bur­kabø­der

The Art of Name-Cal­ling


How Local Com­mu­ni­ties Can Tack­le the Death Gap

GM Wor­kers Need More Than a Decent Con­tra­ct

Gre­ta Thunberg in Review

Head of Sta­te

Hvad er op og ned i sagen om bagage­fol­ke­ne i SAS

For­lad – bekæmp – trans­for­mer

Meet the Hawkish Libe­ral Think Tank Powe­ring the Kama­la Har­ris Campaign

Why the Left Needs To Stop Wor­rying and Learn To Love Impea­ch­ment

GM Stri­kers Hold the Line

Den kapi­ta­li­sti­ske glo­ba­li­se­ring og hvor­for ven­stre­fløj­en bør udfor­dre den

Trump Admin Is Scrub­bing Infor­ma­tion About Ser­vi­ces for Migrant Chil­dren From Gover­n­ment Web­s­i­tes

Enheds­li­sten, den poli­ti­ske situ­a­tion og opga­ver­ne for­u­de

We Need Men­tal Health Care for All

Musi­ke­re skyr krys­sild

Erna har mistet grepet

Vil leg­ge bal­len hos EU

Siste sjan­se

EU-for­slag om bar­sel til fædre fører til øget udbud af arbejds­kraft

A Bri­tain Worth Figh­ting For

Lexit fører ikke til afskaf­fel­se af Fort Euro­pa

De radi­ka­le mulig­he­der i Cor­byn-pro­jek­tet

Kon­front und­skyl­der

Dan Jør­gen­sen har en drøm

“Living Toget­her Shouldn’t Put Us at War With One Ano­t­her or With the Earth”

Bære­dyg­ti­ge kunst­græs­ba­ner

Chi­ca­go Tea­chers Are Pre­pa­ring to Stri­ke — and Ber­nie San­ders Has Their Back

We are quit­ting the Awa­mi Wor­kers Par­ty

Mili­tary Key­nesi­a­nism Mar­ches On

Saving the Pla­net Wit­hout Self-Loat­hing

Why Isra­el is strug­g­ling to find a way out of Its Poli­ti­cal Dead­lo­ck

Stu­dying the ABCs of Capi­ta­lism

Dan­gerous Deten­tion: Juli­an Assan­ge in Bel­marsh Pri­son

Gre­en Par­ty Deba­tes Gre­en New Deal

‘It’s Got­ta Be Ber­nie’: Demo­cra­cy, Mass Poli­ti­cs and Our Next Orga­nizer-in-Chief

Amid all of the War and Mayhem… Sam’s Story

The New York Times Cal­led a Famous Car­too­nist an Anti-Semi­te. Repe­a­ted­ly. They Didn’t Ask Him for Com­ment.

Poli­ti­ci­ans: A Neces­sary Demysti­fi­ca­tion

Expl­or­ing Limits on Wealth

Rhe­to­ric Meets Rea­li­ty in Mexi­co: AMLO’s Sta­te of the Uni­on

Rød-grøn­ne vil læg­ge pres på S-rege­ring i og uden­for Fol­ke­tin­get

Salva­ge Log­ging as Tim­ber Indu­s­try Wel­fa­re

Nej til mil­li­onbe­spa­rel­ser på Køben­havns børn – vi vil have mini­mums­nor­me­rin­ger nu!

Op mod 1000 demon­stre­re­de mod nedskæ­rin­ger

Spa­ni­en: Ven­stre­fløj­en står over for nye udfor­drin­ger op til det fore­stå­en­de valg

Ingen grund til til­lid

The Chin­e­se Revo­lu­tion at Seven­ty

Ber­nie Isn’t Going Anywhe­re

Bogan­mel­del­se: ”På råbe­af­stand af marxis­men” af Mik­kel Bolt