Gene­tic Engi­ne­e­ring, Agri­cul­tu­re and Bre­xit: Trea­che­ry in Our Midst

No Proof, No Evi­den­ce, No Truth

Vio­lent Right Wing For­ces Have Been Acti­va­ted, It Requi­res Stra­te­gic Action to Stop Them

POW Nation: When Will Ame­ri­ca Free Itself From War?

War of the (Finan­ci­al) Wor­lds

Impea­ch­ment Too Good for Trump

What It Meant to be Con­fli­cted During the Viet­nam War

Twitter’s Ban on Trump will Dee­pen the US Tri­bal Divi­de 

No Tears For Twit­ter Trump

Covid-19 under Apart­heid: How Isra­el Mani­pu­la­tes Suf­fe­ring of Palesti­ni­ans

Aku­t­pak­ke fra Soci­al­pæ­da­go­ger­ne skal fore­byg­ge nye drab i soci­alp­sy­ki­a­tri­en

Trump and His Bil­li­o­nai­re Enab­lers

Hvad er det der sker i USA?

Whi­te Natio­na­list Bar­ba­ri­ans Storm the Gate(s) of the U.S. Capi­tol

Western Wolf Coa­li­tion Files Lawsu­it Chal­len­ging Nationwi­de Wolf Deli­sting

EU’s spi­se­kam­mer højt mod nord: Grøn­land­ske fisk sik­rer pro­fit og mad til Euro­pa

11.000 fle­re lang­tids­le­di­ge på et år

The Illi­nois Legis­la­tu­re Just Voted to End Cash Bail. Here’s How Orga­nizers Made It Hap­pen. – Illi­nois is pois­ed to beco­me the first sta­te in the coun­try to com­ple­te­ly end the use of money bond.

Raudt vil vere fast sen­ge­part­nar for Ap og Sp

Stu­dent Rent Stri­kers Don’t Just Want Their Money Back – They Want to Smash Capi­ta­lism

The Ani­mal Legal Defen­se Fund Is Busting Its Uni­on With a Smi­le – A non­stop anti-uni­on campaign comes with assu­ran­ces that mana­ge­ment is “real­ly pro­g­res­si­ve”

Fle­e­cing Britain’s Chil­dren

We Can’t Fight the Far Right in Mili­tary Court

Past Time to Remem­ber Thous­ands Dis­pla­ced and Left Behind by Hur­ri­ca­nes Lau­ra and Del­ta

Hvor­for behand­ler EU flygt­nin­ge og migran­ter som kri­mi­nel­le?

Uni­o­nizing Goog­le Wor­kers: We Want Demo­cra­cy at Work

Gre­ta Thunberg kom­mer på fri­mær­ke

Des­pe­ra­do in the Whi­te Hou­se: Coup Fails, Trump Faces Impea­ch­ment

Why Mat­teo Ren­zi Is Sinking Italy’s Gover­n­ment Even as the Pan­de­mic Rages

Redox-foto­graf udsat for poli­ti­vold

The Soci­a­lism of James Joy­ce

#ACFM Micro­do­se: Ece Temel­ku­ran on Crowds

The Lau­ra Flan­ders Show: Unfor­get, Dream, Build

Er kri­tik af Isra­el anti­se­mi­tisk?

Palæsti­na jule­kampag­ne på JC Decaux rek­la­meskil­te væk­ker fur­o­re

Repu­bli­cans Want Metal Detectors for Schoolkids, But Not for Them­sel­ves

Par­li­a­men­tary elections – Results and pro­spects

Ahmad Sa’adat – en palæsti­nen­sisk fri­heds­kæm­per

2021 begins with a new Natio­nal Assem­bly. Will it lead to advan­ces?

Et lat­i­na­me­ri­kansk deja-vu i Was­hin­g­ton

What’s next for Juli­an Assan­ge?

Dan­mark over­ta­ger ledel­sen af mili­tær ope­ra­tion i Hor­muz-stræ­det

Com­mu­ni­sts Like My Unc­le Fought to Expand Ame­ri­can Demo­cra­cy. Fascists Fought to Destroy It.

Sen. Josh Hawley: The Face of New Ame­ri­can Fascism?

Rena­tio­na­lize Canada’s Air­li­nes

The UK’s Bre­xit-and-Covid Languors

Afri­cans See U.S. Ugly That Ame­ri­ca Igno­res

The Only Thing Sca­ri­er than QAnon Is the Rea­ction to It

‘One Sta­te is a Game Chan­ger’: A Con­ver­sa­tion with Ilan Pap­pe and Awad Abdel­fat­tah on the One Demo­cra­tic Sta­te Campaign 

Dan­gerous Cur­ves Ahe­ad

Buil­ding Glo­bal Labor Soli­da­ri­ty

Twit­ter Nukes Trump

The Regio­nal Com­pre­hen­si­ve Eco­no­mic Part­ners­hip Agre­e­ment (RCEP) and the Futu­re of the US Dol­lar

Deno­un­cing Repu­bli­can Evils Can’t Do Much for the Biden Presi­den­cy Wit­hout Deman­ding Pro­g­res­si­ve Poli­cies

Our Post-Trump Demo­cra­tic Pro­spects: What the Ming Dynasty Can Teach Us

Alli­an­ce for the Wild Rock­i­es Sues Over Impa­cts on Grizzlies from Widespre­ad Ille­gal Moto­rized Use on Natio­nal Fore­sts

Trump Fana­ti­cs Inva­de Capi­tol, as His Presi­den­cy Crum­b­les

Three Son­nets on Being Whi­te­ness

Latest Lawsu­it Chal­len­ges Trump Sale of Mon­ta­na Public Lands for Fra­ck­ing

Aktiv OK-kamp giver resul­ta­ter

Ø: Stop byg­ge­ri­et af Stor­strøms­bro­en, ind­til sik­ker­he­den er på plads

Nord­mænd vil have bed­re afta­le med EU 2021-01-13 00:07:52

‘A Red Flag and a Sil­ver Dress?’ | Inter­view With Divi­na De Cam­po

Bri­tain Is Now Fyre Festi­val

The Capi­tol Riot Was Bad Enough. New Domestic Ter­r­o­rism Legis­la­tion Would Make It Even Wor­se

Biden Silent on Trump’s WTO “Vac­ci­ne Apart­heid” Poli­cy – The presi­dent-elect pled­ged to com­bat racism. But he’s been mum about a raci­al inju­sti­ce taking pla­ce on a glo­bal sca­le.

Dia­log mel­lem bor­ge­re og poli­ti­ke­re mang­ler

No, the Uni­ted Sta­tes is Not the Home of Demo­cra­cy

The Pen­sion-Fund Pro­fi­te­ers Are Making a Kil­ling From Long-Term Care

The Actions of the (Well-Fun­ded) Capi­tol Poli­ce Show Why We Need to Defund the Poli­ce – On Janu­ary 6, poli­ce showed us exa­ct­ly who they “ser­ve and pro­tect.”

Bevæ­gel­ser fort­sæt­ter kam­pen, selv­om fler­tal stem­mer ja til at byg­ge på natu­r­om­rå­der

Public Wai­ling as Poli­ti­cal Dis­sent – Both per­so­nal and poli­ti­cal, wai­ling dis­rupts the soci­al order.

Joe Man­chin and Mitch McConnell’s Case Against $2,000 Checks Is Com­ple­te Gar­ba­ge

Seven The­ses on the Post-Trump Right and DSA’s Role in the Fight Ahe­ad

Ung soci­a­list? Det er så vig­tigt at vi orga­ni­se­rer os – bliv aktiv!

We Can’t Lose the Col­lecti­ve Expe­ri­en­ce of Going to the Movies to This Pan­de­mic

We Should Be Very Wor­ri­ed About Joe Biden’s “Domestic Ter­r­o­rism” Bill

OK-for­ny­el­sen i skyg­gen af covid-19

Vi vil byg­ge Dan­mark op!

The Mas­sa­cre in Der­sim Still Haunts Kurds in Tur­key

Trump Was Dan­gerous But the Solu­tion is Not to Give More Poli­ti­cal Power to Unri­val­led Tech­Gi­ants

Demo­crats Are Making a Mista­ke By Pur­su­ing Arti­c­les of Impea­ch­ment Repu­bli­cans Won’t Join. Or Not…

An Exhau­sted Pla­net Limps Into 2021

Will a Cala­mi­tous Week End Trump’s Grip on the Repu­bli­can Par­ty?

Look­ing Behind and Bey­ond the Sack­ing of the Capi­tol

Burns at the CIA

Defen­ding Apart­heid

Wor­ld Upsi­de Down

Uncouth Uncoup Tele­vi­sed

Five Thin­gs we have Lear­nt from the Natio­nal Educa­tion Union’s Mobi­li­sa­tion to Keep Schools Safe.

Restor­ing the Thre­at of Impea­ch­ment for Futu­re Offi­ce Hol­ders

Trump, Insur­rections and the 25th Amend­ment

DSA’s Moment of Truth

Pan­de­mic-Cau­sed Plun­ge in Restau­rant Jobs Leads to First Job Loss Sin­ce April

Arbejds­løs­hed blandt ufag­lær­te vok­ser og der er ingen udsig­ter til for­bed­ring

Acco­un­ta­bi­li­ty for Trump’s Cor­pora­te Enab­lers

War­nings From Wei­mar

Fasci­stisk kup NEJ! Arbej­der­magt JA!

Won­der Woman 1984 Has Set the Bar Even Lower for Super­hero Films

Rege­ring sam­ler alli­an­ce mod EU’s ret til at blan­de sig i mind­ste­løn

Fag­for­e­nin­ger kæm­pe­de under pan­de­mi­en i 2020

Del­tids­an­sat­te soci­al­pæ­da­go­ger vil ger­ne ansæt­tes på fuld tid

Behind The­se Pri­son Walls

The Inva­sion of Capi­tol Hill

Trump fana­ti­cs inva­de Capi­tol as his presi­den­cy dis­in­te­gra­tes

Shif­ting the Bla­me, Again

Efter det fasci­sti­ske kup i USA: Ingen tid at tabe – modof­fen­siv nu!

Con­gress Now Has More Soci­a­lists Than Ever Befo­re in U.S. History – The high-water mark for soci­a­lists elected to natio­nal offi­ce is in step with a proud tra­di­tion in Ame­ri­can poli­ti­cs.

Eco­no­mic Upda­te: Exter­na­li­ties & Capitalism’s Inef­fi­ci­en­cies

We Don’t Need New Ter­ror Laws to Defe­at the Far Right

Natio­na­lism and patri­o­tism: the opi­um of the mas­ses

Remem­be­ring Char­ley Pri­de — and Coun­try Music’s Long-Obscu­red Bla­ck Roots – Pri­de stood out as one of the very few Bla­ck super­stars in a whi­tewas­hed gen­re.

Upda­te fra ung­dom­men: 2021- hvor er SUF på vej hen?

With Demo­crats in Full Con­trol, It’s Time to Pass the PRO Act – A con­ver­sa­tion with lea­ders of the Inter­na­tio­nal Uni­on of Pain­ters and Allied Tra­des.

Poli­ti angreb min­de­de­mon­stra­tion for Rosa Luxem­burg og Karl Liebk­ne­cht i Ber­lin

Ansvar­lig­hed og ude­luk­kel­se fra Anar­ki­stisk Føde­ra­tion

Vil­lum­sen på afve­je

Lokal­po­li­ti­ke­re mødt med pro­testak­tion for beva­rel­se af grøn­ne ånde­hul­ler

Israel’s Lea­ders Are Trying to Can­cel the Deba­te Becau­se They Know They’re Losing

To Under­stand Capi­ta­lism, We Have to Under­stand Ship­ping and Oil

Ver­den er væl­tet, nu er der håb

Why Cen­trists Love Bla­m­ing Jere­my Cor­byn for Eve­ryt­hing (Inclu­ding the Capi­tol Riot)

Et unikt mil­jø i Syd­hav­nen


Fjern Trump nu!

We Should Know Exa­ct­ly Who Fun­ded Last Week’s Right-Wing Riot

Mas­se­gra­ve­ne Åbnes: Opgør med Spa­ni­ens glem­sels­pagt

Fools Rush In: Trump, Par­dons and the Tyrant’s Cult

Whi­te Chi­ck­ens, Com­ing Home to Roost

Can Justi­ce Final­ly Overta­ke Trump, Its Most Defi­ant Fugi­ti­ve?

What Assange’s Victory Real­ly Means

In Ame­ri­ca, Busi­ness Pro­fits Come First Over the Pan­de­mic

Venezu­ela: the Uni­ted Sta­tes is Expe­ri­en­cing What It Has Gene­ra­ted in Other Coun­tri­es With Its Poli­cies of Aggres­sion

Two Days that Shook the Wor­ld

Whit­her Ame­ri­can Demo­cra­cy?

You Say You Want A Revo­lu­tion

Why Trump Should Be Impea­ched Second Time 

Syri­an Refu­ge­es Exclu­ded from Leba­ne­se Labor Mar­ket

Questions n the Wake of the Beer Bel­ly Put­sch

Rem­ove Trump Now!

In the End He Lost

Kom­mu­ni­stisk Poli­tik Digi­tal 1 – 2021 – Nyhe­der hvor der kæm­pes

Reflection on the Events of Janu­ary 6th 2021

Flygt­nin­ge og ind­van­drer­spørgs­må­let

Den dan­ske rege­ring giver myn­dig­he­der i andre EU-lan­de ret til at cen­su­re­re dan­ske hjem­mesi­der

Dan­mark skal ud af EU!

Kan tek­no­lo­gi­ske løs­nin­ger som CO2-lag­ring og Power-to-X løse kli­ma­kri­sen?

Ken Klip­penste­in Knows Whe­re the Bodi­es Are Buri­ed

Det kan lade sig gøre at for­la­de EU! – Og vi vil ud af monopo­ler­nes EU!

Cor­o­na er klas­se­kamp

Femi­ni­stisk sort kvin­de han­ker op i hol­land­sk poli­tik

Capi­tol (Uni­ted Sta­tes): Attemp­ted insur­rection fails

Hong Kong’s mass arre­sts are an assault on gras­s­roots advo­ca­cy

Okto­ber Radio: De syge sam­fund

What Del­hi Tells Us About Neoli­be­ra­lism

Andrew Cuomo’s Vac­ci­ne Deba­c­le Per­fect­ly Encap­su­la­tes His Sty­le of Gover­ning

Can the Left Trust Keir Star­mer? | Inter­view With Richard Bur­gon

Når offent­lig­he­den bli­ver pri­vat

The Fai­led Fascist Coup and the Futi­li­ty of “Recon­ci­li­a­tion”

Capi­ta­lism Is Not a “Free Labor” System

Bur­ling­ton, Ver­mont, Har­bin­ger of Chan­ge?

Ele­ver, for­æl­dre og lære­re står i en meget svær situ­a­tion. – Vi vil kun lave nødun­der­vis­ning!

USA. ”Ven­stre­fløj­en skul­le have mobi­li­se­ret imod fasci­ster­nes opmarch”

COVID-19 Slaugh­ter, CDC Tra­ge­dy, and One U.S. Aut­ho­ri­ty wit­hout Blood on His Hands

The Was­hin­g­ton Riot Was a Defe­at for the Far Right, Not a Tri­umph

We Can­not Let Yesterday’s Far­ce Beco­me Tomorrow’s Tra­ge­dy

Smadra illusjo­ner om det nor­da­me­ri­kan­ske demo­kra­ti­et

More cops, fewer plat­forms: the risky fal­lout of the Capi­tol riot

Corey Robin: What Trump’s Impea­ch­ment Could Mean

We Don’t Have to Keep Sho­ve­ling Money to Big Ag

Mor­bid Symp­toms Can Per­sist for a Long Time

Syl­via Pank­hurst Fought to “Make the Futu­re a Pla­ce We Want to Visit”

The Fre­edom Strug­g­le Is a Labor Strug­g­le, Then & Now

Åbent brev fra stu­de­ren­de på lan­dets vide­re­gå­en­de uddan­nel­ser kræ­ver akut hand­ling

Mob take­over of Capi­tol hig­hlights insta­bi­li­ty of U.S. poli­ti­cal system

How to Avoid Ano­t­her Mon­ster Like Trump – It’s not enough to deno­un­ce the storm­ing of the Capi­tol. Whe­re Trump brought death and Ame­ri­can car­na­ge, Demo­crats now need to deli­ver real eco­no­mic relief.

This Was Always Going to Hap­pen

The Was­hin­g­ton Riot Was a Defe­at for the Far Right, Not a Tri­umph

After the Insur­rection

Grand Theft Election?

Sen. Joe Man­chin Wants to Blo­ck You From Get­ting a $2,000 Check

Our Country’s Most Rapa­cious Capi­ta­lists Are Weig­hing in on How to Defend Demo­cra­cy

Det lang­som­me­li­ge asyl­sy­stem kvæ­ler men­ne­sker

It’s a Litt­le Late for Mike Pen­ce to Pose as a Bra­ve Dis­sen­ter to Donald Trump

Rea­ctio­nary upri­sing against the Par­li­a­ment

Was it a coup?