Par­ty As Arti­cu­la­tor

Bey­ond Guilt and Pri­vil­e­ge: Abo­lis­hing the Whi­te Race

Resi­stan­ce on a Gra­nu­lar Level: An Inter­view with Mag­di el-Gizouli on the Neig­h­bour­hood Com­mit­te­es in the Suda­ne­se Upri­sing

Medi­ter­ra­nea: Thin­king through a Poli­ti­cal Inven­tion in Tumul­tuous Times

“A Poli­ti­cal Form Built Out of Strug­g­le”: An Inter­view on the Seatt­le Occupied Pro­test

From Rebel­li­on to Revo­lu­tion

Wan­ted: An End to Poli­ce Ter­ror

Of Beauty and Rage: Dis­patch from a Pro­test in Brook­lyn

No Justi­ce, No Pea­ce

Pes­si­mism of the Will

Recor­ding the Com­ple­xi­ty of Strug­g­le: An Inter­view with the COLA Agi­ta­tion Com­mit­tee

Cri­sis of a New Type

“A Sci­en­ce of Destruction”: An Inter­view with Gigi Rog­gero on the Actu­a­li­ty of Ope­ra­is­mo

Irra­tio­nal Expecta­tions

Cri­sis Mane­u­vers

Gover­nan­ce and Soci­al Con­fli­ct in a Time of Pan­de­mic

What is Poli­ti­cal Power?

Trans­bor­der Call for a Femi­nist Stri­ke on March 8th and 9th 2020

The Auto­no­my of the Poli­ti­cal (1972)

Revolt in Chi­le: Life Against Capi­tal

Making the Net­work that Sustains Us Visib­le: Con­ver­sa­tion with Rafa­ela Pimen­tel of Ter­ri­to­rio Domésti­co, Madrid

Marxist Femi­nism of Rup­tu­re

On Depo­li­ti­ciza­tion

Ori­gins of the Cri­sis: On the Coup in Boli­via

Capi­ta­list Fault­li­nes and Sub­ter­ra­ne­an Resi­stan­ces: Tra­ces of Strug­g­le in the Work of Fer­ruc­cio Gam­bi­no

The Revolt of Living Labor: An Inter­view With Fer­ruc­cio Gam­bi­no

A Gre­en New Deal betwe­en whom and for what?

Graf­fi­ti and Glit­ter Bombs: An Inter­view with Alejan­dra San­til­la­na Ortiz on Mexico’s Move­ment Against Rape

Resi­sting Bol­so­na­ro

Women’s/Feminist Stri­ke in Switzer­land: A Step Forward on the Road of the Inter­na­liza­tion of Femi­nist Strug­g­les

“Auto­no­my Among Us”: An Inter­view with Que­bec Stu­dent Stri­ke Orga­nizers

From the Women’s Stri­ke to the Femi­nist Inter­na­tio­nal: In Strug­g­le We Uni­te – Voi­ces from Poland

The Left and Right in Lat­in Ame­ri­ca Today: An Inter­view with Clau­dio Katz

The Body of Labor: A Car­to­grap­hy of Three Sce­nes from the Per­specti­ve of the Femi­nist Stri­ke

New Dis­pat­ches from the Femi­nist Inter­na­tio­nal

The Soci­al Move­ment of the Femi­nist Stri­ke in Ita­ly

Chan­ge Eve­ryt­hing: Foun­da­tions and Chal­len­ges of the Femi­nist Stri­ke in Spain

Obser­va­tions on Capi­ta­list Folkl­o­re

The River, the Sea, and the Inter­na­tio­nal Heart­lands of Palesti­ni­an Strug­g­le

Deci­de­d­ly Marxist: An Inter­view with Abra­ham Ser­faty (1992)

The Gilets Jau­nes and the Demo­cra­tic Question

Intro­duction to “Lenin, Com­mu­ni­sts, and Immi­gra­tion”

Lenin, Com­mu­ni­sts, and Immi­gra­tion (1973)

Wor­kers’ Ant­hro­po­lo­gy and Factory Inquiry: Inven­tory and Pro­ble­ma­ti­cs (2001)

What Can a Ship Do?

March for a Femi­nism for the 99% on Janu­ary 19

On a Rid­ge­li­ne: Notes on the “Yel­low Vests” Move­ment

From Women’s Stri­kes to a New Class Move­ment: The Third Femi­nist Wave

The Rebel Pro­ject of the Cara­van: Soli­da­ri­ties and Set­ba­cks