Right Wing Migrant Fre­akout

Kerala’s Pan­de­mic Respon­se Owes Its Suc­cess to Par­ti­ci­pa­tory Poli­ti­cs

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The Tik­Tok Saga Shows How the Inter­net and Tech­no­lo­gy Are Poli­ti­cal

The Bei­rut Explo­sion

Neit­her Was­hin­g­ton nor Bei­jing: the Left Must Stand With the Uig­hurs

Bey­ond Ber­nie: Down-Bal­lot Races to Watch in August and Sep­tem­ber

Accu­sed, Con­vi­cted, Pro­tected?

Cor­o­navirus Has Made Thin­gs Even Wor­se for Migrant Wor­kers on Spain’s Fru­it Farms

Hands, Face, Spa­ce… SPI­KE?

Out­ra­ge Dri­ves Cli­cks, Rage Sells Sto­ri­es: the Brutal Eco­no­my of the Cul­tu­re War

Rus­sia Report: Explai­ning Moscow’s Actions would expo­se the West’s hypo­cri­sy

Law­fa­re Is an Atta­ck on Free Spe­ech and a Thre­at to Demo­cra­cy

Still a Keir-lie­ver?

The Tenants Taking on Their Bil­li­o­nai­re Landl­ord

Down­fall of the Donald? With Ana Kas­pa­ri­an

Down­fall of the Donald? With Ana Kas­pa­ri­an

The McCart­hyist Campaign Against Jere­my Cor­byn Is the Real ‘Can­cel Cul­tu­re’

Wiley & the Twit­ter Boycott

Why is Poland So Con­ser­va­ti­ve?

Bla­ck Bri­tan­nia: the Asi­an Youth Move­ments Demon­stra­ted the Poten­ti­al for Anti-racist Soli­da­ri­ty

Ghislaine’s Secrets

Two-thirds of Cor­o­navirus Deat­hs Are Peop­le With a Disa­bi­li­ty

Why is the Gover­n­ment Giving Tea­chers a Pay Rise?

The Rus­sia Report Deba­te

BBC Panora­ma Inve­sti­ga­tion Into Labour Anti­se­mi­tism Omit­ted Key Evi­den­ce and Parts of Labour’s Respon­se

Ris­hi Sunak Isn’t Inte­r­e­sted in Hel­ping Young Peop­le – Free Labour Is Good for Busi­ness

Bri­tain. the Secret Sta­te? (w/ Ian Cobain)

By Beco­m­ing Lob­byists, ‘Mode­ra­tes’ Have Shown Why They Should Never Have Been Labour MPs

UK & China Stand Off

Bri­tain and Cor­o­navirus: It Couldn’t Have Been Wor­se

‘Reven­ge Spen­ding’ Won’t Get Us Out of a Cri­sis of Raci­al Capi­ta­lism

Dum­ping the Sci­en­ce

How a Revo­lu­tion Real­ly Feels: Roja­va 8 Years On

Does the Bank of England’s Fun­ny Busi­ness Sig­nal a Push for Free-Mar­ket ‘Solu­tions’ to Come?

Labour is an Obsta­c­le to the Anti-Racist Move­ment

Idi­ots Unma­sked

Poli­cing Has No Pla­ce in Men­tal Health Sup­port

Is Isra­el Above Inter­na­tio­nal Law?

The Real Rea­son Lock­down is Ending? Our Bro­ken Eco­no­mic System Has No Alter­na­ti­ve

Cor­o­navirus Has Left Thous­ands of Trans Peop­le Unab­le to Access Healt­hca­re

Wor­kers Get­ting Screwed

Can­cel Cul­tu­re, Can­cel­led?

Filth: Food Safe­ty Regu­la­tions Are Not Just ‘Red Tape’. They Exist to Pro­tect Peop­le Over Pro­fit

Sunak Is Making up His Own Rules to Give Bos­ses a Han­dout – the Left Needs a Smart Respon­se

Bla­ck Bri­tan­nia: the Race Today Col­lecti­ve Demon­stra­ted the Radi­cal Poten­ti­al of Jour­na­lism

Cor­o­navirus Has Had a Deva­stat­ing Impa­ct on Men­tal Health, but It Didn’t Have to Be This Way

From Cli­ma­te to Jobs, Sunak’s Bud­get ‘Event’ Falls Short of the Pro­tections We Need

Whi­te Lines Mat­ter

Dis­hy Rishi’s Meal Deal

Trans Peop­le Aren’t ‘Chuck­ing Bri­cks’, They’re Figh­ting to Sur­vi­ve

Who Will Pay for a Chan­ging Wor­ld? We’re Star­ting to See This Government’s Answer

I Work in a Restau­rant. I Didn’t Choo­se to Go Back on ‘Super Satur­day’ – I Had To

Cor­o­navirus Will Acce­le­ra­te Auto­ma­tion. So Why the Calls for ‘Jobs Jobs Jobs’?

Of Cour­se Isra­el Exports Arms and Poli­cing Pra­cti­ces, It Has Spent Deca­des ‘Batt­le-testing’ Them on Palesti­ni­ans

Keiro Tole­ran­ce

Now Is the Time to Fight Racism in the NHS

Tur­bu­len­ce in Macron’s Fran­ce: a Recent History

Lon­don Coun­cils Paid Pri­va­te Landl­ords £15.8m in a Year to Get Them to Rent to Home­less Fami­lies

Swe­at­ing Yet?

Libe­rals Are the Ones Hija­ck­ing BLM. Raci­al Justi­ce Is Always Poli­ti­cal

Aaron Basta­ni Rea­cts to David Starkey’s Mask Off Moment

We Have Let Isra­el Dis­pos­sess, Dis­pla­ce and Eth­ni­cal­ly Cle­an­se Palesti­ni­ans for Deca­des

Cor­o­navirus Wha­ck-A-Mole

Britain’s Covid-19 Death Toll Goes Far Bey­ond Its Bor­ders

The Poli­cing We Have Seen and Expe­ri­en­ced at the Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter Pro­tests Is Racist

The Hund­red Years War on Palesti­ne With Ras­hid Kha­li­di

What Does Keir Star­mer Actu­al­ly Want?

Cul­tu­re Wars, Can­cel­led?


Long-Bailey’s Sack­ing Shows How Anti­se­mi­tism Has Been Dan­gerous­ly Rede­fi­ned

#ACFM Trip 11: Fri­ends­hip


To Build the Move­ment in a Post-Cor­byn Era, We Need to Build Demo­cra­cy

Bla­ck Bri­tan­nia: the Poli­ce Has a Long Racist History of Sur­veil­ling Bla­ck Com­mu­ni­ties

The Big Ease

Insur­gent Empi­re (w/ Priy­amva­da Gopal)

Yes, Zoo­mers Might Just Save the Wor­ld

Ter­ror in Rea­ding

‘We’re Being Tre­a­ted Appal­ling­ly’: As the Air­li­ne Indu­s­try Faces Col­lap­se, It Is Out­sourcing the Cri­sis on to Wor­kers

Rave Cul­tu­re Is Cul­tu­re: Inste­ad of Star­ting a Moral Panic the Gover­n­ment Should Make Raves Safe

Bey­ond Ber­nie: Is Jamaal Bow­man the Next AOC?

Labour Sus­pen­sions Over Lea­ked Anti­se­mi­tism Report Inclu­de For­mer Seni­or Offi­ci­al Emi­lie Old­k­now

Losing Toget­her

Why Does the Poli­ce Exist?

What Is Bla­ck Radi­ca­lism? W/ Kehin­de Andrews

Filth: Sing­le-use Pla­sti­cs Tell a Story of Capi­ta­list Gre­ed and Pla­ne­tary Cata­strop­he

I Work With Peop­le Expe­ri­en­cing Home­les­sness – for Them, the Cri­sis Is Wor­se­ning by the Day

Today’s Anti-racist Move­ment Must Remem­ber Britain’s Bla­ck Radi­cal History

This Isn’t a ‘Cul­tu­re War’ – It’s a Batt­le Over the Terms of Soli­da­ri­ty

Racism Review: Spi­ked

Philant­hro­py Isn’t Just Pro­ble­ma­tic – It’s Harm­ful

What Is Bla­ck Radi­ca­lism? W/ Kehin­de Andrews

‘You’re Just Ano­t­her Num­ber’: Bus Dri­vers Are Dying From Covid-19

Whi­te Riot

No, Bri­tain Hasn’t Been a ‘For­ce for Good’ in the Wor­ld

The Government’s Short-Ter­mism Has Tras­hed the Eco­no­my

Would ‘Defund the Poli­ce’ Work in the UK?

To Defe­at Cor­o­navirus Disa­ster Capi­ta­lism, We Need a Soci­a­list Sho­ck Doctri­ne

Victims of Anti-Com­mu­nism W/ Vin­cent Bevins

The Pho­ney (Cul­tu­re) War

Poli­ce Abo­li­tio­ni­sts Aren’t ‘Too Radi­cal’ – They’ve Been Making Gains for Deca­des

The Extra­di­tion of Juli­an Assan­ge

As air­li­nes are ful­ly natio­na­li­sed, the­re is poten­ti­al for poli­ti­cal-eco­no­mic trans­for­ma­tion

Col­ston Should Have Stay­ed at the Bot­tom of the Har­bour

The Domi­no Effect

Our Capi­ta­list Socie­ty Has Always Deva­lu­ed Disab­led Peop­le. Cor­o­navirus Has Made This Clear

Victims of Anti-Com­mu­nism W/ Vin­cent Bevins

Bey­ond Ber­nie: Down-bal­lot Races to Watch in June and July

All Work, No Sex: Boris Johnson’s ‘Road Map’ for Leaving Lock­down Is Dri­ven by Ide­o­lo­gy Not Sci­en­ce

Igno­re the Cri­es of ‘Van­da­lism’ – Tea­ring Down the Col­ston Sta­tue Was Pure Justi­ce

Col­ston Has Fal­len

Sta­tu­es Tell Us Not­hing About Our Colo­ni­al History

Defund, Dis­band and Start Again: What Exa­ct­ly Is Min­ne­a­po­lis Plan­ning to Do With Its Poli­ce For­ce?

Pull Them All Down

Uto­pia Micro­do­se: Judy Thor­ne

Get Angry Then Get Free: the Poli­ti­cal Neces­si­ty of Rio­ting in Dis­mant­ling the System

Incom­pe­ten­ce UNMA­SKED

Filth: Disea­se, Drugs or Loo­ting – Brutal Poli­cing is Always Fra­med As Pro­tecting ‘the Public’ From Infection

The Bur­ner Epi­so­de #246: the Wri­ting on the Wall

Racist Poli­cing Acce­le­ra­ted During the Pan­de­mic. Moun­ting Pro­tests Could See It Get Even Wor­se

The Gover­n­ment Is Showing Its Eco­no­mic Hand – and the Left Will Need a Smart Respon­se

Trump’s Poli­ce Cra­ck­down is Part of a Glo­bal Whi­te­lash

The Bur­ner #245: Two Pan­de­mi­cs

Glo­bal South Eco­no­mies Like Zambia’s Are Being Bat­te­red by Cor­o­navirus. We Must Wri­te-off Debt Now

Mili­tary Rule

Bey­ond Ber­nie: Amidst Natio­nal Unrest, Can Pro­g­res­si­ve Can­di­da­tes Salva­ge the Demo­cra­tic Par­ty?

On the Stre­ets of Min­ne­a­po­lis, the Labour Move­ment is Sup­por­ting the Pro­tests

The Bur­ner Epi­so­de #244: Who Counts?

The End of Poli­cing With Alex Vita­le

To Fight the Com­ing Storm, the Left Needs to Learn From the Anti-Auste­ri­ty Move­ment

Ame­ri­ca in Fla­mes (w/ Neli­ni Stamp)

Inequa­li­ty Is Wor­se Than We Were Told, and Our Tax System Has Been Cove­ring It Up

The End of Poli­cing W/ Alex Vita­le

Geor­ge Floyd is Now a Hou­se­hold Name in Bri­tain. Why Isn’t Jim­my Muben­ga?

Con­ser­va­ti­ve ‘Com­mon Sen­se’ Lets Men Like Domi­nic Cum­m­ings Do What They Want

The Pan­de­mic Is Chan­ging How It Feels to Be Free

The Bur­ner Epi­so­de #243: Ease Off, Second Wave + Tal­king Tea­chers

The UK is Not Inno­cent – Poli­ce Bruta­li­ty Has a Long and Vio­lent History Here

Once Again, the Gover­n­ment is Using Disad­van­ta­ged Chil­dren to Pur­sue Harm­ful Poli­cies

Fur­loug­hing the Sci­en­ce

BAME Peop­le Are More Like­ly to Have Been Fined for Bre­aking Lock­down Across the Coun­try, FOI Data Shows

Domi­nic Cum­m­ings Is a Glo­ri­fied Shit­po­ster

The Bur­ner #242: ‘And You Have to Do It All the Time’

The ‘radi­cal nan­nies’ Orga­ni­sing to Sup­port Each Other Through Covid-19

A Migrant With No Recour­se to Public Funds on Being Made Home­less During a Pan­de­mic

The Bur­ner #241: Dan­gerous Liai­sons

Herd Impu­ni­ty

Humankind: a Hope­ful History With Rut­ger Breg­man

Humankind: a Hope­ful History – W/ Rut­ger Breg­man

The Bur­ner #240: Squid Ink + Pri­son Viru­ses

Domi­nic Cum­m­ings Should Be Sack­ed


Dear Lob­by: Keep It Simp­le. Sti­ck to Facts. Don’t Fuck It Up.

Detai­ned Migrants Are Wor­kers. They Belong in the Tra­de Uni­on Move­ment

Tea­chers Are Redi­scove­ring Their Col­lecti­ve Power

Cum­m­ings… STAYS?!

How Grime’s Ori­gins Show a Path to Cul­tu­ral Resi­stan­ce

Domi­nic Cum­m­ings PROVES We Have a Rot­ten Establis­h­ment.

Filth: Cor­o­navirus Has Shown That Cle­a­ners Are Essen­ti­al, but Label­ling Them ‘low-skil­led’ Legi­ti­mi­ses Exploi­ta­tion

John­son in Retre­at

Cyclo­ne Amp­han and Cor­o­navirus Have Expo­sed the Fai­lings of Neoli­be­ra­lism in India and Bang­la­desh

‘The Rage in Bir­m­ing­ham Is Unre­al’: Keir Starmer’s Posi­tion on Kas­h­mir Will Dama­ge the Labour Par­ty

‘He Should Never Have Been Dis­ch­ar­ged’: How Men­tal Health Patients Are Being Fai­led During Lock­down

The Tori­es Are Pus­hing Peop­le Back Onto the Stre­ets Becau­se Rough Sle­epi­ng Ser­ves a Poli­ti­cal Pur­po­se

When Will They Learn?

Did BBC Whi­st­le­blowers Mis­le­ad the Public on Labour Anti­se­mi­tism and Bla­me Their Own Fail­u­res on Cor­byn?

‘Over­do­ses go up as sup­ply goes down’: How Cor­o­navirus is Impa­cting Drug Users

A Tur­ning Point in Trust?

Cor­o­navirus Won’t End the Scot­land-Eng­land Uni­on – But the Tori­es Will

Reclai­m­ing Work

For the Landl­ords, Not the Many?

The Bur­ner Epi­so­de #238: Emer­gen­cy Bra­kes

The Right to Work From Home Should Be a Demand Far Bey­ond the Pan­de­mic

How Uni­ver­sal Cre­dit Is Exa­cer­bat­ing Finan­ci­al Abu­se Under Lock­down

Betwe­en Cut­ting the Defi­cit and Pro­tecting Their Voter Base, the Tori­es Are Caught in a Bind

‘Are we going to be the next Gren­fell?’: The Peop­le in Lock­down in Buil­dings With Fire Risks

A Tough Act to Fur­lough

The Bur­ner Epi­so­de #237: Remem­be­ring Ema­nu­el Gomes

Now Is the Time for Labour to Com­ple­te­ly Reject Auste­ri­ty

Pan­de­mic Labour and the Poli­ti­cs of Job Gua­ran­te­es

The Bur­ner Epi­so­de #236: Tick, Tick, Tick – and Tech­no­cra­cy

Labour’s New Left: From Benn to 2024

‘It’s More Dif­fi­cult Than Ever’: a Volun­te­er on the Situ­a­tion in Calais Under Cor­o­navirus

The Left’s Appro­ach to Keir Star­mer Isn’t Wor­king

Clear As Mud

The Bur­ner Epi­so­de #235: Your Fault

Trip 10: How It Feels to Be Free

Inde­pen­dent and DIY Venu­es Offer Us Steps Towards a Lived Soci­a­list Cul­tu­re

Lite­ral­ly Just Vibing: How Music Strea­m­ing Plat­forms Mani­pu­la­te History, Lega­cy and Emo­tion

Set up to Fail? Labour’s Not so Inde­pen­dent Inquiry

Lif­ting the Lock­down (with Owen Jones)

The Bur­ner Epi­so­de #234: on Victory

Filth: Spa­ce Junk Is Always Some­bo­dy Else’s Pro­blem. but Even­tu­al­ly Someo­ne Is Going to Have to Cle­an It Up.

Seni­or Labour Figu­res Hoped to Sus­pend the 2015 Lea­ders­hip Election, Says Lea­ked Report

The Bur­ner Epi­so­de #233: the Totem and the Cip­her

The Gover­n­ment Is Unlaw­ful­ly Detai­ning Vul­ne­rab­le Peop­le in Rem­oval Centres During a Pan­de­mic

Dead Cats and Death Tolls

Sunak’s Fur­lough Rol­l­ba­ck Shows the Government’s Pri­o­ri­ties Are All Wrong

The Bur­ner Epi­so­de #232: Get Free?