No Fal­se Con­so­la­tions

Banking on Bre­xit: Is a Pro-remain Plat­form Enough to Win Can­ter­bury?

This Election Campaign Showed the Left’s Power. Win or Lose We Must Con­ti­nue to Build a Soci­a­list Futu­re

The Cen­trist Delu­sion: ‘Mid­dle Gro­und’ Poli­ti­cs Aren’t Mode­ra­te, They’re Dan­gerous

Shut the Frid­ge!

Tory Can­di­da­te Faces Questions Over App That Char­ged Food Banks Hund­reds of Pounds

How Corbyn’s Labour Chan­ged the Minds of Young Scot­tish Voters

Has Nigel Farage’s Climb­down Gua­ran­te­ed a Tory Win in the South Coast’s Most Bre­xit Town?

NHS Trut­hers

In the North’s Lea­ve-Voting Seats, Disil­lu­sionment Is Labour’s Big­gest Ene­my

The Only Way is Tory? Resi­sting the Ine­vi­tab­le in the Con­ser­va­ti­ve Heart­lands of Essex

Why Labour’s Tax Plans Will Be a Sharp Sho­ck for Cor­pora­te Tax Avoi­ders

Back to Bat­ley and Spen: Labour Is up Against Apat­hy in Jo Cox’s For­mer Con­sti­tu­en­cy

How to Get Bre­xit Done ✅

The Home Straight

Don’t Trust the Polls, Labour Could Still Win This Election

Pan­de­ring Won’t Sol­ve Labour’s Bre­xit Pro­blem

Bey­ond Poli­ti­cs? The Limits of Extin­ction Rebellion’s Stra­te­gy Are Begin­ning to Show

I Sup­port Sur­vi­vors of Gen­der-Based Vio­len­ce. Here’s Why I Can’t Vote for the Tori­es

The Futu­re Is Unwrit­ten: In The­se Final Few Days, Eve­ry Con­ver­sa­tion Mat­ters

What’s Wor­se Than Bre­xit?

Beg Your Gran­ny: In Scot­land, Young Peop­le are Hel­ping Labour Fight Per­cep­tions of its Past

Nova­ra REA­CTS to Election Deba­te #2

Leo Panitch on the Election Campaign

Spin Dry

What Do London’s Rough Sle­e­pers Think About the Gene­ral Election?

Auste­ri­ty Was an Atta­ck on Our Self-Este­em. We Deser­ve Bet­ter – Let’s Not Talk Our­sel­ves Out of It

AI Bor­der Guards are Being Tested at the Edge of Fortress Euro­pe, Away From Public Scru­ti­ny

Pre­da­tory, Poi­so­nous, Vacuous. To Under­stand Boris John­son Start With the Specta­tor


Are the Tori­es Actu­al­ly Strong on the Eco­no­my? 🤔

Playing the Trump Card

How Hosti­le Environ­ment Con­fu­sion Is Con­ti­nu­ing to Dama­ge Asylum See­kers’ Health

How Much Dif­fe­ren­ce Could Nort­hern Ire­land Make in The UK Gene­ral Election?

Hou­sing Is F**ked

Against the Death Cult: We Must Not Let Rut­h­less Ide­o­logu­es Destroy the Cli­ma­te and Kill Us All

Why a Gre­at Cor­byn Campaign Is Good News for Ber­nie San­ders

Are Ban­kers Sca­red of Cor­byn? We Asked Them.

The Bott­ler

We Need to Chan­ge the Way We Talk About Cli­ma­te Bre­ak­down. It Shouldn’t Be This Bor­ing

We Asked NHS Doctors About the Tra­de Docu­ments Cor­byn Reve­a­led

‘Does Any­o­ne Care?’ Tea­chers Are Asking You to Vote to End Child Pover­ty This Win­ter

The ‘Plan for Natu­re’ Is Right to Be Ambi­tious – But Labour Can Do More for Rural Life

Media Impar­ti­a­li­ty? It’s Sco­ne

Who Gets to Spe­ak for Bri­tish Jews? How the Myth of ‘the Jewish Com­mu­ni­ty’ Mar­gi­na­li­ses Dis­sent

Get Bre­xit Done IS a SCAM

Cor­byn Aspi­res to a Fun­da­men­tal Bre­ak With Britain’s Impe­ri­a­list Pra­cti­ces – No Won­der Eli­tes Are Sca­red

The Lea­ked US-UK Tra­de Dos­si­er Reve­als ‘No Deal’ IS the Tori­es’ Plan

‘The Tori­es Pose an Immen­se Risk to Us and to All Mino­ri­ties’: the Jewish Groups Campaig­ning for Cor­byn

What Is Actu­al­ly in the Labour Mani­fe­sto?

Don’t Call It a Come­ba­ck

The Con­ser­va­ti­ves Have Blown It

‘But How Is Labour Going to Pay for That?’ to Answer Effecti­ve­ly We Must Talk Poli­ti­cs, Not Eco­no­mi­cs

To Be Impar­ti­al the BBC Must Chan­ge Its Rela­tions­hip to Britain’s Bil­li­o­nai­re-owned News­pa­pers

The Apo­ca­lyp­se Libe­rals Are at It Again, Pro­mi­sing to Destroy the Wor­ld to Save the Wor­ld

ACFM Micro­do­se: Election Spe­ci­al

Why Are Uni­ver­si­ty Staff Going on Stri­ke? Here’s What You Need to Know

Hosti­le Environ­ment: Maya Good­fel­low on Race and Migra­tion

I’m an NHS Juni­or Doctor. Here’s Why I’m Back­ing Labour – and Urging Patients to Do the Same

Ash Meets Sha­mi Cha­kra­bar­ti | the (For­mer) Most Dan­gerous Woman in Bri­tain

Show Me What You Got

Does Labour’s ‘Mani­fe­sto of Hope’ Live up to Expecta­tions? Novara’s Ver­di­ct

Labour Offers a ‘Hou­sing Revo­lu­tion’ for Gene­ra­tion Rent

Bil­li­o­nai­res Con­trol the Media

Are Anti-Cor­byn Groups Buying up Face­book Ads on Behalf of the Con­ser­va­ti­ve Par­ty?

8 Thin­gs We Lear­ned From the ITV Lea­ders’ Deba­te

Nova­ra Media REA­CT to Election Deba­te #1

History Shows Us That the For­ces Behind Bolivia’s Coup Do No War­rant ‘Nuan­ce’

This Is Labour’s Chan­ce, the Bri­tish Public Is Rea­dy for Eco­no­mic Trans­for­ma­tion

Myth-Busting the Stu­dent Vote: Will a Decem­ber Election Mean Poor Tur­nout? Will This Affect Labour?

What Is the Defi­cit?

Under a Blue Moon: Reflections on the Last UK Gene­ral Election

Inter­view With John McDon­nell

Paying for the Pla­net? Ann Pet­ti­for on the Gre­en New Deal

‘It Abso­lu­te­ly Needs to Go’: We Asked Peop­le Affected by Uni­ver­sal Cre­dit If It Should Be Scrap­ped

This Election, Labour Should Lead the Way in Defen­ding Immi­gra­tion

Acti­vists Are Hel­ping Home­less Peop­le and Men­tal Health Patients Regi­ster to Vote

Labour Needs a Bold Cli­ma­te Vision in This Election – Inclu­ding a 2030 Dec­ar­bo­ni­sa­tion Tar­get

1.2 Tril­li­on Dol­lars… Mwa­haha

Uni­ver­sal Cre­dit Is Rid­d­led With Issu­es, but Have Some Flaws Been Deli­be­ra­te­ly Desig­ned Into the System?

Why Is It so Expen­si­ve to Be Poor?

Bolivia’s Coup Thre­a­tens the Strug­g­le for Soci­al Libe­ra­tion and Eco­no­mic Justi­ce

Nigel Farage’s Climb­down Has Made This Election Clea­rer. Only Labour Can Defe­at the Right

Asym­me­tric Adver­ti­sing Is the New Fake News, and the Tori­es May Be Using It to Hija­ck Your Soci­al Media

There’s Somet­hing Wrong With Remem­bran­ce

The Guar­di­ans of the Jewish ‘Main­stream’ Have Their Own Questions to Answer Over Jews’ Cor­byn Fears

Whe­re Will We Live?

Essex Lor­ry Deat­hs: Now We Know What Hap­pe­ned, We Must Have a Radi­cal Con­ver­sa­tion on Immi­gra­tion

Expo­sing School Cuts Will Be the Key to Beat­ing Boris John­son

The Libe­ral Demo­crats Are Making a Tory Bre­xit Far More Like­ly

Gre­en Tori­es? Don’t Belie­ve the Hype

The Media Is Bia­sed Against Jere­my Cor­byn – but Does That Even Mat­ter in This Election?

The Gren­fell Election

Spain’s Com­ing Election Will Deter­mi­ne the Next Pha­se of Its Con­sti­tu­tio­nal Cri­sis

From Can­cel­led Ope­ra­tions to Staff Shor­ta­ges, the Wri­ting Is on the Wall for the NHS Under the Tori­es

In Pur­su­it of a Com­mon Wealth | Inter­view With Geor­ge Mon­bi­ot

Colo­ni­al Under­to­nes and the Power of Eup­he­mism

Why on Earth Shouldn’t Peop­le Be Able to Be Bil­li­o­nai­res?

‘Wit­hin Our Gra­sp’: What Labour Is Up Against and What It Will Take to Win

We Have Lift Off!

This Election Is Whe­re We Deci­de the Planet’s Futu­re

BRING IT ON. (w/ Faiza Sha­he­en & James Meadway)

Labour Can Win This Election, but Only If It Goes Bey­ond 2017

Bri­tish Soli­da­ri­ty With Roja­va Must Start at Home, With an End to the Hosti­le Environ­ment

Upda­te From Roja­va | Inter­view With Dani Ellis

The Orga­ni­sed Left Is Back! | Inter­view With Sarah Jaf­fe

#ACFM Trip 7: Be Here Now

Neoli­be­ra­lism in Col­lap­se = Fascism?! (w/ Paul Mason)

Pro­testers in Chi­le Aren’t Angry About 30 Pesos. They’re Angry About 30 Years of Neoli­be­ra­lism

A New Finan­ci­al Order | Aaron Meets Yanis Varou­fakis

Cata­lo­nia, Alo­ne? Les­sons From the Con­tra­di­ctions of the Inde­pen­den­ce Move­ment

Bre­xit Pau­sed, Election Inco­m­ing

The West Mid­lands May­oral Row Comes Straight From the Labour Right’s Play­book

Buil­ding a Demo­cra­tic Soci­a­list Move­ment Means Labour Mem­bers Must Deci­de Their Own Can­di­da­tes

Two Years On, NHS Hospi­tals Are Still Deman­ding Some Patients Pay Upfront for Life Saving Tre­at­ment


Refur­bis­h­ment Is the Dir­ty Word We Should Be Using, Just Look at the Achil­les Stre­et Esta­te

Chi­le Pro­tests: Chile­ans Are Angry About Far More Than Rising Metro Fares

Scre­en Capi­ta­lism: the Twit­te­ring Machine

Can EU Deal With It?

Ash Sar­kar Meets Jere­my Cor­byn

Bring on Labour’s Natio­nal Educa­tion Ser­vi­ce, Ending Ofsted Means Ending a System That Fails Chil­dren

Tru-Don’t You Want Me Baby

Western Gover­n­ments May Have Aban­do­ned the Kurds but Let’s Not Aban­don Hope and Soli­da­ri­ty

A Right Roy­al Bust-Up

John McDonnell’s Tri­angu­la­tion Risks Endan­ge­ring the Cor­byn Pro­ject

Rise up for Roja­va

Who’s Laug­hing Now? Joker, Vio­len­ce and Sad Whi­te Men

No Fri­ends but the Moun­tains | Inter­view With a Roja­va Volun­te­er

Riding for Deli­veroo: Plat­form Capi­ta­lism and Resi­stan­ce

Polish Election: A Uni­ted Left Is Con­fron­ting Bigo­try

A New Socie­ty in the Shell of the Old | James But­ler Meets Deb­bie Book­chin

Dead on Arri­val: Why Johnson’s Irish Bor­der Pro­posals Don’t Offer a Way Aro­und the Back­stop

Roja­va: Trump Betrays the Kurds

What to Expect in Canada’s Election Whe­re Populism Isn’t on the Bal­lot Paper

Ash Sar­kar X Extin­ction Rebel­li­on: Love­bomb the Cops?

Sex Educa­tion in the UK Must Be Trans­for­med

It’s Time to Cele­bra­te a Bla­ck Bri­tish History Month in Our Schools

Now We Have Your Atten­tion

Faith, Poli­ti­cs and Soci­a­lism | Aaron Meets Sal­ma Yaqoob

The Wor­ld Trans­for­med Showed How Much the Labour Par­ty Has to Learn About Femi­nism

3 Thin­gs About Pro­ject Boris

Abo­lish Eton With Hol­ly Rig­by and Aaron Basta­ni

Bre­xit has cata­ly­sed a push for Irish reu­ni­fi­ca­tion, but a dee­per cri­sis lay the foun­da­tions

The Debri­ef

Can Anar­chism Offer a Solu­tion to Bre­xit Para­ly­sis and Cha­os in Par­li­a­ment?

The Imag­i­ned Geni­us of Domi­nic Cum­m­ings

Johnson’s Nige­ri­an Pri­son Has Been Scrap­ped, but His Law and Order Agen­da Is Still Racist

In the Ring With TyskySour: the Futu­re of Labour

In the Ring With TyskySour: Bre­xit

Labour Con­fe­ren­ce Belongs to Mem­bers, so Why Are Poli­ce Allowed to Shut Acti­vists Out?

The Radi­cal Vari­e­ty Show

Why the Environ­men­tal Cri­sis Requi­res a Gre­en New Deal for Natu­re

Cli­ma­te Stri­ke: ‘I Don’t Want to Have Acid Rain Becau­se I Hate Dying’

In the Ring With TyskySour: Gre­en New Deal

Per­pe­tu­al Pea­ce? Lea Ypi on Bre­xit, Sove­reign­ty and Par­tisans­hip

How a Gre­en New Deal Would Reig­ni­te Cor­by­nism

The Unin­ha­bi­tab­le Earth | Aaron Basta­ni Meets David Wal­la­ce-Wells

The Employ­a­bi­li­ty Indu­s­try: How Plat­forms Pro­fit From ‘Brand You’

#ACFM Trip 6: Intoxi­ca­tion and Sobri­e­ty

‘Alter­na­ti­ve Arran­ge­ments’ to the Back­stop Won’t Work, and the Gover­n­ment Is Begin­ning to Rea­li­se It

Not Libe­ral, Not Demo­crats?

We Asked Peop­le at London’s First Trans Pri­de Why the Event Nee­ded to Hap­pen

How the Long, Slow Death of Neoli­be­ra­lism Sent the Con­ser­va­ti­ve Par­ty Into Cri­sis

What the Hell Hap­pe­ned? What’s Next?

Wreck or Remain?

Fuck Busi­ness, Fuck the Law, Fuck Par­li­a­ment: The Des­cent of Bri­tish Con­ser­va­tism

Home­les­sness Acti­vists Occu­py Tun­nel, After MPs Ask for Gate to Stop Rough Sle­e­pers

How to Save the Wor­ld From Finan­ci­a­li­sa­tion: Inter­view With Gra­ce Bla­ke­ley

Pro-Rogue One

Stop DSEI: the Peop­le Dis­rup­ting the ‘Wor­ld-Lea­ding’ Arms Fairs

Plea­se Lea­ve My Town

Enough Par­li­a­men­tary Shena­ni­gans, Labour Must For­ce a Gene­ral Election Now

No Such Thing As Socie­ty? Soon The­re May Be No Such Thing As the Con­ser­va­ti­ve Par­ty

With a Gene­ral Election Immi­nent, Canada’s Left Must Learn From San­ders and Cor­byn

Dude, Where’s My Majo­ri­ty?

Gene­ral Election Now…ish?

Erdo­gan Wants a ‘Buf­fer Zone’ Along the Syria Bor­der – but It’s Tur­kish For­ces Kil­ling Civi­li­ans

The Path to a Majo­ri­ty Runs Through Chin­g­ford

Is This a Coup? We Asked Pro­testers What Pror­ogu­ing Par­li­a­ment Means for Demo­cra­cy

West Lon­don Resi­dents Say They Have Been Poi­so­ned by Deve­l­o­pers Buil­ding on Toxic Site

We Can Beat Boris John­son, but Only by Refu­sing to Play His Game

Is This a Coup?

It’s Not a Coup, It’s the West­min­ster System in Melt­down (But MPs Can Still Stop No Deal)

It’s Been Four Mont­hs Sin­ce Spain Had a Gover­n­ment

Ama­zon in Fla­mes

Why is the Remain Move­ment So Full of Cen­trists?

It’s Not Just Brazil’s Fore­sts That Are Bur­ning, Boli­via Is on Fire Too

‘Papua Mer­de­ka!’: Why It’s Kick­ing Off in Occupied West Papua

How the US Gre­en Lit an Isra­e­li Move­ment to Chan­ge the Demo­grap­hi­cs of East Jerus­a­lem

Par­ty Lea­ders, REA­DY!

Poli­ti­cal Stri­kes in Hong Kong: Not the First, and Pro­bably Not the Last

Do We Real­ly Need to Quit Beef to Save the Pla­net?

ACFM: Trip 5: Conscious­ness Rai­sing

Tack­ling the Cli­ma­te Cri­sis Means Trans­for­m­ing Bri­tish Foreign Rela­tions

‘Tan­ta­mo­unt to bul­lying’: Asda Wor­kers March Against ‘Fle­xib­le’ Con­tra­ct Impo­si­tion

This Must Be the ‘Gre­en Moment’ – So Why is Caro­li­ne Lucas Reha­bi­li­tat­ing the Fai­led Poli­ti­cs of the Establis­h­ment?