Covid for Christ­mas

Sex Wor­kers Deno­un­ce Instagram’s ‘Puri­ta­ni­cal’ New Rules

May the Far­ce Be With You

Red Flag, South Bank

Evil Wit­hout Vil­lains: How Does the Left Chal­len­ge Empi­re After Trump?

The Rest of the Wor­ld Is Having a Tra­de Deal Par­ty and Bre­xit Bri­tain Isn’t Invi­ted

No Other Mino­ri­ty: Keir Starmer’s Silen­ce on the Islamop­ho­bia Report Spe­aks Volu­mes About Labour’s Hie­rar­chy of Racism

40 Years in Pri­son, 40 Years of Strug­g­le: An Inter­view with John Bow­den

Star­mer Gets Whi­plash

Cor­byn Rein­sta­ted

Deporta­tion Flights to the EU Have Increa­sed Thre­e­fold, As the UK Rus­hes to Return Asylum See­kers Befo­re Bre­xit

Libe­rals Are Obses­sed With Domi­nic Cum­m­ings Becau­se It Lets Them Pre­tend Eve­ryt­hing Else is OK

Eve­ry Nihi­list Is Real­ly an Opti­mist | Ash Sar­kar Meets Frankie Boy­le

The UK Is Rus­hing to Deport Asylum See­kers Befo­re Bre­xit, New Data Shows

Wil­li­am Shawcross Thin­ks Islam Is a ‘Ter­ri­fying Pro­blem’. The Tori­es Want Him to ‘Inde­pen­dent­ly Review’ Pre­vent

Life After Cum­m­ings

The Gover­n­ment Has Aban­do­ned Carers During Covid-19. Now Its Being Taken to Court

Is the UK High Stre­et Dead?

Cum­m­ings Is Going

Mael­strom: Poli­ti­cs in the Post-Truth Wor­ld

The West Is Dying – of Narcis­sism

What Do We Owe?

In Sus­pen­ding Jere­my Cor­byn, Did the Labour Lea­ders­hip Igno­re the EHRC’s Key Recom­men­da­tion?

The Covid-19 Vac­ci­ne Won’t Work If Eve­ryt­hing Else Stays the Same

Poli­cing of UK BLM Pro­tests Was Insti­tu­tio­nal­ly Racist, New Report Finds

Who Gets the Vac­ci­ne?

Ame­ri­ca is a Geron­to­cra­cy – and Until That Chan­ges, Its Pro­blems Will Only Get Wor­se

Welco­me to the Inter­sectio­nal Empi­re | Ash Sar­kar Meets Nao­mi Kle­in

Test, Tra­ck and Tra­ce Is a Disa­ster. Public Health Must Be in Public Hands

Demo­crats Must Stop Atta­ck­ing Soci­a­lism. Their Days Are Num­be­red Wit­hout It

Here’s How the Left Builds on Biden’s Victory

Trump Is Over

Of Cour­se the Right Fears Demo­grap­hic Chan­ge – It’s Going to Deli­ver a Pro­g­res­si­ve Majo­ri­ty

Psy­chi­a­trists Are Cove­ring for Cru­elty in Pri­sons. A Group of Campaig­ners Wants to Stop Them

Make Ame­ri­ca Nor­mal Again | Inter­view With Adam Tooze

Trump Dum­ped, Biden Wins

All Eyes Are on the Whi­te Hou­se, But a Repu­bli­can Sena­te Would Defi­ne a Biden Presi­den­cy

After Trump

The Tori­es’ Fur­lough Delay Has Led to Thous­ands of Need­less Redun­dan­cies

‘Has­ta La Victo­ria!’ Uni­ver­si­ty of Lon­don Cle­a­ners Win Ten-Year Batt­le Against Out­sourcing

Ame­ri­ca on a Kni­fe Edge

Win or Lose, One Thing is Clear: Donald Trump’s Fascism is No Aber­ra­tion

The Bru­tish Muse­ums W/ Dan Hicks

No, Ren­ters Still Can’t Rely on the Gover­n­ment to Pro­tect Them

Johnson’s Lock­down U-Turn

Marcus Ras­h­ford Is Brin­ging Poli­ti­cs Back to Foot­ball

How Will the US Election Outco­me Impa­ct the UK?

Isra­el Is Rus­hing Sett­le­ment Expan­sion in Fear of a Biden Presi­den­cy. They Have Not­hing to Wor­ry About.

Why Do Ame­ri­cans Put up With Their Wild­ly Unde­mo­cra­tic Poli­ti­cal System?

Poland’s Pro-Choi­ce Pro­tests Are Radi­ca­li­sing a Gene­ra­tion

The Fal­lout

What Next for Lebanon’s Left?

The Tori­es Could Feed Poor Chil­dren – They Just Don’t Want To.

Cor­byn Sus­pen­ded

Glo­bal Capi­ta­lism Has Pus­hed Our Food System to Bre­aking Point

For­get Tory Food Tips: Eve­ry­o­ne Deser­ves Deli­cious Big Din­ners

Tory Lawy­er-Bas­hing Is a Long-Held Tra­di­tion – With Dan­gerous Con­sequen­ces

The Dead­liest Wave?

With Joe Biden, There’s Still a Case for Cli­ma­te Opti­mism

Are Gre­ens Actu­al­ly Serious About Cli­ma­te Chan­ge?

Meal Snat­cher

The #EndS­ARS Move­ment Must Chal­len­ge Inequa­li­ty to Sur­vi­ve

How Pro­testers in Thailand Are Lea­ding the Strug­g­le Against Aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­a­nism

Spy Cops Are a Quin­tes­sen­ti­al­ly Bri­tish Insti­tu­tion – As the Empi­re Well Knows

Trump Vs Biden: Round 2

Taking the Red Pill With Hari Kun­zru

To Have Real Mea­ning, Bla­ck History Month Must Start Cen­tring Col­lecti­ve Resi­stan­ce

The Tori­es Tre­at Britain’s Regions Like Dirt Becau­se They Think They’re Still Gover­ning an Empi­re

Nort­hern Revolt

Stu­dents Have Been Duped Into Retur­ning to Halls – So They’re Refu­sing to Pay Rent

Donald Trump Has Expo­sed the US-UK ‘Spe­ci­al Rela­tions­hip’ for What It Real­ly Is

Why Labour Lost – Inter­view With James Sch­nei­der

‘They Lose Out on Being Kids’: The Acti­vists Campaig­ning to End School Exclu­sions

Auste­ri­ty Might Be Over, But Eve­ryt­hing is Still Ter­rib­le

Welco­me to Stri­ke School, the Pro­gram­me Tea­ching Glo­bal Wor­kers to Fight Back

Two Left Lands­li­des

Demo­cra­cy Looks Set to Return to Boli­via. What Next?

What Will the Outco­me of the US Election Mean for the US Left?

Big Banks Are Hol­ding the Glo­bal South to Ran­som. Here’s How We Stop Them

Hospi­ta­li­ty Wor­kers Aren’t Cops

Figh­ting on Two Fronts

After Bar­ba­rism: Rosa Luxemburg’s Revo­lu­tio­nary Life

Keir Star­mer Has Laun­ched an Unpre­ce­den­ted Cra­ck­down on Rebel MPs

What’s the Value of a Wha­le?

What Would Jesus Do? Can­cel the Rent

The Hou­se of Lords is a Natio­nal Embar­ras­sment – and the Joke is on Us

Circu­it Bre­a­ker

The Co-op Net­work Giving Com­mu­ni­ties the Tools to Feed Them­sel­ves

Cor­o­navirus: Is This the End of Free Mar­ket Capi­ta­lism?

Men­tal Healt­hca­re May Never Recover From Cor­o­navirus

One Virus, Two Eng­lands

Sunak’s Scre­e­ching U-Turn

Rachel Ree­ves MP Accu­sed of Misu­sing Mem­bers’ Data in Attempt to Influ­en­ce Labour Par­ty Demo­cra­cy

Trump Thin­ks He Can Use His Cor­o­navirus Diag­no­sis to His Advan­ta­ge. He Can’t

Scot­land Goes Dry

Greece’s Gol­den Dawn Has Been Crus­hed – But Its Agen­da Lives On

The Poli­ce Can Only Beco­me More Racist, Unless They Are Abo­lis­hed

The Rise and Fall of the Cor­byn Move­ment | An Inter­view with Owen Jones

If Trump Wins the US Election, It’s Count­down to War With Iran

No, the Tori­es Aren’t Ever Going to ‘Balan­ce the Books’

‘Tired From the Heart’: Voi­ces From the Care Sector

Why Scrap­ping Hosti­le Environ­ment Poli­cies Would Bene­fit Kids, Parents and Childca­re Wor­kers

The Dead­ly Excel Error

Auto­ma­tion Will Cre­a­te More Jobs, But Most Will Be Bulls­hit

The Front­li­ne of the Strug­g­le Against Plat­form Capi­ta­lism Lies in São Paulo

Duterte’s New Anti-Ter­ror Law is Acce­le­rat­ing Sta­te Vio­len­ce in the Phi­lip­pi­nes

Trump Gets Cor­o­na

Power to the Peop­le? Les­sons From Anci­ent Demo­cra­cy

Pseu­dosci­en­ce, Think Tanks and ‘Intel­lectu­al Landsca­ping’: Expo­sing the Wil­ful Ignor­an­ce of the Right

Big Uni­ons Aren’t Up to the Job Any­mo­re

Stu­dents, Here’s How to Orga­ni­se a Rent Stri­ke

Asylum See­kers Iso­la­ted in Hotels Are Facing Far-Right Vio­len­ce

How Laugh­ter Is Buil­ding Soli­da­ri­ty Betwe­en Care Home Resi­dents and Wor­kers

Trump vs. Biden: the First Presi­den­ti­al Deba­te Expo­sed an Empi­re in Decli­ne

Fai­led Sta­te Deba­te

Labour’s New Lea­ders­hip Must Not Aban­don Palesti­ne

Work All Day, Work All Night: ‘Sacri­fi­cing Your Life’ for the Food Sup­ply Chain

A Regi­me of ‘Fle­xib­le Des­po­tism’ Reigns Over Retail Work – Can It Last?

Covid-19 Has Shown Uni­ver­si­ty Isn’t About Educat­ing Young Peop­le – It’s About Exploi­ting Them

Money Alo­ne Won’t Fix the Care Cri­sis – We Need a Radi­cal Ret­hink

Lock­ed In

12 Books for Under­stan­ding the Futu­re of Work

David Gra­e­ber: a Cele­bra­tion of His Life

David Gra­e­ber: a Cele­bra­tion of His Life

Where’s the Sup­port, Sunak?

Orga­ni­sing in Super­mar­kets Means Overco­m­ing Bar­ri­ers in the Sector – and in the Tra­de Uni­ons

‘Capitalism’s Wet Dream’: Amazon’s Patents Sig­nal the Futu­re It Hopes to Achie­ve

To Tack­le the Right’s ‘Cul­tu­re War’, the Left Needs to Build New Forms of Soli­da­ri­ty

The Tori­es’ New Sup­port Sche­me Shows They’re Adap­ting to Our New Rea­li­ty. The Left Must Do the Same

What’s the Point of Jacin­da Ardern?

Spain’s New ‘Patri­o­tic’ Tra­de Uni­on is Part of the Far Right’s Anti-Lef­tist Stra­te­gy

Disab­led Peop­le and Care Wor­kers Must Build Com­mon Cau­se in the Fight for Bet­ter Con­di­tions

Starmer’s Address to the Nation

‘Family Valu­es’ Wit­hout Class Is a Dead End for Labour

Our Finan­ci­a­li­sed Care System Is Built on a Hou­se of Cards – We Urgent­ly Need to Rebu­ild It

Con­trol, Power and Resi­stan­ce in the 21st Cen­tury. Inter­view With Cory Doctor­ow

Johnson’s Address to the Nation

‘It Sca­res Me to Think Whe­re We’ll End Up’: The Ren­ters Facing Home­les­sness Now the Evi­ction Ban Has Lif­ted

Marxism or Met­ho­dism? For Labour’s Cen­trist Vangu­ard, It Was Neit­her

Fin­CEN Files: We Must Chal­len­ge HSBC and Its Grip on Our Media and Insti­tu­tions

Why the Decli­ne of High Stre­et Retail Could Have Troubling Con­sequen­ces for Our Fre­edom

Second Wave Inco­m­ing

Super­mar­ket Wor­kers Have Power – It’s Time They Got Orga­ni­sed

Six Mont­hs of Star­mer

Lock­down Relo­a­ded

A Pro­g­res­si­ve Eli­tism?

The Welsh Vil­la­ge Taking on the Armed For­ces

Osi­me Brown’s Case Hig­hlights the Ablei­sm and Racism of the Bri­tish Sta­te

Big Busi­ness Is Muscling in on the UK’s Nur­se­ry Rack­et

Under Thre­at: the Sengwer Mino­ri­ty

Incom­pe­ten­ce in Over­dri­ve

Labour MPs Now Accept Bre­xit Becau­se Jere­my Cor­byn is No Lon­ger Their Lea­der

Left Out: the Insi­de Story of Labour Under Cor­byn

The­re Were Too Few Fire­figh­ters Wor­king in Lon­don on Almost 100 Occa­sions in a Year, FOI Data Shows

Left Out: the Insi­de Story of Labour Under Cor­byn

We Must Not Let the Gover­n­ment Bla­me Stu­dents for a Second Wave

The Poli­ce Are Using Cor­o­navirus to Cra­ck Down on Pro­test

Born Again Bre­xi­te­er

How We Won: the Acti­vists and Lawy­ers Who Stop­ped Asylum See­kers Being Evi­cted in Glas­gow

The Road to Moria: How Greece’s Refu­gee Disa­ster Beca­me Busi­ness As Usu­al

Gre­enwas­hing the Establis­h­ment: How the Irish Gre­ens Sold Out Environ­men­ta­lists and the Wor­king Class

Apo­ca­lyp­tic Ski­es

‘Cul­tu­ral Marxism’ Is a Far Right Con­spira­cy The­ory

The Gover­n­ment Scrim­ped on School Safe­ty. Now Stu­dents and Staff Are Paying the Pri­ce

Reo­pe­ning Uni­ver­si­ties Isn’t Just a Thre­at to Staff and Stu­dents – It’s a Thre­at to Com­mu­ni­ties Too

Boris John­son Wants to Bla­me Young Peop­le for Cor­o­navirus. He Has Nobo­dy to Bla­me but Him­self

Keir Starmer’s Stra­te­gy is Reve­a­ling His Poli­ti­cs – and They Aren’t Pro­g­res­si­ve

The Rule of Six

David Gra­e­ber Was Right to Recog­ni­se the Importan­ce of the Kur­dish Strug­g­le

Bla­ck Bri­tan­nia: The Legen­dary Con­gress That Radi­ca­li­sed a Gene­ra­tion

Boris Johnson’s Plan to Ditch the Wit­hdrawal Agre­e­ment Shows His Man­da­te is Built on Lies

Italy’s Migrants Are Being Atta­ck­ed From Left and Right. They Aren’t Going to Take It Lying Down.

Bust-Up or Blu­ster?

Labour’s New Focus on ‘Com­pe­ten­ce’ Will Find Its Limits Once the Eco­no­mic Down­turn Hits

An Eve­ry­day Anar­chist: David Gra­e­ber, 1961–2020

The Cos­mic Right Is on the Rise in the UK. The Left Must Fight It With Rea­son

The Oppo­si­te of a Cynic: David Gra­e­ber, 1961–2020

Homop­ho­be for Hire

Labour Is Hemor­r­hag­ing Leftwing Acti­vists. Will It Sur­vi­ve?

Soci­a­lism or Extin­ction

Wor­king for John McDon­nell, I Wit­nes­sed Labour Staff Chip Away at Corbyn’s Lea­ders­hip

‘Land Justi­ce Is Raci­al Justi­ce’: Peop­le of Colour Are Reclai­m­ing Their Right to Natu­re

Bey­ond Ber­nie: How the Demo­cra­tic Natio­nal Con­ven­tion Side­li­ned Pro­g­res­si­ves

Experts by Expe­ri­en­ce: Bene­fit Clai­mants Should Design Our Soci­al Securi­ty System

Is Capi­ta­lism to Bla­me for Covid-19?

What Would a Biden Presi­den­cy Mean for the Rest of the Wor­ld?

Whe­re Does Bel­arus Go Now?

Britain’s Chan­nel Cros­sings Poli­cy Comes Straight From Fortress Europe’s Play­book

The Rule Bri­tan­nia Brouhaha Is a Para­noid Fan­ta­sy

‘This is Our Home’: The Ex-Mining Com­mu­ni­ty Figh­ting Demo­li­tions in Yor­ks­hi­re

‘We’d Pre­fer to Die in the UK Than Go Back’: the Refu­ge­es on Hunger Stri­ke Against Deporta­tion

‘It’s Been Too Long’: The Win­d­rush Com­pen­sa­tion Sche­me Is Set­ting Victims up to Fail

After 600 Days of Poli­ti­cal Dead­lo­ck, Why Isn’t Bel­gi­um Facing Civil Unrest?

The Wor­ld Accor­ding to the Eco­no­mist W/ Ale­xan­der Zevin

Spain’s Monar­chy Cri­sis Has Sha­ken the Country’s Poli­ti­cal Sett­le­ment

‘We Want to Bre­at­he’: Anti-Racist, Environ­men­tal and Gilets Jau­nes Campaig­ners Are Joi­ning For­ces in Fran­ce

Bar­bed Wire Bri­tain

Ren­ters Uni­ons Are Pre­pa­ring to Resist an ‘Impen­ding Tsu­na­mi’ of Evi­ctions

How We Won: the Cust­o­mers Who Saved Their Local Mar­ket

Cli­ma­te Chan­ge is Still Acce­le­rat­ing (Even If We Aren’t Tal­king About It)