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Big Busi­ness Still Has Enor­mous Con­trol of Ame­ri­can Poli­ti­cs at Eve­ry Level

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COVID-19 Tre­at­ments Belong to the Peop­le, Not Pri­ce-Gou­ging Phar­ma Com­pa­nies

Mil­li­ons of Ame­ri­cans Face the Nigh­t­ma­re of Get­ting COVID-19 Whi­le Unde­rin­su­red

Chief Justi­ce John Roberts Is Car­rying Out Cor­pora­te America’s Long-Term Plan Per­fect­ly

How the UK Labour Par­ty Lost the Wor­king Class

A Deca­de of Auste­ri­ty Has Deci­ma­ted the UK’s Natio­nal Health Ser­vi­ce

Tur­ning the Pink Tide Gre­en

Biden Says He’ll Pass a Public Option. His For-Pro­fit Health Indu­s­try Donors Don’t Want Him To.

Man­ning Marab­le Was a Pio­ne­e­ring Bla­ck Marxist. His Work Spe­aks Direct­ly to Our Moment

Vla­di­mir Putin’s Refe­ren­dum Today Is Just Pape­ring Over the Cra­cks of His Rule

Jaco­bin’s Raci­al Justi­ce Rea­ding List

Ireland’s New Gover­n­ment Just Puts a Gre­en Face on the Old Order

The Supre­me Court Will Not Deli­ver Justi­ce on Abor­tion Rights

Want to Fight Pover­ty? Give Poor Peop­le Money.

The Com­ing Pan­de­mic-Indu­ced Evi­ction Cri­sis

Patri­ce Lumum­ba on the Congo’s Inde­pen­den­ce: “Our Wounds Are Too Fresh and Too Pain­ful”

The US Public Paid to Deve­l­op This COVID-19 Drug. It Will Cost $3,000 a Dose.

The Occu­pa­tion at New York City Hall Has One Demand: Cut the NYPD Bud­get

Trump’s Record on Foreign Poli­cy: Lost Wars, New Con­fli­cts, and Bro­ken Pro­mi­ses

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Sheila Row­bo­t­ham on E. P. Thomp­son, Femi­nism, and the 1960s

The Many Explo­sions of Los Ange­les in the 1960s

Donald Trump Is a Very Dumb Man

The Trump Admi­ni­stra­tion Wants Wor­kers to Foot the Bill for Going Back to Work

Apo­lo­gizing for Soli­da­ri­ty with the Palesti­ni­ans Has Only Fed the Smears Against the Labour Left

When Com­mu­nism Met Bla­ck Anti-Colo­ni­a­lism in Inter­war Fran­ce

Bra­zi­li­an Demo­cra­cy Is at a Sta­le­ma­te

How South Korea’s Pro-Demo­cra­cy Move­ment Fought to Ban “Mur­derous Tear Gas” 

Defund the Poli­ce. Then Soak the Rich.

Franco’s Stoo­ges Still Domi­na­te the Spa­nish Eco­no­my

In Grenob­le, a Gre­en May­or Is Uni­ting the Left

The CARES Act Is Subsi­dizing Fos­sil Capi­tal

Abo­ri­gi­nal Deat­hs in Poli­ce Custo­dy Are Fue­ling an Austra­li­an Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter Move­ment

Soci­a­lists and Super PACs

“When You Arre­st as Many Peop­le as We Do, You Can­not Pro­tect Against Infectious Spre­ad”

Sau­di Ara­bia Deser­ves Con­dem­na­tion on Yemen — Not Gra­ti­tu­de

Marseille’s Con­ser­va­ti­ve Establis­h­ment Is Using Cru­de Anti­com­mu­nism to Demo­nize Its Oppo­si­tion

“The Uni­on Has to Be About Soci­al Justi­ce”

On Palesti­ne, We Need More Poli­ti­ci­ans Like Ber­nie San­ders

The Supre­me Court Is Still Repe­a­ted­ly Ruling in Favor of the Ultra-Wealt­hy

How Spain Sha­med Itself by Leaving the Elder­ly to Die Under Cor­o­navirus

Labour Lea­der Keir Star­mer Sabo­ta­ged Rebec­ca Long-Bailey to Under­mi­ne the Left

Libe­ra­lism Is as Bad as the Eco­no­mist Makes It Sound

No, the Raci­al Justi­ce Pro­tests Are Not at Odds With Class Poli­ti­cs

How Nigeria’s Left Hel­ped Sha­pe the Country’s History

Jere­my Corbyn’s Oppo­nents Bur­ned the Hou­se Down to Stop Him — Now Keir Star­mer Is King of the Ashes

Keir Star­mer Is Moving Labour Even Furt­her to the Right

SEC Regu­la­tors: Pri­va­te Equi­ty Is on a Cri­me Spree

Vivi­an Gor­ni­ck: “It Is Thril­ling for a Small Life to See Itself as Con­nected to Somet­hing Lar­ge”

The US Didn’t Bring Fre­edom to South Korea — Its Peop­le Did

Uncove­ring the Hid­den History of the Kore­an War

Don’t Get Too Cocky About Donald Trump’s Flop in Tulsa Last Wee­kend

Last Night’s Elections Were a Poli­ti­cal Eart­hqua­ke

We Need a Jobs Gua­ran­tee Now More Than Ever

The Supre­me Court Has Given the Gre­en Light to Bos­ses and Finan­ci­al Mana­gers to Ste­al From Wor­kers

Tea­ring Down Sta­tu­es Doesn’t Era­se History, It Makes Us See It More Clear­ly

Don’t Let Bla­ck­was­hing Save the Inve­stor Class

Now Is the Time to Orga­nize Undo­cu­men­ted Wor­kers

We’re Lear­ning More About the Rela­tions­hips Betwe­en Race, Class, and Poli­ce Bruta­li­ty

We’re Dying From Cor­o­navirus. Cor­pora­tions Are Get­ting Rich Off It.

The Esca­lat­ing Cri­sis on the India-China Bor­der

Eli­ot Engel Is One of the Demo­crats’ Worst War­mon­gers in Con­gress

Bill de Bla­sio Knows That Cops Pro­tect Capi­tal

The Ber­nie San­ders Campaign Should Have Gone Furt­her

Noam Chom­sky: Trump’s Ina­ction on Cli­ma­te Chan­ge Makes Him “the Worst Cri­mi­nal in History, Unde­ni­ably”

They’ll Come for Us Next

Landl­ords Use Poli­ce to Stop Tenants From Orga­nizing

Sweden’s Sha­me­ful Record on Racism Shows Why We Need Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter

Bill de Bla­sio Should Resign

Sex Offen­der Regi­stri­es Are Fue­ling Mass Incar­ce­ra­tion — And They Aren’t Hel­ping Sur­vi­vors

How Vienna’s Soci­a­list City Hall Put Chil­dren at the Heart of the Wel­fa­re Sta­te

How the New York Review of Books Gets Per­ry Ander­son and Bra­zil Wrong

Disa­ster Capi­ta­lists Want to “Rei­mag­i­ne” Public Educa­tion

No, You Won’t Smear Our Fight Against Isra­e­li Apart­heid as “Anti­se­mi­tic”

Bre­xit Divi­des Almost Kil­led the Labour Par­ty — But the Left Can Rebu­ild

The Rise and Rise and Fall of Adem Somyu­rek

South Africa’s COVID-19 Respon­se Has Been Brutal­ly Anti-Wor­ker

“Wor­kers Are Being Told to Shut Up and Work”

We’ve Never Seen Pro­tests Like The­se Befo­re

In Fran­ce, Just Like the Uni­ted Sta­tes, We Can’t Bre­at­he

A Very Bri­tish Dysto­pia After Bre­xit

Donald Trump Is a Mena­ce to Ame­ri­can Demo­cra­cy. But He Didn’t Come Out of Nowhe­re.

A Bri­ef History of Jor­dan Peter­son

The Poli­ti­cs of Soci­al Distan­cing

Jeff Bezos Wants Ama­zon Employ­e­es to “Reflect” on June­te­enth. Ware­hou­se Wor­kers Are Orga­nizing Inste­ad.

Even in Safe Races, the Demo­cra­tic Establis­h­ment Hates Pro­g­res­si­ve Can­di­da­tes

Demi­li­ta­riza­tion of Poli­ce Means Dis­rup­ting the Army-to-Poli­ce Pipe­li­ne

In New York, There’s Money for Cops, But Not for Schools

Defund the Pen­ta­gon

The Supre­me Court’s LGBT Deci­sion Is a Victory for the Left, If We Make It One

The Fre­edom Rides Made the Most of a Mul­tira­ci­al Acti­vist Base

Wor­kers at No Evil Foods Say the Vegan, Pro­g­res­si­ve Com­pa­ny Busted Their Uni­on Dri­ve

The First Woman to Lead a Poli­ti­cal Par­ty Was an Ita­li­an Com­mu­nist

The Soci­al Ser­vi­ce Employ­e­es Uni­on Was a Model of Public-Sector Uni­o­nism

Mitt Rom­ney Is Not Your Fri­end

Why Uni­ons Should Sup­port Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter

Neil Gor­such Is Still Not Your Fri­end

A View of the Gre­en New Deal From Argen­ti­na

We Need Soli­da­ri­ty, Not Whi­te Guilt, to Fight Racism

We Aren’t Ente­ring Into an Eco­no­mic Recove­ry — Ano­t­her Crash Is Com­ing

The Cops Can Be Defe­a­ted — But Not by Taking Obama’s Advi­ce

Fran­ces Fox Piven on Why Pro­testers Must “Defend Their Abi­li­ty to Exerci­se Dis­rup­ti­ve Power”

Austra­li­an Uni­ver­si­ty Uni­ons Shouldn’t Be Voting for Wage Cuts

We’ve Always Had the Money for Medi­ca­re for All — We’ve Just Given It to Cor­pora­tions Inste­ad

Poli­ce Depart­ments Are Para­si­tes on the Public Pur­se

Natio­na­lize the Means of Trans­porta­tion

Tea­chers’ Uni­ons Are Deman­ding Poli­ce-Free Schools

Euge­ne Debs Was an Ame­ri­can Hero

Euge­ne Debs’s Sta­te­ment to the Court

Once Again, the US Mili­tary Wants Your Kids

Trump Just Ful­fil­led His Bil­li­o­nai­re Pal’s Dream

“To Halt Cli­ma­te Chan­ge, We Need an Eco­lo­gi­cal Leni­nism”

Smartp­ho­nes Have Trans­for­med the Fight Against Poli­ce Vio­len­ce

Jef­frey Epste­in Was the Mon­ster Capi­ta­lism Made

Logi­sti­cs Firms Have Used the Pan­de­mic to Boost Pro­fits and Make Wor­kers More Preca­rious

Cor­pora­tions Are Clai­m­ing “Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter.” That Would Be News to Their Wor­kers.

How Soli­da­ri­ty Cros­sed the Bor­der in Cor­o­na-Hit Gibral­tar

The Uni­ted Sta­tes Has a Long History of Mutu­al Aid Orga­nizing

Children’s Sin­ger Raf­fi on Cre­at­ing a Socie­ty That Respects and Che­ris­hes Kids

The Decli­ne of Demo­cra­cy in Hungary Is a Troubling Vision of the Futu­re

In Austra­lia, the Eco­lo­gi­cal Cri­ses Are Esca­lat­ing

How Yugoslavia’s Par­tisans Built a New Soci­a­list Socie­ty

How Europe’s “Trash Mar­ket” Offlo­ads Pol­lu­tion on Its Poo­rest Coun­tri­es

Wor­kers Are on the Front­li­ne of a Second Wave of COVID-19

The Half-True Story of Cat­he­ri­ne the Gre­at

The Glo­bal South Needs More Than Just Debt Relief

Wal­ter Rod­ney and the Strug­g­le for Demo­cra­cy in Guy­a­na

“Poli­ce Are Not Desig­ned to Sol­ve the Pro­blems Peop­le Are Facing”

Why Are the Poli­ce Like This?

The Demo­crats Who Cre­a­ted the System of Over­po­li­cing Won’t Be the Ones to Dis­mant­le It

Polls Showed Many Ame­ri­cans Oppo­sed to Civil Rights Pro­tests in the 1960s. But That Chan­ged.

“Defen­ders of Demo­cra­cy” Aren’t Bot­he­red by Its End in Boli­via

Karl Marx Fought for Fre­edom

Labor Par­ty in the USA

The Free Mar­ket Can’t Pre­vent Lat­in America’s Com­ing Food Cri­sis

How Big Finan­ce Is Making a Kil­ling From the Pan­de­mic

Somet­hing Is Stir­ring in the Labor Move­ment

Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter Is More Popu­lar Than Donald Trump

Pro­tests Are About Chan­ging Public Opi­ni­on, Not Cowe­ring in Respon­se to Pol­ling Data

“We Are Figh­ting for Our Lives Against Peop­le With Money and Power”

Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter Pro­tests Are Even Rea­ching NASCAR

Gover­n­ment Sur­veil­lan­ce of Acti­vists and Labor Orga­nizers Is Ali­ve and Well

Ber­nie San­ders Should Embra­ce the Demand to Defund the Poli­ce

Bos­ses in the US Have Far Too Much Power to Lay Off Wor­kers Whe­ne­ver They Feel Like It

The Poli­ce Will Do Eve­ryt­hing They Can to Resist Acco­un­ta­bi­li­ty — They Have to Be Defun­ded and Demi­li­ta­rized

Remem­be­ring Capitalism’s Cri­mes

On Poli­cing and Raci­al Justi­ce, Justin Tru­deau Is Offe­ring Emp­ty Ges­tu­res, Not Real Action

Mar­tin Lut­her King Knew That There’s Not­hing Pea­ce­ful About Non­vi­o­len­ce If You’re Doing It Right

The Left Loses a Lot. But Some­ti­mes, We Win.

Poli­ce Bruta­li­ty Against Pro­testers Only Sto­ked the Anti–Police Bruta­li­ty Move­ment

Why Have a Spa­te of Poli­ce Shoo­tings in New Orle­ans Suburbs Been Ignored?

“The Most Effecti­ve Way to Stop Poli­ce Ter­ror Is Action at the Point of Pro­duction”

Repu­bli­cans Only Want Certain Cops on the Beat

Most Poli­ti­ci­ans’ Memoirs Are Ter­rib­le. Luck­ily, Ilhan Omar’s Isn’t.

Ber­nie San­ders Lost, But He Advan­ced the Class Strug­g­le

“Poli­cing Is Fun­da­men­tal­ly a Tool of Soci­al Con­trol to Faci­li­ta­te Our Exploi­ta­tion”

Busi­ness Is Boo­m­ing in the Unem­ploy­ment Indu­s­try

There’s No Way Aro­und It: Spen­ding on Poli­ce in the US Is out of Con­trol

Pro­testers’ Demands in Respon­se to Poli­ce Bruta­li­ty Have Come a Long Way Sin­ce the 1992 LA Rebel­li­on

A Joe Biden Presi­den­cy Will Requi­re Mass Pro­tests, Too

Ending Mass Incar­ce­ra­tion Can Help Build the Labor Move­ment

Yes to Spa­ce Expl­ora­tion. No to Spa­ce Capi­ta­lism.

The Spa­nish Right Wants to Cre­a­te Ano­t­her Venezu­ela

Expect More Mili­tary “Libe­ral Inter­ven­tio­nism” Under a Joe Biden Presi­den­cy

Argentina’s Dicta­tors­hip Was Not a “Dir­ty War.” It Was Sta­te Ter­r­o­rism.

The Pan­de­mic Won’t Stop Cli­ma­te Cha­os — That Will Requi­re Chan­ging Our Eco­no­mic System

When Sta­te Inter­ven­tion Saves “the Eco­no­my,” but Not You

How We Should Remem­ber D-Day and the Strug­g­le Against Nazism

Mass Pro­tests Have For­ced Some Cities to Repe­al Anti-Pro­te­ster Cur­fews

A Chi­ca­go Bus Dri­ver Says He Was Reta­li­a­ted Against for His Oppo­si­tion to Trans­por­ting Poli­ce to Pro­tests

The Jobs Report Was Good, but the Eco­no­my Is Still Bad

Why Bill de Bla­sio Is Such a Schmuck

We Must Defund the Poli­ce Now

Yes, Power Cor­rupts. That’s Why Soci­a­lists Want to Demo­cra­tize Socie­ty

To Recover From This Cri­sis, We Need to Defund Wall Stre­et

Trump’s Plan to Use the Mili­tary to “Domi­na­te” Ame­ri­can Cities Must Be Stop­ped

In New York City, Momen­tum Behind Cut­ting the NYPD Bud­get Is Growing

They Were Wil­ling to Do Unplea­sant Thin­gs to Unplea­sant Peop­le

Hap­py Bir­t­h­day, James Con­nol­ly

The Way We Pro­du­ce and Patent Drugs Will Kill COVID-19 Patients

Why Did the US Fund Anti–Hugo Chávez Rock Bands in Venezu­ela?