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Newly Reve­a­led Docu­ments Show How the AFL-CIO Aided US Inter­fe­ren­ce in Venezu­ela

John Hume (1937–2020)

Meet the 25-Year-Old Soci­a­list Orga­nizer Run­ning for Sta­te Sena­te in Con­necti­cut

“Our System Is Not Doing the Thing It Says It Intends to Do: Deli­ver Justi­ce.”

Brazil’s Anti-Cor­rup­tion Inve­sti­ga­tion Lava Jato Gave Us the Ultra-Cor­rupt Bol­so­na­ro

Austra­lia Is Doubling Down on Fos­sil Fuels

Free Public Ear­ly Child­hood Educa­tion Is the Only Solu­tion to the Cur­rent Childca­re Cri­sis

Defend California’s Redwoods

Boli­vi­ans Are in Revolt Against Their Ille­gi­ti­ma­te Coup Regi­me

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Let Us Drink in Public

Everlane’s Pro­mi­ses to Its Wor­kers Were Made to Be Bro­ken

When Arab-Ame­ri­can Detroit Auto Wor­kers Struck for Palesti­ni­an Libe­ra­tion

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Aca­de­mic Fre­edom in Palesti­ne Mat­ters, Too

What a Time to Be Gover­ned by Cal­lous Mor­ons

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Unconscious Bias Trai­ning Is Not the Answer

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Cor­me­ga: “When It Comes to Art, What Kind of Artist Are You?”

The Portu­gu­e­se Revo­lu­tion and Women’s Libe­ra­tion

A Wide­ning Cana­di­an Cha­ri­ty Scan­dal Is the Per­fect Metap­hor for Justin Trudeau’s Cana­da

The Strug­g­le Against Dalit Oppres­sion in India

Abo­lish DHS

New York Gover­nor Andrew Cuo­mo Blo­cks Tax Hikes on Bil­li­o­nai­res Bank­rol­ling His Poli­ti­cal Machine

Tech Monopo­lies Like Goog­le Have a Fri­end in Kama­la Har­ris

How Par­ti­al­ly Natio­na­lizing the Hig­hways Tur­ned Ita­ly Into “Ano­t­her Venezu­ela”

We Can Stop the Com­ing Evi­ction Cri­sis

The Nigh­t­ma­re in Port­land

We Have No Choi­ce But to Be Radi­cal

How the Antisla­ve­ry Move­ment Igni­ted a Poli­ti­cal Revo­lu­tion

Bolivia’s Coup Gover­n­ment Is Look­ing for Excu­ses to Avoid Elections

Bulgaria’s Klep­to­cra­cy Owes to Its Eco­no­mic Model, Not Just Its Cor­rupt Poli­ti­ci­ans

Trump’s Secret Poli­ce Are Wag­ing a War on Ame­ri­can Cities

Why It Mat­ters That Seth Rogen Spo­ke Out Against Isra­el

New York’s Poli­ti­cal Establis­h­ment Has Been Blind­si­ded by an Obscu­re Pheno­menon Cal­led Poli­ti­cs

The GOP Is Trying to Fun­nel Bai­lout Money to pro-GOP Lob­byists

Why Did Labor Lea­ders Vote Against Medi­ca­re for All in the Mid­dle of a Pan­de­mic?

Post-Inde­pen­den­ce Afri­ca Had Dreams of Fre­edom. Neoli­be­ra­lism Offers Not­hing But Subor­di­na­tion.

This Week, Demo­cra­tic Lea­ders Rejected Medi­ca­re for All Again

DSA Electeds Are Car­rying on the Soci­a­list Tra­di­tion in New York

How Bla­ck Pul­l­man Por­ters Waged a Strug­g­le for “Civil Rights Uni­o­nism”

AMLO Can’t Fight Pover­ty Through Auste­ri­ty

Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter Should Inspi­re a Chal­len­ge to Caste and Reli­gious Oppres­sion in India

Sena­te GOP Copied and Pasted Andrew Cuomo’s COVID-19 Cor­pora­te Immu­ni­ty Law

Bolivia’s Coup Gover­n­ment Just Sus­pen­ded Elections for the Third Time

Lock­ing Out the Left: The Emer­gen­ce of Natio­nal Factions in Austra­li­an Labor

The Port­land Mili­tary Poli­cing Model Isn’t the Begin­ning of a Trend — It’s the Cul­mi­na­tion of One

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The Establis­h­ment Is Gun­ning for Ras­hi­da Tlaib

The­re Is Not­hing Natu­ral About “the Mar­ket”

Bil­li­o­nai­res Want to Reo­pen Schools Amid a Pan­de­mic. They Might Unleash a Tea­cher Stri­ke Wave.

Micha­el Brooks and the Mea­ning of Soci­a­list Inter­na­tio­na­lism

How a Small Stu­dent Maga­zi­ne Hel­ped Build Norway’s Soci­al-Demo­cra­tic Com­mon Sen­se

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What Micha­el Brooks Meant to Me

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Georgia’s Cor­o­navirus Cri­sis Is Being Cove­red Up

How Deporta­tion Beca­me the Core of Europe’s Migra­tion Poli­cy

Robert Eshel­man-Håkans­son (1973–2020)

To Fight Raci­al Inequa­li­ty, We Have to Atta­ck the Power of Cor­pora­tions

The Slow Dis­mant­ling of Australia’s COVID-19 Securi­ty Net

Arizo­na Has Lost Con­trol of the Cor­o­navirus Pan­de­mic

Joe Biden Just Made a Big Pro­mi­se to His Wall Stre­et Donors

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Serbia’s Cor­o­navirus Pro­tests Are Deno­un­cing the Gover­n­ment From Oppo­si­te Ang­les

“Micha­el Brooks Was My Abso­lu­te Poli­ti­cal Inspira­tion”

Lucio Urtu­bia, 1931–2020

Meet Mar­cela Mitay­nes. She Just Gave Brooklyn’s Demo­cra­tic Soci­a­lists Their First Big Upset In This Year’s Pri­ma­ri­es

I Owe a Lot to Micha­el Brooks

How a Wor­king-Class Sol­di­er and Pla­toon Lea­der in Iraq Tur­ned Against Our “Fore­ver Wars”

Who Are the Myste­rious Firms Wor­king for Ilhan Omar’s Chal­len­ger?

Unem­ploy­ment Bene­fits Have Saved the US From Eco­no­mic Cala­mi­ty. They Expi­re at the End of the Month.

The For­got­ten History of the Jewish, Anti-Zio­nist Left

Remem­be­ring Our Fri­end and Com­ra­de Micha­el Brooks

Orga­nizing Rank-and-File Aca­de­mi­cs in Australia’s Uni­ver­si­ties

How Colo­ni­a­lism Sha­ped Poli­cing in Fran­ce

Health Care Lob­byists Are Donat­ing Lar­ge Amo­unts to Demo­crats. They Want Execs’ Immu­ni­ty From COVID-19 Lawsu­its.

Trump Wants Fede­ral Agents to Inva­de Ame­ri­can Cities. Demo­crats Aren’t Doing Much to Push Back.

Mela­nia Trump Is No Victim

Israel’s Anne­xa­tion Plan Is the Latest Sta­ge in a Long History of Vio­lent Dis­pos­ses­sion

In Bernie’s Brook­lyn, Poli­ti­cal Revo­lu­tion Was Main­stream

Bernie’s Campaign Is Over, but Stu­dent Orga­nizers Like Me Are Just Get­ting Star­ted

“The Postcoup Gover­n­ment Is the Best Campaign Mana­ger MAS Could Have Hoped For”

Femi­nism Needs Capi­ta­lism Like a Fish Needs a Bicyc­le

Trump the “Putin Pup­pet” Just Dra­ma­ti­cal­ly Esca­la­ted the Undecla­red War Against Rus­sia

Why Haven’t We Heard From Raci­al Justi­ce Pro­testers in Their Own Words?

The Tori­es Can’t Save the UK From Eco­no­mic Cala­mi­ty

Why We Need Wor­king-Class Cul­tu­ral Insti­tu­tions

Rest in Power, John Lewis

Mass Upri­sings and Their After­math in the Uni­ted Sta­tes and Chi­le

Asses­sing AMLO

How Madrid Beca­me the Labo­ra­tory for Spa­nish That­che­rism

Unem­ploy­ed Wor­kers Can Fight Back

Port­land Is on Its Way to Win­ning Uni­ver­sal Pres­chool

Defend Ilhan Omar

The Rise of Italy’s Populist Right Is a Ble­ak War­ning From the Recent Past

The Mur­der of Malcolm X

Wer­ner Scho­lem, a Jewish Com­mu­nist Mur­de­red by the Nazis

New York Is Riding a Wave of Pro­g­res­si­ve and Soci­a­list Electo­ral Wins

Brett Kavanaugh’s Con­fir­ma­tion Got a Big Boost From a Myste­rious Indi­vi­du­al Dona­tion of $15.9 Mil­li­on

In Chi­le, a Mur­derous Poli­ce Claim to Be “Just Fol­lowing Orders”

Impe­ri­al Japan and the Rus­si­an Revo­lu­tion

Now Is the Per­fect Time to Cra­ck Down on Airb­nb

Wall Stre­et Is Deeply Gra­te­ful for the Supre­me Court’s Recent Litt­le-Noti­ced Ruling

In the 1970s, a Soft Coup Rem­o­ved Australia’s Left-Wing Pri­me Mini­ster

Libe­rals Still Think Fact-Check­ing Will Stop the Right. They’re Wrong.

Poland’s Far Right Is Distor­ting the Deba­te on Wel­fa­re — and Win­ning

The Right Is Trying to Make the Kit­chen-Tab­le Eco­no­my Scream

Hig­her Educa­tion Pri­va­tiza­tion Ope­ned Up Inter­na­tio­nal Stu­dents to Trump’s Atta­ck

Sena­te Demo­crats’ Machine Spent $15 Mil­li­on to Destroy Pro­g­res­si­ve Can­di­da­tes in Pri­ma­ri­es

The Uni­ted Arab Emira­tes Is One of the US’s Favo­ri­te Mid­dle East Monar­chies

How to Deba­te Liberta­ri­ans on Taxes — And Destroy Them

Next Week, Demo­crats Can Cut the Defen­se Bud­get. Let’s See Whe­re Their Pri­o­ri­ties Are.

We Spo­ke to Croatia’s First Anti-Capi­ta­list MP in Three Deca­des

Seattle’s Soci­a­lists Are Now Ene­my Num­ber One for Jeff Bezos and Ama­zon

Flight Atten­dants Tell Air­li­nes: Don’t Even Think About Con­ces­sions

We Need a Wor­ld Gover­n­ment — But It Has to Be Demo­cra­tic

How the Medi­e­val Jaco­bins of Bohe­mia Fought Against — and Ter­ri­fied — Europe’s Ari­sto­cra­cy

The US Gover­n­ment Gave Big Oil the Power to Pro­secu­te Its Big­gest Cri­tic

To Cele­bra­te Bastil­le Day, $7.89 Subscrip­tions

It’s Time to Soci­a­lize Big Phar­ma

Peter Bei­nart on the End of the Two-Sta­te Solu­tion for Isra­el and Palesti­ne

How K-Pop’s Record Labels Exploit Its “Idols”

The Intel­lectu­al Dark Web’s “Mave­ri­ck Free Thin­kers” Are Just Defen­ders of the Sta­tus Quo

A Marxist Gui­de to Under­stan­ding the Gulf Sta­tes’ Poli­ti­cal Eco­no­my

The Iraq War Is the Ske­le­ton Key

The­se Soci­a­list Health Care Wor­kers Are the Futu­re of the Medi­ca­re for All Fight

The Thre­at to Civil Liber­ties Goes Way Bey­ond “Can­cel Cul­tu­re”

Ireland’s Natio­nal Con­fli­ct Is About Impe­ri­a­lism as Well as Secta­ri­a­nism

Ashley Kri­el Was an Anti-Apart­heid Mar­tyr

After the Bus­h­fi­res and Amid the Pan­de­mic, Australia’s Fos­sil Fuel Indu­s­try Is Gai­ning Steam

The US-China Rival­ry Is About Capi­ta­list Com­pe­ti­tion

We Need a 21st-Cen­tury Wor­ks Pro­g­ress Admi­ni­stra­tion

Zeev Stern­hell, 1935–2020

The Labour Par­ty Has a Long History of Figh­ting Landl­ords

Lincoln’s Para­mi­li­ta­ri­es, the “Wide Awa­kes,” Hel­ped Bring About a Poli­ti­cal Revo­lu­tion

Over 4,000 Ship­bu­il­ding Wor­kers Are on Stri­ke in Mai­ne

Nikil Saval, a Demo­cra­tic Soci­a­list in Har­ris­burg

Ennio Mor­ri­co­ne Was Com­mit­ted to the Radi­cal Demo­cra­tiza­tion of Music

There’s No Such Thing as the “Natio­nal Inte­r­est”

It’s Offi­ci­al — Ste­ven Pin­ker Is Full of Shit

Care About Free Spe­ech? Take on the Power of Face­book and Twit­ter.

How France’s Vichy Regi­me Beca­me Hitler’s Wil­ling Col­la­bo­ra­tors

When Nel­son Man­dela Came to Ame­ri­ca

Natio­na­lize the Ivy League, So We Can Rena­me Yale “UConn New Haven”

“Never Unde­re­sti­ma­te the Abi­li­ty of the Establis­h­ment to Divi­de and Rule”

Demo­cra­tic Soci­a­lism Is a Living Poli­ti­cal Tra­di­tion

Abo­lish Qua­li­fied Immu­ni­ty

The 1 Per­cent Are Che­at­ing Us Out of a Quar­ter-Tril­li­on Dol­lars in Taxes Eve­ry Year

Canada’s 1% Is Incre­di­bly Rich. Their Wealth Needs to Be Taxed.

Soli­da­ri­ty Should Be the Basis of Whi­te Anti-Racism, Not “Allys­hip”

Trump’s Labor Secre­tary Is Rea­ching Car­too­nish Levels of Super­vil­lain­ry

How Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter Inspi­red West Papua’s Fre­edom Strug­g­le

Jonat­han Sack­ler Spent His Life Spre­a­ding Opioid Addi­ction Throug­hout the Uni­ted Sta­tes

Eric Hobsbawm’s Cen­tury

How Coun­te­rin­sur­gen­cy Tacti­cs in the Mid­dle East Found Their Way to Ame­ri­can Cities

Uni­ons Are Essen­ti­al for Eli­mi­nat­ing Racism

In Melbourne’s “Hard Lock­down,” Public Hou­sing Resi­dents Get the Hars­he­st Mea­su­res

Mike Davis Tri­ed to Warn Us About a Virus-Indu­ced Apo­ca­lyp­se

James Aver­hart Over­saw Chel­sea Manning’s Brutal Impri­son­ment. Now He’s Run­ning for Con­gress as a Demo­crat.

When Bla­ck Sha­recrop­pers in the South Rose Up

“Cali­for­nia Is Ripe for a Revo­lu­tion”

Rest in Power, Har­ry Britt

The Cor­pora­te Media Con­vin­ced Mil­li­ons That Ber­nie Was “Une­lectab­le”

In The­se Stun­ning Ima­ges, Ordi­nary Yugoslav Par­tisans Cap­tu­red Their Revo­lu­tion on Came­ra

The Labour Par­ty Can’t Retre­at From Its Vision of Chan­ge

Jon Stewart’s Post-Par­tisan Cri­tique of Ame­ri­can Poli­ti­cs Is Stuck in 2004