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Capi­ta­lism Was Always Like This

Capi­ta­lism Is Not the Solu­tion to Urban America’s Pro­blems — Capi­ta­lism Itself Is the Pro­blem

For Mur­de­red Hon­du­ran Orga­nizer Ber­ta Cáce­res, “Any Inju­sti­ce Was Her Batt­le”

This Wee­kend, Poli­ce Respon­ded to Pro­tests Against Poli­ce Vio­len­ce With Even More Wan­ton­ly Brutal Vio­len­ce

In Ame­ri­ca, the Rich Get Immu­ni­ty. The Rest of Us Get “Law and Order”

Ama­zon Is No Ally in the Fight for Raci­al Justi­ce

When Rio­ting Wor­ks

Young Peop­le Today Are Unique­ly Radi­cal Becau­se Capi­ta­lism Has Fai­led Them

Donald Trump’s Anti­fa Bogey­man Has a Long, Proud History of Figh­ting Fascists

Pri­va­te Pri­sons Should Be Abo­lis­hed — But They Aren’t the Real Pro­blem

Min­ne­a­po­lis Bus Dri­ver: “It’s Impe­ra­ti­ve That Uni­ons Fight for All Wor­kers”

Don’t Fall for the Myth of the “Out­si­de Agi­ta­tor” in Raci­al Justi­ce Pro­tests

Coronavirus’s Deva­sta­tion Has Been Made Far Wor­se by Years of Demo­crats’ Neoli­be­ral Poli­cies

We Are Living in a Red Spring

The Cli­ma­te Cri­sis and COVID-19 Are Inse­pa­rab­le

How Colo­ni­a­lism and Auste­ri­ty Are Sha­ping Africa’s Respon­se to the Cor­o­navirus

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Joe Biden Wants to Be the Anti-Trump — So Why Does He Sup­port Buil­ding Trump’s Sig­na­tu­re Bor­der Wall?

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Israel’s Blo­a­ted New Gover­n­ment Is Ente­ring Dan­gerous Waters

Sta­tes Are Copy­ing and Pasting Immu­ni­ty Laws for Nur­sing Home Execu­ti­ves

Reclai­m­ing Har­ris­burg

Soci­al Media Com­pa­nies Can’t Be Tru­sted to Pro­tect Our Demo­cra­cy

“No Mat­ter How Dif­fe­rent the Move­ments Were, the LAPD Tar­ge­ted Eve­ry One of Them”

A Soci­a­list Takes on Big Real Esta­te in North Brook­lyn

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A Dan­gerous Tur­ning Point

Bri­a­h­na Joy Gray Is Not Back­ing Down

Lori Lightfoot’s Cor­o­navirus Respon­se in Chi­ca­go Has Been Anyt­hing But “Pro­g­res­si­ve”

How Red Vien­na Revo­lu­tio­nized Sig­mund Freud

No, We Should Not Con­demn Upri­sings Against Poli­ce Mur­ders Like Geor­ge Floyd’s

We Can’t Trust the IMF and Wor­ld Bank to Lead the COVID-19 Recove­ry

Jer­ry Stil­ler Was a Decent Man

The Ultra­rich Don’t Deser­ve Our Gra­ti­tu­de for Small Acts of Philant­hro­py

Hospi­tals and Nur­sing Homes Spent $98 Mil­li­on on Sta­te Poli­ti­cs. Now They Want Immu­ni­ty for Patient Deat­hs.

Bolivia’s Post-Coup Presi­dent Has Unleas­hed a Campaign of Ter­ror

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Emma­nu­el Macron’s Weak Pan­de­mic Respon­se Is a Bad Omen for His Pro­mi­ses on Cli­ma­te Action

Cor­o­navirus Has Wor­se­ned the Men­tal Health Cri­sis. Medi­ca­re for All Can Help.

The St. Lou­is Pro­c­la­ma­tion

We Need a Class War, Not a Cul­tu­re War

Yes, Soci­a­lism Would Hand­le the Cor­o­navirus Pan­de­mic Bet­ter Than Capi­ta­lism

43 Mil­li­on Ame­ri­cans Are About to Lose Their Health Insu­ran­ce Becau­se of Our Employ­er-Based Health Care System

Meet the Brand-New Orga­niza­tion Trying to Boost Labor Stan­dards for Minor League Base­ball Play­ers

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Why Soci­al Distan­cing “Doesn’t Apply” to Germany’s Migrant Farmwor­kers

Julio Angu­i­ta (1941–2020)

Australia’s Supe­ran­nu­a­tion System Ens­hri­nes Inequa­li­ty

Roe v. Wade Was Big­ger Than Jane Roe

How Yemen’s Dream of Uni­ty Tur­ned Sour

Domestic Wor­kers Are Paying Dear­ly for the Cor­o­navirus Cri­sis

Jeff Bezos Shouldn’t Be a Bil­li­o­nai­re, Much Less a Tril­li­o­nai­re

A Move­ment for Civil Rights Under­pin­ned Repu­bli­ca­nism in Nort­hern Ire­land

Ano­t­her Debt Cri­sis Is Loo­m­ing for Argen­ti­na

Hope­ful Altru­ism Is No Sub­sti­tu­te for Radi­cal Poli­ti­cs

How McCart­hyism and the Red Sca­re Hurt the Bla­ck Fre­edom Strug­g­le

Capi­ta­lism Isn’t Wor­king. But What Would a Viab­le Soci­a­list System Look Like?

Nur­sing Home Patients and Wor­kers Are at Gro­und Zero for Cor­o­navirus

“The Aid from Euro­pe Is Con­di­tio­nal on Fresh Auste­ri­ty Mea­su­res”

The Huma­ni­ty of Ame­ri­can Com­mu­nism

El Salvador’s Neoli­be­ral Populism Runs Into Cor­o­navirus

Lebanon’s Specta­cu­lar Eco­no­mic Col­lap­se

Hou­se Demo­crats’ HER­O­ES Act Is a Huge Giveaway to the Rich

There’s Not­hing Good About Phyl­lis Schl­af­ly

The­re Is No Wri­ter Qui­te Like Arund­ha­ti Roy

Barons of the Val­ley

America’s Cold War Cri­mes Abro­ad Are Still Sha­ping Our Wor­ld

Chi­ca­go May­or Lori Light­foot Is Pri­o­ri­tizing a Cor­o­navirus Recove­ry for the Wealt­hy, Not Avera­ge Chi­ca­go­ans

Expen­si­ve, Overcrow­ded Hou­sing Is Dead­ly

A New Stu­dy Shows That Hol­ding Wisconsin’s April Election Made the COVID–19 Cri­sis Wor­se

Anti-Com­mu­nist Mas­sa­cres Kil­led Indonesia’s Hopes for Natio­nal Libe­ra­tion and Soci­a­lism

Inter­pre­ter of Mala­di­es

Eve­ry Eco­no­mic Question Is a Question of Power

Viral Soci­a­lism Now!

The Bla­ck Death Hel­ped Bring About the Modern Wor­ld

Mil­li­ons Die, But They’re All Libe­rals

No Act of God

Pret­ty Faces Who Care

It Came From Cana­da!

Beau­ti­fying the Apo­ca­lyp­se

Let­ters + Cele­bri­ties Spe­ak

The Mar­ket Is Leaving Us Unpre­pa­red for a Pan­de­mic

“We’re Not Her­o­es, We’re Health Wor­kers”

If Neoli­be­ra­lism Were to End, How Would We Know?

Is This the End of Neoli­be­ral Glo­ba­liza­tion?

It Takes a Herd

Viru­len­ce and Con­tagious­ness

Kro­na Virus

We Set Ama­zon on Fire

An Urgent Appe­al for Your Sup­port

Cor­o­na C.R.E.A.M.

We Need Bet­ter Drugs

The New That­che­ri­tes

Jacobin’s Qua­ran­ti­ne Movie List

A Pan­de­mic Fore­told

Health Insu­ran­ce Com­pa­nies Are Pis­sing on You and Saying It’s Rai­ning

How the “Stran­ger Dan­ger” Panic of the 1980s Hel­ped Give Rise to Mass Incar­ce­ra­tion

It’s Time for Demo­crats to Aban­don the Ear­ned Inco­me Tax Cre­dit

The Many Assas­sins of Swe­dish Pri­me Mini­ster Olof Pal­me

Stop the $2 Bil­li­on Arms Sale to the Phi­lip­pi­nes

The Left in Lock­down

The Left Must Address a Histo­ric Cri­sis of Rep­re­sen­ta­tion

No, We Don’t Want a “War Eco­no­my” to Deal With the Pan­de­mic

We Can’t Let Boris Johnson’s Gover­n­ment Sacri­fi­ce Wor­kers for Cor­pora­te Pro­fits

To Fight COVID–19, We Need to Build Wor­ker Power and Wor­ker Safe­ty

How Capi­ta­lism and Other Viru­ses Are Ravag­ing the Glo­bal South

Ano­t­her Real Esta­te Crash Is Com­ing

The Rich and Poor Don’t All Suf­fer Under the Pan­de­mic Equal­ly

Why the Neoli­be­rals Won’t Let This Cri­sis Go to Waste

Col­lu­sion Is in the Eye of the Behol­der

Eric Hobsbawm’s Marxism Was Cen­tral to His Work as a Histo­ri­an

This Pan­de­mic Demands More Than a Few Health Care Twe­aks. We Must Soci­a­lize the Hospi­tals.

The “Good War” in Afg­ha­ni­stan Was Never Good

In Spain, Remo­te Lear­ning Is Leaving Wor­king-Class Kids Behind

Meet the Sla­te of Soci­a­list Insur­gents Run­ning for Offi­ce in New York

For Jack Mun­dey, Uni­on Mili­tan­cy and Environ­men­ta­lism Went Hand in Hand

Disa­ster Capi­ta­lism Is Com­ing for Public Educa­tion

Why Does Nan­cy Pelo­si Want to Subsi­dize a Brutal For-Pro­fit Health Insu­ran­ce Indu­s­try?

How to Argue With Your Com­ra­des

Jere­my Cor­byn Remem­bers Anti-Apart­heid Figh­ter Denis Gold­berg

Stop Trying to Sha­me Soci­a­lists Into Voting for Joe Biden. It’s Not Going to Work.

Don’t Pre­tend Joe Biden Is Actu­al­ly Moving Left

Give Me Liber­ty — No, Wait, Give Me Death

The Post Offi­ce Is a Natio­nal Trea­su­re. We Can’t Let the Pri­va­tizers Destroy It.

The US’s Cor­o­navirus Relief Mea­su­res Are Nowhe­re Near Enough

Fran­ces Fox Piven: “We Should Be Pre­pa­red for Incre­dib­le Waves of Mass Pro­test”

Labor Should Fight for Expan­ded Health Care Under COVID–19

Why Are Hou­se Demo­crats Pus­hing to Give Cor­o­navirus Relief Funds to Cor­pora­te and Dark Money Groups?

Get a Free Ebook Ver­sion of The ABCs of Capi­ta­lism

Why the Left Keeps Losing — and How We Can Win

They’re Not Sen­ding Their Best Peop­le to Sta­ge a Coup in Venezu­ela

We Can’t Lose the Right to Pro­test in the Age of Cor­o­navirus

Micha­el Jor­dan Was a Capi­ta­list Icon. The Last Dan­ce Is His Myt­h­making Com­merci­al.

David Siro­ta Joins the Jaco­bin Team

Com­ing Soon: Bipar­tisan Defi­cit Hawks Cal­ling for Auste­ri­ty

Even in a Pan­de­mic, the Kni­ves Are out for Soci­al Securi­ty

Australia’s Youn­gest Uni­on Is Orga­nizing Retail and Fast-Food Wor­kers

An Eco­no­mic Storm Is Going to Deva­sta­te Lat­in Ame­ri­ca Very Soon

We Shouldn’t Need GoFund­Me to Respond to Cata­strop­hes. We Need a Strong Wel­fa­re Sta­te.

Gover­n­ments and Cor­pora­tions Have Dee­med Immi­grant Wor­kers Expen­dab­le During the Pan­de­mic

The EU’s Sea­so­nal Farm Wor­kers Are Still For­ced to Tra­vel During the Pan­de­mic

Ireland’s Gre­en Par­ty Is Rea­dy to Help the Right Stay in Power

“‘Can Peop­le Pay Rent This Month?’ The Con­sensus Was No”

AMLO and Mexico’s Femi­ci­des

Cele­brat­ing War Cri­mi­nal Geor­ge W. Bush to “Own” Donald Trump

Arab Wor­kers and the Strug­g­le for Demo­cra­cy

“Bolivia’s Postcoup Regi­me Did Not­hing to Stop the Virus”

Figh­ting COVID-19 Is Not an Excu­se for Atta­ck­ing Civil Liber­ties

New Zealand’s Cor­o­navirus Respon­se Isn’t as Gre­at as It Seems

In Col­ora­do, Demo­crats Are Liste­ning to Health Indu­s­try Lob­byists and Kil­ling the Public Option

America’s Fede­ra­list Dys­fun­ction Isn’t Going Away

Deli­ve­ring Food in a Pan­de­mic

Con­di­tions in US Meat­pa­ck­ing Plants Today Aren’t Much Bet­ter Than They Were in The Jung­le

No, Immi­gra­tion Is Not Dri­ving Down Wages in Austra­lia

When the ACLU Betray­ed Eliza­beth Gur­ley Flynn and the Left

On VE Day, French Colo­ni­sts Laun­ched a Mas­sa­cre in Alge­ria

“Patri­o­tism” Is a Dead End for the Left

Meet the Cor­o­navirus Pro­fi­te­ers

Elon Musk’s New Baby’s Name Is Actu­al­ly Less Absurd Than His Anti-Demo­cra­tic, Qua­si-Euge­ni­cist Views

Why We Need Coo­pe­ra­ti­ves for the Digi­tal Eco­no­my

The Oil Crash Should Be Our Chan­ce to Trans­form Ener­gy Pro­duction

David Siro­ta: A Bipar­tisan Effort to Pre­vent Acco­un­ta­bi­li­ty for the Cor­o­navirus Respon­se Is Underway

Anti-Colo­ni­a­lists Wan­ted the Wor­ld

The Pan­de­mic Respon­se Shows How Wor­kers Defend the Inte­r­e­sts of All Huma­ni­ty

How Sal­ly Roo­ney Gave Nor­mal Peop­le Radi­cal Poli­ti­cs

The Fede­ral Reser­ve Can Help Wor­kers in a Time of Cri­sis

We Don’t Have to Live in a Socie­ty of Mas­si­ve Inequa­li­ty and Unne­ces­sary Death

Our Revo­lu­tion Is Alre­a­dy the “Post-Ber­nie” Orga­niza­tion We Need

How the Chair­man of Spain’s Real Madrid Foot­ball Club Presi­ded Over a Cor­o­navirus Cata­strop­he in Nur­sing Homes

San Fran­ci­sco May­or Lon­don Bre­ed Has Aban­do­ned the Home­less During the Pan­de­mic

If Joe Biden Dro­ps Out, Ber­nie San­ders Must Be the Demo­cra­tic Nomi­nee

Want a Gre­en New Deal? Start by Pro­tecting the Ten­nes­see Val­ley Aut­ho­ri­ty

The Bir­th and Death of Sing­le-Pay­er in the Demo­cra­tic Par­ty