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The Radi­cal James Baldwin

You Abso­lu­te­ly Don’t “Got­ta Hand It to Them”

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No One Ever Said It Would Be Easy

I’m Crying, You’re Crying. But Our Day Will Come.

The Cor­pora­te Media Has No Idea What to Do With the Fact That Ber­nie San­ders Is Jewish

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Bernie’s First Poli­ti­cal Revo­lu­tion

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The Gre­at NHS Hei­st

Ber­nie San­ders Is a Cri­tic of US Impe­ri­a­lism. Eliza­beth War­ren Is Not.

Migrant-Led Move­ments Are Lea­ding the Char­ge Against Austra­li­an Bor­der Bar­ba­rism

May­or Pete But­ti­gieg Is Even Wor­se Than He Seems

The Ber­nie San­ders Ori­gin Story, Part 1

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Yet Ano­t­her Round of Clin­ton Smears

100 Years of Ame­ri­can Com­mu­nism

Argen­ti­na Steps into the Post-Macri Era

Wor­kers of the Wor­ld Can Still Uni­te

Pete But­ti­gieg on Ber­nie San­ders

When Being a Red Meant Risking Your Life

Paul Volck­er Was a Hero of the Ruling Class

Ber­nie San­ders Is the Disa­bi­li­ty Rights Can­di­da­te

Labour Is Com­bat­ting Cyni­cism With Hope

No, Fin­land Is Not a “Capi­ta­list Para­di­se”

In Mar­seil­le, the French Left is Final­ly Uni­ting

Uber Has Always Been a Cri­mi­nal Orga­niza­tion

Colombia’s New Awa­ke­ning

Emma­nu­el Macron Wants to End France’s Wel­fa­re Sta­te

The New Eco­no­mic Poli­cy Was the Alter­na­ti­ve to Sta­li­nism

The Last Days of the BBC?

The Fight for Pea­ce and Justi­ce in Colom­bia

The NHS Shows What Life Out­si­de the Mar­ket Could Look Like

Eliza­beth War­ren Isn’t Serious About Win­ning Medi­ca­re for All

If the Hell Scott Mor­ri­son Belie­ves in Exists, He Would Be Desti­ned for It

Joe Biden Remin­ded Us That He’s Just Ano­t­her Libe­ral Eli­tist

How Mind­ful­ness Morp­hed from Anci­ent Spi­ri­tu­al Pra­cti­ce to Big Busi­ness

Eve­ryt­hing You Need to Know About the Pro­tests in Iraq

Arts for the Many

This UK Gene­ral Election Is a Choi­ce Betwe­en Impe­ri­a­lism and Inter­na­tio­na­lism

The Tori­es Are Lite­ral­ly Dying Off

Why the Ear­ly Ger­man Soci­a­lists Oppo­sed the World’s First Modern Wel­fa­re Sta­te

Libe­rals Should Stop Wrin­ging Their Hands Over Voting Labour

Against Self-Dri­ving Cars

Why Lef­ti­sts Should Sup­port Hong Kong’s Fight for Demo­cra­tic Rights

Fran­ce Is Striking to Stop Emma­nu­el Macron

Riding the Fen­ce on Medi­ca­re for All Isn’t Smart Poli­ti­cs

Why the Pun­dit Class Loves Amy Klo­bu­char

The Power of the Bla­ck Wor­king Class

When Colom­bia Caught Fire

Chile­ans Are Hungry for an Alter­na­ti­ve to Neoli­be­ra­lism

Who’s Win­ning the Vam­pi­re Squid Pri­mary?

The Astro­tur­fed Campaign to Under­mi­ne Medi­ca­re For All

Chi­le Final­ly Has an Opportu­ni­ty to Bury Pinochet’s Lega­cy

The SPD Needs More Than Just New Lea­ders

The NHS Is Alre­a­dy Dis­ap­pea­ring, and There’s Only One Way to Stop It

The Tran­sat­lan­tic Health-Care Strug­g­le

Bolivia’s Coup Gover­n­ment Is a Far-Right Hor­ror Show

Set­ting Kevin Rudd’s Environ­men­tal Record Straight

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Get­ting Gene Sharp Wrong

The Pro-Isra­el Con­sensus on Capi­tol Hill Is Bre­aking Up

The Fan­ta­sy Wor­ld of US Empi­re

The Lega­cies of the Ethio­pi­an Stu­dent Move­ment

In This Election, Labour Has a Chan­ce to End That­che­rism Once and for All

Execu­ti­ve Orders and Smart Lawy­ers Won’t Save Us

Sor­ry May­or Pete, Means-Testing Is Not Pro­g­res­si­ve

A Hot Lunch Is a Human Right

It’s Time to Throw Off Our Digi­tal Chains

Demo­cra­tize the Inter­net

Why Basic Inco­me Fai­led in Fin­land

The New York Times Is Spre­a­ding Char­ter School Lies

Maoism and Its Com­pli­ca­ted Lega­cy

A Soci­a­list Plan to Fix the Inter­net

The Ger­man Model Is Dead — And What Comes Next Could Be Wor­se

What Uni­ons Eve­rywhe­re Can Learn From the Chi­ca­go Tea­chers’ Strike’s Win

Twen­ty Years After We Shut Down the WTO, the Left Is Final­ly Resur­gent

Today’s Soci­a­list Revi­val Began on the Stre­ets of Seatt­le 20 Years Ago

Not a Bla­ck Fri­day Sale

Para­si­te, a Win­dow Into South Kore­an Neoli­be­ra­lism

You Deser­ve to Live Clo­se to Whe­re You Work

The Stu­dent Wor­ker Move­ment Is Growing

“No Rape, No Base, No Tears”

The US Could Have A Wel­fa­re Sta­te — But We Don’t

Finis­hing Off the Pino­chet Dicta­tors­hip

The Labour Party’s Gre­en Revo­lu­tion

Britain’s Left Is Back on the Offen­si­ve

Don’t Belie­ve the Cri­ti­cs — Labour’s Eco­no­mic Plans Are Cre­dib­le

The Real Bara­ck Oba­ma Has Final­ly Reve­a­led Him­self

How to Orga­nize Your Fri­ends and Family on Thanks­gi­ving

We Need a Soci­a­list Tra­de Poli­cy

Jeff Bezos’s Vision of the Futu­re Is Basi­cal­ly Bla­de Run­ner

The Tory Lie Machine

“To Win in Gover­n­ment, Pode­mos Needs to Win in the Stre­ets”

Why Rent Con­trol Wor­ks

What the Chi­ca­go Tea­chers Uni­on Achie­ved

Demo­cra­tic Par­ty Eli­tes Are Con­spi­ring to Destroy Fusion Voting — and the Wor­king Fami­lies Par­ty Along With It

Nort­hern Ireland’s Nur­ses Are Striking for Their Patients, Too

Yes, We Need to Stri­ke For Each Other

Orga­nizing Australia’s Food Sup­ply Chain

Ksha­ma Sawant Pas­ses the Ama­zon Stress Test in Seatt­le

In Sri Lanka’s Eth­no­cra­cy, Tamils Will Always Lose

“Scor­sese Ver­sus Super­hero­es” Mis­ses the Point

The WeWork Con

The Tori­es Are the Proud Par­ty of Racism

Is Ber­nie “Trum­pi­an”?

The Litt­le Man on the Big Scre­en

Into the Void

Adam McK­ay Is Mad as Hell

Whi­te-Col­lar Populism

Win­ning the Batt­le, Not the War

Hal­fway Betwe­en Jef­fer­son and Marx

The Right-Populist Advan­ce

A For­got­ten Coun­try

From Soci­a­lism to Populism and Back

Why Auf­ste­hen Fai­led

Issue 35: Let­ters + The Inter­net Spe­aks

Boot­strap Populism

Expert Wis­dom

Help Us, Jaco­bin Rea­ders. You’re Our Only Hope.

Abo­lish Iowa

A Let­ter From Kevin Rudd, For­mer Pri­me Mini­ster of Austra­lia

The Strug­g­le for Demo­cra­cy in Sri Lanka

The Far Right Is Growing in Uru­gu­ay

How Chi­ca­go Tea­chers Won a Nur­se in Eve­ry School

The Ame­ri­can Fede­ra­tion of Tea­chers Isn’t Stan­ding Against Auste­ri­ty in Puer­to Rico

Neoli­be­ral Femi­nism Has a New Pri­va­te Club

India’s Supre­me Court Ruling Is Ano­t­her Victory for Hin­du Natio­na­lism

Why Inter­na­tio­nal Law Can’t Save Palesti­ne

Chi­le Can Be a Labo­ra­tory of Popu­lar Demo­cra­cy

Deval Patri­ck Is Eve­ryt­hing That’s Wrong With the Demo­cra­tic Par­ty

“We Do Not Want The­se Cri­mi­nals to Rule Us”

How Hin­du Natio­na­lism Came to Rule

Ilhan Omar Is the Figh­ter the Tenants’ Move­ment Needs

Why We Con­fron­ted Joe Biden on Deporta­tions

Medi­ca­re for All Means “To Each Accor­ding to Their Need”

The Spa­nish Con­sti­tu­tion Is Strang­ling Cata­lo­nia

The All-Women MSN­BC Deba­te Panel Wasn’t a Femi­nist Victory — It Was a Right-Wing Disa­ster

Jere­my Cor­byn Just Anno­un­ced a Vision for a Huma­ne Bri­tain

The Labour Party’s Mani­fe­sto Is Lif­ting the Floor for Eve­ry­o­ne

Cen­trists Aren’t Poli­ti­cal Rea­lists. Lef­ti­sts Are.

The Music of Twen­ty-First-Cen­tury Upri­sings

A Chan­ce to Sha­ke Israel’s Zio­nist Con­sensus

Inter­net for the Many

Boli­via Is Des­cen­ding Into a Full-Blown Far-Right Mili­tary Dicta­tors­hip

It’s Not Enough to Be Against “the Monopo­lies”

Last Night’s Demo­cra­tic Deba­te Was Real­ly Bad

“We Are Rea­ding Thin­ly Dis­gu­i­sed Pro­pa­gan­da”

“In Moments of Cri­sis, Behind Eve­ry Mode­ra­te Libe­ral, There’s a Fascist”

Jere­my Cor­byn Won Last Night. But He Needs to Get Angry.

Put This on Your Wall

The Cor­pora­te Media’s War Against Ber­nie San­ders Is Very Real

Labour Is for a Gre­en New Deal

Labour Is Going to Trans­form Bri­tain

The Poli­ti­cal Uti­li­ty of Fee­ling the Bern

Here’s What Voters Actu­al­ly Think About Medi­ca­re for All

The Mili­tary Coup that Overt­hrew Our Gover­n­ment Was Reven­ge Against Indi­genous Boli­vi­ans

The Tory Plan to Undo the NHS

Labour Is Figh­ting Dir­ty — By Actu­al­ly Trying to Improve People’s Lives

What Ber­nie Brings to the Tab­le

A Coup in Boli­via, Yet Again

Dia­ne Ravitch on Pete Buttigieg’s Troub­led Educa­tion Record

Wall Stre­et Doesn’t Belie­ve Eliza­beth War­ren Is Serious About Medi­ca­re for All

We Need Com­ra­des

Why Los Ange­les Tea­chers Endor­sed Ber­nie

Labour Can Make a Radi­cal­ly Fai­rer Bri­tain

Ram­ping up Repres­sion as the Austra­li­an Con­ti­nent Burns

A Week After the Coup in Boli­via, There’s Still No Proof of Electo­ral Fraud

How Many More Home­less Sub­way Sop­ra­nos Are Out The­re?

Hap­py Bir­t­h­day, Gilets Jau­nes

Saving Europe’s Ban­kers, Not Its Wor­kers

Reli­gious Fre­edom Laws Are a Tro­jan Hor­se for Homop­ho­bia

We Now Have a Demo­cra­tic-Soci­a­list “Lei­su­re Agen­da”

Buying Local Won’t Help Exploi­ted Farmwor­kers

Eliza­beth Warren’s New Health Care Plan Would Doom the Fight for Medi­ca­re for All

Presi­dent Cor­rea to Jaco­bin: “Clear­ly What Hap­pe­ned in Boli­via Was a Coup”

30 Years Ago Today in El Salva­dor, US-Trai­ned Sol­di­ers Mur­de­red 6 Pri­ests in Cold Blood

Shut Down the School of the Americas/ WHIN­SEC

McStri­ke Comes to 10 Dow­ning Stre­et

Boris John­son Should Be Thanking the Lib Dems

The Gre­en New Deal for Public Hou­sing Has Arri­ved

France’s Left Is Final­ly Figh­ting Islamop­ho­bia

Pode­mos Is Final­ly in Gover­n­ment

The Far-Right Coup in Boli­via

Micha­el Bloom­berg? Now They’re Just Fuck­ing with Us

A Stri­ke for Raci­al Justi­ce and Demo­cra­cy in Litt­le Rock Schools

Stop the Execu­tion of Rod­ney Reed

No, We Shouldn’t For­ce Ame­ri­cans to Work Lon­ger Befo­re Reti­ring

When Uni­on Mili­tan­cy Isn’t Enough

All of a Sud­den, Hou­sing Is on the Agen­da

The Juni­or Part­ner of Tory Auste­ri­ty

Momen­tum Acti­vists Are Trying to Make Jere­my Cor­byn Pri­me Mini­ster

Metro DC Bus Dri­vers Are Striking Against Pri­va­tiza­tion

Why Are Pun­dits Faw­ning Over Eliza­beth Warren’s Medi­ca­re-for-All Finan­cing Pro­posal?

The Poli­ti­cs of Desta­bi­lizing AMLO

Why Does “Busytown” Love Ber­nie?

Why the Cor­pora­te Media Won’t Call It a Coup