Les­sons from “The Batt­le of the Paulist­as”

Anti-racist mar­ches: From Min­ne­a­po­lis to Paris, eve­ryt­hing to play for

Racist Poli­ce Mur­der of Geor­ge Floyd Leads to Natio­nal Rebel­li­on

“Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter” and poli­ce kil­lings

Min­ne­a­po­lis sparks BLM pro­test in Amster­dam

The urgen­cy of inter­na­tio­nal soli­da­ri­ty with refu­ge­es

Brazil’s dar­ke­st hour requi­res anti-fascist uni­ty

Cri­sis and the Glo­bal Factory at the U.S.-Mexico Bor­der

“Undi­sci­pli­ned peop­le” face eter­nal lock­down

For les­sons in pro­test during the pan­de­mic, look to Lat­in Ame­ri­ca

We Can’t Bre­at­he: Rebel­li­on against Racist Poli­ce Vio­len­ce

Big Pro­test in Hong Kong Gre­e­ted the News about Tabling Natio­nal Securi­ty Law

Near­ly the­re for 10 000 tar­get!

The Necro­po­li­ti­cs of Her­oism

Jair Bol­so­na­ro is a thre­at to Bra­zil and glo­bal health

Gripezinha – the litt­le flu: neofa­scist Bol­so­na­ro in the face of the pan­de­mic

The “extre­me­ly risky gam­b­le” of reo­pe­ning schools in Switzer­land

Don’t des­pair, orga­ni­se!

The cor­o­navirus and the com­ing cri­ses in Mor­oc­co

Women’s labour and C-19

Car­los Fer­ra, Histo­ric Pil­lar of the Soci­a­list, Anti-capi­ta­list Strug­g­le, Has Died

“Holo­caust to Resi­stan­ce: My Jour­ney”

1985: The Actu­a­li­ty of Soci­a­lism

1983: Eman­ci­pa­tion, sci­en­ce and poli­ti­cs in Karl Marx

1971: On the dia­lectic of nation and class strug­g­le

1970: Alt­hus­ser cor­rects Marx

Unionism’s silent shift on the pan­de­mic: Not con­sensus – simp­le sur­vi­val!

The “resump­tion” of all the dan­gers in Natio­nal Educa­tion

John­son gover­n­ment for­ced to U turn on NHS and schools

Class Strug­g­le and Soci­al Pro­test in the Cor­o­navirus Pan­de­mic

For the can­cel­la­tion of deb­ts and drop­ping of the “free tra­de” agre­e­ments

A report on a soci­al cli­ma­te chan­ge action in West Afri­ca

Defend Soci­a­lists and Environ­men­tal Acti­vists in Izhevsk: Demand the poli­ti­cal­ly moti­va­ted char­ges against Dmi­triy Tsa­ren­ko be drop­ped!

We are not all in the same boat

Choo­sing betwe­en life or Capi­tal in Lat­in Ame­ri­ca:

Trump Will Sacri­fi­ce Tens of Thous­ands to Reo­pen Eco­no­my, Win Ree­lection

A book that reads almost like a thril­ler

Sup­port Ant­ho­ny Smith: defend inde­pen­den­ce of labour inspecto­ra­te inve­sti­ga­tions

A tra­de uni­on in lock­down

Pha­se 2: the capi­ta­lists want eve­ryt­hing

“This con­stant search for increa­sed pro­ducti­vi­ty will pro­mo­te the spre­ad of the virus”.

“This would be tan­ta­mo­unt to a de facto ban on abor­tion”.

Hol­ding Covid-19 at bay in Venezu­ela

Tra­vis Wat­kins: Figh­ting Gene­ral Motors Amid the COVID Pan­de­mic

Sta­te­ment by Anti­ca­pi­ta­list­as

From Invi­sib­le to Essen­ti­al: Wor­ker Strug­g­le in the COVID Pan­de­mic

The COVID-19 Cri­sis and the End of the “Low-skil­led” Wor­ker

Radi­cal Soci­a­list sta­te­ment on LG Poly­mers disa­ster

When Boot­li­ck­ing Over­ri­des Figh­ting Epi­de­mic

An Appre­ci­a­tion of Neil David­son (1957–2020)

“Only an anti-syste­mic revo­lu­tion, bre­aking with the iron laws of capi­ta­lism can open the way for a new socie­ty”

In Fran­ce, facing the cor­o­navirus: lies, incom­pe­ten­ce and soci­al rea­ction

Why doesn’t offi­ci­al Rus­si­an histo­ri­cal poli­ti­cs need the real Lenin and how is his met­hod rele­vant at a time of cri­sis

Remem­be­ring Geor­ge Shri­ver

Rei­mag­i­ning the Front­li­ne from Heaven’s Edge

Pan­de­mic and Oil Cri­sis Could Make Second Arab Spring Return With a Ven­ge­an­ce

Pier­re Gra­net has left us

Soci­al­ly Neces­sary Work

Covid-19: Like­ly finan­ci­al con­flag­ra­tions to come

Hong Kong after the upri­sing

Fight like a nur­se, facing off with Bol­so­na­rist­as in Bra­si­lia

Call for dona­tions: Sup­port the Fourth Inter­na­tio­nal pre­sen­ce onli­ne!

Respon­se For­ced Doctors Onto a Hunger Stri­ke

PRT Mexi­co: Our lives are worth more than your pro­fits

Dan­gerous times in the USA

Self-Extin­ction of Neoli­be­ra­lism? Don’t Bet on It.

The Assas­si­na­tion of Arif Wazir: The Strug­g­le Will Con­ti­nue!

Health from Below in a Glo­bal Pan­de­mic

Sin­ga­po­re: epi­de­mic, racism and class strug­g­le

The viral emer­gen­cy in Palesti­ne

Eco­So­ci­a­list Inter­na­tio­na­lism Now!

Medi­cs, health wor­kers pro­test ‘non-pro­vi­sion’ of PPE in Laho­re

“It is the Hen­ri Weber who sang the Inter­na­tio­na­le with Hige­lin that we mourn, not the one at the ser­vi­ce of the poli­ti­cal appa­ra­tus of the PS

1918 flu pan­de­mic kil­led 12 mil­li­on Indi­ans, and Bri­tish overl­ords’ indif­fe­ren­ce strengt­he­ned the anti-colo­ni­al move­ment

Soci­al con­tagion – Micro­bi­o­lo­gi­cal class war in China

“Look at Chi­le to under­stand the kind of wor­ld they want us to live in”

“We orga­nize to rema­ke our lives”

The Virus Is Col­or Blind, Humans Are Not

Soli­da­ri­ty with Bra­zi­li­an com­ra­des in strug­g­le: who kil­led Net­in­ho?

Histo­ri­cal Les­sons of the Syri­an Revo­lu­tion

Bos­ses order end to lock­down, gover­n­ment obeys

Cor­o­navirus: a month of pan­de­mic in the Indi­an subcon­ti­nent

Taxi dri­ver pro­tests con­ti­nue despi­te gover­n­ment relief mea­su­res

When Oil Mar­kets Go Viral

Sex work, Covid-19 and the UK lock­down

COVID-19 in the Age of Bol­so­na­ro

Thanks, Ber­nie!

Covid-19: A first victory in Fran­ce against Ama­zon

“Bor­deaux En Lut­tes” 11.7% for an anti­ca­pi­ta­list pro­gram­me

Pan­de­mic, capi­ta­lism and cli­ma­te

Covid-19, capi­ta­lism and the end of nor­ma­li­ty

Euro­pe­an Uni­on: eco­no­mic respon­se to health cri­sis is a new dis­ap­po­int­ment

Turkey’s Newest Tiny Foreign Ene­my to Uni­te the Nation

The role of plan­ning in the eco­so­ci­a­list tran­si­tion – a con­tri­bu­tion to the deba­te

The poli­ti­cal instru­men­ta­liza­tion of the Covid-19 cri­sis in Egypt

How South Korea flat­te­ned the cur­ve, and who pays the bill

Vik­tor Orbán is Using the Cor­o­navirus Emer­gen­cy to Crush Mino­ri­ties

“The health emer­gen­cy could pos­sibly end up having total con­trol over our lives“

Luis Sepul­ve­da, revo­lu­tio­nary acti­vist and Chile­an wri­ter, has died from Covid-19

The Pan­de­mic Cor­o­navirus COVID-19 and Disab­led Peop­le

Covid 19: Gre­ek gover­n­ment boasts hide rea­li­ty

A Left Case for Hong Kong Self-Deter­mi­na­tion

Gover­nan­ce and Soci­al Con­fli­ct in a Time of Pan­de­mic

Ire­land flat­tens the cur­ve, but soci­a­list poli­cies nee­ded

Lift the blo­ck­a­de against Cuba to strengt­hen the fight against Covid 19

French Inprecor No 672/673 avai­lab­le in PDF

Ger­ma­ny and Austria: the good Euro­pe­an pupils of the Covid-19 cri­sis?

A Cri­sis of Vast Unk­nowns

Slo­vakia: panic and disci­pli­ne at the edge of the EU

Bolsonaro’s necro­po­li­ti­cal solu­tion

Pan­de­mic lays bare Israel’s syste­mic racism

Let’s build the tran­si­tion to eco­so­ci­a­lism now!

Figh­ting COVID-19: Why and How to Sus­pend Debt Repay­ment Imme­di­a­te­ly

Danish gover­n­ment reo­pens schools, immi­grants left out

Class and Race Inequa­li­ty, Health, and COVID-19

Mur­der by San­ctions

Cor­o­navirus in the Net­her­lands

Putin’s Virus Moment

In Bel­gi­um too, the virus strips away the mask

The Trip­le Cri­sis – A Con­ver­sion Stra­te­gy From the Shop Floor

The real epi­de­mi­cs are soci­al inequa­li­ty and capi­ta­list glo­ba­li­sa­tion

Soli­da­ri­ty with postal wor­kers!

On Soci­al Repro­duction and the Covid-19 Pan­de­mic

Covid-19: the eco­lo­gi­cal dimen­sion

“We need to invent a col­lecti­ve re-appro­p­ri­a­tion”

Faced with the Covid-19 pan­de­mic, our lives are more worth than their pro­fits

Covid-19 atta­cks the down-and-out in ultra-unequal South Afri­ca

Las­hed by the Storm

Wor­kers Are More Valu­ab­le Than CEOs

To con­front capitalism’s mul­ti­face­ted cri­sis the ban­kers must be expro­p­ri­a­ted and the banks soci­a­li­sed

Eco­no­mic cri­sis only becau­se of the Cor­o­na pan­de­mic?

Bohrer’s loving, fum­ing cri­tique

Women, race and class in soci­al move­ments: An extra­ct

Against the cri­sis: The cri­sis is not an opportu­ni­ty, it’s the ene­my

This Chan­ges Eve­ryt­hing

The pan­de­mic is a symp­tom of capitalism’s sick­ness: Wor­kers should look to their own sur­vi­val

Sta­te­ment of Femi­ni­sts and Women’s Rights Orga­niza­tions from the Glo­bal South and mar­gi­na­lized com­mu­ni­ties in the Glo­bal North

Call of the indi­genous peop­les, afro-des­cen­dants and peop­les orga­niza­tions of Lat­in Ame­ri­ca.

Under­stan­ding the Holo­caust

Covid-19 in Swe­den: “We are suf­fe­ring the full extent of our bro­ken healt­hca­re system”

“The Cor­o­navirus pan­de­mic is part of a mul­ti­di­men­sio­nal cri­sis of capi­ta­lism”

Gover­n­ment pro­ce­eds with the auto­ma­tic regu­la­ri­sa­tion of migrants and refu­ge­es with pen­ding resi­den­cy appli­ca­tions

The Cor­o­na Virus Pan­de­mic and Past Pan­de­mi­cs

Swiss gover­n­ment rejects con­fi­ne­ment and relies on “indi­vi­du­al respon­si­bi­li­ty”

Car manu­fa­c­tu­rer PSA backs down under pres­su­re from employ­e­es

How China con­tai­ned Covid-19 and the dan­gerous wor­ld to come

Towards soci­al cri­sis in Ita­ly

“To fight the Cor­o­navirus is to fight capi­ta­lism!”

More than 60,000 Ger­mans have tested posi­ti­ve…

José Maria Galan­te “Cha­to” – the tena­ci­ty of the rebel

Death of a mag­ni­fi­cent figu­re of the Gre­ek anti­fa­scist left, Mano­lis Glezos

The Cor­o­navirus Stri­kes and their Sig­ni­fi­can­ce, So Far

Soli­da­ri­ty in the red zone

Win­dows, balco­nies and ter­ra­ces for the public health ser­vi­ce

Hou­se­hold and care wor­kers, for­got­ten in the Covid-19 cri­sis

Poli­ti­cal sta­te­ment on the COVID-19 pan­de­mic emer­gen­cy

This is a Glo­bal Pan­de­mic – Let’s Tre­at it as Such

Prop­hets Unar­med. Chin­e­se Trot­skyists in Revo­lu­tion, War, Jail, and the Return from Lim­bo

Brazil’s wor­kers stri­ke for the right to qua­ran­ti­ne

How not to go cra­zy in lock­down

Self-iso­la­tion and class conscious­ness

Let’s act for self-orga­niza­tion and against the cor­o­navirus and the aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­an temp­ta­tions of the regi­me!

Popu­lar revolt, femi­nist mass stri­kes, and Covid-19 in Chi­le

Cor­o­navirus: “We could pro­bably have had a vac­ci­ne and/or tre­at­ment rea­dy…”

Epi­de­mi­cs, wor­king-class self-orga­niza­tion and soci­a­lism

2,000 dead as cor­o­navirus rava­ges Fran­ce

Wor­ker fami­lies in dire need of aid – Emer­gen­cy Anno­un­ce­ment : Urgent call for finan­ci­al soli­da­ri­ty

Ire­land natio­na­lizes hospi­tals – “It can be done”

Covid-19 opens up a new poli­ti­cal peri­od in Ita­ly

No Discri­mi­na­tion in the Judi­ci­al Reform Pack­a­ge / Equal Remis­sion for Turkey’s Poli­ti­cal Pri­so­ners

Right to stri­ke “con­fi­ned” in Fran­ce

Mer­ce­des Benz: peop­les’ lives are worth more than pro­fits

South Afri­can uni­on demands action on Covid-19

Fourth Inter­na­tio­nal sta­te­ments on Covid-19 pan­de­mic

Cul­tu­re Wars and Class Wars

A Medi­cal, Eco­no­mic and Soci­al Cri­sis

Cor­o­navirus thre­a­tens the lives of bil­li­ons

The­ses on the Left and the cor­o­na cri­sis

Sta­te­ment by Soci­a­list Resur­gen­ce on Covid-19

Covid-19 cri­sis: give pri­o­ri­ty to repro­duction over pro­duction

Some notes on lear­ning from AIDS acti­vism for our respon­ses to the Cor­o­navirus (COVID-19) pan­de­mic.

1000 Covid-19 deat­hs in the Spa­nish Sta­te, no end in sight

Ecu­a­dor after the Octo­ber stri­ke

The Capi­ta­list Pan­de­mic, Cor­o­navirus and the Eco­no­mic Cri­sis

Oshawa Could be the Engi­ne of a Gre­en New Deal in Cana­da

Covid-19 pan­de­mic: let’s pro­tect our lives not their pro­fits!

The mee­ting betwe­en Con­te, Con­fin­du­stria and the tra­des uni­ons is a sick joke

From health emer­gen­cy to soci­al cri­sis

Ita­ly in con­fi­ne­ment, wor­king clas­ses suf­fe­ring

Eight the­ses on Covid-19

Refu­ge­es held hos­ta­ge to war-mon­gers and natio­na­lis­ms

An emer­gen­cy soci­al and poli­ti­cal plan against COVID 19

Why is Biden Win­ning?

On the Del­hi Pogrom

Against Macron’s law: the batt­le is not over

Com­mon sta­te­ment: Trans­na­tio­nal soli­da­ri­ty against racism and war!

Fifty years of femi­nist orga­ni­sing in Bri­tain – chal­len­ges for the futu­re

Look­ing at Soci­al Repro­duction

Move­ment against neoli­be­ra­lism and con­fes­sio­na­lism grows

Femi­ni­sts, inter­na­tio­na­lists, anti­ca­pi­ta­lists