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On the Gro­und: Ksha­ma Sawant Ree­lection Campaign

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Ira­ni­an regi­me crus­hes popu­lar upri­sing

Thin­king and acting from Marxism today – Femi­nist pro­posals for a the­o­re­ti­cal and stra­te­gic rear­ma­ment

The Eigh­te­enth Bru­mai­re of Macho Cama­cho

The undying revo­lu­tions in the Mid­dle East and North Afri­ca

A con­tri­bu­tion to the history of the Fourth Inter­na­tio­nal

“Livio Maitan’s last book”

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Evo’s Fall, the Fascist Right, and the Power of Memory

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Why the Kurds Should Be Sup­por­ted

Frank Gau­di­chaud: “We are at the begin­ning of the end of neoli­be­ra­lism in Chi­le”

Women-led pro­tests in Leba­non inspi­re Mid­dle East femi­ni­sts

Work two hours a day to save the cli­ma­te and bio­di­ver­si­ty

Hong Kong Human Rights and Demo­cra­cy Act (HKHR­DA): A Pro­g­res­si­ve Cri­tique

Suc­cess of 10 Novem­ber march in Paris against Islamop­ho­bia

Dan­gerous liai­sons: Can Pode­mos make a deal to govern Spain?

Against the coup in Boli­via

A para­digm of modern bar­ba­rism

Spain’s per­ma­nent cri­sis regi­me

Will Evo’s resig­na­tion lead to Pino­chet or resi­stan­ce?

Tri­bu­te to David San­ders (5 August 1945 – 30 August 2019), Revo­lu­tio­nary huma­nist and soci­a­list

Reject the coup d’etat in Boli­via

More than just a “Spring”: the Arab region’s long-term revo­lu­tion

Soli­da­ri­ty with the popu­lar upri­sing in Chi­le

“The wor­king class is in the pro­cess of con­sti­tu­ting itself as a poli­ti­cal actor”

The com­ing cri­sis and the rise of “natio­nal libe­ra­lism”

The auto­mo­ti­ve indu­s­try will be at the heart of the com­ing eco­no­mic cri­sis

Upda­te: ESSF/MiHANDs emer­gen­cy appe­al: eart­hqua­kes in Min­da­nao (Phi­lip­pi­nes)

Emer­gen­cy Situ­a­tion: Min­da­nao (Phi­lip­pi­nes) hit by a seri­es of eart­hqua­kes, after-sho­cks and flooding – A call for soli­da­ri­ty

Mobi­lize now against cli­ma­te disa­ster

For a Soci­al and Demo­cra­tic Coa­li­tion in the Moscow City Par­li­a­ment

Detroit Foreclo­sed

Thoughts on Boli­via

Which Gre­en New Deal?

Cana­da – After the fede­ral election: the dan­gers, and chal­len­ges, that lie ahe­ad

The Wor­ld Up in Arms Against Auste­ri­ty and Aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­a­nism

Syria, refu­ge­es, and soli­da­ri­ty

Boli­vi­an Horizons: An Inter­view with Pablo Solón

Impea­ch­ment and Impe­ri­a­lism

Egypt: Mas­si­ve repres­sion against mobi­liza­tions

Iraq: A wind of anger blows

“The Peop­le Want the Fall of the Regi­me”

Spi­rit of war in Tur­key: Par­ty of War vs Par­ty of Bre­ad

The Inter­na­tio­nal Left Must Come to the Aid of the Hong Kong Peop­le

Defend the demo­cra­tic rights of the Cata­lan peop­le against an unjust sen­ten­ce and against repres­sion

Lebanon’s ‘Octo­ber Revo­lu­tion’ must go on!

Our soli­da­ri­ty with the Chile­an popu­lar move­ment. Enough of repres­sion, enough of neoli­be­ral poli­cies

The Octo­ber 2019 upri­sing

Palesti­ne: “No Libe­ra­tion Wit­hout Free Women”

Lat­in Ame­ri­ca and the glo­bal rea­ctio­nary wave

Denmark’s Red-Gre­ens: what answers when the cli­ma­te cri­sis sha­kes up poli­ti­cs?

A new cyc­le of popu­lar resi­stan­ce to neoli­be­ra­lism has ope­ned

No to the inva­sion and occu­pa­tion of nort­hea­stern Syria by the Tur­kish army

Revo­lu­tion, pro­ject and demo­cra­cy – notes on the Hirak

No Con­vi­ction for the Move­ment In and Out of the Army

The war for Erdogan’s sur­vi­val means pover­ty and death for us!

Cata­lo­nia poli­ti­cal pri­so­ners tri­als

Let­ter of sup­port to the peop­les of Ecu­a­dor

Cata­lo­nia: Inter­view with Josep Maria Anten­tas

On Argen­ti­na

Ecu­a­dor: Brutal eco­no­mic deci­sions (“paquet­a­zo”)

No abso­lu­te majo­ri­ty for the SP, the right suf­fers an histo­ric defe­at

Betraying the Kurds

Trump’s ‘stab in the back’ to the Kur­dish natio­nal move­ment

Hong Kong : Sta­te­ment from Stu­dents’ Uni­ons of Hig­her Insti­tu­tions on the Pro­hi­bi­tion on Face Cove­ring Regu­la­tion

India and the Colo­ni­al Debt

Women against neolo­be­ral reforms and repres­sion in Ecu­a­dor

In defen­ce of Gre­ta Thunberg

Muga­be is dead: remem­ber Chi­adzwa

Making Portugal’s Bre­ak With Auste­ri­ty Real

Modi’s Phi­los­op­her

GM Wor­kers Need More Than a Decent Con­tra­ct

We are quit­ting the Awa­mi Wor­kers Par­ty

Macron and the Gilets jau­nes

Bri­tish poli­ti­cs in utter tur­moil

The Fan­ta­sy of Nor­mal­cy: Neoli­be­ra­lism, the Family, and the New Right

Down with Sisi and Long Live the Peop­le!

Among the right-wing gover­n­ments, Bolsonaro’s is the one with most neo-fascist fea­tu­res

Let’s win back our futu­re: chan­ge the system not the cli­ma­te

The mil­len­ni­al generation’s strug­g­le for self-deter­mi­na­tion

Ser­gio, the irre­pla­ceab­le com­ra­de

The New York City Stu­dent Cli­ma­te Stri­ke

The Day After Macri’s Down­fall

Striking Gene­ral Motors Wor­kers Aren’t Back­ing Down

Lexit will not dis­mant­le Fortress Euro­pe

Why build a glo­bal cli­ma­te stri­ke in Bra­zil?

MNA’s Ali Wazir and Mohsin Dawar Gran­ted Bail

Paki­stan: Capi­ta­lism and cli­ma­te chan­ge

Scot­tish inde­pen­den­ce grows nea­rer

Eco­so­ci­a­lism & Just Tran­si­tion – System Chan­ge

The futu­re demands environ­men­tal justi­ce

Bri­tish poli­ti­cs in tumult

Hong Kong’s pro­test move­ment must stop ignor­ing migrant wor­kers

Femi­ni­sts on the front lines of the Alge­ri­an upri­sing

Public Trans­port Can Be Free

“The Femi­nism of the 1 Per­cent Has Asso­ci­a­ted Our Cau­se With Eli­tism”

Do Remai­ners want to aban­don the wor­king class?

Stop the repres­sion in West Papua

#Pro­test­Too: the women at the fore­front of Hong Kong’s anti-gover­n­ment move­ment

Hin­dutva on the march

Pro­test in Dha­ka against the repres­sion on the peop­le of Kas­h­mir by Indi­an army

Labour move­ment begins to face down the coup

Hands off the squats!

What the San­ders’ Campaign Opens

Hope Is in the Stre­ets

Addres­sing cri­sis and buil­ding coun­ter power through new Afri­can eco­fe­mi­nist move­ment

Only Labour can stop Johnson’s coup

BDS con­demns anti­se­mi­tic, fascist for­ces in Ger­ma­ny and wor­ldwi­dear­ti­c­le

The­re is a new wave of Femi­nism! Orga­ni­sing for our futu­re and the pla­net!

The defen­ce of the Ama­zon is a fight for the futu­re of the earth

On poli­ti­cal cri­sis in Moscow

Oppo­se Con­ti­nu­ing Assaults on Idlib and on Kurds in Nort­hea­stern Syria

On Trump and Net­a­ny­a­hu and mutu­al inte­r­e­sts

Puer­to Rico: The orga­nic cri­sis and the alter­na­ti­ves

5 Ways to Sup­port Palesti­ni­an Que­ers

Palesti­ni­an Aut­ho­ri­ty bans LGBT group, calls for repres­sion

Sup­port for Hong Kon­gers in strug­g­le for their demo­cra­tic rights

With the con­sti­tu­tio­nal agre­e­ment, the Suda­ne­se Revo­lu­tion enters a new pha­se

The batt­le of the Bogsi­de

Sta­te­ment on India’s Revo­ca­tion of Jam­mu & Kashmir’s Auto­no­mous Sta­tus by the Indi­an Gover­n­ment

Con­fron­ta­tion loo­m­ing on Bre­xit

On the fight of the Suda­ne­se Pro­fes­sio­nals Asso­ci­a­tion: “We Want to Take Sudan From This Dark Cor­ner to a Bright Futu­re”

Was Marx an eco­lo­gist?

The Portu­gu­e­se solu­tion and how to use it

India: The mea­ning of Kas­h­mir

Can you help Inter­na­tio­nal Viewpo­int?

Scour­ge of Unem­ploy­ment Shows Need for Dra­stic Sta­te Inter­ven­tion

Steve’s dead. Enough poli­ce vio­len­ce and sta­te lies! Casta­ner out!

Hong Kong’s Fight for Life

Puer­to Rico: Sum­mer 2019: results and per­specti­ves

Radi­cal Soci­a­list (India) sta­te­ment on the Scrap­ping of Arti­c­les 370 and 35A

A Stri­ke to Keep Us Wor­king

Women’s/Feminist Stri­ke in Switzer­land: A Step Forward on the Road of the Inter­na­liza­tion of Femi­nist Strug­g­les

DSA Con­ven­tion 2019

South Afri­ca: Trans­for­m­ing com­mu­ni­ty pro­tests into an upri­sing

“More Tri­bal, More Secta­ri­an, More Cro­ny Capi­ta­list Than Ever”

The far right, LGB­TIQ peop­le and a stra­te­gy for resi­stan­ce

The rebel­li­on in Hong Kong is inten­si­fying

Chan­ge the ori­en­ta­tion, Don’t repe­at mista­kes, Build the alter­na­ti­ve!

A pre­di­ctab­le fia­sco – on the outco­me of the Euro­pe­an elections and the imme­di­a­te tasks for Die Lin­ke

Deco­lo­ni­al Com­mu­nism reviewed

Floods & Ero­sion: Call to Sup­port Natu­ral Disa­ster Affected Peop­le in Bang­la­desh

Johnson’s Tori­es = Bre­xit Par­ty Mark II

Befo­re the Revo­lu­tion: an inter­view with Wis­sem Zizi, Alge­ri­an Marxist-femi­nist.

After the elections, the storm

“We got the cup, now we want to get the system out of here”

Whe­re is Ste­ve?

How Women Are Lea­ding the Class Strug­g­le

Soli­da­ri­ty with the peop­le of Puer­to Rico

Euro­pe­an Uni­on-Tuni­sia Rela­tions­hip: “Stop Peop­le but Let Goods Through”

Pet­ty bour­geois devi­a­tions?

What is the Rank-and-File Stra­te­gy, and Why Does It Mat­ter?

The Ever-Shif­ting ‘Stra­te­gic Tri­ang­le’ Betwe­en Rus­sia, China and the U.S.

Ermi­ne robes and base­ball caps

The inter­na­tio­nal soli­da­ri­ty campaign with Ali Waze­er and Mos­hi Dawar

Sti­ke against sexu­al har­ras­sment a power­ful moment in labour history

The situ­a­tion of youth in Hong Kong, the deva­sta­tion of the LegCo, and the dyna­mi­cs of the cri­sis

Chile’s Nationwi­de Tea­cher Stri­ke Has Thous­ands Taking to the Stre­ets

Trum­pism goes glo­bal

Giving Amazon’s Side of the Story

The Vio­lent Work of South Afri­can Gangs

Suda­ne­se and Alge­ri­an Upri­sings: Van­ta­ge Points for Glo­bal Soli­da­ri­ty

Pre­pa­re popu­lar resi­stan­ce!

The Poli­ti­cs of Cli­ma­te Loo­ting

How many more wars?

Alge­ria, Sudan…: The Sea­sons After the Arab Spring

Indonesia’s Election and Pola­riza­tion

Help OKDE publis­hing hou­se and headquar­ters

Auste­ri­ty Eco­no­mi­cs Rus­si­an Sty­le: “The sta­te never asked you to be born”

Dia­ne Abbott, John McDon­nell and Emily Thor­n­ber­ry are cor­rect on Bre­xit

The victo­ri­es – and con­ti­nu­ing strug­g­les – of women in Sudan

The situ­a­tion in Wazi­ri­stan – Relea­se Ali Waze­er, Mohsin Dawar and PTM acti­vists!

Ada Colau remains may­or of Bar­ce­lo­na

Defend Abor­tion Rights!

Argen­ti­na in its Labyrinth

South Afri­ca: Something’s got to give

The Left and Right in Lat­in Ame­ri­ca Today: An Inter­view with Clau­dio Katz

Suc­cess of the gene­ral stri­ke of 14 June

Women’s stri­ke in Switzer­land with more than 500 000 women par­ti­ci­pat­ing

Eve­ryt­hing You Need to Know About the Hong Kong Pro­tests

“They are intent on deme­a­ning and mis­re­p­re­sen­ting Trot­sky him­self becau­se his ideas are still very rele­vant”

Sudan – women at the heart of mobi­liza­tions