Erdogan’s vio­lent equil­bri­um

Soli­da­ri­ty with His­ham Fou­ad

Kwa­Zulu-Natal and Gau­teng are bur­ning, we need to build a just pea­ce

On the Chin­e­se regi­me

Not a Cau­se for Palesti­ni­ans Only

When Libe­rals Fail on Palesti­ne

Old Wine in New Bott­les? ‑The Chin­e­se Com­mu­nist Par­ty (CCP) cele­bra­tes its cen­te­nary

Michel Hus­son, cri­ti­cal Marxist eco­no­mist

From Paki­stan to the Phi­lip­pi­nes, facing the health cri­sis and aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­an regi­mes

Genoa didn’t last for only 48 hours

Floods: this is not a natu­ral disa­ster

From Cuba: a descrip­tion of the pro­tests

The rele­van­ce of the the­ory of per­ma­nent revo­lu­tion and its topi­ca­li­ty

Covid Emer­gen­cy in Indo­nesia: An Urgent Appe­al for Dona­tions

For near­ly 50 days, undo­cu­men­ted migrants have been on hunger stri­ke in Brus­sels

Soci­al explo­sion in Cuba: the ignored sig­nals

Towards a Gene­ral Stri­ke

The Other Regio­nal Coun­ter-Revo­lu­tion: Iran’s Role in the Shif­ting Poli­ti­cal Landsca­pe of the Mid­dle East

Right-wing atta­cks on the wor­king class in Gre­e­ce – back to the 19th cen­tury

Ira­ni­ans, Elections, San­ctions: Oppres­sed by the Isla­mic Repu­blic and Star­ved by the Inter­na­tio­nal Regi­me

Still no solu­tion for undo­cu­men­ted migrants on hunger stri­ke in Brus­sels

Palesti­ni­an libe­ra­tion and the MENA revo­lu­tions

What June­te­enth means in the batt­le for equa­li­ty

Ray­ner O’Connor Lysaght Pre­sen­te!

Con­dem­ning the insti­tu­tio­nal mur­der of Fat­her Stan Swa­my

“Isra­el is a sta­te that is moving righ­twards, with more and more fascist ten­den­cies”

Marxis­ms and Tran­si­tions

Con­cei­ving Deco­lo­niza­tion

Zio­nist Colo­niza­tion and Its Victim

The Chin­e­se Expe­ri­en­ce and the The­ory of Per­ma­nent Revo­lu­tion

Bur­ma: The War vs. the Peop­le

Under the Heat Dome

Bat­ley — No Gre­at Victory for Star­mer

A “sci­en­ti­fic” con­gress con­fi­nes women to role of repro­du­cers

Palesti­ni­an Ame­ri­cans Take the Lead

Afghanistan’s Tra­ge­dy

Bla­ck Can­di­da­tes Lead in New York City, Bla­ck Soci­a­list Wins May­or in Buf­fa­lo

Let’s fede­ra­te to “storm the hea­vens”!

1979 in Rever­se

Femi­nism: women figh­ting for their rights have always met resi­stan­ce from male power …

Marxism and the oppres­sion of trans peop­le

Trans Libe­ra­tion and Soci­a­list Femi­nism

The incan­des­cent front of East Asia: the back­gro­und to the pre­sent cri­sis

On the Arre­sts of Ita­li­an Mili­tants in Fran­ce

Hungary: pre-election situ­a­tion and emer­gen­ce of a new anti­ca­pi­ta­list left

“Infra­strcu­tu­re” is all the rage, and not only…

Mas­si­ve mobi­li­sa­tions in Gre­e­ce against a sla­ve­ry law

From revolt to pro­cess

From civil diso­be­di­en­ce to armed resi­stan­ce – what new Bur­ma can emer­ge from today’s chal­len­ges?

Detroit’s Tale of Two Water Cri­ses

COVID-19 Vac­ci­ne Apart­heid: No One Is Safe from Big Phar­ma

A pla­ce­hol­der gover­n­ment going nowhe­re

G7: Vac­ci­ne apart­heid main­tai­ned!

Impe­ri­a­list Key­nesi­a­nism

Orte­ga Arre­sts Oppo­si­tion Can­di­da­tes Ahe­ad of Novem­ber 2021 Election

To Address Increa­sing Inequa­li­ty and Glo­bal Pover­ty, We Must Can­cel Debt

Who’s afraid of Pedro Castil­lo?

Isra­el: Bibi, is it over?

Legis­la­ti­ve elections wit­hout any legi­ti­ma­cy

A Cen­tury Sin­ce the Tulsa Race Mas­sa­cre of 1921

All to the bor­ders! A suc­ces­sful femi­nist and inter­na­tio­na­list demon­stra­tion despi­te indif­fe­ren­ce and repres­sion

Vac­ci­na­tion as Class Strug­g­le

“A tur­ning point in the Palesti­ni­an strug­g­le”

Strug­g­le con­ti­nu­es against mili­tary regi­me

Biden, the Oil Com­pa­nies, and the Environ­ment

Tia­nan­men: For a Dif­fe­rent Kind of Remem­bran­ce

Betwe­en regi­me cri­sis and a pos­sib­le late {pro­g­re­sis­mo} in Peru

Death, hou­sing and taxes – Upco­m­ing thre­ats to Irish eco­no­mic stra­te­gy

Reflections of an Anti-Impe­ri­a­list after Ten Years of Deba­te

Why the Paris Com­mu­ne Still Reso­na­tes, 150 Years Later

Syria’s Labor Com­mu­nist Par­ty, a rich poli­ti­cal history

Indo­nesia as Testing Gro­und

Hong Kong: An Upri­sing and Its Fate

The Vendô­me Column and the inter­na­tio­na­lism of the Com­mu­ne

From the electo­ral conjun­c­tu­re to the recove­ry of popu­lar ini­ti­a­ti­ve

Dis­u­ni­ted King­dom

Xinji­ang (China) – A look back at the history of East Tur­ke­stan and the geopo­li­ti­cs of Cen­tral Asia

Palesti­ne: a “cea­se­fi­re” that sol­ves not­hing, a mobi­liza­tion that con­ti­nu­es

The red thre­ad of the Com­mu­ne

“Unpre­ce­den­ted and unac­cep­tab­le”

The eco­no­mic respon­se to the cri­sis bene­fits lar­ge com­pa­nies

The popu­lar upri­sing is brin­ging down the neoli­be­ral and mili­ta­rist regi­me

Tous­saint Lou­ver­tu­re and the Hai­ti­an Revo­lu­tion

James Baldwin for Our Time

An excep­tio­nal mili­tant life

“One of the indis­pensab­le ones ”

Egypt’s Upri­sing and Its Fate

With all Alge­ri­an women

Par­ty-sta­te and mafia sta­te

India’s Covid Cri­sis: Can the Modi Regi­me Get India Out of It?

The Palesti­ni­an Cata­strop­he

Chile­an elections – Deba­c­le for the regime’s par­ties

Pro­g­res­si­ves Bre­ak with Biden Over His Uncri­ti­cal Sup­port for Isra­el

An urgent appe­al to rai­se voi­ces for the safe­ty of poli­ti­cal acti­vist, human rights defen­der Shah Nawaz Ali Sher

Repu­bli­cans Pass Sta­te Laws to Restri­ct Voting Rights: A Return to Jim Crow

The women’s revo­lu­tion: what the coup means for gen­der equa­li­ty in Myan­mar

Soli­da­ri­ty with Palesti­ni­ans against neoco­lo­ni­al aggres­sion

Eth­nic Cle­an­sing Esca­la­tes in Palesti­ne: U.S. Says “Stay Calm”

Soli­da­ri­ty with the Palesti­ni­ans against colo­ni­al aggres­sion!

The Strug­g­le Against Eth­nic Cle­an­sing in Jerus­a­lem

Pea­sant mobi­liza­tions against back­drop of agra­ri­an cri­sis

Madrid: Rise of the Right, Defe­at of the Left

‘Death to the Arabs’: raci­a­lized vio­len­ce has always defi­ned Isra­el

Right swe­eps Madrid, left must ret­hink

Betwe­en May Day strug­g­les and indi­scri­mi­na­te repres­sion in Alge­ria

Biden’s “Bulls­hit” Cli­ma­te Sum­mit

Our soli­da­ri­ty with the Colom­bi­an peop­le!

Tur­ning a Pro­fit from Death – On Modi’s Pan­de­mic Respon­se in Neoli­be­ral India

Islamop­ho­bia in Euro­pe

Arre­st of seven Ita­li­an ex-mili­tants: Macron toug­her than Sarkozy!

Regi­me inten­si­fies repres­sion, but strug­g­le con­ti­nu­es

Chauvin’s Con­vi­ction and the Futu­re of Poli­cing

What now for Die Lin­ke?

For a new 25 April

Put­chist gene­rals and sorcerer’s appren­ti­ces

Biden: “Empi­re Is Back”…

Can Deli­ve­ry Dri­vers Bre­ak Their Silen­ce?

Today, We Cele­bra­te the Car­na­tion Revo­lu­tion

Left Bloc defends the wai­ving of patents on vac­ci­nes against Covid-19

Boris John­son and the Orba­ni­sa­tion of Bri­tain

Eco­no­my & geopo­li­ti­cs – Biden and Euro­pe, Con­cer­ning China and Rus­sia

The revo­lu­tio­nary rele­van­ce of Rosa Luxem­burg

Lea Tse­mel, Advo­ca­te for Justi­ce

My jour­ney was no dif­fe­rent than others

The EU and Ener­gy – and the three whi­te elep­hants

Western Impe­ri­a­lism and the Role of Sub-impe­ri­a­lism in the Glo­bal South

The last esca­pe – The­o­log­os Psa­ra­del­lis (1943–2021)

Hugo Blan­co, the Per­u­vi­an eco­so­ci­a­list

Koso­vo: a histo­ric tur­ning point

The Power of the Polish Women’s Stri­ke

The Lyn­ching of Geor­ge Floyd: Truth vs. Copa­gan­da

The Lyn­ching of Geor­ge Floyd: Truth vs. Copa­gan­da

Some thoughts on “Care”

French oil giant still bank­rol­ling Myan­mar jun­ta

Fran­ce in Rwan­da: respon­sib­le but not guilty?

A look back at the geno­ci­de and the essen­ti­al role of Fran­ce

Uni­on Orga­nizing Dri­ve at Ama­zon Fails—Why? What Next?

From Rafa­el Cor­rea to Guil­ler­mo Las­so via Lenin Moreno

“Lat­in Ame­ri­ca has once again ente­red a peri­od of strong soci­al and poli­ti­cal tur­bu­len­ce”

The Indo­nesi­an Left Is Stuck in an Anti-Com­mu­nist Hang­over

Figh­ting anti-Asi­an vio­len­ce can­not Inclu­de apo­lo­gism for the Chin­e­se sta­te

As Ame­ri­can Life Returns to Nor­mal, Mass Shoo­tings Resu­me

In Ita­ly, the pro­spects ope­ned up by the natio­nal riders’ stri­ke

“Nor­ma­li­sa­tion” cros­ses a deci­si­ve thres­hold

Their anti-impe­ri­a­lism and ours

New esca­la­tion in the Don­bass and the posi­tion of the soci­a­lists

Poli­ti­cs in Bri­tain is ente­ring a new pha­se

Ten years after the popu­lar upri­sing in Syria

Bamars and natio­nal mino­ri­ties – a new poli­ti­cal situ­a­tion

Women’s Rights in Tur­key: What You See Is the Top of the Ice­berg

The Chil­dren at the Bor­der and the Question of Immi­gra­tion

“We will pro­test for as long as pos­sib­le”

“When it comes to soci­al justi­ce, eco­no­mic and soci­al chan­ges, real reforms, we’ve seen not­hing”

The aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­an libe­ra­lism of Presi­dent Macky Sall

Puer­to Rico’s Mul­ti-lay­e­red Cri­sis

Kur­dish spring defies Erdo­gan

“They were all the more mon­strous becau­se they were women, they trans­gres­sed eve­ryt­hing”:

Bro­ad respon­se to the neoli­be­ral aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­a­nism of the right-wing gover­n­ment

Italy’s Ama­zon Stri­ke Shows How Wor­kers Across the Sup­ply Chain Can Uni­te

Do you know Lefrançais?

‘What it means to be Marxist’

“The Com­mu­ne is an ode to eman­ci­pa­tion, which cros­ses time”

Anti*Capitalist Resi­stan­ce (ACR) – a new poli­ti­cal regroup­ment

The Net­her­lands shifts right, again

Bolivia’s coup plot­ters in jail as elections loom

Vio­len­ce Against Women in Indo­nesia Is Syste­mic and the Gover­n­ment Is Not Doing Enough to Unra­vel It: Rights Acti­vists

Clap­ham Band­stand: the bir­th of a new women’s move­ment?

The Paris Com­mu­ne of 1871

Lula’s con­vi­ctions quas­hed,- a bolt in Brazil’s not-so-blue sky

The Bel­aru­si­an Revo­lu­tion: Les­sons, Per­specti­ves and Tacti­cs of the Radi­cal Left

The shipwreck of the Cen­tral Afri­can Repu­blic…

Inter­na­tio­nal Women’s Day is cele­bra­ted on the ini­ti­a­ti­ve of 12 orga­niza­tions

A Rus­si­an soci­a­list faces impri­son­ment! Soli­da­ri­ty nee­ded!

A new sta­ge in the fight against the mili­tary order – the resi­stan­ce calls for soli­da­ri­ty!

Women far­mers are at Del­hi bor­ders as equal sta­ke­hol­ders, deman­ding a voi­ce

Against the neoli­be­ral, aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­an and racist poli­cies of this gover­n­ment: take to the stre­ets!

March 8, 2021 – Mani­fe­sto by fAK­TIV

In Honour of Inter­na­tio­nal Women’s Day

Second-Wave Femi­nism: Accom­plis­h­ments & Les­sons

Gen­derqua­ke: soci­a­list women and the Paris Com­mu­ne

The Second Inter­na­tio­nal Soci­a­list Con­gress of Women in Copen­ha­gen

Sta­te­ment Women’s March Tokyo 2021 Orga­nizing Com­mit­tee

8 March: all on stri­ke!

On COVID and the Plague of Capi­tal

Don’t let Dimi­tris Kou­fodi­nas die!

Tran­si­tion, Trau­ma, and Troub­led Times

The Histo­ri­cal Sig­ni­fi­can­ce of the 2019 Hong Kong Resi­stan­ce Move­ment

Myan­mar Wor­kers and Uni­ons on the Front Lines in Fight Against Coup

Cor­pora­te giants cen­sor the inter­net and con­trol the news

In Koso­vo, unpre­ce­den­ted victory of Vetëven­dosje

The Won­der That Brings Hope: The Uni­on Can­di­da­te in Albania’s Par­li­a­men­tary Elections

Soli­da­ri­ty with Mama­dou #Mama­doumust­stay

How Can We Revi­ve Herd Immu­ni­ty to Fascism?

Cli­ma­te Chan­ge Comes to Repu­bli­can Texas Pro­ducing a Disa­ster

Soli­da­ri­ty with the hunger stri­ker Dimi­tris Kou­fodi­nas!

Gene­ral stri­ke against Myna­mar jun­ta!

Mil­li­ons Expected to Join Gene­ral Stri­ke in Myan­mar on Mon­day to Oppo­se Regi­me

Defend Pablo Hasel the rap­per, defend demo­cra­tic rights in the Spa­nish Sta­te

In Gre­e­ce, anger rises against the gover­n­ment of money, cops and free riding

Capi­tol: “He is guilty” said 57 Sena­tors, but Trump wal­ks