What’s at Sta­ke for the Labor Move­ment on Election Day? Eve­ryt­hing. – Uni­ons hope a Biden presi­den­cy will rever­se deca­des of anti-wor­ker poli­cies.

How to Trans­form Research and Innova­tion for the Com­mon Good – The cli­ma­te and Covid-19 cri­ses make it abun­dant­ly clear we need to chan­ge our society’s appro­ach to research and intel­lectu­al pro­per­ty.

Who Is Going to Stop Him? – If you don’t think that Trump will ste­al this election, plea­se explain why not.

Tar­ge­ted, Impri­so­ned, Depor­ted, Dead: How ICE’s Deten­tion Can Be Dead­ly to Migrants – Human rights advo­ca­te Dur­vi Mar­ti­nez was first detai­ned by Ver­mont Sta­te Poli­ce. Then ICE step­ped in.

No Parks for the Poor – In the face of bud­get cuts, some land mana­ge­ment agen­cies are ram­ping up user fees — and betraying the ega­li­ta­ri­an pro­mi­se of public lands.

Trump’s Fal­se Claims of Rampant Voter Fraud Draw From a Well-worn Racist Play­book – Repu­bli­cans have tri­ed to sup­press tur­nout among voters who are poor, disab­led or peop­le of col­or for many years.

Uni­te Here Is 85% Unem­ploy­ed and Still Figh­ting Like Hell – The eco­no­mi­cal­ly deva­sta­ted uni­on is kno­ck­ing on more doors than the enti­re Demo­cra­tic Par­ty

A New Cri­sis Hot­li­ne Could Ser­ve As an Alter­na­ti­ve to Poli­cing in Chi­ca­go – Poli­ce aren’t soci­al wor­kers. A new pro­posal would stop them from doing both jobs.

All the Options for Schoo­ling Are Bad—But We Have to Choo­se Safe­ty – On parents’ impos­sib­le deci­sion.

What Does a “Safe Return” to School Look Like? Ask Tea­cher Uni­ons. – Power­ful eli­tes are wil­ling to sacri­fi­ce the lives and futu­res of mil­li­ons to feed their own pro­fits. Tea­chers are figh­ting back.

Healt­hca­re Wor­kers Are Lea­ding the Lar­gest Stri­ke Ever at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Illi­nois-Chi­ca­go – In the face of a dead­ly pan­de­mic, UIC’s lar­ge­ly Bla­ck and Lat­i­no hospi­tal wor­k­for­ce is deman­ding wor­k­pla­ce safe­ty and livab­le wages.

The EPA Respon­ded to a Respira­tory Virus by Relaxing Pol­lu­tion Con­trols – Major pol­lu­ters were dee­med ‘essen­ti­al.’ Under EPA poli­cy, environ­men­tal and safe­ty inspectors were not.

“We’re Out Here Choking To Death”: What It’s Like Being Home­less on the Front Lines of the Cli­ma­te Fires – A con­ver­sa­tion with a home­less stre­et medic wor­king to save lives in San Fran­ci­sco.

The Con­fe­de­ra­cy Won’t Die Until Flo­ri­da Does – Election year in the epi­cen­ter of lost cau­ses.

“Colo­nizing the Atmosp­he­re”: How Rich, Western Nations Dri­ve the Cli­ma­te Cri­sis – New ana­ly­sis finds the Glo­bal North is respon­sib­le for 92% of all excess glo­bal car­bon dioxi­de emis­sions, whi­le the Glo­bal South bears the brunt of the deva­sta­tion.

Meet the Stu­dents Trying to Orga­nize the First Cam­pus-Wide Under­gra­du­a­te Uni­on – Insi­de the gro­und­bre­aking stu­dent orga­nizing dri­ve at Keny­on Col­le­ge.

This Is a Cli­ma­te Emer­gen­cy. We Need More Than Half-Mea­su­res from Demo­crats. – How to get the Demo­crats’ cli­ma­te poli­cy from “bet­ter than the Repu­bli­cans” to “suf­fi­ci­ent to save the pla­net.”

Stan­ding Rock’s Enduring Mes­sa­ge: “Let Us Teach You How To Live on This Land” – A con­ver­sa­tion with LaDon­na Bra­ve Bull Allard of the Stan­ding Rock Sioux Tri­be.

Four Steps to Trans­form the Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Indu­s­try and Sur­vi­ve the Pan­de­mic – Dea­ling with the Covid cri­sis will requi­re taking the pro­fit moti­ve out of our health systems. Here’s how.

How to Nego­ti­a­te With Peop­le Who Don’t Care If You Die – To win ano­t­her sti­mulus bill, the Demo­crats need to embra­ce cha­os.

The Pro­blem Isn’t That Peop­le Are Greedy—It’s That They’re Capi­ta­list – Capitalism’s ethos of “grow or die” comes at our expen­se.

Anti-War Vete­ran Is Furious Trump Is Twi­sting His Video Pro­testing Biden’s Iraq War Record – Air For­ce vete­ran is deman­ding Trump stop sha­ring a dated video of him con­fron­ting Biden.

Time For Uni­ons to Give the Demo­cra­tic Par­ty an Ulti­ma­tum – Money spent on orga­nizing is always well spent. You can’t say the same about poli­ti­cal dona­tions.

This Labor Day, Let’s Remem­ber Labor’s For­got­ten Fight—Shorter Hours and Con­trol Over Work Time – We’re wor­king more for less. Inste­ad, we should fight to work less for more.

Healt­hy Food Comes from Healt­hy Land, Not from Labo­ra­to­ri­es – Manu­fa­c­tu­red meat sub­sti­tu­tes do not­hing to resto­re the eco­sy­stems and rural com­mu­ni­ties rava­ged by indu­stri­al agri­cul­tu­re.

Poli­ce and Affor­dab­le Hou­sing Col­li­de in Char­le­ston – The South’s most pic­tu­resque city rec­k­ons with race and gen­tri­fi­ca­tion.

A Bri­ef History of the U.S. Government’s Tar­ge­ting of Left-Wing Immi­grants – Throug­hout U.S. history, right-wing for­ces have used the deni­al of citizens­hip to restri­ct poli­ti­cal dis­sent.

Why Eve­ry Job in the Renewab­le Ener­gy Indu­s­try Must Be a Uni­on Job – We need mil­li­ons of uni­on jobs that are good for both wor­kers and the cli­ma­te.

Tenants Just Won a Nationwi­de Evi­ction Ban. They’re Still Figh­ting to Can­cel Rent. – Presi­dent Trump’s sur­pri­se evi­ction mora­to­ri­um is an election hail-mary. But to sta­ve off a disa­strous hou­sing cri­sis, orga­nizers say Democrats—including Joe Biden—must embra­ce bol­der mea­su­res.

Trump Is Inci­ting Racist Vio­len­ce in Kenosha—And Demo­crats Are Com­pli­cit – Demo­crats are fai­ling to arti­cu­la­te a clear moral vision that is oppo­sed to Trump’s ultra-racist, law-and-order poli­ti­cs.

In Cali­for­nia, a “Labor Sla­te” Aims to Rede­fi­ne the Rela­tions­hip Betwe­en Uni­ons and Poli­ti­cs – From uni­on jobs to Medi­ca­re for All, this new pro-wor­ker sla­te is pus­hing a pro­g­res­si­ve platform—and could beco­me a model for how orga­nized labor appro­a­ches elections.

The Rank-and-File Push to Get Cops Out of the Labor Move­ment – Uni­on mem­bers spe­ak about why poli­ce have no pla­ce in the labor move­ment.

On the Cusp of a Sex Ed Revo­lu­tion – Texas has its first opportu­ni­ty in more than two deca­des to address gaps in its appro­ach to sex ed.

Satur­day at 8:00 p.m. ET: Join Ber­nie San­ders and Sara Nel­son for a spe­ci­al onli­ne event – We’re moving our anni­ver­s­ary cele­bra­tion online—and making it free for eve­ry­o­ne.

The Recon­struction-Era Legal The­ory Pre­ven­ting Cities and Towns from Respon­ding to the Covid-19 Cri­sis – Radi­cal times demand a radi­cal re-con­cep­tion of local poli­ti­cs.

Covid-19 Hunger Stri­kes Swe­ep Migrant Deten­tion Cen­ters – Jai­led migrants are figh­ting a batt­le for their lives.

A “Pro­g­res­si­ve” Vegan Company’s Anti-Uni­on Campaign – A con­ver­sa­tion with for­mer wor­kers at No Evil Foods, a vegan plant-based meat pro­du­cer in North Caro­li­na.

Sor­ry Son­ny: Natio­nal Fore­sts Are Not Cro­ps – Secre­tary of Agri­cul­tu­re Per­due has pri­o­ri­tized log­ging, mining and gra­zing on the Natio­nal Fore­sts that shel­ter many thre­a­te­ned spe­cies.

What Would a Femi­nist City Look Like? – New York’s City Hall encamp­ment provi­des a model for cre­at­ing care-cen­te­red, inclu­si­ve spa­ces.

Will Bay­er Get the Drift on Dicam­ba? – The agro­che­mi­cal com­pa­ny has been orde­red to pay hund­reds of mil­li­ons of dol­lars in lawsu­its alle­ging its potent her­bi­ci­de drifts and dama­ges cro­ps.

Levera­ge Is Eve­ryt­hing – The striking NBA play­ers have inhe­rent power, but so do you.

10 Ways Remo­te Lear­ning Is Fai­ling Our Stu­dents – Retur­ning to in-per­son lear­ning poses many risks. So does staying at home.

A Direct Lega­cy of Sla­ve­ry, Domestic Wor­ker Exploi­ta­tion Is On the Rise In the U.S. – The pan­de­mic has left alre­a­dy vul­ne­rab­le wor­kers even more expo­sed to abu­ses on the job.

The Fail­u­re to Uni­o­nize the Tech Indu­s­try Will Eat the Labor Move­ment Ali­ve – The pan­de­mic has made tech stron­ger, but uni­ons haven’t caught up.

The RNC’s Puzzling Obses­sion with Soci­a­lism – With a pan­de­mic ravag­ing the coun­try, a histo­ri­cal­ly unpo­pu­lar presi­dent and no plat­form to run on, the Repu­bli­can Par­ty has set its sights on atta­ck­ing soci­a­lism. It doesn’t seem to be wor­king.

Want to Abo­lish the Poli­ce? The First Step Is Put­ting Them Under Demo­cra­tic Con­trol. – Abo­li­tion is part of a bro­a­der strug­g­le for demo­cra­cy.

Com­mu­ni­ty Con­trol Won’t Fix What’s Wrong with Cops – There’s no refor­m­ing an inhe­rent­ly vio­lent, whi­te supre­ma­cist system. We must abo­lish the poli­ce.

To Trans­form Poli­cing, We Need Com­mu­ni­ty Con­trol – An elected civi­li­an coun­cil could cra­ck down on poli­ce abu­ses, and pave the way for lon­ger-term trans­for­ma­tions.

Stop Bla­m­ing Indi­vi­du­als for the Spre­ad of Covid and Start Bla­m­ing the Gover­n­ment Respon­se – By pre­sen­ting col­lecti­ve, struc­tu­ral cri­ses as sepa­ra­te, indi­vi­du­al pro­blems with sepa­ra­te, indi­vi­du­a­lized solu­tions, the gover­n­ment abdi­ca­tes its respon­si­bi­li­ty to mea­ning­ful­ly inter­ve­ne.

We Orga­nize Domestic Wor­kers. Here’s Why We Deci­ded We Need a Uni­on, Too. – How our uni­on will make our orga­niza­tion stron­ger.

‘Peop­le Are Still Put­ting Their Bodi­es on the Line to Stop this Pipe­li­ne’ – A court found that the Dako­ta Access Pipe­li­ne was built unlaw­ful­ly. The­se water pro­tectors are still in pri­son for trying to stop it.

15 Years After Hur­ri­ca­ne Katri­na, Ano­t­her Per­fect Storm Is Upon Us – When Katri­na hit, the main­stream media and Con­gress both rea­cted sha­me­ful­ly. Their respon­se to the pan­de­mic is no dif­fe­rent.

A Pri­cey Pri­va­te School Says “Qua­ker Valu­es” Justi­fy Aggres­si­ve Campaign to Destroy Its Uni­on – Brook­lyn Fri­ends School takes advan­ta­ge of a Trump labor board ruling.

Banks Have Made $18 Bil­li­on From “Pay­check Pro­tection Pro­gram” Pro­ces­sing Fees Alo­ne – Fees paid to banks eclip­se fun­ding allo­ca­ted to deve­l­op vac­ci­nes, provi­de medi­cal sup­plies and feed chil­dren.

It’s Not Just Trump: The Neoli­be­ral Roots of the Postal Ser­vi­ce Cri­sis – We should defend the Post Offi­ce, both from Trump and the ide­o­lo­gy of auste­ri­ty that tre­ats the agen­cy “like a busi­ness.”

Soci­al Absti­nen­ce Is Not a Sustai­nab­le Pan­de­mic Respon­se – The “just say no” appro­ach isn’t wor­king. But here’s what might.

To Win in 2020 and Bey­ond, the Demo­crats Need a Bol­der Moral Vision – The urgent case for set­ting our sights hig­her.

Insi­de the End­less Nigh­t­ma­re of Inde­fi­ni­te Deten­tion Under “Civil Com­mit­ment” – After ser­ving their cri­mi­nal sen­ten­ce, the­se men discover their punis­h­ment may never be over.

This Ter­ri­fying Eco­no­mic Cri­sis Will Make Cities Bet­ter – Amid the pan­de­mic, the rich are fle­e­ing Ame­ri­can cities. That’s a good thing.

The Last Thing Libya Needs Is an Inten­si­fi­ca­tion of a U.S. Proxy War – We must stop our gover­n­ment from tre­at­ing Libya like its own pri­va­te batt­le­gro­und.

Trump Is Trying to Put Us on War Foo­ting with China. It’s Up to the Left to Stop It. – On the dan­gers of the Right’s new China sca­re

Agri­cul­tu­ral Wor­kers Lose Mil­li­ons of Dol­lars Each Year to Employ­er Wage Theft – It’s against U.S. labor laws, but that hasn’t stop­ped employ­ers from wit­hhol­ding more than $65 mil­li­on in wor­ker wages over the last two deca­des.

The Pan­de­mic Is Expo­sing the Rot­ten Core of Our Indu­stri­al Food System – Whi­le indu­stri­al farms have been thrown into cha­os, local agri­cul­tu­re has pro­ved to be a more resi­li­ent model.

The Return of the Con­struction Indu­s­try Has Brought a Sur­ge of Immi­grant Wor­ker Deat­hs – The rush to keep buil­ding through the pan­de­mic has com­po­un­ded the risks for con­struction wor­kers.

U.S. San­ctions Are Strang­ling a Leba­non in Cri­sis – As Leba­non faces mul­tip­le, over­lap­ping cata­strop­hes, U.S. poli­cies are making them wor­se.

Now Comes the Dif­fi­cult Work of Pus­hing the Biden-Har­ris Tick­et Left – If Biden’s VP pick Kama­la Har­ris is a “weat­her vane,” then it’s up to pro­g­res­si­ves to chan­ge the weat­her.

The Lar­gest Pri­va­te-Sector Stri­ke of the Year Is Hea­ded for Uni­on Victory – After near­ly seven weeks on the pick­et line, Machin­i­sts uni­on mem­bers will soon vote on a con­tra­ct that inclu­des eve­ryt­hing they’re figh­ting for.

The Gre­en New Deal Just Won a Major Uni­on Endor­se­ment. What’s Stop­ping the AFL-CIO? – Uni­on sup­port for the Gre­en New Deal is growing. It’s time for America’s lar­gest labor fede­ra­tion to get on board.

Now Comes the Dif­fi­cult Work of Pus­hing the Biden-Har­ris Tick­et Left

Mijen­te Stay­ed Out of the 2016 Election. Here’s Why It’s Going All In This Time. – His­pa­nic voters will com­pri­se 13% of the electo­ra­te this year—the lar­gest nonwhi­te demo­grap­hic group of eli­gib­le voters. Mijente’s “Fue­ra Trump” campaign aims to mobi­lize them for the Novem­ber election.

Mijen­te Stay­ed Out of the 2016 Election. Here’s Why It’s Going All In This Time.

Ani­mals and Plants Are Relo­cat­ing Becau­se of Cli­ma­te Chan­ge. Should They Be Con­si­de­red Inva­si­ve? -

I Shouldn’t Have to Be a “Strong Bla­ck Woman” for My Life to Mat­ter – Sup­port Bla­ck women when we are loud or qui­et, when we are bra­ve or sca­red, when we are fed-up or meek.

I Shouldn’t Have to Be a “Strong Bla­ck Woman” for My Life to Mat­ter

Want Pro­g­res­si­ve U.S. Poli­ti­cs? Con­ti­nue to Reform the Demo­cra­tic Par­ty Rules – The­re would be far more elected offi­ci­als like Jamaal Bow­man and AOC, if New York com­plied with the new Par­ty reforms.

Want Pro­g­res­si­ve U.S. Poli­ti­cs? Con­ti­nue to Reform the Demo­cra­tic Par­ty Rules

Biden Pro­mi­ses a Return to the Oba­ma Era. That’s Bad News for Palesti­ni­ans. – A campaign built on nostal­gia is no com­fort for tho­se who are not at all nostal­gic for the Oba­ma admi­ni­stra­tion.

Biden Pro­mi­ses a Return to the Oba­ma Era. That’s Bad News for Palesti­ni­ans.

Report: More Environ­men­ta­lists Were Mur­de­red Last Year Than Ever Befo­re -

Robert Reich: How Mitch McConnell’s Repu­bli­cans Are Destroying Ame­ri­ca

Robert Reich: How Mitch McConnell’s Repu­bli­cans Are Destroying Ame­ri­ca – Whi­le a let­hal pan­de­mic and eco­no­mic cri­sis wre­ak havoc on wor­king fami­lies, McCon­nell and the GOP are dead set on pro­tecting busi­ness inte­r­e­sts and enri­ching the wealt­hy.

The Demo­cra­tic Plat­form Fight Shows It’s Still Obama’s Par­ty

The Demo­cra­tic Plat­form Fight Shows It’s Still Obama’s Par­ty – Ber­nie San­ders sup­por­ters have pus­hed for pro­g­res­si­ve pri­o­ri­ties in the plat­form, but the Bara­ck Oba­ma wing of the Demo­cra­tic establis­h­ment is still in the driver’s seat.

The Futu­re of Home­less Orga­nizing Lives on the Pret­tiest Stre­et in Phila­delp­hia -

An Injury to Port­land Is an Injury to All -

Why the South Needs Pro-Wor­ker Media – A con­ver­sa­tion with David Story and Jacob Mor­ri­son, the hosts of The Val­ley Labor Report, a new radio show out of Huntsvil­le, Ala­ba­ma.

The Search for a Covid Vac­ci­ne Is Not an Arms Race – Tre­at­ing vac­ci­ne research like a natio­nal securi­ty secret endan­gers us all.

The Search for a Covid Vac­ci­ne Is Not an Arms Race

Wor­kers Blow the Whi­st­le on Mass Death – Pri­va­te equi­ty firms have impo­sed auste­ri­ty mea­su­res on the hospi­tals they acqui­re. In a pan­de­mic, that’s meant count­less pre­ven­tab­le deat­hs.

Wor­kers Blow the Whi­st­le on Mass Death

How the Foster Care System Punis­hes the Poor -

The For­mer Dead­spin Peop­le Explain How to Launch a Wor­ker-Owned Media Co-op That Might Suc­ce­ed -

Chi­ca­go Is Spen­ding $1.6 Bil­li­on on 13,000 Poli­ce. Is It Worth It? – With shoo­tings and mur­ders on the rise and Presi­dent Trump sen­ding fede­ral agents to the city, com­mu­ni­ty orga­nizers and cri­mi­no­lo­gi­sts point to a poli­ce hiring spree from just four years ago to show that more cops on Chicago’s stre­ets aren’t the answer.

Chi­ca­go Is Spen­ding $1.6 Bil­li­on on 13,000 Poli­ce. Is It Worth It?

Rural Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter

Rural Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter – After Tra­von Brown found a cross bur­ning in his yard, he orga­nized a Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter march in the rural town of Marion, Va., whe­re hund­reds of angry coun­ter-pro­te­stors were rea­dy and wai­ting.

If “Can­cel Cul­tu­re” Is About Get­ting Fired, Let’s Can­cel At-Will Employ­ment -

“The Goal Is to Abo­lish the Poli­ce”: A Con­ver­sa­tion with Assata’s Daugh­ters

“The Goal Is to Abo­lish the Poli­ce”: A Con­ver­sa­tion with Assata’s Daugh­ters – Young orga­nizers on ‘plan­ting the seeds’ of a bet­ter wor­ld.

From Tra­ctors to Pho­nes, Com­pa­nies Don’t Want You to Repair Stuff. Appa­la­chi­ans Are Figh­ting Back -

OSHA Is Fai­ling Essen­ti­al Wor­kers. Why Not Let Them Sue Their Bos­ses? -

Child Care Wor­kers Are Now a Migh­ty For­ce With a Huge New Uni­on. It Only Took 17 Years. -

Why Ship­bu­il­ders in Coastal Mai­ne are (Still) On Stri­ke – A con­ver­sa­tion with Jami Bel­le­fl­eur, a Mai­ne ship­bu­il­der.

Cali­for­nia Hospi­tal Wor­kers Stri­ke, Fra­c­turing Pandemic’s Une­a­sy Labor Pea­ce -

“We Are On the Cusp of Somet­hing Gre­at”: A Bla­ck Libe­ra­tion Orga­nizer on Next Steps for the Move­ment

“We Are On the Cusp of Somet­hing Gre­at”: A Bla­ck Libe­ra­tion Orga­nizer on Next Steps for the Move­ment – An inter­view with Niki­ta Mit­chell

Betwe­en Dwind­ling Reve­nue and Rising Virus Cases, Rural Hospi­tals Face a Rec­k­o­ning -

Sing­le Mot­hers and Their Chil­dren Are Taking Over Aban­do­ned Public Buil­dings -

The Kit­chen Sink – It’s whe­re you put the dis­hes. Add a litt­le soap, scrub ‘a dub and lay them out to dry. Now you can relax again.

Poli­ce Bud­gets Are Bal­loo­ning as Soci­al Pro­grams Crum­b­le

Poli­ce Bud­gets Are Bal­loo­ning as Soci­al Pro­grams Crum­b­le – Cities across the coun­try have defied demands from pro­testers to defund poli­ce despi­te facing huge bud­get defi­cits from Covid-19.

Phil­ly D.A. Lar­ry Kras­ner Says He’s Rea­dy to Char­ge Inva­ding Fede­ral Agents with Cri­mes

Phil­ly D.A. Lar­ry Kras­ner Says He’s Rea­dy to Char­ge Inva­ding Fede­ral Agents with Cri­mes – He sees a way out of our “drun­ken stum­b­le” into fascism.

Bewa­re the Anti-Defa­ma­tion League’s Efforts to Part­ner with Pro­g­res­si­ve Orgs – The Anti-Defa­ma­tion League has a long history of smea­ring Bla­ck acti­vists, wor­king with poli­ce, and evoking “hate spe­ech” to demo­nize the pea­ce­ful BDS move­ment.

Bewa­re the Anti-Defa­ma­tion League’s Efforts to Part­ner with Pro­g­res­si­ve Orgs

Defund the Poli­ce? Why Not? – We should not con­fu­se public safe­ty with inve­st­ments in systems of punis­h­ment.

Defund the Poli­ce? Why Not?

Pro­testing Nati­ve Deat­hs by Poli­ce – Amid pro­tests against poli­ce vio­len­ce nationwi­de, a march was held in remem­bran­ce of a Nati­ve man who died in poli­ce custo­dy whi­le suf­fe­ring a men­tal health cri­sis.

Pro­testing Nati­ve Deat­hs by Poli­ce

Bay­er Engi­ne­e­red a New Corn Seed That’s Resi­stant to Five Her­bi­ci­des. But How Long Will It Work? -

The Post Offi­ce Belongs to the Public. Let’s not Give it to Wall Stre­et. -

11 Sta­ti­sti­cs That Show Racism Is Entren­ched in Our Healt­hca­re System – Covid-19 is dis­pro­por­tio­na­te­ly har­m­ing Bla­ck Ame­ri­cans. This is not an excep­tion, but the rule.

11 Sta­ti­sti­cs That Show Racism Is Entren­ched in Our Healt­hca­re System

OSHA Com­plaints Show the Mor­bid Dan­gers Healt­hca­re Wor­kers Face During Covid -

Tea­chers Uni­ons Look Like the Last Line of Defen­se in Trump’s “Reck­less” School Reo­pe­ning Crus­a­de -

They Are Burying Us Ali­ve in Pri­son

They Are Burying Us Ali­ve in Pri­son – When Covid-19 bro­ke out in Sta­te­vil­le Cor­rectio­nal Cen­ter, we were left to die.

All Undo­cu­men­ted Immi­grants Deser­ve Citizenship—Not Just “Essen­ti­al Wor­kers”

All Undo­cu­men­ted Immi­grants Deser­ve Citizenship—Not Just “Essen­ti­al Wor­kers” – The pan­de­mic has made clear that we need to provi­de citizens­hip for all immi­grants, and safe wor­king con­di­tions for all wor­kers.

Natio­na­lize the Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Indu­s­try Now

Natio­na­lize the Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Indu­s­try Now – The sta­tus quo will kill us.

Foreign Farm Wor­kers Alre­a­dy Face Abu­si­ve Con­di­tions. Now Trump Wants to Cut Their Wages. -

The­re Is No Plan (For You)

The­re Is No Plan (For You) – Unem­ploy­ment, evi­ctions, busi­ness fail­u­re, a pan­de­mic and health cri­ses are all here at once. The fede­ral gover­n­ment doesn’t care.

In 1971, Nixon Pas­sed a Rule to Doom the Post Offi­ce. Now, It’s Final­ly Hap­pe­ning. – The Post Offi­ce used to be fede­ral­ly fun­ded. Then, Repu­bli­cans pas­sed legis­la­tion requi­ring it to “pay for itself.”

In 1971, Nixon Pas­sed a Rule to Doom the Post Offi­ce. Now, It’s Final­ly Hap­pe­ning.

‘We Get The­re First or Whi­te Supre­ma­cists Do’: How The­se Rural Can­vas­sers Dis­rupt Racist Nar­ra­ti­ves -

“Blue Lives Mat­ter” Comes to Brook­lyn, and Eve­ry­o­ne Screams – In Bay Rid­ge, pro-poli­ce demon­stra­tors were met with the righ­teo­us anger of Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter.

“Blue Lives Mat­ter” Comes to Brook­lyn, and Eve­ry­o­ne Screams

The For­got­ten History of the Jewish, Anti-Zio­nist Left – A con­ver­sa­tion with scho­lar Benja­min Balt­ha­ser about Jewish, wor­king-class anti-Zio­nism in the 1930s and ‘40s.

The For­got­ten History of the Jewish, Anti-Zio­nist Left

The Parent Trap -

Barr’s New Task For­ce Is a Bla­ta­nt Attempt to Tar­get Raci­al Justi­ce Pro­testers

What’s Mis­sing From the Biden-Ber­nie Task For­ce Plan? Medi­ca­re for All.

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How the Trump Administration’s Small Busi­ness Pro­tection Pro­gram Has Fai­led Com­mu­ni­ties of Col

The Cod­dling of the Eli­tes

The Cat­ho­lic Church Sip­ho­ned Away $30 Mil­li­on Paid to Nati­ve Peop­le for Sto­len Land

They Came to Sup­port Peop­le Get­ting Out of Jail. Then They Were Atta­ck­ed By Poli­ce.

Bre­ak­t­hroug­hs During an Out­bre­ak

My Uni­ver­si­ty Plans to Reo­pen This Sum­mer, Based on Advi­ce From McK­in­sey. That’s Ter­ri­fying.

The Gras­s­roots Efforts to Save the Lives of Immi­grants Who Can’t Get Covid-19 Testing From the Sta­te

The Pro­blem With Israel’s Anne­xa­tion Is Its Bruta­li­ty, Not Its Opti­cs

The Church of Lat­ter-Day Soci­a­lists

Tel­ling Cops to Get Cri­mi­nal Justi­ce Degre­es Won’t End Poli­ce Vio­len­ce

Your Whi­te Neighbor’s “Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter” Yard Sign Is Not Enough

Arti­sts Expl­o­re the Hid­den Tolls of Life Lived at a Distan­ce

First You Bomb and Star­ve a Coun­try. Then You’re Pra­i­sed for Sen­ding in Aid.

Jamaal Bowman’s Mas­si­ve Lead Shows the Left’s Resur­gen­ce Is For Real

Derek Cha­u­vin and Amy Coo­per Are One and The Same

In U.S. Coun­ties Whe­re Lyn­chin­gs Were Pre­va­lent, Poli­ce Are More Like­ly to Shoot Bla­ck Peop­le

The Long List of Names That Came Befo­re Breon­na Tay­l­or and Geor­ge Floyd

It’s Not Just Covid That Has Hon­du­rans Star­ving. It’s Also U.S. Poli­cy.

A Vir­tu­al Char­ter School Com­pa­ny Says Covid-19 Is the ‘Tailwind’ It’s Been Wai­ting For

Con­gres­sio­nal Hope­ful Same­lys López Has a Radi­cal Pro­posal: Pover­ty Shouldn’t Be a Death Sen­ten

How Our Blo­a­ted Mili­tary Rein­for­ces Racist Poli­cing in Ame­ri­ca

Mar­ket Logic Is Lite­ral­ly Kil­ling Us

Want to Defe­at Trump Wit­hout Campaig­ning for Biden? Here’s How.

Our Biden Pro­blem

9 Sta­ti­sti­cs That Show What a Mise­rab­le Fail­u­re the CARES Act Is

con­ta­ct tra­cing

Bewa­re of Poli­ce “Reforms” That Rein­for­ce the Very System Kil­ling Us

The Cen­tral Issue Is Poli­ce Repres­sion, Not Poli­ce Uni­ons

The Food Industry’s Next Covid-19 Victims: Migrant Farmwor­kers

Ano­t­her Poli­ti­cal Revo­lu­tion in New York? Insur­gent Jamaal Bow­man Now Has Ber­nie and AOC on His Side

Tear Gas and Pep­per Spray Can Be Dead­ly, But the U.S. Won’t Regu­la­te Poli­ce Use

Texas Covid-19 Mas­sa­cre

“We Actu­al­ly Can­not Reform This Depart­ment”: A Min­ne­a­po­lis Coun­cil­or on the Need to Dis­band Poli­ce

The Natio­nal Guard Crus­hes Pro­tests Just Like the Mili­tary Does

In Big Cities, It’s Demo­crats Who Have Pou­red Money Into Poli­cing

Don’t Sha­me Pro­testers and Park-Goers Over Covid-19 Spreading—Shame Cor­pora­tions and the Sta­te

In Min­ne­a­po­lis, Cops Were Kick­ed Out of Schools. Cities in 7 Other Sta­tes Could Soon Fol­low Suit.

Trump’s Answer to Struc­tu­ral Racism? Poli­ce Sta­te Fascism.

Tear Gas Is Ban­ned in Inter­na­tio­nal Warfare––Why Are Poli­ce Using It On U.S. Civi­li­ans?

One Weird Tri­ck to Slash Your City’s Poli­ce Bud­get Right Now

The “Out­si­de Agi­ta­tor” Is a Myth Used to Wea­ken Pro­test Move­ments

Pelo­si and Schumer’s Sha­me­ful­ly Tepid Respon­se to Trump’s Thre­at to Unleash the Mili­tary on Pro­tests

The Focus on Loo­ting Shows How Our Systems of Power Value Capi­tal Over Human Lives

How to Save the Restau­rant Wor­k­for­ce From Being Casu­al­ties of The Covid-19 Cri­sis

Amid Min­ne­a­po­lis Upri­sing, Anti-War Vete­rans Call on Natio­nal Guard to Stand Down

There’s Room for Soli­da­ri­ty Betwe­en the Wor­king Class and Pro­g­res­si­ve Pro­fes­sio­nals

Cor­pora­te Lawsu­its Could Deva­sta­te Poor Coun­tri­es Grap­pling with Covid-19

For­mer Lea­ders of SDS, Meet the Cur­rent Mem­bers of DSA

Fired from Dol­lar Gene­ral for Spe­aking Out About Uns­a­fe Con­di­tions

The Langu­a­ge of Extin­ction