Whi­le Meat­pa­ck­ing Com­pa­nies Reap Big Pro­fits, Catt­le Ran­chers Strug­g­le – Gro­ce­ry sto­re beef pri­ces are rising. The rancher’s sha­re is fal­ling. And the com­pa­nies that domi­na­te the hig­hly-con­cen­tra­ted meat­pa­ck­ing indu­s­try are making a kil­ling.

We Don’t Have Time for Cli­ma­te Sym­bo­lism – As we hurd­le towards cli­ma­te cha­os, Demo­cra­tic lea­ders remain all talk and no action on serious cli­ma­te poli­cy.

Big Phar­ma Is Deci­ding Who Lives and Who Dies in the Glo­bal South – The chil­ling effect of the phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal industry’s vei­led thre­ats.

Rides­ha­re Dri­vers in Cali­for­nia Stri­ke for the PRO Act – A con­ver­sa­tion with Ahmad Ibra­him Moss, a rides­ha­re dri­ver in San Fran­ci­sco.

As Deva­stat­ing Plant Shut­down Looms in West Vir­gi­nia, Natio­nal Out­ra­ge Is Hard to Find – A uni­on set to be wiped out by lay­of­fs says poli­ti­ci­ans are mis­sing in action.

Biden’s Invi­sib­le Bor­der Wall – The Biden admi­ni­stra­tion is expan­ding sur­veil­lan­ce along the Sout­hern bor­der, pus­hing migrants into harm’s way.

Is Ger­ry­man­de­ring Fore­ver? – Ger­ry­man­de­ring gua­ran­te­es unde­mo­cra­tic elections. Can acti­vists in Wiscon­sin win an uphill batt­le for a fai­rer pro­cess?

We Are Zoo­mers and We Want the PRO Act – Gen Z and Mil­len­ni­als are facing a ble­ak eco­no­mic futu­re. The answer is to mas­si­ve­ly expand uni­on mem­bers­hip and demo­cra­tize wor­k­pla­ces.

Soci­al Work Stu­dents Decry SSA’s New Name After Crown Family Dona­tion – When the mili­tary-indu­stri­al com­plex meets soci­al work.

How Rich Coun­tri­es Can End Vac­ci­ne Apart­heid – Unli­ke wor­ld lea­ders, acti­vists saw the moral cri­sis com­ing sin­ce the start of the pan­de­mic and qui­ck­ly came up with a num­ber of actio­nab­le plans to cre­a­te equi­tab­le access to life-saving vac­ci­nes.

In Wiscon­sin, an Overze­a­lous Hunt Deci­ma­ted the Local Wolf Popu­la­tion – A new report shows legal and ille­gal kil­lings wiped out as much as a third of the state’s gray wolf popu­la­tion in 2021.

“How Many More Have to Die?” Pro­testers March Against Vac­ci­ne Apart­heid – Campaig­ners are tar­ge­ting Ger­man Chan­cell­or Angela Merkel—and the phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal com­pa­nies she is pro­tecting.

The For the Peop­le Act Isn’t Dead – Don’t belie­ve the pundits—there’s a growing gras­s­roots move­ment to save Ame­ri­can demo­cra­cy and pass swe­epi­ng voting rights reform.

Striking Fri­to Lay Wor­kers Say They Deser­ve More Than Crumbs – Wor­ker Che­ri Ren­fro spe­aks out from Tope­ka, Kansas, whe­re Fri­to Lay wor­kers have been on stri­ke sin­ce July 5.

The Futu­re of the Move­ment for Bla­ck Lives – Urban rebel­li­ons blos­so­med into mass mobi­liza­tion upon Geor­ge Floyd’s death. Now what?

Voter Sup­pres­sion Is Whi­te Supre­ma­cy. It Must Be Stop­ped. – In recent years, down-bal­lot wins across the coun­try have lega­lized mari­ju­a­na, over­tur­ned Jim Crow-era election law, and hiked mini­mum wages. The GOP’s campaign to sup­press the Bla­ck vote thre­a­tens wins like the­se.

Intro­ducing the Move­ment for Bla­ck Lives Issue Take­over – Les­sons on buil­ding col­lecti­ve power.

The Mee­ting in 1998 That Kept Bla­ck Radi­ca­lism Ali­ve – Two deca­des ago, the Bla­ck Radi­cal Con­gress con­ve­ned to reclaim revo­lu­tion and deno­un­ce refor­mism.

Cul­tu­ral Orga­nizing Gives Us a Road­map to Libe­ra­tion – Co-directors of Spi­rit­Hou­se, a Bla­ck women-led tri­be in Dur­ham, discuss the “life-saving” ritu­als and pra­cti­ces of fre­edom that gro­und their work towards libe­ra­tion.

The Uto­pic, Love-Cen­te­red, “Libe­ra­tion Oasis” on Chicago’s South Side – Damon Wil­li­ams, a co-foun­der of the #LetUs­Bre­at­he Col­lecti­ve, tal­ks radi­cal spa­ce-buil­ding.

No, Min­ne­a­po­lis Did Not Defund the Poli­ce. But We’re Not Done Trying. – We under­stand that abo­li­tion is the long game. We’re in it for as long as it takes.

What Radi­cal Bla­ck Women Can Teach Us All About Move­ment-Buil­ding – Three histo­ri­ans lift up Bla­ck women jour­na­lists, orga­nizers and acti­vists who were cri­ti­cal to Bla­ck fre­edom move­ments but often era­sed from history.

Let­ter From the Year 2071 – A vision of whe­re the Bla­ck fre­edom move­ment could take us.

Deeply Roo­ted -

How the Poten­cy of Soci­al Wages Can Beat Back Neoli­be­ra­lism – At the core of Presi­dent Biden’s Ame­ri­can Fami­lies Plan is an under­stan­ding that wor­kers are paid too litt­le in mar­ket wages and that gover­n­ment has a respon­si­bi­li­ty to chan­ge that.

Andrew Cuo­mo Is Just Ano­t­her Boss For John Samu­el­sen to Fight – The Trans­port Wor­kers Uni­on presi­dent discus­ses tur­ning against New York Gov. Andrew Cuo­mo, wre­st­ling the gig eco­no­my and why he hates the Twit­ter­sp­he­re.

We Have a Jobs Cri­sis and an Environ­men­tal Cri­sis. The Answer to Both Is a Civi­li­an Cli­ma­te Cor­ps. – From Ber­nie San­ders and AOC to the Sun­ri­se Move­ment, pro­g­res­si­ves are wor­king to establish an upda­ted ver­sion of a New Deal pro­gram to meet the chal­len­ges of eco­no­mic and cli­ma­te uphea­val. Its time has come.

The Uno­pen Ran­ge: How Fen­ces Hurt Wild Ani­mals – In the Western Uni­ted Sta­tes alo­ne, 620,000 miles of fen­ce car­ve up the land. The­se bar­ri­ers thre­a­ten the migra­tions of prong­horn, mule deer and other spe­cies.

Landl­ords Are Going to Take Away All Your Wage Gains – This is what hap­pens when you tre­at hou­sing as just ano­t­her mar­ket.

Striking Ala­ba­ma Miners Are Done Playing Nice – Hund­reds of UMWA miners remain on the pick­et line at the War­ri­or Met Coal mine.

No Justi­ce, No Ita­li­an Beef: Wor­kers at Portillo’s Food Chain Walk Out on Stri­ke – A group of non-uni­o­nized wor­kers at the Chi­ca­go-based chain sta­ged a week-long walk out, part of a growing wave of stri­kes in the area.

The Unique­ly Dan­gerous Work of Mas­sa­ge The­ra­py During a Pan­de­mic – A mas­sa­ge the­ra­pist spe­aks out about the gross and unfair tre­at­ment she was for­ced to endu­re.

A Wiscon­sin Hog Farm Would Pro­du­ce 9.4 Mil­li­on Gal­lons of Manu­re a Year. Near­by Resi­dents Live in Fear. – Craw­ford Coun­ty is up against Roth Fee­der Pig II, which would be the lar­gest hog CAFO in the sta­te and could per­ma­nent­ly pol­lu­te local aqui­fers.

U.S. Media Out­lets Are Still Ban­ging the Drums for the Afg­ha­ni­stan War – Major press out­lets are trying to goad Biden into staying in Afg­ha­ni­stan.

Yel­low­sto­ne Is Losing Its Snow, with Repercus­sions for Eve­ry­o­ne Down­stream – A cli­ma­te asses­sment found that snow­fall is decli­ning in Gre­a­ter Yel­low­sto­ne — and like­ly to keep decli­ning. The pro­blems tri­ck­le down to impa­ct eve­ry­o­ne from trout to grizzly bears to peop­le.

Over May­or Lightfoot’s Objections, Chi­ca­go Is Set to Final­ly Ena­ct an Elected School Board – Despi­te some qualms with the legis­la­tion, public educa­tion advo­ca­tes are che­e­ring the embra­ce of school demo­cra­cy over may­oral con­trol.

Joe Biden Says He Stands With Uni­ons. This Is His Moment to Prove It. – The lon­gest natio­nal nur­ses stri­ke in over a deca­de could also be a “waters­hed moment” for Medi­ca­re for All.

The­re Are No Mass Migra­tions Wit­hout U.S. Med­dling and Mili­ta­rism – Despi­te its pled­ges to aid Cen­tral Ame­ri­ca, the Biden admi­ni­stra­tion con­ti­nu­es to deny the Uni­ted Sta­tes’ role in desta­bi­lizing the region.

Sco­re One for the Smit­h­fi­eld Wor­kers of Sioux Falls – After suf­fe­ring one of the worst wor­k­pla­ce out­bre­aks of Covid-19 in the coun­try last year, pork pro­ces­sors in South Dako­ta have secu­red a major labor victory.

The Only Way to Stop the GOP’s Demo­cra­cy Doom Loop – Repu­bli­cans are on a war­path against voting rights. Demo­crats alo­ne won’t blo­ck them—we need mass gras­s­roots resi­stan­ce.

The Heat Wave Shows Cli­ma­te Chan­ge Is a Wor­kers’ Rights Issue – The wor­kers labor­ing out­si­de in this extra­or­di­nary heat are on the front lines of the cli­ma­te cri­sis.

What Can the Biden Admin Do to Make Our Food System More Resi­li­ent? Make it More Local. – Our food sup­ply chains are vul­ne­rab­le becau­se they’re hig­hly con­cen­tra­ted, cor­pora­tized and unac­co­un­tab­le to the public.

AFL-CIO Repri­mands Ver­mont Lea­der For Gene­ral Stri­ke Reso­lu­tion, Saying It Could Have Given Trump “A Rea­son to Invo­ke Mar­ti­al Law” – Read the full let­ter from AFL-CIO Presi­dent Richard Trum­ka to the rebel­li­ous Ver­mont Sta­te Labor Coun­cil.

Shrug­ging Off Anti-Uni­on Campaign, New York Times Tech Wor­kers See a Chan­ce to Make History – Times wor­kers plan to ride the media uni­on wave right onto a big­ger wave of tech orga­nizing.

For Farmwor­kers, the Fight for the 8-Hour Day Isn’t Over – Fede­ral labor laws exclu­de farmwor­kers from over­ti­me pay and other pro­tections. After years of advo­ca­cy by farm labor groups, law­ma­kers in Ore­gon, Was­hin­g­ton and Col­ora­do are wor­king to chan­ge that.

No Evil But Plen­ty of Uni­on Busting at Vegan Food Com­pa­ny – Two for­mer wor­kers at No Evil Foods in Ashe­vil­le, North Caro­li­na, sound off on the company’s recent lay­of­fs.

The GOP’s Assault on Demo­cra­cy Demands a Third Recon­struction – Voter sup­pres­sion thre­a­tens the Ame­ri­can expe­ri­ment as we know it. History tells us that hope rests on our abi­li­ty to mobi­lize the mas­ses.

Demo­crats Are Wasting Pre­cious Time with a Meas­ly “Bipar­tisan” Infra­struc­tu­re Deal – The plan anno­un­ced at the Whi­te Hou­se on Thurs­day is a drop in the buck­et. Demo­crats need to for­get Repu­bli­cans and pass a bold pack­a­ge that makes mas­si­ve public inve­st­ments.

How To Mur­der a Good Idea With Con­ven­tio­nal Wis­dom – “Defund the poli­ce” is a com­ple­te­ly ratio­nal poli­cy prescrip­tion. Poli­ti­cal pun­dits don’t care.

India Walt­on, Buffalo’s Bla­ck Soci­a­list May­or to Be, Is About to Make History – Walt­on, a long­ti­me com­mu­ni­ty orga­nizer, won a stun­ning pri­mary victory over the Demo­cra­tic incum­bent in Buf­fa­lo, New York whe­re she’s pois­ed to usher in a new era of muni­ci­pal soci­a­lism.

Chi­ca­go Nur­ses Are Going on Strike—And Mana­ge­ment Is Brin­ging in Scabs Through a Text Blast – Nur­ses and sup­port staff in the Chi­ca­go area are joi­ning other mili­tant healt­hca­re wor­kers across the coun­try by wal­king off the job, despi­te attempts by their bos­ses to hire stri­ke­bre­a­kers.

One Way to Boost Wor­kers and the Labor Move­ment? Give Uni­ons Power Over Unem­ploy­ment Insu­ran­ce. – A reform from Bel­gi­um in the ear­ly 1900s would both increa­se unem­ploy­ment insu­ran­ce bene­fits and decrea­se the cost of labor orga­nizing. It’s time for the U.S. to embra­ce it.

A Char­ter School Named For the Aut­hor of “Peda­go­gy of the Oppres­sed” Is Uni­on Busting – At Paulo Frei­re Soci­al Justi­ce Char­ter School in Mas­sa­chu­setts, tea­chers say a hosti­le admi­ni­stra­tion is trying to crush their uni­on.

Robert Reich: Bla­me Chi­pot­le, Not Wor­kers, for the Pri­ce of Your Bur­ri­to – Repu­bli­cans claim sti­mulus pay­ments have for­ced employ­ers to overcom­pen­sa­te for a labor shor­ta­ge. But the only shor­ta­ge is of jobs that pay a living wage.

Fire­figh­ters Are Worth More than $13.45/Hour – Fede­ral wild­land fire­figh­ters are leaving the wor­k­for­ce becau­se the risks of the job outweigh the poor pay. It couldn’t hap­pen at a wor­se time.

The Growing Move­ment to End U.S. Com­pli­ci­ty in Colombia’s Human Rights Abu­ses – Acti­vists are cal­ling on Con­gress to fre­eze fun­ding to the country’s repres­si­ve securi­ty for­ces, and Hou­se pro­g­res­si­ves have taken note.

The Supre­me Court Has Upheld the ACA. The Next Fron­ti­er? Medi­ca­re for All. – With Oba­ma­ca­re inta­ct, pro­g­res­si­ves are aim­ing to move toward a uni­ver­sal, sing­le-pay­er healt­hca­re system.

The Roots of Today’s Whi­te Col­lar Uni­on Wave Are Dee­per Than You Think – At UAW Local 2110, Mai­da Rosenste­in has quiet­ly orga­nized the most pre­sti­gious group of cul­tu­ral insti­tu­tions on the East Coast.

The Pain­ful History of Injury in the Wor­k­pla­ce – In the latest instal­ment of Wor­king Peop­le, aut­hor Nate Hol­dren discus­ses his new book, “Injury Impove­ris­hed: Wor­k­pla­ce Acci­dents, Capi­ta­lism, and Law in the Pro­g­res­si­ve Era.”

The Lea­ders­hip Strug­g­le In One of California’s Most Power­ful Uni­ons Just Keeps Get­ting Weir­der – Accu­s­a­tions of che­at­ing, chi­ca­ne­ry and vio­lent reta­li­a­tion dog the SEIU Local 1000 election. The con­sequen­ces for labor are very real.

How the Covid Land Rush Is Hur­ting New Far­mers – The pan­de­mic has inspi­red city dwel­lers and inve­stors to buy land in rural areas. That’s dri­ving up farm­land pri­ces and pus­hing some begin­ning far­mers out of the mar­ket.

Unem­ploy­ment Bene­fits Pro­tect Sea­so­nal Wor­kers – The Wiscon­sin sta­te legis­la­tu­re wants to slash unem­ploy­ment bene­fits. Sea­so­nal wor­kers rely on that money as job opportu­ni­ties fluctu­a­te throug­hout the year.

Ilhan Omar Has Abso­lu­te­ly Not­hing to Apo­lo­gize For – Repu­bli­cans and Demo­crats are once again tar­ge­ting the Min­neso­ta con­gres­swo­man for tel­ling the truth about the cri­mes of Isra­el and the Uni­ted Sta­tes.

“We Do This For The Water”: Indi­genous Orga­nizers Defend Meno­mi­nee River – Indi­genous water pro­tectors con­front mas­si­ve mining com­pa­nies, buil­ding com­mu­ni­ty on the way.

Don’t Just Send Peop­le Money During a Pandemic—Do It All the Time – The evi­den­ce is in: Sen­ding out direct cash pay­ments has been a full-blown success—and we can’t afford to stop.

Let’s Not For­get the Suf­fe­ring the U.S. Has Infli­cted on Gua­te­ma­la – In July 1998, In The­se Times docu­men­ted the CIA’s myri­ad abu­ses during the Gua­te­ma­lan Civil War.

The GOP Has Decla­red a War on Pro­tests – Repu­bli­can sta­te legis­la­tors across 34 sta­tes have intro­du­ced more than 80 bills this year that cri­mi­na­lize pro­testing or pro­tect tho­se who harm pro­testers.

How Cuts to Unem­ploy­ment Bene­fits Will Hurt Rural Peop­le – Repu­bli­can gover­nors in at least 22 sta­tes are ending fede­ral unem­ploy­ment assi­stan­ce. The cuts will hit hard in rural areas and com­mu­ni­ties of col­or.

Secret IRS Files Reve­al Just How Litt­le the Wealt­hiest Pay in Inco­me Tax – Docu­ments obtai­ned by Pro­Pu­bli­ca show bil­li­o­nai­res like Elon Musk con­tri­bu­te a pit­tan­ce rela­ti­ve to their earnings—and some­ti­mes not­hing at all.

Demo­crats Don’t Gra­sp That Uni­ons Can Trans­form the Electo­ra­te – Uni­ons are machin­es for pro­ducing peop­le who wouldn’t be satis­fied with Joe Manchin’s obsti­nan­ce.

RIP Jack Ter­ri­clo­th (1970–2021) of the World/Inferno Fri­ends­hip Socie­ty – Rai­se a glass to toast the life and lega­cy of an anti-capi­ta­list, caba­ret punk ico­no­clast.

Uni­ver­sal Child Care Could Revo­lu­tio­nize the Eco­no­my – The pan­de­mic has expo­sed the utter lack of sup­port for wor­king parents. Uni­ver­sal child care is a com­ple­te­ly wor­kab­le solu­tion.

In the Sout­heast, Cli­ma­te Chan­ge Finds a Landsca­pe Alre­a­dy Rava­ged by Inequa­li­ty – Meet the groups deman­ding cli­ma­te justi­ce that fits the region’s unique needs.

Toward Radi­cal, Que­er, Ero­tic Move­ment-Buil­ding – A con­ver­sa­tion on labor and plea­su­re with Kemi Ala­bi and Tina Horn of the Echo­ing Ida and We Too col­lections.

Bezos the Gre­at and Power­ful – Bey­ond the dan­gers of cor­pora­te con­so­li­da­tion, Amazon’s acqui­si­tion of MGM has expo­sed an Ame­ri­can eco­no­my that’s most­ly make-belie­ve.

Death and Texas – Ric Ortiz reflects on his work as the chief medi­cal inve­sti­ga­tor for Nue­ces Coun­ty, and the ways it has influ­en­ced his wor­ld­view.

Eve­ry New Finan­ci­al Bubb­le Is a Cry of Des­pe­ra­tion – Neit­her meme sto­cks nor cryp­to­cur­ren­cy will save you from wage sla­ve­ry. Only poli­ti­cs can.

Joe Biden’s Pro­g­res­si­ve Eco­no­mic Turn Was Sha­ped By Soci­al Move­ments – Years of gras­s­roots orga­nizing hel­ped cre­a­te the con­di­tions for Biden to embra­ce bold poli­cies on gover­n­ment spen­ding.

Biden Says He Backs a Just Tran­si­tion for the Cli­ma­te Cri­sis. Advo­ca­tes Say, “Prove It.” – Whi­le the admi­ni­stra­tion has taken some ear­ly steps to provi­de sup­port for ener­gy wor­kers and front­li­ne com­mu­ni­ties in the tran­si­tion away from fos­sil fuels, experts and acti­vists say the cri­sis demands a more trans­for­ma­ti­ve appro­ach.

Don’t Fall for the Isra­el Apo­lo­gi­sts’ Bad-Faith Accu­s­a­tions of Anti­se­mi­tism – There’s no bigo­try in defen­ding Palesti­ni­an rights. Any claims to the con­trary are part of a cyni­cal ploy to deflect from the cri­mes of an apart­heid sta­te.

Words That Mean Not­hing – Our poli­ti­cal discour­se is domi­na­ted by issu­es that don’t exist

The Perils of an “Ame­ri­ca First” Cli­ma­te Poli­cy – To meet his cli­ma­te pro­mi­ses, Biden will have to aban­don the U.S. tra­di­tion of hawkish natio­na­lism in favor of glo­bal coo­pe­ra­tion.

Why Cli­ma­te Plans Must Inclu­de Far­mers of Col­or – Pro­po­sed legis­la­tion would give farms resour­ces to fight cli­ma­te chan­ge. Will far­mers of col­or get equal access?

Wisconsin’s Incar­ce­ra­ted Wait for Vac­ci­nes – Incar­ce­ra­ted peop­le and their advo­ca­tes cri­ti­cize sta­te agen­cies for lag in admi­ni­ste­ring vac­ci­nes.

NYC’s Deli­ve­ry Dri­vers Want Employ­ee Sta­tus, and Not­hing Less – App-based wor­kers have strug­g­led to secu­re stron­ger labor pro­tections. A new sta­te bill could set them back years.

The Deep Downward Spiral of Poli­ce Vio­len­ce and Rebel­li­on, Explai­ned – A con­ver­sa­tion with Eliza­beth Hin­ton, aut­hor of “Ame­ri­ca On Fire: The Untold History of Poli­ce Vio­len­ce and Bla­ck Rebel­li­on Sin­ce the 1960s.”

When The­se Wor­kers Uni­o­nized, Their Cafe Was Put Up for Sale—So They Bought It – In 10 mont­hs, barist­as at Whi­te Electric, a cof­fee shop in Provi­den­ce, went from uni­o­nizing their wor­k­pla­ce to star­ting one of only a few dozen wor­ker-owned cafes in the coun­try.

U.S. Uni­ons Are Voi­cing Unpre­ce­den­ted Sup­port for Palesti­ne – Whi­le some natio­nal labor groups remain silent, uni­on locals across the coun­try are spe­aking out to defend Palesti­ni­ans from Isra­e­li aggres­sion.

Figh­ting for Fre­edom From Colom­bia to Palesti­ne – Mil­li­ons are taking to the stre­et to fight eco­no­mic degra­da­tion and eth­nic cle­an­sing. A con­ver­sa­tion with revo­lu­tio­na­ri­es on mul­tip­le con­ti­nents.

The Dream of a Uni­o­nized New Orle­ans Is Com­ing True – The pan­de­mic was the first big test for New Orle­ans’ hospi­ta­li­ty uni­ons. They pas­sed with flying col­ors.

The AFL-CIO Relea­ses Its Poli­ce Reform Report, But Doesn’t Want to Talk About It – The long-awai­ted report affirms sup­port for poli­ce uni­ons, and rejects the idea of defun­ding the poli­ce.

They Wan­ted to Keep Wor­king. Exxon­Mo­bil Lock­ed Them Out. – Facing deu­ni­o­niza­tion efforts and the exi­sten­ti­al thre­at of cli­ma­te chan­ge, oil refi­ners in Beau­mont, Texas, seek a fair con­tra­ct.

The Real Root Cau­se of Cen­tral Ame­ri­can Migra­tion – If the Biden admi­ni­stra­tion is com­mit­ted to aiding the region, it must first ack­now­led­ge the destructi­ve role of U.S. inter­ven­tio­nism.

The­re Is No “Bor­der Cri­sis” – Discus­sing the bor­der in nati­vist terms obscu­res the real cri­ses that pro­pel migrants to seek asylum in the Uni­ted Sta­tes.

Why Is the AFL-CIO Going After Its Ver­mont Affi­li­a­te? – David Van Deu­sen, presi­dent of the Ver­mont Sta­te Labor Coun­cil, says his orga­niza­tion is facing inve­sti­ga­tions and thre­ats of furt­her action.

It’s Time for Demo­crats to Pick a Side on Isra­e­li Apart­heid – As vio­len­ce rages in Gaza, U.S. offi­ci­als must come to the aid of the oppres­sed or face poli­ti­cal con­sequen­ces.

Hou­se Pro­g­res­si­ves Are Urging Demo­crats to Ditch the GOP and Pass a Bold Infra­struc­tu­re Plan – Facing obstruction from Mitch McCon­nell and Repu­bli­cans, a group of near­ly 60 Demo­cra­tic law­ma­kers are pus­hing for an inve­st­ment “that tru­ly meets this histo­ric moment.”

When Cli­ma­te Disa­ster and Mass Incar­ce­ra­tion Col­li­de – Fai­led respon­ses to environ­men­tal disa­sters in jails are gam­bling with detai­ne­es’ lives.

Josh Hawley Has a Populist Revolt to Sell You – The Mis­souri senator’s new book, ‘The Tyran­ny of Big Tech,’ destroys the notion that any Repu­bli­can is wil­ling to rein in cor­pora­te power.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Inf­la­tion – Auste­ri­ty is about to make its poli­ti­cal come­ba­ck.

Audu­b­on Socie­ty Refu­ses to Recog­nize Its Staff Uni­on, But Employ­e­es Say Victory Is Near – After more than a year of orga­nizing and tur­moil at the top, the bird-focu­sed nonprofit’s wor­kers are con­fi­dent they will win.

Still Wai­ting on Justi­ce for Geor­ge Floyd – One man has been con­dem­ned, but the system he came to rep­re­sent is still inta­ct.

“We Are Wit­nes­sing the Uni­fi­ca­tion of Palesti­ne”: A Palesti­ni­an Acti­vist on the Sheikh Jar­rah Upri­sing – An inter­view with Fayrouz Sharqawi of Gras­s­roots Al-Quds on why the cur­rent cri­sis star­ted in Jerusalem—and why she’s opti­mi­stic about the strug­g­le for Palesti­ni­an libe­ra­tion.

Eth­nic Cle­an­sing Campaigns Like Sheikh Jar­rah Are Not­hing New for Isra­el – An In The­se Times fea­tu­re from 1977 exa­mi­ning the pro­li­fe­ra­tion of ille­gal sett­le­ments across the occupied ter­ri­to­ri­es has pro­ved distres­sing­ly presci­ent.

Want a Healt­hier Wor­k­pla­ce Cul­tu­re? Uni­o­nize. – As a labor lea­der, I want professionals—and all workers—to under­stand the power of uni­ons to check bos­ses, and build bet­ter wor­k­pla­ces.

We’re Living With the Con­sequen­ces of Rich Nations’ Vac­ci­ne Hoar­ding – The Biden admi­ni­stra­tion has final­ly back­ed a patent wai­ver for Covid vac­ci­nes, but it’s alre­a­dy too late for Argen­ti­na and count­less coun­tri­es across the Glo­bal South.

Fear of a Bla­ck Super­hero – ‘The Falcon and the Win­ter Sol­di­er’ is just the latest in a seri­es of comic book adap­ta­tions to che­er Ame­ri­can empire—and vili­fy any form of radi­ca­lism.

Call Isra­el What It Is: An Apart­heid Sta­te – The­re are no “clas­hes” betwe­en Isra­e­lis and Palesti­ni­ans. What we’re see­ing in Jerus­a­lem and elsewhe­re is an occu­py­ing for­ce exerci­se its mili­tary might.

We Need to Build a Strong Pea­ce Move­ment. The Anti-Apart­heid Move­ment Can Show Us How. – In 1986, acti­vists con­vin­ced Con­gress to pass san­ctions on South Afri­ca over the veto of Presi­dent Ronald Rea­gan. Their victory holds six key les­sons today.

When Wild­fi­re Pre­ven­tion Destroys Wild­li­fe Habi­tat – As Western towns cut back near­by forest fuels to deter wild­fi­res, new hou­ses con­ti­nue to sprawl relent­les­s­ly into the sur­ro­un­ding wild­lands.

Sup­pres­sed Wages and Rural Decli­ne Meet in Mel­len, Wiscon­sin – In the small town, lum­ber wor­kers say that low wages are pus­hing young peop­le out of the pro­fes­sion.

The Real “Big Lie” Is That Bil­li­o­nai­res Are Tole­rab­le – Gre­at wealth should be seen as deran­ged hoar­ding.

For the Nez Per­ce, a Pro­po­sed Gold Mine Is a Sym­bol of Bro­ken Pro­mi­ses – The U.S. gover­n­ment sto­le Nez Per­ce tre­aty land to make way for gold miners in the 1860s. A cen­tury and a half later, gold mining again thre­a­tens the tribe’s homeland.

“The Ama­zon Wor­kers in Besse­mer Would Alre­a­dy Have Their Uni­on If We Had the PRO Act” – What the uni­on loss at an Ama­zon ware­hou­se in Ala­ba­ma means for the futu­re of orga­nizing in the Biden era.

Joe Biden Shouldn’t Shy Away From the Radi­ca­lism of the New Deal – ‘Why the New Deal Mat­ters’ aut­hor Eric Rau­chway explains why embra­cing FDR’s sig­na­tu­re pro­grams is not just a moral imperative—it’s good poli­ti­cs.

How the U.S. Mili­tary Rein­for­ces Our Brutal Class System—And Vice Ver­sa – Why does our eco­no­my ensu­re a con­stant stream of recru­its? And why are the armed ser­vi­ces so attra­cti­ve to the mar­gi­na­lized? Vets answer the­se questions and more.

Ear­ly Draft of AFL-CIO’s Report on Poli­ce Reform Shows a Com­mit­ment to Defen­ding Poli­ce Uni­ons – The long-awai­ted draft report is an expli­cit rejection of calls for the labor move­ment to sepa­ra­te itself from poli­ce.

“It’s a Nigh­t­ma­re”: Insi­de America’s Rural Hou­sing Cri­sis – Across Wiscon­sin, low-inco­me peop­le are strug­g­ling to find qua­li­ty, affor­dab­le hou­sing.

U.S. Labor Shor­ta­ge? No, We Have a Cri­sis of Low Wages. – Don’t easily belie­ve claims that there’s a lack of peop­le to fill jobs. What’s real­ly going on is that employ­ers aren’t offe­ring wor­kers a living wage.

In Dairy Coun­try, a Net­work of Hmong and Lat­i­no Wor­kers Fight Covid-19 – Dairy pro­duction in Wiscon­sin relies on immi­grant labor, a con­tra­di­ction in a sta­te that has seen the rise of nati­vist, anti-immi­grant poli­ti­cs.

Get Rid of No-Stri­ke Clau­ses and Stop Beg­ging – The right to stri­ke is the only thing that gives wor­king peop­le power. Let’s stop bar­gai­ning it away.

The Con­gres­spe­op­le Stan­ding Up for Their Trans Chil­dren – Trans peop­le, who face relent­less atta­cks on their right to exist, are near­ly absent in fede­ral rep­re­sen­ta­tion. Reps. Marie New­man and Pra­mila Jay­a­pal, both parents to trans kids, have their backs.

On the Air with All (or Most) Thin­gs Con­si­de­red – To mark the 50th anni­ver­s­ary of Natio­nal Public Radio, we revi­sit this 1979 story on the sta­tion and its flags­hip pro­gram “All Thin­gs Con­si­de­red,” which at the time was known as “Sesa­me Stre­et for adults.”

This Old Ste­el Mill Town is Now a Hub for Gre­en Ener­gy – Sick of poi­son runoff and toxic bea­ches, a for­mer ste­el town near Bal­ti­mo­re fights for cle­an jobs.

As Meat­pa­ck­ers Sto­ked Fears of a Shor­ta­ge, U.S. Meat Exports Increa­sed – Citing immi­nent shor­ta­ges, meat cor­pora­tions lob­bied to keep pack­ing plants open as Covid-19 tore through wor­kers’ ranks. At the same time, U.S. meat exports increa­sed.

Biden’s Infra­struc­tu­re Plans Are a Good Start—But We Must Ensu­re Demo­cra­tic Con­trol – Presi­dent Biden has laid out an ambi­tious agen­da for rebu­il­ding the nation’s infra­struc­tu­re. To suc­ce­ed, the pro­jects should be put under public owners­hip.

Biden’s First 100 Days Have Been a Tale of Two Presi­den­cies – When it comes to eco­no­mic issu­es, the Biden admi­ni­stra­tion has shown some sur­pri­sing pro­g­res­si­vism. On foreign poli­cy, not so much.

How Poli­ce “Gang Data­ba­ses” Are Being Used to Wage War on Immi­grants – Wea­ring a certain col­ored hat hard­ly merits atten­tion from the aut­ho­ri­ties, but it can be enough to get some­bo­dy in the system—and even­tu­al­ly depor­ted.

How Chi­ca­go Tea­chers Won a Safer Reo­pe­ning – The Chi­ca­go Tea­chers Uni­on (CTU) has rea­ched the end of a bit­ter strug­g­le with May­or Lori Light­foot over reo­pe­ning during the pan­de­mic.

Myan­mar Wor­kers Face Down a Mili­tary Dicta­tors­hip – Mem­bers of the Fede­ra­tion of Gene­ral Wor­kers Myan­mar sha­re their sto­ri­es of resi­stan­ce fol­lowing the coup d’etat of Febru­ary 1.

In Roche­ster, A Poli­ce Alter­na­ti­ve Deli­vers … Poli­ce – Acti­vists were exci­ted about the launch of a new Per­son in Cri­sis team in a city that’s suf­fe­red a string of poli­ce vio­len­ce incidents—but so far, it’s fal­len short on its pro­mi­ses.

By All Means, Means Test – When it comes to wel­fa­re, let’s work with what we have.

When Times are Tough, Tax Cre­dits Are Not Enough – Biden’s anti-pover­ty plan is to expand tax credits—but that doesn’t address the root pro­blem of low (or no) wages.

The Uni­on-Busting Con­sul­tant Spre­a­ding Far-Right Con­spira­cy The­o­ri­es – Kul­tu­re Media, an affi­li­a­te of Kul­tu­re Con­sul­ting, has sha­red QAnon memes, fal­se claims of election fraud and other hate­ful con­tent.

Want to Save Demo­cra­cy? Start with Geor­gia. – Repu­bli­can-led efforts to restri­ct voting access in the Peach Sta­te spe­ak to a lar­ger cri­sis across the coun­try.

The Num­bers Show We Need Action to Stop Anti-Asi­an Vio­len­ce – The Sena­te pas­sed a bill to com­bat hate cri­mes in respon­se to the rise in anti-Asi­an vio­len­ce. It’s a first step—but there’s much more work to be done.

Why 40 Years on the Super­fund List Hasn’t Saved Tar Cre­ek – Resi­dents of nort­hea­stern Okla­ho­ma con­ti­nue to be poi­so­ned by toxic mine runoff from one of the nation’s first Super­fund sites.

“Justi­ce Looks Like Abo­li­tion”: A Min­ne­a­po­lis Orga­nizer on the Cha­u­vin Ver­di­ct – Whi­le Geor­ge Floyd’s kil­ler was found guilty, Miski Noor of the Bla­ck Visions Col­lecti­ve says that true justi­ce requi­res repla­cing poli­cing with systems of care—and demo­cra­tic con­trol over public safe­ty.

The Urgent Health Cri­sis Facing Bla­ck and Indi­genous Com­mu­ni­ties – Film­ma­ker Domi­nique Rémy discus­ses her new docu­men­tary exa­mi­ning the rising mater­nal mor­bi­di­ty and mor­ta­li­ty rates among certain peop­les of col­or.

Hunter Biden Is the Unwit­ting Poster Boy for Our Sham Meri­to­cra­cy – “Beau­ti­ful Thin­gs,” a new memoir by the president’s son, offers a reve­a­ling glimp­se into the lives of America’s ruling class.

Just 3 Demo­crats Stand in the Way of the PRO Act Com­ing to the Sena­te Floor for a Vote – Facing pres­su­re, Sens. Joe Man­chin and Angus King have sig­ned on to the land­mark labor bill, leaving just three Demo­cra­tic hol­douts: Kyr­sten Sine­ma, Mark Kel­ly and Mark War­ner.

Ras­hi­da Tlaib on Defun­ding the Poli­ce: “Pro­per­ty Should Not Have More Value than Human Life” – The demo­cra­tic soci­a­list con­gres­swo­man explains why the U.S. needs to tack­le syste­mic racism by inve­sting in soci­al pro­grams, argu­ing that “poli­ce can’t be the answer to all the­se ills in our coun­try.”

AOC and Ed Mar­key Want a Civi­li­an Cli­ma­te Cor­ps. Here’s What It Could Look Like. – Rep. Ale­xan­dria Oca­sio-Cor­tez and Sen. Ed Mar­key just intro­du­ced a new plan to employ mil­li­ons of Ame­ri­cans in good-paying jobs that respond to cli­ma­te chan­ge. Who’s in?

The Neoli­be­ral Fan­ta­sy at the Heart of ‘Nomad­land’ – Chloé Zhao’s Oscar-nomi­na­ted film era­ses capi­ta­lism as the cau­se of eco­no­mic pain, inste­ad tel­ling a story of indi­vi­du­al suf­fe­ring.

Caught in the Drain: How a Plan to Reu­se Wastewa­ter Could Strang­le the San­ta Fe River – As cli­ma­te chan­ge tigh­tens its grip on the arid West, water mana­gers are focu­sing on wastewa­ter as a sour­ce of “new” water for cities.

Joe Biden’s Afg­ha­ni­stan Anno­un­ce­ment Is Not What It Appears – The Uni­ted Sta­tes may be wit­hdrawing its troops in Sep­tem­ber, but that doesn’t mean it’s ending its deca­des-long mili­tary enga­ge­ment.

The Strug­g­le for Unhou­sed Preg­nant Women to Find Shel­ter – Bad rules keep preg­nant women from acces­sing family shel­ters.

What Some in DSA Get Wrong About Soci­a­list Alter­na­ti­ve – Disa­gre­e­ment is ine­vi­tab­le in any poli­ti­cal move­ment, but a recent In The­se Times essay exa­mi­ning the thre­at that “entryism” poses to the Left demands a respon­se.

A Deba­te Over Car­bon Cap­tu­re in the Infra­struc­tu­re Bill Could Test the Labor-Cli­ma­te Alli­an­ce – Presi­dent Biden wants to inclu­de car­bon cap­tu­re tech­no­lo­gy in his push for infra­struc­tu­re inve­st­ment. Whi­le uni­ons are on board, some cli­ma­te groups are keepi­ng qui­et for now.

This Repu­bli­can “Wor­king Class Par­ty” Thing Is a Clown Show of the Hig­he­st Order – Try har­der, Ivy League scum.

Towards a Wor­ld Wit­hout Road­kill: Appa­la­chi­ans Make the Case for Wild­li­fe Cros­sings – In Sout­hern Appa­la­chia, hig­hways fra­c­tu­re the habi­tat of bears, elk, deer and other wild­li­fe. Locals are pus­hing to make roads safer for ani­mals and dri­vers.

A Wor­ldwi­de Wor­kers’ Revolt Against Ama­zon Has Begun – Besse­mer was just the begin­ning. Ama­zon wor­kers from Ita­ly to India are uni­ting to form a glo­bal move­ment that may have found Jeff Bezos’s Achil­les heel.

Penn­sylva­nia Nur­ses Near Their Bre­aking Point – Bran­dee Brown and Chris­sy Newton of Schuylkill Hospi­tal Nur­ses Uni­ted expl­o­re the chal­len­ges of col­lecti­ve bar­gai­ning during a glo­bal pan­de­mic.

Robert Reich: Don’t Buy the GOP’s Pho­ny Anti-Cor­pora­te Turn – Repu­bli­cans may lash out at Coca-Cola for being too “woke,” but they have no inte­r­est in chal­len­ging big busi­ness’ grip on our poli­ti­cs.

The Long Strug­g­le Against Giving Up – The fai­led Ama­zon uni­on dri­ve in Ala­ba­ma will be vin­di­ca­ted by history.

The Mes­sa­ge from the Ama­zon Uni­on Defe­at in Ala­ba­ma Is Clear: Keep Orga­nizing – The union’s loss in Besse­mer shows the urgent need for both labor law reform and orga­nizing at a mass sca­le.

On the Pick­et Line With Striking Miners – Uni­on orga­nizer Jacob Mor­ri­son and musi­ci­an Lee Bai­nes III offer their soli­da­ri­ty to mem­bers of the Uni­ted Mine Wor­kers of Ame­ri­ca

CO2 Now at Levels Unse­en in 3.6 Mil­li­on Years – Despi­te pan­de­mic shut­downs, the NOAA warns that car­bon dioxi­de and met­ha­ne “con­ti­nu­ed their unre­len­ting rise in 2020.”

Is the Biden Admi­ni­stra­tion Quiet­ly Pur­su­ing an Impe­ri­a­list Foreign Poli­cy? – Pulitzer-win­ning aut­hor Greg Gran­din expl­o­res how the Sta­te Depart­ment is adop­ting a “sle­e­per Mon­roe Doctri­ne” in Lat­in Ame­ri­ca.

The Move­ment to End At-Will Employ­ment Is Get­ting Serious – Unli­ke much of the wor­ld, the U.S. doesn’t ensu­re “just cau­se” employ­ment. This coa­li­tion in Illi­nois hopes to chan­ge that.

Poli­ti­cs Are Momen­ta­rily Weird Enough to Take On Glo­bal Capi­ta­lism – A glo­bal mini­mum cor­pora­te tax could have some cros­sover appe­al.

Who’s Afraid of Cri­ti­cal Race The­ory? – Right-wing cen­sors­hip efforts are rea­ching new heights with the push to era­se any talk of racism from Ame­ri­can clas­s­rooms.

Insi­de the Covid-Indu­ced Col­lap­se of Ame­ri­can Hig­her Educa­tion – SUNY Alba­ny asso­ci­a­te pro­fes­sor Aaron Major takes sto­ck of the aca­de­mic labor move­ment and its post-pan­de­mic futu­re.

McGraw Hill Rejects Calls to Stop Char­ging Its Fre­elan­cers a Fee in Order to Get Paid – Labor advo­ca­tes say the pra­cti­ce is an “out­ra­ge,” and fear that it will spre­ad.

What’s Real­ly Behind the Oppo­si­tion to a $15 Mini­mum Wage – Fifty-seven sena­tors from both par­ties are deter­mi­ned to pre­ser­ve an eco­no­mic system that rewards the rich and punis­hes the poor.

Will Biden Make Good on Obama’s Pro­mi­se to Clo­se Guantá­na­mo? – Twel­ve years ago, one of our wri­ters out­li­ned what needs to hap­pen to final­ly shut down Git­mo.

How a Rural Col­ora­do Com­mu­ni­ty Self-Orga­nized a Suc­ces­sful Vac­ci­na­tion Effort – Immi­grant com­mu­ni­ty groups, for­ced to orga­nize by the con­stant thre­at of ICE, have play­ed a cen­tral role as vac­ci­ne infor­ma­tion net­wor­ks.

Citing Unfair Labor Pra­cti­ces, Ste­elwor­kers Stri­ke in Five Sta­tes – Uni­ted Ste­elwor­kers mem­bers claim the Alleg­he­ny Lud­lum Ste­el Cor­pora­tion is refu­sing to provi­de essen­ti­al bar­gai­ning infor­ma­tion.

Biden’s Tre­at­ment of Asylum-See­kers Looks a Lot Like Trump’s – Migrants are being whi­sked away in the night, wit­hout a hea­ring, on “public health” gro­unds.

Nina Tur­ner Hopes to Move Ohio Left – The “daugh­ter of Cle­veland” and for­mer Ber­nie San­ders sur­ro­ga­te is run­ning for Con­gress on a plat­form that inclu­des a $15 mini­mum wage, recur­ring sti­mulus checks and free public col­le­ge.

The Dan­gers of Factio­na­lism in DSA – If the Left is to suc­ce­ed whe­re past gene­ra­tions have fai­led, it can’t allow secta­ri­an orga­niza­tions to ope­ra­te as “par­ties wit­hin a par­ty.”

One-Cli­ck Shop­ping Has Brought Ame­ri­can Wor­kers to the Brink – In his new book “Ful­fil­l­ment,” repor­ter Alec Mac­Gil­lis chro­ni­c­les how Ama­zon came to exem­pli­fy Ame­ri­can inequa­li­ty.

Vio­len­ce Against Asi­an Women Wor­kers Is All-Ame­ri­can – Two weeks after the March 16th atta­cks, we must con­ti­nue the work to dis­mant­le cen­turi­es-long, harm­ful nar­ra­ti­ves about Asi­an women.

Get the Fede­ral Gover­n­ment to Fund Uni­on Orga­nizing. Now. – The most obvious and bril­li­ant idea to revi­ve orga­nized labor, fast.

The UK’s Vac­ci­ne Rol­lout Is the Latest Remin­der We Need Uni­ver­sal Healt­hca­re – Britain’s vac­ci­na­tion rate has far out­pa­ced the rest of the West. The tri­umph belongs to its Natio­nal Health Ser­vi­ce.

New Hamps­hi­re Repu­bli­cans Are Using Covid to Ram Through Right-to-Work Legis­la­tion – Law­ma­kers in the sta­te have blo­ck­ed the legis­la­tion for years, but a radi­ca­lized GOP appears bent on pus­hing it through.

Stu­dy: “Sal­mon Remain on the Brink of Extin­ction. And Time Is Run­ning Out.” – Betwe­en dams and war­m­ing waters, West Coast popu­la­tions of wild sal­mon have plun­ged by 98%. What will it take to stop the decli­ne?

“In for a Fight”: Rural Wiscon­si­ni­tes Resist Influx of Indu­stri­al Hog Faci­li­ties – Despi­te local efforts to blo­ck new Con­cen­tra­ted Ani­mal Fee­ding Ope­ra­tions (CAFOs), cor­pora­te agri­cul­tu­re inte­r­e­sts are legis­lat­ing and inti­mi­dat­ing their way out of acco­un­ta­bi­li­ty.

A Year in the Life of Safeway 1048 – Ame­ri­ca says it respects front line wor­kers. The­se gro­ce­ry wor­kers tell a dif­fe­rent story.

If You Want Stu­dent Loan Debt Can­cel­la­tion, the Time to Act Is Here – Star­ting next week, the Debt Col­lecti­ve will embark on a week of action to tell the Biden admi­ni­stra­tion that it’s time to can­cel eve­ry cent of stu­dent debt. Join us.

The ‘Tras­h­man’ Who Beca­me an Influ­en­cer – Ins­ta­gram sen­sa­tion Ter­rill Haig­ler reflects on his new­fo­und micro-cele­bri­ty and the cruci­al work of city sani­ta­tion depart­ments.

Why the Left Sees an Ope­ning for a ‘Rea­lign­ment’ in U.S. Poli­ti­cs – Left-wing groups such as the Sun­ri­se Move­ment and Justi­ce Demo­crats are revi­ving the old idea of rea­lign­ment, with hopes of pro­voking new poli­ti­cal trans­for­ma­tions.

At a Major Educa­tion Com­pa­ny, Fre­elan­cers Must Now Pay a Fee In Order to Get Paid – McGraw Hill is clawing back 2.2% of eve­ry invoi­ce, and a wor­ker says it feels like “wage theft.”

What a Right Wing Mili­tant in Wiscon­sin Coun­ty Poli­ti­cs Reve­als about Extre­mism – A staun­chly con­ser­va­ti­ve coun­ty offi­ci­al from Gre­en Bay doub­les as a right wing mili­tia mem­ber.

The Fos­sil Fuel Indu­s­try Is Lining Up Behind Far-Right Aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­ans – As cli­ma­te chan­ge inten­si­fies and coun­tri­es turn to cle­an ener­gies, Big Oil will take increa­sing­ly des­pe­ra­te mea­su­res to sur­vi­ve.

Uni­o­nize Gold­man Sachs – It’s not a joke. It’s com­mon sen­se.

Colecti­vo Could Soon Beco­me the Lar­gest Uni­o­nized Cof­fee Chain in the U.S. – Wor­kers at the cof­fee chain are resi­sting an aggres­si­ve uni­on-busting campaign in their fight to orga­nize.

Demo­crats Take the First Steps to Make Biden’s Infra­struc­tu­re Bill a Cli­ma­te Bill – The newly unvei­led BUILD GRE­EN Infra­struc­tu­re and Jobs Act would cre­a­te good-paying uni­on jobs whi­le reducing car­bon emis­sions and upgra­ding the country’s crum­bling infra­struc­tu­re.

Wor­king Peop­le Have an Ally at the Depart­ment of Labor in Julie Su – Presi­dent Joe Biden got it right with Su, a prin­cip­led and pra­cti­cal lea­der com­mit­ted to poor wor­king fami­lies.

Con­fes­sions of a Child of the Bour­geoi­sie – Acclai­med aut­hor and In The­se Times Board Presi­dent Rick Perlste­in exa­mi­nes the influ­en­ces that sha­ped his work and poli­ti­cs.

Boycot­ting the Boycot­ters: In Oil-Fri­end­ly Sta­tes, New Bills Aim to Blo­ck Dive­st­ment from Fos­sil Fuels – You may divest from fos­sil fuels — but you may not be able to do busi­ness with the sta­te of Texas.

Dian­ne Mora­les Is the Radi­cal Choi­ce for New York City May­or – The poli­ti­cal newco­mer wants the city to stop “fee­ding the beast” of inequa­li­ty.

Left Out: Strug­g­ling Dairy Far­mers Ine­li­gib­le for Second Round of PPP – A cri­te­ria chan­ge for second draw loans has disqua­li­fied most dairy pro­du­cers from recei­ving relief.

The Team­sters Hint at a Com­bati­ve Natio­nal Pro­ject to Orga­nize Ama­zon – Fea­ring a thre­at to more than 100 years of wor­ker gains, “This enti­re uni­on is focu­sed on dea­ling with Ama­zon.”

The Move­ment for Bla­ck Lives Has Been Wai­ting for This Moment – Raci­al justi­ce orga­nizers are pre­pa­ring to take to the stre­ets and the halls of power to push Presi­dent Biden to meet their demands.

A “Gre­en” Pro­duct That’s Dir­ty To Make, and a Fight Betwe­en Danish Manu­fa­c­tu­rers and West Vir­gi­ni­ans – Who bears the pol­lu­tion costs of manu­fa­c­turing “eco-fri­end­ly” pro­ducts?

The Blob Is Back Under Biden – Whi­le his admi­ni­stra­tion is only in its infan­cy, the presi­dent appears wed­ded to a foreign poli­cy from the last cen­tury.

A Pesti­ci­de-Laced Flea Col­lar Has Been Lin­ked to Almost 1,700 Pet Deat­hs. Why Hasn’t the EPA Issu­ed a War­ning? – Some experts say the col­lar reve­als a fun­da­men­tal pro­blem with EPA’s pesti­ci­de regu­la­tion pro­cess.

Inno­cent Until Proven Wealt­hy – America’s cash bail system cri­mi­na­lizes pover­ty and exa­cer­ba­tes raci­al inequa­li­ty. Illi­nois abo­lis­hed it. Other sta­tes should, too.

Dan­ny Glover Sees Cen­turi­es of Strug­g­le in the Ama­zon Uni­on Dri­ve – The famed actor and civil rights acti­vist exa­mi­nes what’s at sta­ke for Bla­ck wor­kers in Besse­mer, Ala­ba­ma.