Spe­aking Truth to Power

High Cost of Nukes Even Hig­her If Medi­cal Expen­ses Inclu­ded

The Seizu­re of an Ira­ni­an Tan­ker and the Let­hal Toll of San­ctions

Ame­ri­ca First and Diver­se

Decon­structing Elli­ott Abrams on Venezu­ela

Why Aren’t the Demo­crats Tal­king About Ending Patent Finan­ced Drug Research?

The D.O.A. Pea­ce Move­ment Ain’t Mar­ching Much Any­mo­re, But We Did

Mari­an­ne Wil­li­am­son is Right About Ame­ri­can Elections

Dogs of War Howl for Blood in Iran Whi­le Ame­ri­cans Che­er US Bom­bers on July 4

The US Impe­ri­um Comes Out

Thin­king About Ful­ly Auto­ma­ted Luxury Com­mu­nism

When Nature’s Feed­ba­ck Loops Fail

When We See Him: Trump and the Cen­tral Park Five

The Inter­na­tio­nal Spy Muse­um in DC: Lies, Spies, and Para­noia

Their Depl­orab­les and Ours

Faulty by Design: the UN Report on Human Rights in Venezu­ela

Repa­ra­tions for Mil­len­ni­als

Going Nuclear in the Antipo­des: Australia’s Mega­de­ath Com­plex

Con­ser­va­tion Groups Chal­len­ge Log­ging and Bur­ning Pro­ject in Ida­ho Road­less Area 

5G Com­ple­xi­ties and Natio­nal Securi­ty

Do We Need a Dicta­tors­hip to Respond to Cli­ma­te Chan­ge?

In Afg­ha­ni­stan, We Have Three Dreams

The Ethi­cs Les­son (or: To Kill a Shark)

Joe Biden is a Col­la­bo­ra­tor

Born on the 5th of July

Why the US Pup­pet Presi­dent of Venezu­ela is Toast

Doubling Down: The Mili­tary, Big Ban­kers and Big Oil Are Not In Cli­ma­te Deni­al, They Are in Con­trol and Plan to Keep It That Way.

Roa­m­ing Char­ges: When the Band Plays “Hail to the Chief,” They Point the Tank at You, Lord

San­ctions: Fail­u­re of U.S. Foreign Poli­cy

The IMF and Wor­ld Bank: Part­ners in Back­ward­ness

A Most­ly Serious Respon­se to the Semi-Sati­ri­cal Ken Sil­ver­ste­in on Trump’s Second Term

The Plot to Keep Jere­my Cor­byn Out of Power

U.S. Mili­ta­rism and the One-Sided Class War

Bru­ce Dixon: A Giant Wal­ks On

Can Trump Be Bea­ten, Regard­less?

Joe Biden’s Alter­na­ti­ve Whi­te Rea­li­ty

US is a Clas­sic Empi­re and Is Beco­m­ing a Repres­si­ve Poli­ce Sta­te at Home

Afri­ca and Palesti­ne: A Nob­le Lega­cy That Must Never Be Betray­ed

Plot­ting Against Venezu­ela: Ano­t­her Coup for Oil?

Thoughts on the Impromp­tu Kim-Trump Sum­mit

The Fal­si­ty of Ame­ri­ca

Post-Bou­te­fli­ka Alge­ria: For a Demo­cra­tic Tran­si­tion

What San­ctions Mean for My Ira­ni­an-Ame­ri­can Family

Abu Graib at Home in Ame­ri­ca

Poli­ti­cal Cor­rect­ness Is Get­ting Out of Hand

Our Immi­grant Pri­sons are an Atro­ci­ty

Love and Rights: Con­tin­gent or Uncon­di­tio­nal? 

Hig­hly Recom­men­ded Books for 2019 Sum­mer Rea­ding

Trump Can’t Bla­me His Own Cru­elty on Obama’s Flawed Record

Patri­o­tism Is Too Small For My Family

North Korea Nuclear Fre­eze? Final­ly, a Rea­li­stic Pro­posal

From the Gre­en Revo­lu­tion to GMOs: Toxic Agri­cul­tu­re Is the Pro­blem Not the Solu­tion

Troub­le at the Bor­der

Pro­voking Wor­ld War III with Iran and a U.S. History of Pro­vo­ca­tion

Trump-Kim III: Making History Wit­hout Making Pro­g­ress?

Ship of Fools: Liner Notes

Pes­si­mism, Opti­mism and the Role of Intel­lectu­als

How the Two-Tie­red System in Hig­her Educa­tion Gets Repro­du­ced (and Hope­ful­ly Abo­lis­hed)

Rea­sons for the 1776 Revo­lu­tion

Trudeau’s Anti-Palesti­ni­a­nism

If The­se be Men…

Jaguar’s Spots

Forest Ser­vi­ce Has Duty to Educa­te on Grizzly Bear Risks

Open Let­ter to Presi­dent Donald Trump

When the IWW Took on the Cop­per Kings

We Have the Money to Fix Our Food System

Life Among the Rubb­le: Mosul 18 Mont­hs after “Libe­ra­tion”

Home­less Rage in Ame­ri­ca

The Ame­ri­can Dream Dri­ves a Tank Down Penn­sylva­nia Ave.

China Winning’s Hand: Huawei, Tra­de and North Korea

We’re Not the Good Guys

Demo­crats of the Wor­ld Lift Your Heads: Kurds Have Arri­ved!

Soli­da­ri­ty and Manu­fa­c­turing

Trump Cele­bra­tes Him­self

Face­book, Fun­ny Money and Libra

The Fourth of July is for Making Fun of Cana­da

Cock­ed & Loa­ded: Ira­ni­ans are Not Our Ene­mies

Beauty, Fair­ness, Justi­ce 

Cher­no­byl Has Blown Up Twi­ce

From the “Destruction” of Cha­vis­mo to the Epi­cen­tre to the Anti-Impe­ri­a­list Left

From Japan to Hou­ston During the G20 Circus

US vs. China: From Tariff War to Eco­no­mic War

Ame­ri­can Con­cen­tra­tion Camps, Then and Now

A Litt­le Hone­sty May Help the Gre­en New Deal

G20 Gyra­tions: Donald, Ivanka and Hol­low Diplo­ma­cy

After Biden’s Sharp Decli­ne, Inve­stors Are Reas­ses­sing Other Blue Chips

Recre­a­tio­nal Bul­l­dozing

Worst Monu­ment in Char­lot­tesvil­le Can Be Rem­o­ved

Kat­he­ri­ne Eban on Cor­pora­te Cri­me in the Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Indu­s­try

An Epi­de­mic of Cor­rup­tion

How to Pro­per­ly Cri­ti­cize Rus­si­a­Ga­te

Biden Needs to Explain Why He Threw Bla­ck Males Under the Bus

Hor­ri­fic Pic­tu­res of Drow­ned Migrants Should not Distra­ct us From the Fact That Far More Peop­le Die on EU Bor­ders

Trump’s Pea­ce Plan Has Been Desig­ned to Fail – Exa­ct­ly Like its Pre­de­ces­sors

Memory, History, and a Pil­lar of Salt

Is Bott­led Water Safe to Drink, Eve­ry­day?

Rag­ing Against the Algo­rit­hm: Goog­le and Per­su­a­si­ve Tech­no­lo­gy

Keep Ame­ri­ca Gre­at (Don’t Count on It!)

Is the US Tra­de Defi­cit With China Exag­ge­ra­ted?

Is Gavin New­som Just a Sli­ck­er Ver­sion of Jer­ry Brown on the Environ­ment?

U.S. San­ctions Blo­ck Medi­ci­ne from Venezu­ela, Kil­ling Thous­ands

The Real Col­le­ge Inequa­li­ty Demo­crats Have Yet to Address

Are Cryp­to­cur­ren­cies the First Cra­ck in the Wall to Regu­la­te Face­book?

The Auto­crats of the Mid­dle East are No Lon­ger a Glo­bal Ano­ma­ly

They’re Still Dying at an Ear­ly Age

How Evil Wins: the Hypo­cri­ti­cal Doub­le Stan­dards of Poli­ti­cal Out­ra­ge

God­spe­ed Justin Rai­mon­do, You Bril­li­ant Son of a Bitch

Twe­ets of Pra­i­se: Donald Trump, Austra­lia and Refu­ge­es

Sports and Revo­lu­tion: Trust the N.Y. Kni­cks Bla­ck Brain­trust

Bru­ce Dixon, ¡Pre­sen­te!

How to Put an End to Long-Term Unem­ploy­ment

Sea­sons of Death 

From Cyber War to Omni­ci­de?

MSD­NC, Sing­le Pay­er, and the Sere­ni­ty Pray­er

Hon­du­ras at Ten Years After the Coup: a Cri­ti­cal Asses­sment

Soci­a­lism: Demo­cra­tic Par­ty Sty­le

Trump’s “Deal of the Cen­tury”: the Histo­ri­cal Pre­ce­dent

Roa­m­ing Char­ges: Crash Test Dum­my Poli­ti­cs

The Cuban Revo­lu­tion and the Natio­nal Bour­geoi­sie

Now We Know

Can War­ren Beat Biden?

Medel­lín Diary: The Her­me­neu­ti­cs of Tear Gas

On Iran, Its Trump vs. Trump

Soci­a­lism 2019: the Left at a Cros­s­ro­ads

Trump Invi­tes Deba­tes Over Omni­vor­ous Cro­ny Capi­ta­lism

A Woun­ded Erdo­gan is a Dan­gerous Erdo­gan

Yes, They’re Con­cen­tra­tion Camps

Palesti­ne Is Being Led to the Cre­ma­to­ri­um

The Com­pel­ling Evi­den­ce of Glo­bal War­m­ing

The Wat­ch­ma­kers Revo­lu­tion

Hid­den Pla­sti­cs: Glit­ter Gum and the Air we Bre­ath

Cli­ma­te Cha­os and Our Own Respon­si­bi­li­ties

What Hap­pe­ned to Obs­ce­ni­ty?

Palesti­ne and Kenya: Our Histo­ric Fight against Inju­sti­ce Is One and the Same

Chil­dish Diplo­ma­cy: Donald Trump’s New Play Against Iran

How Capi­ta­list Glo­ba­liza­tion Foreclo­ses on Health Systems

What It’s Like to Watch a War

Life Expectan­cy Fal­ters in the UK: Slow Death but Fast Pro­fits for the Agro­che­mi­cal Sector

Don’t Send Refu­ge­es Back to Dan­ger

How Do You Cele­bra­te a Flawed Nation?

The Sto­newall Rebel­li­on: Now is the Time to Remem­ber, Now is the Time to Go Forward

Kus­h­ner Seeks to Com­ple­te Nak­ba: a Note to Isra­e­li Ambas­sa­dor Danon

Wat­ch­ma­kers Revo­lu­tion

Top Five Les­sons for Demo­crats in 2020 Elections

Bor­der Poli­cies from Hell

U.S. Poli­cy on Immi­grant Chil­dren Vio­la­tes the Con­ven­tion on the Rights of the Child?

An Honorab­le Cour­se in Iran: End San­ctions, Resu­me Dia­logue

Ame­ri­can Con­cen­tra­tion Camps

Fund Head Start, Not Inter­n­ment Camps

Gov. Newsom’s Pro­posal to Pay for Wild­fi­re Claims: Let Uti­li­ty Rate­pay­ers Pay, Not the Com­pa­nies

Upri­sing on Rain­bow Rid­ge

Why You Can’t Trust the US Forest Ser­vi­ce

Can You Say: “Exor­bi­tant Pri­vil­e­ge”? (If So, You Can Pro­bably Wri­te for the NYT)

Que­er Power!: Becau­se Pri­de is Not Enough

Pea­ce Is Revo­lu­tion! Revo­lu­tion Is Pea­ce!

‘Tis Liber­ty

Syri­an Refu­gee Ter­ror Plot or Latest in Pat­tern of FBI-Manu­fa­c­tu­red Ter­r­o­rism Cases?

Don’t Lea­ve Nukes on the Shelf. Use Them!

Ame­ri­can Cli­ma­te Chan­ge Poli­cy: You Don’t Mat­ter

At 100, Gaia Faces its Big­gest Chal­len­ges

The Day After: What if Isra­el Anne­xes the West Bank?

The Fai­led Venezu­elan Coup and the Decli­ne of US Hege­mo­ny

One Che­er for Trump on Iran

Jock­po­ca­lyp­se: From the Ball­park to Team Trump

When Trump Did the Right Thing…Twice

Mass Arre­sts, Power Grabs and the Poli­ti­cs of Fear

Voter Disen­fran­chi­se­ment in Tor­on­to

The Pin­ker­ton Effect: The US Mari­nes in Darwin

Time for a Glo­bal Mini­mum Wage

How We Are All Cli­ma­te Chan­ge Deni­ers

The U.S.-Iran Imbrog­lio: Dan­gerous Les­sons To Be Lear­ned

Reflections and Cor­re­spon­den­ce at the Aby­ss

Trump’s Mini­s­try of No Infor­ma­tion

Fool Me Twi­ce

War­ren and San­ders: Com­pa­re and Con­trast

The Monkey’s Face

A Wor­ld of Sha­dows

Cor­recting a Colo­ni­al Inju­sti­ce: The Return of the Cha­gos Islands to Its Nati­ves

Vio­lent Voy­eurism: Sur­veil­lan­ce, Spy­wa­re and Human Rights

Reflections on Abbie Hof­f­man and Jos­hua Furst’s Novel, Revo­lu­tio­na­ri­es

The Hydro­po­nic Thre­at to Orga­nic Food

Insti­ga­tors of a Per­si­an Gulf Cri­sis

Trump May Alre­a­dy be in Too Deep to Avoid War With Iran

Hope­ful Thin­gs

Deep Fakes: Will AI Swing the 2020 Election?

Bill Clin­ton in Koso­vo

Bri­ef Impres­sions of the Japa­ne­se Conjun­c­tu­re

Is Mexi­co Win­ding Down or Win­ding up the Drug War?

Trump’s Return to Full-Spectrum Domi­nan­ce

Gre­ed and Poli­ti­cs Should Not Dri­ve Forest Poli­cy

Pro­tecting the Gre­at Burn

‘Modi­fied’: A Film About GMOs and the Cor­rup­tion of the Food Sup­ply for Pro­fit

The Got­hic and the Idea of a ‘Real Eli­te’

Send ICE to Han­ford

Eve of Destruction: Iran Stri­kes Back