Revi­sions on China: Aban­do­ning the Nixon Lega­cy

Donald Trump and the Use of Psy­cho­lo­gy

Rai­se the Soci­al Cost: an Important Stra­te­gic Con­cept

The Bonus Army Pro­test

Two Rebels Against the Establis­h­ment: Oli­ver Sto­ne and Edward Snow­den

“What Should My Family Do?” Out of Work, Food and Money in Maha­rash­tra

The Uni­ted Sta­tes Faces Irre­pa­rab­le Dama­ge in a Cold or Hot Con­ven­tio­nal War with China and its Allies



A City Too Far

The Media Mani­pu­la­tor: Why Trump’s Distra­ctions May Not Save Him This Time

Law­less Sta­te: Go Ask Donald, Joe, and Bara­ck

Poli­ce Are The Real Can­cel Cul­tu­re

Fed Gua­ran­te­es Unpro­ducti­ve Debt and Peri­lous Specu­la­tion

Three Questions for the “Resi­stan­ce”

The Heart of Dark­ness in Port­land

SCO­TUS’ Bir­th Con­trol Deci­sion Favors Medi­ca­re for All

Cli­ma­te Chan­ge Liti­ga­tion: the Austra­li­an Gover­n­ment Gets Sued

The Vola­ti­le Path to Demo­cra­cy in Ethio­pia

A Sym­bol of Hate

Boo­ga­loo Move­ment: USA Far Right is Growing Thanks to Donald Trump

Need Money for the Gre­en New Deal? Take It From ICE

Bla­ck Left Views on Ame­ri­can Elections Mat­ter

The Bla­ck and Whi­te Disa­bi­li­ty Gap Widens With Age


We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Oil Money to Fund Public Lands

The New Cold War Heats Up

Class Strug­g­le and the Parab­le of an Environ­men­tal Victory

COVID-19 and Biowe­a­pons Research

High and Dry in the Moja­ve

Catch and Kill: the Pro­tection Rack­et Used by Trump, Wein­ste­in, Epste­in and Wall Stre­et

Unfit to Lead and Unqua­li­fied to Ser­ve: Why Wil­li­am Per­ry Pend­ley Can­not be the Head of the Bureau of Land Mana­ge­ment

Thawing Arctic Per­maf­rost

“We Hold The­se Trut­hs to Be Self-Evi­dent”

The $24 an Hour Mini­mum Wage

The Anti­fa Bogey­man

Ohio Nuclear Power Scan­dal

Upri­sing: Mass Pro­tests Rock the Nation

Why Palesti­ni­an-Isra­e­li Pri­so­ners Exchan­ge Deal Could Hap­pen Soon?

Israel’s Jewish Natio­nal Fund is Uproo­ting Palesti­ni­ans – Not Plan­ting Tre­es

UK-Rus­sia Report: the Inte­gri­ty Ini­ti­a­ti­ve Stri­kes Again!

A New Bill of Rights

“There’ll Be Some Chan­ges Made”: Cur­rent and Futu­re Ame­ri­can Poli­cing

Is Donald Trump Respon­sib­le for His Bad Behavi­or?

The Making of Oli­ver Sto­ne, the Unmaking of Hol­lywood

2020 Vision Will Show You What is True, if You Can Keep Your Sani­ty

Scor­ing Fascism

The Dark Side of Fredric Jameson’s Moon

Patri­o­tic Dis­sent: How a Wor­king-Class Sol­di­er Tur­ned Against “Fore­ver Wars”

A Batt­le Over Water Resour­ces: Egypt, Ethio­pia and Sudan’s Impen­ding Water War

Tai­b­bi, Harper’s and the Intel­lectu­al Dark Web

Of Wol­ves, Geor­ge Floyd, and the Limits of Human Empat­hy

Let­ter from Ame­ri­ca: An Empi­re Ung­lu­ed

Why Does Essen­ti­al Work Pay So Litt­le and Cost So Much?

Trump’s Aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­a­nism is Ill-Sui­ted to a Pan­de­mic

Donald Trump and the Use of Psy­cho­lo­gy

King Joe and the Round Tab­le: Biden’s Ame­ri­ca in a Mul­tipo­lar Wor­ld 

We Can’t Deny Our History, Can It Gui­de Us to Beco­me Anti-Racist?

“Two Less Sto­ma­chs to Feed”: a Murder/Suicide Under Lock­down in Palg­har

Epi­ste­mic Demo­cra­cy: Eliza­beth Ander­son and Deweyi­an Expe­ri­men­ta­lism

Who Will Come to America’s Aid?

This is What Col­lap­se Looks Like

“Peak Liberta­ri­a­nism?” No, Thom Hart­mann is Just a Sore Win­ner.

The Girl Who Wore a Hijab and Kick­ed Up a Hornet’s Nest in Con­gress

Don’t be Out-Zuck­ed by Face­book

Zom­bie Seizu­res: the Hack­ing of Twit­ter

Our Ene­my, Law and Order

In Defen­se of Hamilt­on, an Ame­ri­can Musi­cal: It’s Not History, It’s a Show

How the Barr Justi­ce Depart­ment Wor­ks

A Singu­lar Campaign: Trump, Pen­ce, Biden, ?

Por­gy and Bess in the Time of BLM 2020-07-23 19:14:06

Cops and Con­sti­tu­tions

Bey­ond John Muir’s Racism: The Sier­ra Club and the Chan­ging Face of Environ­men­ta­lism

Who Ought to Govern, the Presi­dent and the Peop­le, or the Natio­nal Securi­ty Sta­te?

Moment of Supre­me Dan­ger: Trum­pism-Fascism Rears its Head

Let the Banks Go Under and Put Money Into the Real Eco­no­my

The Cor­o­navirus-Cli­ma­te-Air Con­di­tio­ning Nexus

Defen­ding the US Against Loo­m­ing Presi­den­ti­al Dicta­tors­hip

Oki­nawa: Will the Pan­de­mic Trans­form U.S. Mili­tary Bases?

Pro­mo­ting Stu­dy in the USA in Trying Times

Litt­le Apples Will Grow Again: the EU, Ire­land and the Apple Tax Case

America’s Penis Envy of the Nazis

Total Masking: Victoria’s Cor­o­navirus Respon­se

Long Over­due for Lat­in Ame­ri­ca

Dear Roger Wil­li­ams Uni­ver­si­ty: Tax The Rich And Pay Your Sha­re!

The Poe­try of a Move­ment to Chan­ge This Coun­try

Bruta­lized by Thugs

Was­hin­g­ton Gover­nor Urged to Order New Rules to Redu­ce Wolf-Kil­ling; Sta­te has Kil­led 31 Endan­ge­red Wol­ves Sin­ce 2012

Was­hin­g­ton Gover­nor Urged to Order New Rules to Redu­ce Wolf-kil­ling

Time is Not on Our Side in Libya

The UK’s Sinking Bre­xit Ship

Trump­fen Stur­mab­teil­ung (Trump’s Storm­troo­pers)

Tear Gas, Beat­ings and Pro­jecti­les in Port­land

Losing Thoreau in Boston

Young Man Trump: Or the Portrait of a Presi­dent as a Young Man

Iran-China Deal Must be Gre­en

When John Lewis Left Us

Save the Saf­fel Wolf Pack

Wea­po­nizing Intel­lectu­al Pro­per­ty: the Sci­en­tist and the Spy

Bats With Napalm Vests and Other Gre­at Ame­ri­can Innova­tions

Mili­ta­rism and COVID-19

The Pala­ce Let­ters and Roy­al Secre­cy

Trump’s Last Hand

Sit­ting Idol in Lock­ed-Down Kumartuli

The Forest Ser­vi­ce Has Fai­led to Pro­tect Wil­der­ness

Trump Laun­ches A War On Pro­testers

Rising Auto­cra­cy

The Pro-Trump CIA Man: QAnon Mad­ness and Upward Fail­u­re

It’s Always the Ran­chers

Robert Gates’ “Exerci­se In Power”: A Disin­ge­nuous Exerci­se in Public Rela­tions

Hiros­hi­ma and Naga­saki as Col­la­te­ral Dama­ge

The Tacti­cs of Ter­ror in Port­land

Hamilt­on and the Ico­no­clasts of Tomor­row

Palesti­ni­an Fre­edom is Pos­sib­le Now

This Pan­de­mic and the Ones to Come: Mike Davis’ “The Mon­ster Enters”

Glo­bal War­m­ing and Oce­an Aci­di­fi­ca­tion Acce­le­ra­te

Mul­tip­le Job Hol­ders: Who Are They and How Are They Hol­ding Up During the Pan­de­mic?

Calls Moun­ting For Trump to Step Asi­de From Covid-19 Bung­ling

A Mat­ter of Citizens­hip: Sha­mi­ma Begum, Isla­mic Sta­te and Natu­ral Justi­ce

The UK and US are Star­ting a New Cold War with Rus­sia and China, So What are The­se Gover­n­ments Trying to Hide?

Robert M. Gates’ “Exerci­se Of Power”: More Con­fes­sions From a Windso­ck

Trump Admi­ni­stra­tion Wants to Depri­ve Cubans of Food

What Lies Ahe­ad

Wat­ching Con­sti­tu­tio­nal­ly Pro­tected Fre­edoms Die in Ore­gon

What Hap­pens When School Reo­pens? A Teacher’s Let­ter to His Admi­ni­stra­tion

Trump AWOL on Cor­o­navirus

Phar­ma Tri­es to Cash in on Covid Shut­downs With Its Best-Sel­ling Drug

“How Trump Sto­le 2020″— An Inter­view With Greg Palast

The Pen­ta­gon Con­fronts the Pan­de­mic: Or How to Make War, Ame­ri­can-Sty­le, Pos­sib­le Again

Is a Femi­nist City Poten­ti­al­ly a Huma­ne City?

Out­si­de the Cli­nic Doors

Be Kind to Tho­se Offen­ded By It

Imag­i­ne Your­self With Two Abu­si­ve Boyfri­ends …

The Disa­strous Hand­ling of the Pan­de­mic is Liberta­ri­a­nism in Action, Will Ame­ri­cans Final­ly Say Good Rid­dan­ce?

Saint Saba­to Rodia

Angel Olsen and Hand Habits “Walls”

Eco­no­mic Cri­sis and the Question of Capi­ta­lism

Why Gover­n­ment Most­ly Helps Peop­le Who Need It the Least…Even During a Cri­sis

Of Tod­dlers, Wol­ves, and Public Lands Ran­chers

Trump: Whi­te Bre­ad Not Yet Toa­sted

The East-Bound Wind Cau­ses a Storm in the West: Iran-China Sign Long-Term Tra­de Agre­e­ment

Dark Army of Enab­lers

Good News from Was­hin­g­ton: AIPAC, Isra­el Losing to Pro­g­res­si­ve Demo­crats

Roa­m­ing Char­ges: The Mea­ning of BB King in the Age of BLM

The Sky Is Fal­ling – Yes – No

On the Sepa­ra­tion of Church and Sta­te

Behind the #MeToo Head­li­nes with JoAnn Wypi­jewski

Class Dis­pa­ri­ties and Child Abu­se in Ire­land 2020

Whe­re Have All the Demos Gone? Cap­pies Kil­led ‘Em, One By One

The Repu­bli­cans and Demo­crats: Two Wings, Same Bird

A Pro­po­sed Ori­gin for SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 Pan­de­mic

Fre­edom vs. Public Health: a Fal­se Dicho­to­my

The Life-Saving Covid-19 Drugs You’ve Never Heard Of (and Why)

In Lock­down With Edward Hopper’s Prop­he­tic Pain­tings

War­nings Grow: “We are in a Mas­si­ve Eco­no­mic Down­turn”

After Years of Under­fun­ding, Public School Tea­chers are Now Sup­po­sed to Save the Eco­no­my?

Thoughts on Bay­ard Rustin Nostal­gia

Cut the Pen­ta­gon Bud­get 10 Per­cent and Invest in Public Health

We Trea­su­re What We Mea­su­re

We Can’t Can­cel Class

The U.S. Strug­g­le for Justi­ce for Palesti­ne Begins a New Chap­ter

Legis­la­tion in Con­gress Would Requi­re Flying Flag With Pen­ta­gon on It

Trump’s ‘Plan’ Is Sim­ply to Make the Virus and Its Casu­al­ties Dis­ap­pear

Run­ning the Wor­ld, Sin­ce 1776

A New Eco-Eco­no­mic Para­digm

King David, God, the Plague, and Donald Trump

“The Ble­e­ding Wound:” Osama bin Laden Won (Twi­ce)

What If We Actu­al­ly Liste­ned?

Making Lives Mat­ter: Libe­ral Anti-Aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­a­nism & the Sup­pres­sion of Indi­vi­du­a­li­ty

Decon­structing Civi­liza­tion

Home­less in Port­land, Ore­gon 

Why “Peri­o­dic Deva­sta­tion” May be Neces­sary for the Health of Forest Eco­sy­stems

The Smart Rx to Slash Drug Costs: Two Obvious Steps to Take First

Now is the Time for Free Col­le­ge

Vul­gar Mili­ta­rism: Expan­ding the Austra­li­an War Memo­ri­al

Adolph Reed Jr. And The Essen­ce Of Class Essen­ti­a­lism: In Which We Essen­ti­al­ly Exa­mi­ne This With Class

An Ulti­ma­te Mea­ning of the Ber­nie 2020 Campaign: “Not Him. Us.”

Trump’s COVID-19 Data Cover Up: Tele­Tra­ck­ing Tech­no­lo­gies Hired to Do the Dir­ty Deed

Beau­ti­ful Hagia Sop­hia: Betwe­en the Sacred and the Pro­fa­ne; Tur­key Is Con­dem­ned, Whi­le Isra­el Gets a Pass

Anti­fa Punks and Boo­ga­loo Bois: A Tale of Two Sca­pe­go­ats

Hamilt­on Comes Home

Laos Has Tack­led COVID-19, But It Is Drow­ning in Debt to Inter­na­tio­nal Finan­ce

Char­lie Rus­sell, Grizzly Whis­pe­rer

Money Capi­tal vs Life Capi­tal: the War of Valu­es We Live or Die By

A New Gene­ra­tion of Pro­test Holds Gre­at Pro­mi­se for Ame­ri­ca

The Iner­tia Buga­boo

See­ing the Wor­ld Through Touch During a Pan­de­mic

Time’s Up Isra­el: Get Your Knee Off Palestine’s neck

How Pro­te­ster Occu­pa­tions Can Suc­ce­ed

It’s Going to be a Long, Hard Reces­sion

The U.S. Strug­g­le for Justi­ce for Palesti­ne Begins a New Chap­ter

How the Pan­de­mic Hit Ame­ri­cans: Selecti­ve in Its Impa­ct, the Virus Has Struck the Home­less Hard

Fair Tax Solu­tions for Cities Facing Covid-19 Bud­get Cri­ses

The Times They are a-Chan­gin’

Small Island Coun­tri­es Aren’t Wai­ting for Rich Coun­tri­es to Act on Cli­ma­te

Blue Ste­ak on Lygon Stre­et: The Mario Cor­ni­o­la Effect

Vete­rans Go to Was­hin­g­ton: So What?

For­ging Gre­a­ter Isra­el: Anne­xa­tion by Any Other Name