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3-Count Felon, JPMor­gan Cha­se, Caught Laun­de­ring More Dir­ty Money

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Ame­ri­can Sty­le Coup d’etat

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For Real Resi­stan­ce: The Fascist Trump-Barr Regi­me Can’t Sim­ply Be Voted Out

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Rai­sing Fear

Sur­pri­se! Still No Eco­no­mic Relief from Was­hin­g­ton

Mis­in­for­ma­tion Rag­ing Like Wild­fi­re

Demo­crats: Can’t Live With ‘Em, Can’t Live Wit­hout ‘Em

Ger­ma­ny: US Nuclear Wea­pons Sha­med in Nationwi­de Deba­te

Geor­ge Atiy­eh, Opal Cre­ek Cham­pion 

From Nukes to Nort­hern Ire­land: Bre­aking Inter­na­tio­nal Law is as Eng­lish as After­noon Tea

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Review of ‘Cuban Health Care: The Ongo­ing Revo­lu­tion’ by Don Fitz

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Are Environ­men­ta­lists Too Com­pro­mi­sed to Fight for Real Solu­tions?

Natu­re, Sci­en­ce and Revo­lu­tio­nary Strug­g­le

Poi­so­nous Gas Not Tear Gas

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Balan­cing Soli­da­ri­ty & Indi­vi­du­a­lism in the COVID-19 Era and Bey­ond: a View from Viet­nam

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Jud­ge What I Say, Not What I Do: Yves Eng­ler On Canada’s Foreign Poli­cy

Remem­be­ring is Power­ful

Amid the COVID Pan­de­mic, Wall Stre­et Sees an Opportu­ni­ty to Pri­va­tize Public Schools

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Rus­si­an to Jud­ge­ment: the Sena­te Report

Palesti­ni­ans in the Age of Trump

Reducing CO2 Emis­sions to Rever­se Glo­bal War­m­ing

Libe­ral Establis­h­ment Pro­mo­tes “HERD IMMU­NI­TY-lite”

I’m Still Mad About COVID. We All Should Be.

Vac­ci­nes for the Rich

Pur­su­ing Natio­nal Libe­ra­tion and Soci­a­lism: A Con­ver­sa­tion with Oscar Figu­e­ra

Why America’s Poli­ti­cal Fights Are as Fake as Pro Wre­st­ling

An Open Let­ter to the Medi­cal Com­mu­ni­ty and All Front­li­ne Wor­kers: Trump’s COVID-19 Respon­se Rep­re­sents a Gra­ve Dan­ger to Public Health; his regi­me must go now.

Let Gen­der Reve­al Par­ties Burn

Trump’s Cli­ma­te Deni­al Gains Strength If We’re in Deni­al About His Neo-Fascism

The Strug­g­le for Bot­tom Uni­ty in an Age of Divi­sion

Cor­pora­te Cri­me at the New York Times and Was­hin­g­ton Post

Chan­ge and Decay: A Time of Tran­si­tion

WAP It Good

On the Chi­ck­en Egg Farm 

“The Music Never Stop­ped” | Gra­te­ful Shred

Poli­ce Bureaucra­cy and Abo­li­tion: Why Reforms Dri­ven by Pro­fes­sio­nals will Renew Sta­te Oppres­sion

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Life in Can­cer Alley

A “Per­si­stent Eye in the Sky” Com­ing to a City Near You?

Lies My Fue­hrer Told Me

Log­ging Will Do Not­hing to Help Us Out of This Mess

Figh­ting Fire With Fire: What Tri­bal Peop­le Know About Forest Eco­sy­stems

Cor­pora­tions That Have Been Fined More Than $13 Bil­li­on in Penal­ties for Mis­de­eds Have Pock­e­ted COVID Bai­louts

Myt­hs and Lies About Pover­ty in Ame­ri­ca

The DHS is Trying to Tie US Acti­vists to Foreign Move­ments — Here’s Why We Should be Skep­ti­cal 

Rio Tin­to Turns Cul­tu­ral Van­dal: the Destruction of the Juukan Gor­ge Caves

A Post-Cor­o­navirus Eco­no­my Can No Lon­ger Afford to Put the Pen­ta­gon First

Enabling Trump’s Ongo­ing Disa­sters

Robert Samu­el­son Hangs It up

The Anti-Racist Femi­nist and the Cor­pora­te CEO

Con­spira­cy Panic

Will a Biden Foreign Poli­cy Make a Dif­fe­ren­ce for the Wor­ld?

How Were 46 Mil­li­on Peop­le Trap­ped by Stu­dent Debt? The History of an Unful­fil­led Pro­mi­se

What Does It Mean to Act Whi­te?

The True Facts About the Ore­gon Fires, With a Video Proving It

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

Assan­ge on Tri­al: Super­max Pri­sons and Spe­ci­al Admi­ni­stra­ti­ve Mea­su­res

Why Don’t They Call You a Geni­us? You Don’t Have a Bil­li­on Dol­lars

Which Way, Ger­ma­ny?

The Spoils of War: Sexu­al Entit­le­ment

Troub­led Times at The Inter­cept

Trump and the Troops

Smo­ke and Mir­r­ors in a Wor­ld of Pain

Wat­ching Reli­gion Die

No One is “Men­tal­ly Fit” to be Presi­dent

Repe­al Section 230 to Fix Face­book

Natu­re and the Mea­ning of Truth

‘Ame­ri­can Car­na­ge’ Unvei­led

The Dif­fe­ren­ce Betwe­en the U.S. and China’s Respon­se to COVID-19 s Stag­ge­ring

America’s War on Ter­ror is the True Cau­se of Europe’s Refu­gee Cri­sis

US Mari­ne Cor­ps: Sem­per Fi, But Why?

Ame­ri­can Impe­ri­a­lism and the Mur­der of Jen­ni­fer Lau­de

God, Guns, Bats, and Patri­o­tism

One Last Pres­su­re Drop…and You’re Free

Ant­hro­po­ge­nic CO2 Emis­sions are Fate

Power Poli­ti­cs and Impe­ri­al Gam­b­les

On the Lasting Influ­en­ces of David Gra­e­ber

Trump’s China Diver­sion

On the Death of My Bro­t­her

Is Nepal Skir­ting, Denying or Defying the Covid Pan­de­mic?

Three Wor­ld War II Books That Mir­ror Our Cur­rent Cri­ses

Ten Trump-Away Hai­ku

Poor Whi­tes and Sla­ve­ry in the Ante­bel­lum South

Remem­be­ring the Mar­ty­red Revo­lu­tion

Cow­boys, Ran­chers and Hed­ge Fund Managers…Oh My!

Living in the Wor­ld of the Late John Fran­ken­hei­mer

Albu­querque Poli­ce Work Clo­se­ly with Com­pa­ny Inve­sti­ga­ted for Child Por­no­grap­hy and Tar­ge­ted by Natio­nal Securi­ty Agen­cy, Docu­ments Show

Mul­ti­na­tio­nals and Oil Com­pa­nies Are Impo­sing Their Gre­ed on the Peop­le of Mozam­bique

Oil and the Pan­de­mic

Trump’s Forest Ser­vi­ce Side­steps Environ­men­tal Safe­gu­ards

Can We Address That Bri­tish Euge­ni­cs Scan­dal?

Spe­cies in Peril: Loss, Love and Pro­tection

Screwing with the Unem­ploy­ment Sta­ti­sti­cs

The Lite­rary Sce­ne in the Gre­at Depres­sion (and Today)

Trump’s Bro­ken Pro­mi­ses to His Voters – He Didn’t Deli­ver!

Rogu­es in the Ranks

Resi­sting Aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­a­nism One Co-Op at a Time

The Fog of Trump

Europe’s Racism

Frag­ments of Sol Cha­ne­les’ Lost Manuscript on CIA Book Publis­hing Ope­ra­tions

175 Years in a U.S. Pri­son? Extra­di­tion Tri­al of WikiLe­aks Foun­der Juli­an Assan­ge Begins in Lon­don

Four­te­en Mar­tyrs in the Strug­g­le Against Racist Ter­ror and Trum­pism-Fascism

The U.S. is Bor­rowing Its Way to Fascism

Can We Call It Fascism? Trump’s Voter Sup­pres­sion Pro­ject, 2020

Under Trump, Mili­tary Vete­rans and Ser­vi­ce Mem­bers Have Been ‘Losers’

Roa­m­ing Char­ges: Under Furious Ski­es

Elections and the Pro­blem of Poli­ti­cs

Trump Tri­es to Chan­ge the Sub­ject From Covid to Vio­len­ce

The War on You: How the Pen­ta­gon is Mili­ta­rizing Soci­al Con­trol

Trump’s Dead­ly Mista­ke

As Was­hin­g­ton Retre­ats, Eastern Medi­ter­ra­ne­an Con­fli­ct Furt­her Mar­gi­na­lizes NATO

Biden Next Time

America’s Cur­rent Jobs ‘Gre­at Depres­sion’

Biden’s Tran­si­tion Team Isn’t a “Team” and It’s Not Pro­mi­sing Much of a Tran­si­tion

Ame­ri­cans Have Always Been “Suck­ers” for War

Fascism and the Qui­ck­e­ning of History

Bana­na Strings and the Mili­tary-Indu­stri­al Com­plex

From Hoover­vil­les to Trump­vil­les: Home­less Cri­sis Dee­pens

Assange’s Fourth Day at the Old Bailey: COVID in the Cour­troom

Why Many Poli­ce Are Bare­ly Distingu­is­hab­le From Racist Vigilan­tes

Trump vs. the Mari­nes: Sem­per Lacten­tum

A Daugh­ter of Bei­rut Recovers the Memory of Her Fat­her, Lost to Espio­na­ge at the Dawn of the Modern Oil Age

Is Ger­man Socie­ty Beco­m­ing Fascist?

Pat­ton and Westy Meet in a Bar: a Play of Many Parts in One Act

Regu­lar Peop­le: Who Are They? Why Don’t They Ever Spe­ak for Them­sel­ves?

Incor­ri­gib­le: Trump Unre­da­cted

How Trump Will Try to Win the Election

Healt­hca­re for the Peop­le: the Cuban Expe­ri­en­ce

Guns, Land, and Chi­ck­ens Won’t Save You

Crying Wolf on Live­sto­ck Deat­hs

Why Whi­te Peop­le find it Dif­fi­cult to Talk about Race

Is a Second Civil War Real­ly Pos­sib­le?

Gen­der Reve­al Par­ties are Star­ting Wildfires…That’s Half the Pro­blem

Re-Appra­i­sing “The West Wing”: A Mul­ti-Sea­son Hyper­re­al Clin­ton Sobriquet-Cum-Apo­lo­gia For Ther­mi­dor

Return to Decen­cy

Stan­ding Up to Trump … and Biden

Save Lives, Fill Out Your Census

My 9–11 and Jack Whitten’s 

I, Like You, Am Made of Stars: Matt Sedillo’s Mowing Lea­ves of Grass

Prag­ma­tism: a com­pass rose

The Loneso­me Death of the Libe­ral Soci­al Justi­ce War­ri­or

My Ini­ti­al “New York Minu­tes” on 9-11-2001

Demo­crats and Repu­bli­cans Should Just Mer­ge

The Rebels of Sodom

Take Back The Night Like A Fresh Bur­ning Star

Sick of Bach

Loo­ters and Losers and Trump, Oh My!

Why Herd Immu­ni­ty is a Distra­ction

 100 Nights of Resi­stan­ce in Port­land

Assange’s Third Day at the Old Bailey: Bias, Poli­ti­cs and Wars on Jour­na­lism

The Cur­rent Impas­se in Bel­arus and the Pea­ce Alter­na­ti­ve

Biden Urged to Adopt a Good Neig­h­bor Poli­cy Toward Lat­in Ame­ri­ca

Ame­ri­can Car­na­ge From a Pan­de­mic Presi­dent

Col­lu­sion, Cor­rup­tions and Cha­os

Silen­ce is Not Con­sent in Poli­ti­cs