Sau­di Ara­bia Is Trying to Sell Its Ultra-Aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­an Monar­chy to Mid­dle Ame­ri­ca

1. maj: Ind­tryk fra Arbej­der­nes inter­na­tio­na­le kamp­dag ver­den rundt

Class Strug­g­le Built the Wel­fa­re Sta­te

“At give kul­tur skyl­den er en meget bekvem ana­ly­se”

Death by Pol­lu­tion | Nova­ra Docs

Ame­ri­ca, China, and the Cli­ma­te Dinosaur

The Man­hat­tan DA Race Could Be a Disa­ster for the Left

New York Sta­te Could Final­ly Get Sing­le-Pay­er Health Care

Rich Peop­le Are Fue­ling Cli­ma­te Cata­strop­he — But Not Most­ly Becau­se of Their Consump­tion

1. maj 2021 med APK – For soci­a­lis­me – Fæl­les kamp mod kapi­ta­lens kri­sepo­li­tik – Ind­tryk fra Køben­havn – Oden­se – Århus

1. maj tale 2021 – Af Cat­hri­ne Peder­sen, APK

Austra­li­an Women Don’t Need Scott Morrison’s Emp­ty Rhe­to­ric — They Need Eco­no­mic Justi­ce

Extre­mism Is on the Rise in Isra­el

We have no answers; we have questions. Urgent ones

The Long History of Mexi­can-Ame­ri­can Radi­ca­lism

Mare of East­town Is a Welco­me Addi­tion to the Small-Town Mur­der Myste­ry Gen­re

What Hap­pe­ned to the Bri­stol Poli­ce?

Chauvin’s Con­vi­ction and the Futu­re of Poli­cing

Lad os rej­se en kamp ver­den over for arbej­de, brød og fri­hed 1. maj!

May Day 1971 Was a Day Against War

The Nazis Sto­le May Day, But Soci­a­lists Took It Back

May Day Soli­da­ri­ty Subscrip­tions Are Just $1 Today

1.MAJ-hilsen til fængs­le­de kam­me­ra­ter rundt om i ver­den

What now for Die Lin­ke?

The Lega­cy of Raúl Castro

Noam Chom­sky – Bakunin’s Pre­di­ctions

Video fra KPML: Kapi­ta­lis­men er virus­be­fengt – for revo­lusjon og sosi­a­lis­me!

For the Love of God, Stop Cele­brat­ing Big Pharma’s COVID Pro­fi­te­ers

‘Ame­ri­ca is Back’, Says Biden. What Does This Mean for the Rest of the Wor­ld?

The One-Sta­te Solu­tion

Is the Covid-19 Pan­de­mic Over for the UK?

On Immi­gra­tion, Biden’s First 100 Days and Trump’s Last 100 Days Are Hard to Tell Apart

Anti­fa­sci­stisk 1. maj 2021

As Meat­pa­ck­ers Sto­ked Fears of a Shor­ta­ge, U.S. Meat Exports Increa­sed – Citing immi­nent shor­ta­ges, meat cor­pora­tions lob­bied to keep pack­ing plants open as Covid-19 tore through wor­kers’ ranks. At the same time, U.S. meat exports increa­sed.

Serie: Almin­de­li­ge men­ne­skers histo­rie: Den ame­ri­kan­ske uaf­hæn­gig­heds­krig

At Mexico’s Tourist Resorts, Exploi­ta­tion Is the Bot­tom Line

The Cana­da Infra­struc­tu­re Bank Is a Subsi­dy Sche­me for Big Busi­ness

In the Smit­hy of His Soul: A Ste­el Wor­ker and Scho­lar

The U.S. is Trying to Light the Match of Isla­mic Extre­mism in China’s Xinji­ang

Evi­ction: No Easter in Occupied Jerus­a­lem

Cor­o­na in Cow Land – India Cri­ti­cal

Indi­an Point Rea­ctor Shut­down Ends Nuclear Era For NYC Area

Bot­tom-up Poli­ti­cs: Gras­s­roots Acti­vism Dri­ve Pro-Palesti­ne Shift in the US

Extre­mism is on the Rise in Isra­el

All Dres­sed Up for the Oscars and Nowhe­re to Go

Ame­ri­can-Sty­le War Until the End of Time?

Incar­ce­rat­ing Inno­cents and Migrants in the U.S.

Why Does Was­hin­g­ton Keep Punis­hing Cuba?

Trans­cen­ding ‘the Reli­gion of Whi­te­ness’

SEC’s Gary Gens­ler Picks a 20-Year Wall Stre­et Bank Defen­der for His Cri­me Chief

Giving War With China a Chan­ce

From the Fog­gy Dew

Car­bon Colo­ni­a­lism and REDD: Reflections on Resi­stan­ce

Why the Left Needs Foucault

From Geno­ci­de to Justi­ce: How Ashke­na­zi Jews can be Co-Con­spira­tors of Syste­mic Chan­ge

Biden is Flir­ting with a Bet­ter Eco­no­mic Para­digm. Young Peop­le Need Him to Com­mit. 

The CIA Has Been Taking Over for Decades—Even For­mer Presi­dents Tri­ed to Warn Us BY MODE­RA­TOR

Let­ters From Minsk: The Pripet Mars­hes

Why Guantá­na­mo Should be Retur­ned to Cuba

Case for a People’s Vac­ci­ne

Who’s to Bla­me for the Deci­ma­tion of US Fis­he­ri­es?

Just How Bold is Biden’s Tax Plan?

Mil­li­ons of Tiny Cows to Rege­ne­ra­te the Soil

Work to Die For: COVID-19 and U.S. Labor

Supe­ri­o­ri­ty Mira­ge

Biden’s Left Feint

Cuban Presi­dent Clo­ses Par­ty Con­gress, Deli­vers Important Spe­ech

Pro­po­sed “Col­le­ge for All” Would Be a Disa­ster For Adjun­ct Pro­fes­sors

Spa­dework: Expe­ri­ments in Wor­kers’ Self-Orga­niza­tion

Fecal­no­mi­cs: Clash of the Hed­ge Hogs

The Anti-Grizzly Crus­a­de is Being Under­mi­ned by Sci­en­ce

Wor­king-Class Mot­hers and the COVID “She­ces­sion”

The Legal Show­down at Han­na Flats

What Chin­a­town Can Teach Us About Com­mu­ni­ty

Don’t Let Wall Stre­et Get Rich Off of Our Water

Joe Biden’s Fabulous Fool’s Pea­ce

This Bla­ck Life Must Mat­ter! MLK’s gre­a­ter mes­sa­ge to Ame­ri­ca

Voter Fraud and the Myth of E Pluri­bus Unum

What Does Jim Jor­dan Want?

Met­te Fre­de­rik­sen, Boris John­son: Reject Indu­s­try PR, Ban Glyp­ho­sa­te, Pro­tect Public Health! 

Awards Are Poli­ti­cal

We Need a Trau­ma-Infor­med Legal System

The Art of Saying Not­hing

EU-par­la­men­tet kræ­ver for­sla­get til EU-mind­ste­løn skær­pet: Ingen lan­de skal kun­ne afvi­se den

The Wor­ld is My Coun­try: a Stun­ning New Film about Wor­ld Citizen Gar­ry Davis

Før­ste maj: Kam­pen for orga­ni­se­ring

For­søg­te at orga­ni­se­re arbej­de­re i Kina: Nu står han til 5 år i fængsel

Byg­ge­fag pro­teste­rer mod soci­al dum­ping for­an mil­li­onvil­la i Hel­lerup

Hju­let er alle­re­de oppfun­net

Do the Poli­ce Actu­al­ly Sol­ve Cri­me?

Citizen Kane — Brought to You by Coca-Cola

For Wor­kers at Rut­gers, Work Sha­ring Has Been a Wea­pon Against Auste­ri­ty

Biden’s Infra­struc­tu­re Plans Are a Good Start—But We Must Ensu­re Demo­cra­tic Con­trol – Presi­dent Biden has laid out an ambi­tious agen­da for rebu­il­ding the nation’s infra­struc­tu­re. To suc­ce­ed, the pro­jects should be put under public owners­hip.

Drug Com­pa­nies Took None of the Risks to Deve­l­op the COVID-19 Vac­ci­ne. They’re Get­ting All of the Pro­fits.

Why It’s Eco-Soci­a­lism or Col­lap­se | Down­stream

The Besse­mer Deba­c­le: Why Did Ama­zon Wor­kers Vote Against Uni­o­niza­tion?

Biden’s First 100 Days Have Been a Tale of Two Presi­den­cies – When it comes to eco­no­mic issu­es, the Biden admi­ni­stra­tion has shown some sur­pri­sing pro­g­res­si­vism. On foreign poli­cy, not so much.

India Is in a Hor­ren­dous COVID Cri­sis. It’s Modi’s Fault.

Gene­ral­strej­ken i Colom­bia ven­der til­ba­ge

Labor Has a Once-in-a-Gene­ra­tion Opportu­ni­ty. Now Is Not the Time for Mode­ra­tion.

How Poli­ce “Gang Data­ba­ses” Are Being Used to Wage War on Immi­grants – Wea­ring a certain col­ored hat hard­ly merits atten­tion from the aut­ho­ri­ties, but it can be enough to get some­bo­dy in the system—and even­tu­al­ly depor­ted.

Sasquatch Tri­es, and Fails, to Make Big­foot a Metap­hor for Ame­ri­can Vio­len­ce

Saving the Wor­ld From Capi­ta­lism by Taking Power

Anmel­del­se: Net­flix-doku­men­ta­ren Sea­spira­cy

Poli­cing the bor­ders of anti-Asi­an vio­len­ce

Deman­ding an End to Uyg­hur Oppres­sion

Mod­stand mod Macrons raci­sti­ske offen­siv

Bob Fass and Revo­lu­tio­nary Radio: the Man and the Medi­um

Kill Anyt­hing That Moves: The Real Ame­ri­can War in Viet­nam Revi­si­ted

Admit­ting Defe­at in Afg­ha­ni­stan: Ame­ri­can “Sta­te-Buil­ding” Fails Again

“They’re Dir­ty!” Stan­ding Up at Kel­ly But­te

Ber­lin Bul­le­tin: Gre­ens, Vac­ci­nes and Mane­u­vers

Biden, Recog­ni­tion and the Arme­ni­an Geno­ci­de

North Korea is Back on the US Agen­da

Enheds­li­sten: Vi vil sagsø­ge Polen for deres behand­ling af LGB­TQ-per­so­ner

SCO­TUS Should Cla­ri­fy Tin­ker in Favor of Free Spe­ech, Not School Con­trol

Why Biden Should Go Big­ger, Bol­der and Faster in Spen­ding and Tax Plans

The Cows That Ate Point Rey­es

CEO Pay Doesn’t Neces­sa­rily Align With Sha­re­hol­der Inte­r­e­sts, Even if it is in Sto­ck Options

The Janu­ary 6 Capi­tol Riot: A Local Per­specti­ve

For a new 25 April

Repor­ting from Aro­und the Wor­ld, Ree­se Erlich Was a Bea­con of Inde­pen­dent Jour­na­lism

FOR SOCI­A­LIS­MEFÆL­LES KAMP MOD KAPI­TA­LEN! – se APK’s 1. maj pro­gram med gade- og onli­ne­mø­der

Rege­rin­gen vil skær­pe lov: Tid­li­ge­re “hår­de ghet­to­er” skal også rive boli­ger ned og sæl­ge til pri­va­te

Put­chist gene­rals and sorcerer’s appren­ti­ces

How Chi­ca­go Tea­chers Won a Safer Reo­pe­ning – The Chi­ca­go Tea­chers Uni­on (CTU) has rea­ched the end of a bit­ter strug­g­le with May­or Lori Light­foot over reo­pe­ning during the pan­de­mic.

Bom­bers in Paris: The Arre­st of Italy’s ‘Red Ter­r­o­rists’ Rai­ses the Spectre of Poli­ti­cal Vio­len­ce

Striking NYU Grad Wor­kers: “Our Strug­g­le, Like Eve­ry Labor Strug­g­le, Is Part of a Lar­ger Fight”

Myan­mar Wor­kers Face Down a Mili­tary Dicta­tors­hip – Mem­bers of the Fede­ra­tion of Gene­ral Wor­kers Myan­mar sha­re their sto­ri­es of resi­stan­ce fol­lowing the coup d’etat of Febru­ary 1.

Anmel­del­se: Pri­de, Poli­ti­cs and Pro­test: A Revo­lu­tio­nary Gui­de to LGBT+ Libe­ra­tion

”Mens den glo­ba­le øko­no­mi skrum­per, når mili­tær­ud­gif­ter­ne rekord­høj­der”

Enheds­li­stens kul­tur­festi­val 2021 er onli­ne

Annon­cer og med­del­el­ser

Et net­værk for kvin­der og køns­mi­no­ri­te­ter

Det, vi kan sam­men

En kulsort van­vids­løs­ning

Fat­her Frost Against Putin

Vi siger nej tak til en EU-bestemt mind­ste­løn

The Mar­gi­nal Tax Bra­ck­et Is an Ene­my of Demo­cra­cy

Det er tid til at afskaf­fe bør­ne­fat­tig­dom

Fore­byg frem for auto­ma­tisk at fjer­ne

‘Bør­ne­ne Først’ mang­ler fokus på fore­byg­gel­se

Bør­ne­forsorg med mør­ke skyg­ger

Joe Biden’s Foreign Poli­cy Has Been Hor­ren­dous

Boris John­son Under Inve­sti­ga­tion

Illi­be­ral Con­ser­va­tism Comes to Gre­e­ce

Illi­be­ral Con­ser­va­tism Comes to Gre­e­ce

In Roche­ster, A Poli­ce Alter­na­ti­ve Deli­vers … Poli­ce – Acti­vists were exci­ted about the launch of a new Per­son in Cri­sis team in a city that’s suf­fe­red a string of poli­ce vio­len­ce incidents—but so far, it’s fal­len short on its pro­mi­ses.

Labour Wants to Win Back the Wor­king Class. The Pro­blem Is, It Has No Idea Who They Are.

Relea­se the Vac­ci­nes

Exter­mi­na­te All the Bru­tes Expo­ses the Mur­derous History of Colo­ni­a­lism

The Com­po­ser Who Fought Ura­ni­um Mining on the Ork­neys

COVID in India

US Role Behind the Defe­at of Ecuador’s Lef­tist Presi­den­ti­al Can­di­da­te

The Poli­ti­cs of Free Spe­ech in Mus­lim Coun­tri­es

Biden’s Cli­ma­te Plan: It’s Too Late for Gra­du­a­lism

The Russia/China Spa­ce Wea­po­niza­tion Tre­aty

Ene­mies of Sci­en­ce

Amid Widespre­ad Disea­se, Death, and Pover­ty, the Major Powers Increa­sed Their Mili­tary Spen­ding in 2020

Drug Laws and the Kil­ling of Andrew Brown, Jr.

America’s Rui­nous Pur­su­it of Mis­sion Impos­sib­le in Afg­ha­ni­stan

Repu­bli­cans Nationwi­de are Thwar­ting Demo­cra­cy

Tyr­ki­et: 1. maj for­budt under påskud af cor­o­na pan­de­mi­en

Kam­pen mod raci­stisk poli­ti fort­sæt­ter i USA

The GOP Is Cra­ck­ing Down on Pro­testers — And Pro­tecting Peop­le Who Run Them Over

The Untold Sto­ri­es of the Inde­pen­den­ce War in Bang­la­desh

Joe Biden’s Cen­tral Ame­ri­ca Plan Is a Cru­el Joke

Det Myan­mar­ske kup: Mod­stan­den fort­sæt­ter

How Radi­cal Is Presi­dent Joe Biden? | Down­stream

Sygeple­jer­sker skri­ver til nord­jy­ske regions­po­li­ti­ke­re

Biden: “Empi­re Is Back”…

Soci­a­lis­me eller kapi­ta­lis­me?

When Times are Tough, Tax Cre­dits Are Not Enough – Biden’s anti-pover­ty plan is to expand tax credits—but that doesn’t address the root pro­blem of low (or no) wages.

By All Means, Means Test – When it comes to wel­fa­re, let’s work with what we have.

Lad os få en 8. marts-plads på Jagt­vej 69

Uncove­ring the Many Eric Hobs­bawms

Util­freds­hed med loka­le løn­for­hand­lin­ger udlø­ste strej­ke på Orskov Yard

Libe­ra­te Palesti­ne, deco­lo­nize Isra­el

Armed Bla­ck­mail Will Never Bring Pea­ce to Eastern Ukrai­ne

Indi­en i covid-19-kaos efter at Vesten næg­ter at ophæ­ve paten­t­ret­tig­he­der for vac­ci­ner

Labour Is Bra­cing Itself for a Rough Ride Next Week. What’s Actu­al­ly Going to Hap­pen?

EU mod­ar­bej­der grøn­ne mad­va­ner

The Poli­ti­ciza­tion of Intel­li­gen­ce, Revi­si­ted

Focu­sing Pure­ly on Inju­sti­ces in China and Rus­sia with a Cold War Mind­set Dama­ges Human Rights Eve­rywhe­re

The Main Obsta­c­le in the Fight Against COVID: Inequa­li­ty

Dare to Make Pea­ce with Iran

No More Poli­ce Kil­lings of Chil­dren!

Almost Eve­ryt­hing Biden Said About Ending the Afg­ha­ni­stan War Was a Lie

Beat­ings and Indig­ni­ty: the Plight of an Afg­han Refu­gee

Why the Emb­ar­go Against Cuba?

On Key Issu­es Like the Civi­li­an Cli­ma­te Cor­ps, Joe Biden Is Still Thin­king Far Too Small

Mexi­co Should Reject Exces­si­ve Powers From Foreign Inve­stors