Aca­de­mic Fre­edom in Palesti­ne Mat­ters, Too

Eco­no­mic Upda­te: Pan­de­mic Capi­ta­lism in Asia

What a Time to Be Gover­ned by Cal­lous Mor­ons

En mil­li­ard til dig, dig og dig – men hvor kom­mer pen­ge­ne fra?

Hvi­derus­sisk præ­si­dentvalg er ble­vet over­ra­sken­de inter­es­sant

“To Fight Unem­ploy­ment, We Have to Fight Capi­ta­lism”

Wor­kers Blow the Whi­st­le on Mass Death

Ecuador’s Neoli­be­ral Gover­n­ment Is Trying to Ban Rafa­el Cor­rea from the 2021 Elections

Næsten 20 års poli­tik med skat­te­let­tel­ser har slå­et fejl

Cor­o­navirus Has Made Thin­gs Even Wor­se for Migrant Wor­kers on Spain’s Fru­it Farms

Hvad er det der sker I Port­land?

The Resi­stib­le Rise of Nuclear Gangsters…and Their Down­fall

The Sle­ep of Rea­son Pro­du­ces Monsters

Their Her­o­es and Ours: California’s Health Care Cri­sis

Reno­un­cing Whi­te Pri­vil­e­ge: A Left Cri­tique of Robin DiAngelo’s “Whi­te Fragi­li­ty”

Free Joy Powell! America’s Poli­ti­cal Pri­so­ner for Figh­ting Poli­ce Bruta­li­ty

Trump’s Wit­hdrawal From WHO: a Cover-Up for His Abject Fail­u­re on COVID-19

The Plun­ge in Consump­tion of Ser­vi­ces Leads to a Record 32.9 Per­cent Drop in GDP

Human Rights Defen­ders: Palesti­ni­an Eyewit­ness Testi­mo­ny of the Execu­tion of Abdul Fat­tah al-Sha­rif by Isra­e­li Sol­di­er, Elor Aza­ria

Acco­un­ta­bi­li­ty is Gone in Ame­ri­ca

Nej til kon­tant beta­ling i bus­ser­ne

A Wrong Mes­sa­ge for the Pan­de­mic

Che­sa Bou­din: Refor­mer in the San Fran­ci­sco DA’s Offi­ce

Forest Plan Fail­u­re in the Mon­ta­na Rock­i­es

Spe­a­ker Nan­cy Pelo­si Wri­tes to Me!

Take on the Tech Mob Now or Perish

U.S. Impe­ri­a­lism and Africa’s “Per­fect Storm”

Con­ser­va­tio­ni­sts Inter­ve­ne to Oppo­se New Dam Pro­ject Near the Grand Cany­on

Cor­o­na rej­ser det sto­re spørgs­mål om ‘ret­ten til livet’

Demon­stra­tion for­an byg­ge­ri i Hede­hu­se­ne – igen

Okto­ber Radio: Klas­se­kamp og Ple­je­hjem

The Lost History of Socialism’s DIY Com­pu­ter

Unconscious Bias Trai­ning Is Not the Answer

How Capi­ta­lism Chan­ged Foot­ball for the Wor­se

Figh­ting Back against Hungary’s Ban on Legal Gen­der Recog­ni­tion

Enrique Peña Nie­to and His Cor­rupt Gover­n­ment Sto­le From the Mexi­can Peop­le

Patri­ce Lumumba’s Daugh­ter: I’m Deman­ding Bel­gi­um Give Back My Father’s Remains

Cor­me­ga: “When It Comes to Art, What Kind of Artist Are You?”

The Portu­gu­e­se Revo­lu­tion and Women’s Libe­ra­tion

”Hvis gader? Vores gader!” – Poli­tiof­fen­siv mod Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter gade­pro­tester­ne i USA, Ore­gon

Kul­tur­for­slag: Ud af intet – Tysk dra­ma-thril­ler

Nige­ri­an soli­da­ri­ty with July 20 BLM stri­ke

Hands, Face, Spa­ce… SPI­KE?

The Inner Chro­ni­c­le of What We Are – Under­stan­ding Wer­ner Her­zog

A Wide­ning Cana­di­an Cha­ri­ty Scan­dal Is the Per­fect Metap­hor for Justin Trudeau’s Cana­da

The Strug­g­le Against Dalit Oppres­sion in India

Hot spots and kill shots in the (post)colonial sta­te

Abo­lish DHS

New York Gover­nor Andrew Cuo­mo Blo­cks Tax Hikes on Bil­li­o­nai­res Bank­rol­ling His Poli­ti­cal Machine

Tech Monopo­lies Like Goog­le Have a Fri­end in Kama­la Har­ris

Over­greb i og på ældreplej­en

Over­greb i og på ældreplej­en

Det hal­ter i ældreplej­en

Out­ra­ge Dri­ves Cli­cks, Rage Sells Sto­ri­es: the Brutal Eco­no­my of the Cul­tu­re War

How Par­ti­al­ly Natio­na­lizing the Hig­hways Tur­ned Ita­ly Into “Ano­t­her Venezu­ela”

Tear Gas and Thugs at the BLM Pro­tests in Port­land

Rus­si­a­ga­te, Nazis, and the CIA

Roa­m­ing Char­ges: Demon Seeds

The Spa­ce Wars Have Begun

Insur­gents and Ico­no­clasts Nee­ded (But for Now Lay Low)

“Time to Say the F-Word”: Why Now?

The Trip­le Anta­go­nist of the Poli­ce, Poli­cing, and Poli­cy

The Con­sequen­ces of Inequa­li­ty Can Be Fatal

Feds Give In, May­be

Insi­de Trump’s Atta­ck on America’s Environ­men­tal Char­ter

“We Char­ge Geno­ci­de:” Forer­un­ner at UN of Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter

The Bolog­na Mas­sa­cre, the ‘Stra­te­gy of Ten­sion’ and Ope­ra­tion Gla­dio

Does The Left Stand With Uig­hurs?

Donald Trump’s Mis­gu­i­ded Atta­cks on WHO

A Port­land ‘Sit-Down’ Can Rock Trump’s Boat

On Medi­ca­re and Medicaid’s 55th Bir­t­h­day, Let’s Expand Benefits—Not Cut Them

Syste­mic Racism And Pro­g­res­si­ve Recon­struction

Juli­an Assange’s Poli­ti­cal Indi­ct­ment: Old Wine in Older Bott­les

List of Isra­e­li Tar­gets Lea­ked: Tel Aviv Fears the Worst in ICC Inve­sti­ga­tion of War Cri­mes

Eve­ry Step the EU Takes Toward Finan­ci­al Uni­ty Sows New Seeds of Its Poten­ti­al Col­lap­se

Fascist Ohio’s Bri­bed $60 Mil­li­on Nuke Rea­ctor Melt­down

Could the Duter­te Regi­me be COVID-19’s Next Victim?

Ber­nie Groups Bre­ak Free of Dems: New Par­ty Rising?

Hunting with the Fat­her

What Does It Mean To Tole­ra­te Others?

Cli­ma­te Chan­ge is Geno­ci­de

The Twen­ty Years War

Yemen: a Tor­rent of Suf­fe­ring in a Time of Sie­ge

Ame­ri­can Excep­tio­na­lism

I Was Tear Gas­sed in Port­land … and Not Only by the Feds

Naked Athe­na vs. Drumpf

Did a Wealt­hy Family, Which May Have Ties to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, Buy a Seat on the DC Coun­cil?

Get the F*** Out of Afg­ha­ni­stan!

Open Let­ter to My Landl­ord #5

Beat­ing Trump and Saving Juni­pers in the Elk­horns

Whe­re to Put the FBI

Post-Bre­xit Agro­che­mi­cal Apo­ca­lyp­se for the UK?

Unless We’re Also Mad, We’re No Match for the Mad­ness of Neoli­be­ra­lism

Never For­get August 3 in El Paso

America’s Wars on Demo­cra­cy in Rwan­da and the DR Congo

War, Money and Demo­cra­cy: the Eco­no­mi­cs of Key­nes

Teach Anti-Racism in Schools, It’s Worth It

RFO Fon­den ned­læg­ges – pen­ge­ne gives til Stre­et Lab

What’s Next for the ADA?

It’s Time to Soci­a­lize Big Phar­ma

Que­ens Noir

In Pra­i­se of Elisha Cook

Slagt­nin­gen af efter­løn­nen – også en del af “Vel­færds­for­li­get”

Fir­ma ejet i skat­te­ly på EU’s sort­lis­te har fået 58 mil­li­o­ner kro­ner fra hjæl­pe­pak­ker

Bag om Trumps føde­ra­le oprust­ning mod Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter

Chauf­fø­rer­ne er utryg­ge ved igen at skul­le mod­ta­ge kon­tan­ter

War­ren Zevon – My Shits Fuck­ed Up

Rus­sia Report: Explai­ning Moscow’s Actions would expo­se the West’s hypo­cri­sy

The Holo­gram: reclai­m­ing the means of health and care

We Can Stop the Com­ing Evi­ction Cri­sis

Chi­ca­go Is Spen­ding $1.6 Bil­li­on on 13,000 Poli­ce. Is It Worth It?

The Nigh­t­ma­re in Port­land

We Have No Choi­ce But to Be Radi­cal

Rural Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter

Law­fa­re Is an Atta­ck on Free Spe­ech and a Thre­at to Demo­cra­cy

How the Antisla­ve­ry Move­ment Igni­ted a Poli­ti­cal Revo­lu­tion

Bolivia’s Coup Gover­n­ment Is Look­ing for Excu­ses to Avoid Elections

Bulgaria’s Klep­to­cra­cy Owes to Its Eco­no­mic Model, Not Just Its Cor­rupt Poli­ti­ci­ans

How Bad is the 2021 Natio­nal Defen­se Aut­ho­riza­tion Act?

The Gulf War, 30 Years and Coun­ting

An Atta­ck on Edward Said’s Lega­cy

What’s Going on in Port­land

The new rise of the women’s move­ment

Pro­posal for a pro­gram­ma­tic deba­te

Some notes to con­tri­bu­te to our deba­te on the futu­re socie­ty.

Femi­nist notes for thin­king about our pro­ject of socie­ty

Futu­re socie­ty – remarks from the LGB­TIQ com­mis­sion

How Covid-19 Could Upend Geopo­li­ti­cs

Big Goog­le and Face­book are Wat­ching You!

Cen­te­ring the Earth

We Don’t Need Trump’s Thugs in Chi­ca­go

Far-Left Fascism: The Non-Exi­stent Disor­der …

A Let­hal Hypo­cri­sy

Moder­na Shows All Tho­se Lazy Unem­ploy­ed Wor­kers How to Real­ly Rip Off the Gover­n­ment

Om Josef Hel­lers roman Punkt 22

Demon­stra­tion imod plat og svin­del – 4. august ved Dansk Tota­len­ter­pri­ses byg­ge­ri

Wil­m­ing­ton Pro­test Mee­ting Demands Fede­ral Troops Out of Port­land, US Troops Out of Cuba

Moore’s Law of Entro­py: Gre­ens, Gre­en­ba­cks, and Gre­en Ener­gy

Bolig­man­gel akut for de stu­de­ren­de: støt bor­ger­for­sla­get “Ophæv ghet­to­loven”!

The Tory 1000

Forest Defen­ders Are Cal­ling on Locals to Defy Gre­en Diamond’s Request that the Public Avoid the Trail to Straw­ber­ry Rock in Nort­hern Cali­for­nia

Lene råber højt om omsorgs­svigt af psy­kisk syge

Vi kræ­ver arbej­de og pen­sions­al­de­ren sat ned

Sor­te aftryk på Grøn Pagt: EU-kom­mis­sio­nen holdt 151 møder med indu­stri­en om kli­ma­plan

“The Goal Is to Abo­lish the Poli­ce”: A Con­ver­sa­tion with Assata’s Daugh­ters

Fel­les EU-gjeld betyr mer makt til uni­o­nen

Still a Keir-lie­ver?

Coa­li­tion to New Mexi­co Oil Regu­la­tors: Put Peop­le, Health First

Trump’s Secret Poli­ce Are Wag­ing a War on Ame­ri­can Cities

Why It Mat­ters That Seth Rogen Spo­ke Out Against Isra­el

New York’s Poli­ti­cal Establis­h­ment Has Been Blind­si­ded by an Obscu­re Pheno­menon Cal­led Poli­ti­cs

The GOP Is Trying to Fun­nel Bai­lout Money to pro-GOP Lob­byists

Why Did Labor Lea­ders Vote Against Medi­ca­re for All in the Mid­dle of a Pan­de­mic?

The Tenants Taking on Their Bil­li­o­nai­re Landl­ord

Post-Inde­pen­den­ce Afri­ca Had Dreams of Fre­edom. Neoli­be­ra­lism Offers Not­hing But Subor­di­na­tion.

Man­gel på sol­da­ter

Down­fall of the Donald? With Ana Kas­pa­ri­an

This Week, Demo­cra­tic Lea­ders Rejected Medi­ca­re for All Again

Trump’s War on the Environ­ment and Its Inha­bi­tants

‘We Will Coup Who­e­ver We Want’: Elon Musk and the Overt­hrow of Demo­cra­cy in Boli­via

The UK’s Rus­sia Report on the “Lon­don­grad Laun­dro­mat”

Law & Order vs. Anar­chy, Per­so­nal Fre­edom vs. Medi­cal Sci­en­ce

Cuba’s Nobel Nomi­na­tion and Baldwin’s Call to “Begin Again”

Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter and the Nuclear Family

“Anar­chist” is not an Insult

‘Fee­ding a Bedou­in’: Roy Oz and Israel’s Out­ra­geous Racism 

Labo­rers’ Lives: Migrat­ing Feet, Sett­led Gri­ef

Sour­ces of Hope in Haber­mas

Mep­hi­stop­he­les of Wall Stre­et: Gold­man Sachs, 1MDB and the Malay­si­an Sett­le­ment

Kil­ling Demo­cra­cy in Ame­ri­ca

Nye mas­sse­fy­rin­ger i luft­hav­nen

No Moa­ning for the Barr

Wor­ker orga­ni­sing under the pan­de­mic: reflections from China

USA og NATO spil­ler kina­skak

Fire fag­for­bund i alli­an­ce for vær­dig til­ba­ge­træk­ning

Præ­si­dentvalg i Hvi­derusland: Kan­di­dat­lis­ten er klar

Livet efter kri­sen

Luna – Live on KEXP

DSA Electeds Are Car­rying on the Soci­a­list Tra­di­tion in New York

How Bla­ck Pul­l­man Por­ters Waged a Strug­g­le for “Civil Rights Uni­o­nism”

Down­fall of the Donald? With Ana Kas­pa­ri­an

AMLO Can’t Fight Pover­ty Through Auste­ri­ty

The McCart­hyist Campaign Against Jere­my Cor­byn Is the Real ‘Can­cel Cul­tu­re’

Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter Should Inspi­re a Chal­len­ge to Caste and Reli­gious Oppres­sion in India

Sena­te GOP Copied and Pasted Andrew Cuomo’s COVID-19 Cor­pora­te Immu­ni­ty Law

L. A. Rings Ven­ner viser udstil­ling af Sigrid Käh­lers arbej­der

Til de, der ufortrø­de­nt kæm­per vide­re

Bolivia’s Coup Gover­n­ment Just Sus­pen­ded Elections for the Third Time

Portland’s ‘Wall of Moms’: A Non­vi­o­lent Resi­stan­ce Campaign with Histo­ri­cal Pre­ce­dent

Disa­bi­li­ty is Sha­ping the 2020 Presi­den­ti­al Race—But Not in the Way That It Should

Many Terms That Are Frequent­ly Used to Descri­be Capi­ta­lism Sim­ply Don’t Hold Up Under Scru­ti­ny

Feds Atta­ck! Trump’s Para­mi­li­ta­ri­es Inva­de Ame­ri­can Cities

Even If Biden Wins in a Blowout, the Eco­no­my Still Isn’t Com­ing Back

Win­ning Requi­res Vision, Stra­te­gy, and Num­bers

Demo­cra­tic Lea­ders Have Blo­ck­ed Real Healt­hca­re Reform for Deca­des. Time to Give ‘Em Hell.

Trump is Daring Us to Stop Him

Amidst the COVID-19 Pan­de­mic, the U.S. War Machine Pres­ses On