Why Chi­ca­go Char­ter Tea­chers Like Me Are Rea­dy to Stri­ke

Kon­fe­ren­ce blo­ke­ret: Alt-right afslø­ret på Ama­ger

OK-2020: Fæl­les kamp for høje­re mind­ste­løn og ret­ten til fri­tid

The Bor­der System Is Cri­mi­nal

Sur­pas­sing Mass Move­ments

Polish Libe­rals Embra­ced Auste­ri­ty — and the Natio­na­list Right Is Bene­fi­ting

Hvor­dan ska­ber vi arbej­de til alle?

IMF ud af Ecu­a­dor – fol­ke­op­stan­den udvik­ler sig

Enheds­li­sten – fra sam­men­rend til par­ti

Okto­ber Radio: Tyr­ki­ets inva­sion af Syri­en – Kri­gen mod Syri­en fort­sæt­ter

Rise up for Roja­va

Love Remain, Hate Jere­my Cor­byn

Ecu­a­dor: Brutal eco­no­mic deci­sions (“paquet­a­zo”)

Kul­tur­ka­no­nen #2 – Strej­ke­lit­te­ra­tur

Stop Tyr­ki­ets angreb på kur­der­ne Stop våbensal­get til Tyr­ki­et Soli­da­ri­tet med syri­ske flygt­nin­ge og kri­gens ofre

The Ghost of Jim­my Hof­fa Won’t Go Away

Tyr­ki­ske revo­lu­tio­næ­re: Nej til inva­sio­nen og støt­te til syri­ske flygt­nin­ge

Labour and the Fight for a Uni­ted Ire­land

No abso­lu­te majo­ri­ty for the SP, the right suf­fers an histo­ric defe­at

The “Stron­gest Argu­ment Against Medi­ca­re for All” Is Very, Very Weak

Eco­lo­gi­cal Poli­ti­cs for the Wor­king Class

Hvad bety­der kli­maæn­drin­ger­ne for dig og mig?

Tusind­vis delt­og i kli­ma­march

Who’s Laug­hing Now? Joker, Vio­len­ce and Sad Whi­te Men

En uku­e­lig Fol­ke­be­væ­gel­se for­an lands­mø­de

Stop Scandza Forum!

Trump Loves Modi — but Oba­ma Loved Him First

Betraying the Kurds

Trump’s Betray­al of the Kurds Is Ter­rib­le, But the Answer Is Not End­less War

No Fri­ends but the Moun­tains | Inter­view With a Roja­va Volun­te­er

Riding for Deli­veroo: Plat­form Capi­ta­lism and Resi­stan­ce

Ecu­a­dor: a rebel­li­on for the renewal of strug­g­le

NRK får rek­la­me-kri­tikk

For­ven­ter Natos støt­te


Kan kjøpe seg kli­mafri

Løk­ke-rege­rin­gen brænd­te 21,7 mio. kr. af på plan­lagt mur mod Tys­kland

The Main­stream Media’s Pala­ce Guard

We Need More Pick­et Line Rap Songs Like The­se

Vold­som uenig­hed i Enheds­li­sten om sol­da­ter til Mali

Tyr­ki­ets krig – Roja­vas mod­stand

Glo­bal Justi­ce Rebel­li­on: Dag­bog fra Ber­lin

The Bana­li­ty of Insur­gen­cy

#Dele­teU­ber for Good

Lost in libe­ra­lism

Rege­rin­gens ‘Trygheds’udspil: Mere over­våg­ning – mere poli­tisk kon­trol af befolk­nin­gen

Dyre­ne er verdt å hjel­pe

We’re Sick of Boris Johnson’s Lies

Fake News in Trump’s Ame­ri­ca

Coun­ter­Punch in Peril?

Trump’s End Days

High Plains Grif­ter: the Life and Cri­mes of Geor­ge W. Bush

Kur­dish Figh­ters Always Fea­red Trump Would be a Trea­cherous Ally

On the Trum­pen­L­eft and Fal­se Equi­va­len­ce

Sure Trump is ‘Betraying the Kurds!’ But What’s New about That?

Demo­crats Impeach Joe Biden, Fid­dle as the Pla­net Burns

Kæmp imod impe­ri­a­lis­men i Mali!

Inequa­li­ty is Lite­ral­ly Kil­ling Us

What Life on the Mar­gins Feels Like

IMPO­TUS: Droit de seig­n­eur at Mar-a-Lago

Met­ha­ne SOS

Donald Trump, the Chri­sti­an War­ri­or

The Pen­ta­gon is Pled­ging to Reform Itself, Again. It Won’t.

The Empi­re Is Run­ning Out of War Sto­ri­es. Or is it? Will Ame­ri­can Excep­tio­na­lism Rise Again?

Why Trump is Facing Impea­ch­ment

Eve­ryt­hing Going Wrong in Oki­nawa

Admi­ni­stra­ti­ve Tor­tu­re: Free Heba al-Laba­di, a Jor­da­ni­an Citizen in Isra­e­li Pri­son

Ode to the Drums of Gin­ger Baker

Upco­m­ing Elections Rep­re­sent Testing Time for Bolivia’s Soci­a­list Gover­n­ment

Buil­ding Sol­di­er Resi­stan­ce Under the Sha­dows of Fascism

Reflections on Gene­ral Giap and the End of an Era in Viet­nam

Kil­ling the Mes­sen­gers: Rising Vio­len­ce Against Jour­na­lists and Indi­genous Lea­ders Defen­ding the Ama­zon

Cli­ma­te Chan­ge: All Talk No Action

How the Alli­an­ce for the Wild Rock­i­es Stop­ped Trump From Bul­l­dozing Cabi­net-Yaak and Selkirk Grizzly Bears into Extin­ction

The Mea­ning of Donald Trump

Tho­se Quaint Cor­pora­te Scan­dals in Japan

Take Their Feet Off Our Necks

The New Wor­kers’ Revo­lu­tion is Afoot

The Rights of Natu­re

New Report Reve­als Oil Waste in CA Aqui­fers

Trump’s Oppo­nents Have Him Beat … When It Comes to Incom­pe­ten­ce

Libe­rals, Class and the Joker Com­plex

Paying Col­le­ge Athle­tes: Cali­for­nia Takes on the NCAA

Don’t Lea­ve Equa­li­ty to the Supre­me Court

To His Wealt­hy Donors, Trump is the Grif­ter

Pat­hways to Pea­ce

Log­ging Wild and Sce­nic River Cor­ri­dors in the Name of Reducing Wild­fi­res is a Real­ly Bad Idea

We Can’t Hug Away Inju­sti­ce

Why Are Ame­ri­cans So Con­fu­sed About the Mea­ning of “Demo­cra­tic Soci­a­lism”?

The Impea­ch­ment of Trump Is a Deep-Demo­cra­tic Coup Against Eliza­beth War­ren

Cli­ma­te Cthul­hu: A Post-Modern Hor­ror Story

Repu­bli­cans Are Going to Rem­ove Trump Soon

Leba­non, Dream­land

A Sacra­men­to King’s Ran­som: Local Tax Dol­lars and the Owner’s Wealth

Cou­gar 2020?

Polish Election: A Uni­ted Left Is Con­fron­ting Bigo­try

Mot­her Mallard’s Litt­le Boy Grows Up

Taking Out Colum­bus

12/10: Soli­da­ri­tet med Kur­di­stan

Tu mal wat BZ’atte Ber­lin

Trump’s ‘stab in the back’ to the Kur­dish natio­nal move­ment

Hund­reds of Thous­ands Are Wit­hout Power Thanks to PG&E. This Shows Why We Need Public Owners­hip.

Why Is GM Playing Hard­ball With UAW?

The Joker Melodra­ma

Lau­ra Flan­ders Show: Figh­ting for the Futu­re of Hong Kong

Hand­ke split­ter Bok-Nor­ge

Tom­me ord

Nek­ter å ha EU i fører­se­tet

– Alle har for­rå­dt oss

Nan­ni Bale­stri­ni, 1935–2019

A New Socie­ty in the Shell of the Old | James But­ler Meets Deb­bie Book­chin

Århus: Hvor er pen­ge­ne til de nye voks­ne? Bør­ne­ne kan ikke ven­te!

FOA kræ­ver vel­færds­for­li­get afskaf­fet

Chi­ca­go Educa­tors Are Pois­ed to Stri­ke

11/10: Fol­kets Kli­ma­march

Civi­le på flugt i Tyr­ki­ets ‘sik­re zone’

Dave Rubin Is Not a Bold Truth-Tel­ler

Dead on Arri­val: Why Johnson’s Irish Bor­der Pro­posals Don’t Offer a Way Aro­und the Back­stop

Hong Kong : Sta­te­ment from Stu­dents’ Uni­ons of Hig­her Insti­tu­tions on the Pro­hi­bi­tion on Face Cove­ring Regu­la­tion

Fra APK-møde om de aktu­el­le kam­pe: Lad os opbyg­ge en fæl­les front mod nedskæ­rings­po­li­ti­ker­ne

India and the Colo­ni­al Debt

Trump’s Bor­der Poli­cy Is Just the Tip of the Ice­berg

The Gre­en New Deal and Accur­sed Wealth

History at the Bar­ri­ca­des: Evo Mora­les and the Power of the Past in Boli­vi­an Poli­ti­cs

Entang­ling Alli­an­ces Make For Fore­ver Wars

The Real Cover-Up: Put­ting Donald Trump’s Impea­ch­ment in Con­te­xt

The Latest in the Diplo­ma­tic War Against Venezu­ela

Imma­nu­el Wal­ler­ste­in, a Bela­ted Farewell

The Kurds Await Their Fate

Right Kind of Gre­en: Agro­eco­lo­gy

Inter­nal Dis­so­lu­tion: Bre­xit and the Dis­u­ni­ted King­dom

He Went Up, She Went Down

Joker: Cau­se Wit­hout a Rebel

Sure Trump is ‘Betraying the Kurds!’ but What’s New about That?

The Glo­bal Cor­rup­tion Rebel­li­on Ame­ri­cans Don’t Know They’re Part Of 

Stop den poli­ti­ske nedskæ­rings­ban­de! Spræng bud­ge­tram­mer­ne!

Togstrej­ke mod EU’s jer­n­ba­ne­pak­ke i Nor­ge

FOA vil stop­pe sti­gen­de ulig­hed mel­lem højt- og lav­t­løn­ne­de

Tyr­ki­ets Eufrat-ope­ra­tion i Syri­en: Erdo­gans mål og rea­li­te­ter

How the DCCC’s “Bla­ck­list” Could Blow Up in the Demo­cra­tic Establishment’s F

Unge mar­ke­rer sig stærkt på FOA’s kon­gres

What LGB­TQ Wor­kers Need

Mobi­li­se­rer til grensa

Sta­tus­fall for pre­stisje­pris

Stå­lkjem­pen ruster bort


Never For­get What the Fascists Did

Extin­ction Rebel­li­ons okto­be­ro­p­rør

Glo­bal day of action against Tur­kish inva­sion on Oct. 12

Defend the women’s revo­lu­tion in nort­hea­stern Syria

Arbej­der­par­ti­et EMEP, Tyr­ki­et: Vi vil ikke beta­le – Nej til krig med Syri­en!

Why Is the Ame­ri­can Fede­ra­tion of Tea­chers Giving Away Educa­tors’ Rights in Puer­to Rico?

Kli­ma-borg­me­stre mødes af demon­stra­tion

De Kon­ser­va­ti­ve og Enheds­li­sten

When We Talk About Cul­tu­ral Appro­p­ri­a­tion, We Should Be Tal­king About Power

Trump’s Assault on Labor

Frank Jen­sens Køben­havn

Fol­ke­be­væ­gel­sen: Enheds­li­sten løber fra løf­te om EU-pen­ge

LO-nej til Mar­tin Ander­sen Nexø-muse­um

… Så den ene­ste men­ne­ske­ret bli­ver kapi­ta­li­ster­nes ret til at gøre arbej­der­ne ret­tig­heds­lø­se

New TNI report on the impa­ct of inve­st­ment arbi­tra­tion against Afri­can sta­tes

The Woke NBA Only Cares About Pro­fit

Lau­ra Flan­ders Show: Muni­ci­pal Gover­n­ments and Eco­no­mic Demo­cra­cy

Bojo Goes Bon­kers: Two Bor­ders Will Divi­de Ire­land From Nort­hern Ire­land

Kan soci­a­lis­me og kom­mu­nis­me udvik­les uden histo­ri­e­for­stå­el­se, sam­funds­a­na­ly­ser og teo­ri­er?

Iraq Pro­tests: Death Toll Soars as Mili­ti­as Tar­get Pro­testers

Trump’s Tra­de War: a Report From the Front

Public School Uni­forms: Sym­bol of the Times 

Zelensky’s Capi­tu­la­tion and Trump’s Open Appe­als for Foreign Help on Biden Dirt

Time to Lea­ve the Poli­ti­cal Ghosts of 2016 Behind and Face the Futu­re

Of Hor­ses and Civi­liza­tion

The Batt­le for the Soul of India

Colin Powell’s Trump Pro­blem

The GM Stri­ke: a Cen­tury of Con­te­xt

Imag­i­ne That

Women against neolo­be­ral reforms and repres­sion in Ecu­a­dor

From Kabul: Youth on the Road to Pea­ce

Fol­ke­lig opstand i Ecu­a­dor

Ita­li­en­ske pro­te­ster mod anti­kom­mu­nis­me i EU-par­la­men­tet

Enheds­li­sten stem­mer ja til at sen­de dan­ske sol­da­ter til Mali

Roja­va: Trump Betrays the Kurds

Nok er nok – smadr Tyr­ki­ets fascis­me!

Sådan kan trus­len fra det yder­ste høj­re stop­pes

Solidaritet.dk får støt­te fra Enheds­li­sten

FOA-for­mand adva­rer: Fun­da­men­tet vak­ler under vores vel­færds­mo­del

The Labour Left Is Pois­ed to Take Power If It Can Move Past One Road­blo­ck: Bre­xit

The US Eco­no­my Is a System of Plun­der

On Foreign Poli­cy, Ber­nie Stands Alo­ne

Kre­ver minst 12 mil­li­ar­der

Fryk­ter etnisk ren­sing

Har fått nok av fla­te kutt

Min­dre stat

Make GM Gover­n­ment Motors Again

Erdo­gans inva­sions­pla­ner i det nord­li­ge Syri­en må ube­tin­get for­døm­mes

What to Expect in Canada’s Election Whe­re Populism Isn’t on the Bal­lot Paper

The Anni­hi­la­tion of Roja­va

Transak­ti­vi­ster luk­ker Kvin­de­hu­set for les­bi­ske seni­o­rer