Soci­al­de­mo­kra­ter­ne tryl­ler 65.000 fat­ti­ge børn væk

How the Lea­der of the OAS Beca­me a Right-Wing Hawk—And Paved the Way for Bolivia’s Coup

Want More Proof of MSNBC’s Anti-Ber­nie Bias? Look at Last Night’s Deba­te.

Hong Kong Wears Bla­ck

Cen­trists Aren’t Poli­ti­cal Rea­lists. Lef­ti­sts Are.

Fikk vite om Nav-dom i 2018

Tryg­gest å gi ut roman

Tar opp­gjør med That­cher

Forén eder

The Music of Twen­ty-First-Cen­tury Upri­sings

Show Me What You Got

Her­bo­en­de boli­vi­a­ner: Vi vil ikke læn­ge­re ses ned på

A Chan­ce to Sha­ke Israel’s Zio­nist Con­sensus

70.000 kr til KPnet: Flot og fest­lig ind­sam­lings­af­ten i Køben­havn

Does Labour’s ‘Mani­fe­sto of Hope’ Live up to Expecta­tions? Novara’s Ver­di­ct

Vig­ti­ge soci­a­le ind­sat­ser red­det – nu står kam­pen om finans­lo­ven

For­sker: USA mas­ter­min­de­de kup­pet mod Evo Mora­les

Why “High Hopes” Is the Per­fect Dan­ce Song for the But­ti­gieg Campaign

$44,000 for Air Ambu­lan­ces, Hour-Long Rides to an ER—The Impos­sib­le Cost of Healt­hca­re in Appa

Inter­net for the Many

Extra­cti­vism and resi­stan­ce in North Afri­ca — a new TNI report

Boli­via Is Des­cen­ding Into a Full-Blown Far-Right Mili­tary Dicta­tors­hip

Lau­ra Flan­ders Show: Coo­pe­ra­tion vs Aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­a­nism in Spain

It’s Election Time in Bri­tain – is it the Bre­xit Election? Not real­ly …

Grøn­ne patri­o­ter

Bilin­du­stri­en bli­ver cen­tral i den kom­men­de øko­no­mi­ske kri­se

Mobi­li­ser mod kli­ma­ka­ta­stro­fen nu

It’s Not Enough to Be Against “the Monopo­lies”

Vig­ti­ge soci­a­le ind­sat­ser red­det på mål­stre­gen

Dan­ske film­folk støt­ter film­sko­le-ele­vers blo­ka­de

Reports of War Cri­mes in Iraq and Afg­ha­ni­stan Hig­hlight the Fail­u­res of Both Wars

Thin­king Out­si­de the Grid

America’s Arms Sales Addi­ction

Chri­sti­a­ni­ty is the Reli­gion of Impe­ri­a­lism

Let­ting the Side Down: Prin­ce Andrew, the Roy­al Family and Jef­frey Epste­in

Open Let­ter to the Peop­le of Pla­net Earth

The Demo­cra­tic Party’s Mis­sing Electo­ral Col­le­ge Game Plan

Joe Biden’s Astro­Turf Campaign

Health Care and “Head Taxes”: an Unhe­alt­hy Com­bi­na­tion

Why Did MSN­BC Spend So Much Time Bas­hing Gab­bard?

Stram Kurs Rigs­kon­gres på Chri­sti­ans­borg – ikke i vores navn!

The Right to Vote Should not Fall Victim to Par­tisan Batt­les

Bil­li­o­nai­res and Cor­pora­tions Love Anti-SLAPP Laws, Why Does John Oli­ver?

One Pound Capi­ta­lism, a Pinch of Demo­cra­cy, and an Impea­ch­ment

Voters Say They Want a Third Par­ty, They Should Vote Accor­ding­ly

Overtun­ring WI v. Yoder: Making Educa­tion a Fede­ral Right for All Chil­dren (and Brin­ging the MeToo Move­ment to Fun­da­men­ta­list Com­mu­ni­ties)

9.763 lærer­stil­lin­ger for­s­vun­det fra fol­ke­sko­len på 10 år

Putins Ver­den

Last Night’s Demo­cra­tic Deba­te Was Real­ly Bad

Labour Offers a ‘Hou­sing Revo­lu­tion’ for Gene­ra­tion Rent

Tæn­ket­ank har 20 for­slag til for­læn­gel­se af arbejds­li­vet

Unge med han­di­cap blev stær­ke­re i kam­pen mod kom­mu­nen

Et varmt efter­år for de tyske arbej­de­re: Vi har brug for mas­si­ve reduk­tio­ner i arbejds­ti­den

Why the Kurds Should Be Sup­por­ted

Mas­sa­kre i Boli­via: Áñez´ mili­tær dræ­ber over 35 per­so­ner

Sta­tus på blo­ka­den på KUA – Inter­view med akti­vi­ster

Suc­ces­fuld mani­fe­sta­tion mod kup i Boli­via

Bil­li­o­nai­res Con­trol the Media

Are Anti-Cor­byn Groups Buying up Face­book Ads on Behalf of the Con­ser­va­ti­ve Par­ty?

Ret­ter sik­tet mot sivi­le

Kan stå uten bok­han­del

Tapar mil­li­o­nar på reform


“We Are Rea­ding Thin­ly Dis­gu­i­sed Pro­pa­gan­da”

Coy­o­te Com­mu­ne

“In Moments of Cri­sis, Behind Eve­ry Mode­ra­te Libe­ral, There’s a Fascist”

Jere­my Cor­byn Won Last Night. But He Needs to Get Angry.

Put This on Your Wall

A Story of Poli­ce Vio­len­ce in Fran­ce

The Cor­pora­te Media’s War Against Ber­nie San­ders Is Very Real

Skral­de­mænd får lov at behol­de tra­fik­sik­re biler

Mas­se­pro­te­ster og oprør i Iran

Labour Is for a Gre­en New Deal

Hvor syg eller alvor­lig han­di­cap­pet skal man være for at få før­tids­pen­sion?

What is going to hap­pen here?

En måned i kamp mod Piñe­ras nyli­be­ra­le poli­tik

Foru­ro­li­gen­de udvik­ling i Boli­via

Frank Gau­di­chaud: “We are at the begin­ning of the end of neoli­be­ra­lism in Chi­le”

Byg­nings­ar­bej­de­re mobi­li­se­rer kol­le­ger til OK20

The Coup in Boli­via Has Eve­ryt­hing to Do With the Scre­en You’re Using to Read This

Labour Is Going to Trans­form Bri­tain

Labor and the UK Gene­ral Election

The Trum­pists’ Attempts at Snark Defi­ne Their Day: Impea­ch­ment Day Three

The Walls are Clo­sing in on Donald Trump

Towards a Demo­cra­tic Soci­a­list Foreign Poli­cy

Neoli­be­ra­lism Back­fi­res

Let’s Give Three Che­ers for Tho­se “Western Ears” 

Fre­edom, Val­or, Love: On Snowden’s Per­ma­nent Record

How Trump is War­ping the Fede­ral Courts: the Case Against Lawren­ce Van­Dy­ke

Whi­st­le­blowing Reli­gion

The Coup That Ousted Mora­les

Trump Admi­ni­stra­tion Igno­res Court Order Stop­ping 85,000 Acre Pay­et­te Forest Log­ging and Bur­ning Pro­ject, Con­ser­va­tion Groups Sue

Rai­sing the Sta­kes in the Strug­g­le Over Immi­gra­tion Deten­tion

8 Thin­gs We Lear­ned From the ITV Lea­ders’ Deba­te

Making Andrew Yang Smar­ter

Hej tyk­fo­ber

The Peop­le of the Wor­ld

Hver fjer­de kom­mu­ne spa­rer på ældre næste år

Fem måne­der med en soci­al­de­mo­kra­tisk rege­ring – der pas­ser på kapi­ta­lis­men

Lov om fra­vær­s­straf for­ven­tes at koste 289 mil­li­o­ner kro­ner

En glo­bal revol­te bli­ver til

Hvad kan vi lære af ’betonjung­lens’ histo­rie? 2.del

Nova­ra Media REA­CT to Election Deba­te #1

Er den nye EU-kom­mis­sion klar til kamp mod skat­te­fusk?

The Poli­ti­cal Uti­li­ty of Fee­ling the Bern

History Shows Us That the For­ces Behind Bolivia’s Coup Do No War­rant ‘Nuan­ce’

Kom­mu­ni­stisk Poli­tik Digi­tal 23 – 2019 – Nyhe­der hvor der kæm­pes

Tar nåde­løst Nav-opp­gjør

Metoo-saker skri­ves om

Det tap­te land

Gir Isra­el frie hen­der

Here’s What Voters Actu­al­ly Think About Medi­ca­re for All

The Mili­tary Coup that Overt­hrew Our Gover­n­ment Was Reven­ge Against Indi­genous Boli­vi­ans

Kli­maak­ti­vi­ster laver nøgen­ak­tion i Kli­ma­mi­ni­ste­ri­et

Sout­hern Wor­kers Uni­te Aro­und Medi­ca­re for All: “A Tre­men­dous Libe­ra­tion From Your Boss”

Direct demo­cra­cy and the pas­sion for poli­ti­cal par­ti­ci­pa­tion

The Tory Plan to Undo the NHS

Nazi­hoo­ligan dømt for bran­dan­greb på fod­bold­spil­lers lej­lig­hed

Retslæ­ge­rå­det er ikke uvil­digt

Labour Is Figh­ting Dir­ty — By Actu­al­ly Trying to Improve People’s Lives

Women-led pro­tests in Leba­non inspi­re Mid­dle East femi­ni­sts

What Ber­nie Brings to the Tab­le

How Western Media Bias Allows Isra­el to Getaway with Mur­der in Gaza

Erdogan’s Eth­nic Cle­an­sing of the Kurds is Still Hap­pe­ning

Stu­dent Pro­testers are Wal­king a Tigh­tro­pe in Hong Kong

French Yel­low Vests Cele­bra­te First Bir­t­h­day, Con­ver­ge With Plan­ned Labor Stri­kes

Impea­ch­ment is a Kit­chen Tab­le Issue

Is China an “Impe­ri­al Power” in the Ima­ge of the West?

Modern Bio­lo­gy and Eco­lo­gy: the Roots Of America’s Asser­ti­ve Illi­te­ra­cy

Non-Finan­ci­al Pri­va­te Debt Over­hang

Baby Shark Coup

Open Gui­de­li­nes: The Foreign Inter­fe­ren­ce Pro­blem in Austra­li­an Uni­ver­si­ties

Gre­e­ce and the Strug­g­le for Fre­edom

Lab Rats for Cor­pora­te Pro­fit: Pesti­ci­de Industry’s Poi­so­ned Plat­ter

Open Let­ter to Jere­my Cor­byn on the Eve of the Deba­te

Er Oxfam Ibis fejl­ci­te­ret om Boli­via?

Løstan­sat­te er mere utryg­ge end arbejds­lø­se

Demens­po­li­tik taget som gid­sel

Scru­ti­ny – From Scru­ta

EU spæn­der ben for sol­cel­ler i Sorø

With Net Neut­ra­li­ty Axed, Local Gover­n­ments Are Racing To Save the Open Inter­net

ROT­PUNKT Full Film | Alex Megos

A Coup in Boli­via, Yet Again


Dia­ne Ravitch on Pete Buttigieg’s Troub­led Educa­tion Record

Må skjer­mes fra skjer­men

–Vi skal red­de våre brød­re

Fryk­ter fær­re metoo-saker

David Harvey’s Anti-Capi­ta­list Chro­ni­c­les: Ep.27

Eco­no­mic Upda­te: Poli­ti­cal Stra­te­gy for Tran­si­tion

Work two hours a day to save the cli­ma­te and bio­di­ver­si­ty

Ori­gins of the Cri­sis: On the Coup in Boli­via

Wall Stre­et Doesn’t Belie­ve Eliza­beth War­ren Is Serious About Medi­ca­re for All

Isra­el udvi­ser men­ne­ske­ret­tig­heds­le­der

HK: Van­vit­tigt at kom­mu­ner skal admi­ni­stre­re seni­o­r­pen­sion mid­ler­ti­digt

9 Stats That Show the Tax Code Favors the Ultra-Rich

This Is Labour’s Chan­ce, the Bri­tish Public Is Rea­dy for Eco­no­mic Trans­for­ma­tion

We Need Com­ra­des

Fol­ke­be­væ­gel­sen får en for­kvin­de

Freds­for­sker Jan Øberg fik fredspris

Dag­in­sti­tu­tio­ner: Hand­ling nu!

Why Los Ange­les Tea­chers Endor­sed Ber­nie

Pro­te­stors Mas­sa­cred in Post-Coup Boli­via

Labour Can Make a Radi­cal­ly Fai­rer Bri­tain

Iraks poli­ti­ske eli­te: Vold som opskrift på over­le­vel­se

The Eigh­te­enth Bru­mai­re of Macho Cama­cho: Jef­fe­ry R. Web­ber and For­re­st Hylt­on on the Coup in Boli­via

Micha­el Lynk’s UN Report on Isra­e­li Sett­le­ments Spe­aks the Truth, But the Wor­ld Refu­ses to Listen

Ste­fa­nik Stands By Her Man and Roger Sto­ne Gets Con­vi­cted on All Counts: Impea­ch­ment Day Two

The Fall of the Ber­lin Wall, Sho­ck The­ra­py and the Rise of Trump

Ano­t­her Death Penalty Hor­ror: Stark Dis­pa­ri­ties in Media and Acti­vist Atten­tion

A New Silen­ce

The Futu­re Wil­der­ness Under Trump: Recre­a­tion or Wreck­re­a­tion?

#SayHer­Na­me, Impea­ch­ment, and a Hawk

Fol­ke­tin­gets for­mand til­by­der Stram Kurs loka­ler til ’rigs­kon­gres’ på Chri­sti­ans­borg

The Most Impea­chab­le Presi­dent vs. The Most Hesi­tant Con­gress. What Are The Demo­crats Wai­ting For?

Arbejds­mil­jø­re­præ­sen­tan­ter står uden sik­ker­hed

Cele­brat­ing Pea­ce: A Work in Pro­g­ress

Ame­ri­can Obli­vion

Bri­tisk valg: Den sto­re kamp, der vil for­me en hel gene­ra­tion

”Blo­ka­den har nu holdt i 21 dage og kamp­gej­sten er sta­dig høj”

Myth-Busting the Stu­dent Vote: Will a Decem­ber Election Mean Poor Tur­nout? Will This Affect Labour?

Et nytt Nav?

Gir seg selv rett til å drepe

– Metoo gikk alt­for fort

Tror på kutt til evig tid

Ram­ping up Repres­sion as the Austra­li­an Con­ti­nent Burns

Okto­ber Radio: Over­svøm­mel­se af Vene­dig illu­stre­rer kon­se­kven­sen af hav­stig­nin­ger

A Week After the Coup in Boli­via, There’s Still No Proof of Electo­ral Fraud

Kapi­ta­lis­mens kli­ma­trus­sel