A Glo­bal View of Cor­o­navirus, Medi­cal Poli­cy, and Research

Pro­tester­ne i Liba­non for­sæt­ter

Man­del and Capi­ta­list Bre­ak­down

“Mar­tin Monath: A Jewish Resi­stan­ce Figh­ter Among Nazi Sol­di­ers”

The Strug­g­le Against Dalit Oppres­sion in India

Med­ar­bej­de­re­je – stå­ste­der for soci­a­lis­me

Hand­ler Grøn­lands pro­ble­mer om nav­net på en is?

EU’s mafi­a­me­to­der: Støt­te­pen­ge kræ­ver arbejds­mar­keds­re­for­mer

THE LAST BIG GULP – Jel­lo Biaf­ra and The Guan­ta­na­mo School Of Medi­ci­ne

Right Wing Migrant Fre­akout

I Shouldn’t Have to Be a “Strong Bla­ck Woman” for My Life to Mat­ter

Sili­con Valley’s Vast Data Col­lection Should Wor­ry You More Than Tik­Tok

Demo­cra­tic VP Can­di­da­te Sus­an Rice Has Made a Lot of Money on Fos­sil Fuel Inve­st­ment

Want Pro­g­res­si­ve U.S. Poli­ti­cs? Con­ti­nue to Reform the Demo­cra­tic Par­ty Rules

700 poli­ti­folk ryd­der popu­lær bydelscafé i Ber­lin-Neuköl­ln

Cori Bush on How She Took On the Poli­ti­cal Establis­h­ment and Won

Con­gress Has Fai­led to Extend Unem­ploy­ment Bene­fits. We Need Them Des­pe­ra­te­ly, and Much More.

Kjønn er bio­lo­gi, det er kjønns­rol­ler som må utfor­dres

Kerala’s Pan­de­mic Respon­se Owes Its Suc­cess to Par­ti­ci­pa­tory Poli­ti­cs

Sym­pa­ti­kon­flik­tet fir­ma pud­ser faca­der for Dansk Tota­len­tre­pri­se

Rekord­man­ge mil­jøak­ti­vi­ster dræbt i 2019

Erdoğan – ”den sor­te tyr­ker”

Abdul­lah Öca­lan: My Solu­tion for Tur­key, Syria, and the Kurds

Ulv i fåre­klæ­der

The deep history of poli­ce

Parents Like Me Shouldn’t Have to Fight This Hard to Ensu­re Schools Go Remo­te

Nej til atom­vå­ben

We deno­un­ce the rene­go­ti­a­tion of the debt by Lenín Moreno’s gover­n­ment

The COVID Inter­regnum

20 Postcard Notes From Iraq: With Love in the Age of COVID-19

War and Pan­de­mic Jour­na­lism: the Truth Can Dis­ap­pear Fast

Fixing the COVID Num­bers

Roa­m­ing Char­ges: Eve­ry Which Way to Lose

Trump is Not Con­ce­ding: This is Hap­pe­ning Here

The Wor­ld on Fire

Neoli­be­ral Cen­trists and the Ame­ri­can Left

USAF Vet Could Face ‘20 Days for 20 Bombs’ for Pro­test Against US H-Bombs Sta­tio­ned in Ger­ma­ny

Clyburn’s Com­plaint

Revi­si­ting the Idea of Pigou Wealth Tax in the Time of Covid-19

Here Come the 1968 Mista­kes Again

Figh­ting Over Kas­h­mir Could Blow Up the Pla­net

Haven’t We All Known Guys Who Were Exa­ct­ly like Donald Trump?

What’s Dri­ving the Sim­me­ring Con­fli­ct Betwe­en India and China

Ame­ri­can Fail­u­res: August, 2020

Apart­heid or One Sta­te: Has Jor­dan Bro­ken a Poli­ti­cal Taboo?

The US Left Needs Humi­li­ty to Under­stand Mexi­can Poli­ti­cs

Easy Tar­gets: Trump’s Atta­cks on Trans­gen­de­red Peop­le

The Neoli­be­ral Virus

Is Net­a­ny­a­hu Serious About Anne­xing Jor­dan Val­ley?

When the Chi­ck­ens Came Home to Roost In Port­lan­di­stan

The Power of the Whi­te Man and His Sym­bols is Being De-Mysti­fied

Rever­sal: Boeing’s Flow of Blood

Ire­land and Sla­ve­ry: Fra­m­ing Irish Com­pli­ci­ty in the Sla­ve Tra­de

South Ame­ri­can Nations Adopt Dif­fe­rent COVID-19 Sta­te­gies, With Dif­fe­rent Results

Exorcism at Boston’s Old West Church, All Hal­lows Eve 1971

Bolsonaro’s Con­ti­nuous Fol­lies

Right-Wing Populism and the End of Demo­cra­cy

Trump’s Real Record on Unem­ploy­ment in Two Grap­hs

Liste­ning, Con­fli­ct and Citizens­hip

Donald Trump Is The Only One Who Should Be Going To School This Fall

Wit­hout the Abi­li­ty to Demo­cra­ti­cal­ly Plan Our Socie­ty, We Don’t Have True Fre­edom

America’s Mul­tip­le Infections

Thin­king Out­si­de the Soci­al Media Echo Cham­ber

The Mili­tary is Sick

How the Mid­dle Half Lives

The Plight of Refu­ge­es and Migrant Wor­kers under Covid

The Next Cor­o­navirus Bill Must Pro­tect the 2020 Election

Ottawa Blu­es­fest at Zib: Deve­l­op­ment at Sacred Site Poses Questions of Respon­si­bi­li­ty

Ten­sions Esca­la­te as Log­ging Work Com­men­ces Near Acti­ve Tre­e­sits in a Redwood Rain­fo­rest

The Low Magic of Char­les Bukowski

Rural Ame­ri­ca Deser­ves a Real COVID-19 Respon­se

Cros­sing the Cre­e­py Line: Goog­le, Decep­tion and the ACCC

Giants and War­ri­o­rs Give Their Wor­kers the Boot

Time for an Emer­gen­cy Cha­ri­ty Sti­mulus

Ny cubansk blog – kri­tisk og revo­lu­tio­nær

For­byd atom­vå­ben – Dan­mark ud af NATO!

Løslad BDS-koor­di­na­tor Mah­moud Nawa­jaa

Gigant eks­plo­sio­nen i Bei­rut giver impe­ri­a­li­ster­ne jule­lys i øjne­ne

Cele­bra­tion of Chan­ge

Are Right-win­gers an Oppres­sed Mino­ri­ty?

Enheds­li­sten i Oden­se vil stop­pe mis­brug af gra­tis arbejds­kraft

Hiros­hi­ma, Naga­saki Sur­vi­vors Remem­ber

The For-Pro­fit Aged-Care Indu­s­try Has Led to Cri­sis

We Deser­ve Bet­ter Than Trump Ver­sus Biden

75 år siden Hiros­hi­ma: For­byd atom­vå­ben!

The Tik­Tok Saga Shows How the Inter­net and Tech­no­lo­gy Are Poli­ti­cal

Isra­el Is in the Mid­dle of a Sum­mer of Mass Unrest

Det er tid til at snak­ke om skat!

75 år efter Hiros­hi­ma: Inter­na­tio­nalt Røde Kors vil for­by­de atom­vå­ben

Biden Pro­mi­ses a Return to the Oba­ma Era. That’s Bad News for Palesti­ni­ans.

Mas­si­ve pro­te­ster imod Dan­marks kli­ma­po­li­tik

Min­neso­ta Demo­crats File FEC Com­plaint Against Ilhan Omar’s Oppo­nent

AOC Is Right: Get Mili­tary Recru­i­ters Off Twitch and Out of Schools

Why Bill Clin­ton Atta­ck­ed Sto­ke­ly Car­mi­cha­el

How the Fascists Won Wor­ld War II

The Ame­ri­can Nar­ra­ti­ve of Hiros­hi­ma is a Sta­tue that Must be Top­p­led

Hiros­hi­ma atom­bom­ben sat­te gang i krigs­mod­stan­den

Rever­se the New Nuclear Arms Race

Ire­land and Sla­ve­ry: Debat­ing the ‘Irish Sla­ves Myth’

Troub­le in Para­di­se Val­ley

Nati­ve Ame­ri­cans Win Histo­ric Victo­ri­es in U.S. High Court Rulings

“Man Atta­cks Grizzly” and Other Lea­ding Ble­e­ding Sto­ri­es

US GDP Col­lap­ses and Eco­no­mic Rebo­und Fades

Suf­fra­ge: The Myth of Sisterp­hus

An Unbe­lie­vably Disa­strous Sta­te of Affairs

A New Trump Rule Tri­es to Help Big Oil Crush the Cli­ma­te Move­ment

‘A que­er cry for fre­edom’: Meet the LGB­TQ Palesti­ni­ans deman­ding libe­ra­tion

Sta­te of Pan­de­mic Disa­ster: Mel­bour­ne Moves to Sta­ge Four

Kunst­gød­ning er spræng­stof

The ACLU Has Never Done a Damn Thing for Me

Time to Empower the Invi­sib­les: India Awaits a Men­tal Health Revo­lu­tion

Con­ser­va­tio­ni­sts to Fede­ral Agen­cies: Resto­re Pro­tections for Impe­ri­led Wild­li­fe in the Flat­he­ad Natio­nal Forest

Skan­da­ler i vest­tysk retsvæ­sen

Mel­lem pligt, følel­se og nazi-opgør

For­byd atom­vå­ben

For­byd atom­vå­ben

Nina Simo­ne: Mis­sis­sip­pi God­dam

Robert Reich: How Mitch McConnell’s Repu­bli­cans Are Destroying Ame­ri­ca

After Last Night’s Elections, “the Squad Is Here to Stay”

The Repu­bli­can Cor­o­navirus Plan Is Sadi­stic

The Bei­rut Explo­sion

Chi­ca­go Tea­chers Thre­a­te­ned a Stri­ke. Hours Later, Chi­ca­go Schools Went Remo­te.

Grønt spin for gal­le­ri­et

Bey­ond Guilt and Pri­vil­e­ge: Abo­lis­hing the Whi­te Race

Newly Reve­a­led Docu­ments Show How the AFL-CIO Aided US Inter­fe­ren­ce in Venezu­ela

John Hume (1937–2020)

Demo sat­te spot på omstridt byg­ge­plads i Hede­hu­se­ne

Neit­her Was­hin­g­ton nor Bei­jing: the Left Must Stand With the Uig­hurs

Meet the 25-Year-Old Soci­a­list Orga­nizer Run­ning for Sta­te Sena­te in Con­necti­cut

Ja, der fin­des racis­me i Dan­mark

Emils livslan­ge kamp som agi­ta­tor, fri­heds­kæm­per og krigs­fan­ge

Ven­stre­kræf­ter­ne i et ulmen­de Hvi­derusland

“Our System Is Not Doing the Thing It Says It Intends to Do: Deli­ver Justi­ce.”

Bla­ck Lives Mat­ter: Resi­sting the Pro­pa­gan­da of Sta­tus Quo Defen­ders

The Depart­ment of Homeland Securi­ty: the Ide­al Aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­an Tool

Mis­le­a­ders at a Fune­ral: Bill Clin­ton and Bara­ck Oba­ma Eulo­gizing Raci­al Justi­ce in the Name of John Lewis

Hiros­hi­ma, Tech­nique, and Biowe­a­pons

How Trump Mana­ged to Lead the Wor­ld with the Worst Respon­se to the COVID Pan­de­mic

Trump’s Alter­na­ti­ve

The Worst Hunger Sea­son Yet to Come: Glo­bal Moral Fail­u­re in the Time of Covid-19

The Batt­le for Kas­h­mir

Malaysia’s Arch-Klep­to­crat is Found Guilty

 U.S. Cold War China Poli­cy Will Iso­la­te the U.S, Not China

Why Hou­sing Is a Human Right

For Ega­li­ta­ri­ans, a Sud­den Sen­se of Pos­si­bi­li­ty

Can Isra­e­lis Bro­a­den Their Pro­tests Bey­ond Net­a­ny­a­hu?

Ten Years After Lieberman’s “Inter­net Kill Switch,” the War on Fre­edom Rages On

A Marxist Gui­de to Under­stan­ding the Gulf Sta­tes’ Poli­ti­cal Eco­no­my

Brazil’s Anti-Cor­rup­tion Inve­sti­ga­tion Lava Jato Gave Us the Ultra-Cor­rupt Bol­so­na­ro

Kli­ma­for­vær­rin­gens og mili­ta­ris­mens onde spiral

Staying on Mes­sa­ge: Austra­lia, the US and the AUS­MIN Tal­ks

Sagen om “DE 5” cuba­ne­re er ble­vet til en god film. Se fil­men Wasp Net­work på Net­flix

The View From Saturn 

Nyt num­mer af Enhed og Kamp – tag med på run­drej­se i den glo­ba­le klas­se­kamp

Gni­sten Geor­ge Floyd

Dår­li­ge løn- og arbejds­for­hold sta­dig et stort pro­blem for ung­ar­bej­de­re

The Demo­cra­tic Plat­form Fight Shows It’s Still Obama’s Par­ty

Austra­lia Is Doubling Down on Fos­sil Fuels

Free Public Ear­ly Child­hood Educa­tion Is the Only Solu­tion to the Cur­rent Childca­re Cri­sis

Defend California’s Redwoods

Iden­ti­tetspo­li­tik og kam­pen for aner­ken­del­se

Boli­vi­ans Are in Revolt Against Their Ille­gi­ti­ma­te Coup Regi­me

Spain’s For­mer King Has Fled, But His Cro­nyism Remains

Let Us Drink in Public

Everlane’s Pro­mi­ses to Its Wor­kers Were Made to Be Bro­ken

Beskyld­nin­ger om rus­sisk ind­blan­ding og ter­r­o­ris­me i hvi­derus­sisk valg­kamp

Bey­ond Ber­nie: Down-Bal­lot Races to Watch in August and Sep­tem­ber

Ano­t­her Hiros­hi­ma is Coming…Unless We Stop It Now

“The peop­le are acti­ve” – inter­view with Boli­vi­an miners’ lea­der Orlan­do Gutiér­rez

Uns­ung Her­o­es of Los Ala­mos: Ret­hin­king Man­hat­tan Pro­ject Spies and the Cold War

Esca­lat­ing Sta­te Repres­sion and Covid-19: Their Impa­ct on the Poor in Kenya

We Need an Eco­no­mic Sur­vi­val Pack­a­ge Not Ano­t­her Sti­mulus

Glo­ba­liza­tion and the End of the Ame­ri­can Dream

The Pan­de­mic Reve­als a Euro­pe More Uni­ted Than the Uni­ted Sta­tes

The Government’s Fai­led Tra­ck-and-Tra­ce System is a Disa­ster for Eng­land

‘Opti­mism of the Will’: Palesti­ni­an Fre­edom is Pos­sib­le Now

Sta­te­ment From Yale Faculty on Hydroxy­chl­or­oqui­ne and Its Use in COVID-19

Oce­an Heat: From the Tro­pi­cs to the Poles

Why the Idea of Job­less Bene­fits Sca­res the Con­ser­va­ti­ve Mind

Fra­m­ing Wol­ves in New Mexi­co?

Pul­ling Out of Ger­ma­ny: Trump Adju­sts the Mili­tary Fur­ni­tu­re

COVID Sti­mulus Checks Shouldn’t Pena­lize One-Parent Hou­se­holds

The 1 Percent’s Atta­ck on Unem­ploy­ment Bene­fits is a Sign of Our Bro­ken Demo­cra­cy

On the Beauty of Life

Moham­med Rafi: Sin­ger and Human Par Excel­len­ce

Eight A-Bomb Hai­ku

EU’s genop­ret­nings­pak­ke ska­ber debat på den dan­ske ven­stre­fløj

Mini­mums­nor­me­rin­ger NU! Demon­stra­tio­ner lan­det over den 12. sep­tem­ber for­be­re­des

Over­greb i og på ældreplej­en

Sto­re fag­grup­per har reelt ingen mulig­hed for at teg­ne løn­for­sik­ring

Græken­land: Vio.Me-arbejdernes kamp for et sam­fund uden che­fer

Hol­low Resi­stan­ce

Cor­nel West and Richard Wol­ff talk about Capi­ta­lism and Whi­te Supre­ma­cy

The Search for a Covid Vac­ci­ne Is Not an Arms Race

Accu­sed, Con­vi­cted, Pro­tected?

When Arab-Ame­ri­can Detroit Auto Wor­kers Struck for Palesti­ni­an Libe­ra­tion

Com­pa­ring the US and Cana­da Shows Just How Bad­ly Ame­ri­ca Has Bung­led the Pan­de­mic