The U.S. and Other Rich Coun­tri­es Sto­newal­led $300 Bil­li­on Cli­ma­te Relief Fund

What the U.S. Left Can Learn From the Labour Party’s Epic Loss

Intro­ducing the Wor­king Peop­le Podcast

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Vil ha poli­ti­ke­re ved roret

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SF pyn­ter sig med lån­te fjer

3 Tips for Tal­king to Your Kids About Poli­ti­cs

Hvad vil I med vores hospi­tal?

For­byd Roun­dup

Bri­ter­ne gjor­de val­get til fol­ke­af­stem­ning nr. 2 – og det blev et kæm­pe Nej til EU

Youth Acti­vist to Chile­an Lea­ders: Don’t Use the UN Cli­ma­te Tal­ks to Gre­enwash Your Repres­sion of Us

No Fal­se Con­so­la­tions

The Radi­cal James Baldwin


Dansk krigs­skib og 155 sol­da­ter skal sæt­te kurs mod Hor­muz­stræ­det

You Abso­lu­te­ly Don’t “Got­ta Hand It to Them”

Labor Rights Will Not Save the Labor Move­ment

Arbej­der­klas­sen fast­hol­der bre­xit og straf­fer Labour

Selv­dø­de­ns tri­umf

Micha­el Roberts og den fal­den­de pro­fi­tra­te

Dan­ske EU-mod­stan­de­re lykøn­sker bri­ter med val­gre­sul­tat

Hvem står bag DS Byg­ge­ri og bal­la­den på byg­ge­plads i Køben­havn

Someo­ne Tell David Brooks Neoli­be­ra­lism Has Utter­ly Fai­led

The  FBI: Ano­t­her Wor­ry in the Natio­nal Securi­ty Sta­te

Why the MCC agre­e­ment should be oppo­sed!

Establis­h­ment Poli­ti­cs are for the Rich

Roa­m­ing Char­ges: That’s Neoli­be­ra­lism for You

Lan­dets kom­mu­ner prak­ti­se­rer fra­vær­s­straf­fen vidt for­skel­ligt

Mid­night Ram­b­le: A Fascist Ral­ly in Hers­hey, Penn­sylva­nia

The Sci­en­ce of Let­ha­li­ty

But­ti­gieg and McK­in­sey

Equal­ly Deter­mi­ned: To Impeach/To Sup­port

The Natio­nal Defen­se Aut­ho­riza­tion Act Per­pe­tu­a­tes the Destruction of Yemen

An Out­ra­geous Pro­posal: Pea­ce Boats to Iran

A Plague on Both Their Hou­ses, Plus a Dozen Poxes on Trump’s

Mor­ta­li­ty Rising: Trump and the Death of the “Ame­ri­can Dream”

Donald Trump Jr., Mongo­li­an She­ep Kil­ler

The Perils of Embed­ded Jour­na­lism: ‘Afg­han Papers’ Wouldn’t Be Nee­ded If We Had a Real Inde­pen­dent News Media

Human Rights and Hum­bug in Was­hin­g­ton

Hungry for a Livab­le Pla­net: Why I Occupied Pelosi’s Offi­ce for 13 Days

Paki­stan Must Face Its Past

Dete­ri­o­rat­ing Cli­ma­tes: Home and Abro­ad

The End of the Era: Nine­te­en Nine­te­en

If Time Maga­zi­ne Cele­bra­tes Gre­ta Thunberg, Why Should We?

Kaf­ka Down Under: the Thre­at to Whi­st­le­blowers and Press Fre­edom in Austra­lia

JEDI Mind Tri­cks: Ama­zon Ver­sus the Pen­ta­gon and Trump

Trump’s War on the Poor

See­ing the Wor­ld Wit­hout Sha­dows: the Enligh­ten­ment Dream

The Wind That Shook the Bar­ley: the Poli­ti­cs of the IRA

Bey­ond Chan­ging Light Bulbs: 21 Ways You Can Stop the Cli­ma­te Cri­sis

The Bloom­berg Factor: Aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­a­nism, Money and US Presi­den­ti­al Poli­ti­cs

Ide­o­lo­gy Shall Have No Resur­rection

What Trump and the GOP Lear­ned From Oba­ma

On the Gro­und: Ksha­ma Sawant Ree­lection Campaign

‘Elected by Donors’: the Uni­ver­si­ty of Cape Town Fails Palesti­ne, Embra­ces Isra­el

Unsuc­ces­sful U.S. Poli­cy on Cuba Should End

The Con­ser­va­tism of Impea­ch­ment

Stan­dar­dized Tests are Bia­sed and Unhel­p­ful

Will the Demo­cra­tic Presi­den­ti­al Nomi­na­tion Be Bought?

The One Thing That US Lea­ders Seem to Do Well is Lie

War­ren vs. But­ti­gieg Clash Offers Con­trast with San­ders’ Con­si­sten­cy

The Afg­ha­ni­stan Pen­ta­gon Papers

Lands­li­de … to Tota­li­ta­ri­a­nism

How Bla­m­ing Nader in 2000 Paved the Way for Today’s Neo-Fascism

In Re-Run Election: LA Times Jour­na­list Wins Presi­den­cy of News­Gu­ild 

A Holi­day Come­ba­ck for Toys ‘R’ Us?

Cut­ting Food Aid Pro­mo­tes Hunger Not Work

If You’re Not Busy Plot­ting Non­vi­o­lent Revo­lu­tion for Pea­ce and Cli­ma­te, You’re Busy Dying

Sor­ry Lef­ties, Your Impea­ch­ment is Bulls­hit

The Ter­ror Report You Weren’t Meant to See

Intro­duk­tions­we­e­kend til soci­a­li­stisk poli­tik

Kram­pus Trum­pus Rum­pus

Et fan­ta­stisk jule­e­ven­tyr på Nør­re­bro Tea­ter

Valg i Stor­bri­tan­ni­en: Kæm­pe sejr for Bre­xit

Knight Craw­lers

Kanye in the West

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Dun­dren­de valgskred for Bre­xit

No One Ever Said It Would Be Easy

Yes, Trump’s Impea­ch­ment Is a Par­tisan Pursuit—Just As It Should Be

I’m Crying, You’re Crying. But Our Day Will Come.

Trump Just Gave the Isra­el Lob­by What It’s Been Asking For. Here’s Why That’s So Dan­gerous.

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Slo alarm for døve ører

The Cor­pora­te Media Has No Idea What to Do With the Fact That Ber­nie San­ders Is Jewish

Frank­rig strej­ker mod Macrons neoli­be­ra­le krig mod pen­sio­ner­ne

Even in Bank­rup­t­cy, Coal Com­pa­nies Can’t Stop Sel­ling Out Wor­kers

Anti-Zio­nism Is Not Anti­se­mi­tism

DR har åbenbart pro­blem med jura­en

Bernie’s First Poli­ti­cal Revo­lu­tion

Om mor­der­ne

Nai­ve fore­stil­lin­ger og øko­no­mi­ske rea­li­te­ter om NATO

You Can Have Means Testing or You Can Have Demo­cra­cy

Why Lef­ti­sts Should Sup­port Hong Kong’s Fight for Demo­cra­tic Rights

Enheds­li­sten: For­svars­for­be­hold skal også omfat­te EU-oprust­ning

11/1: En demo­kra­tisk, rød-grøn omstil­lings­po­li­tik

Banking on Bre­xit: Is a Pro-remain Plat­form Enough to Win Can­ter­bury?

The Gre­at NHS Hei­st

Støt de røde 1. maj arran­ge­men­ter! Støt 1. maj fon­den!

Money, Power and Turf: Win­ning the Mid­dle East Media War at Any Cost

How Does One of the Most Hated Indu­stri­es Stay Pro­fi­tab­le?

Reno­un­cing Isra­el on Prin­cip­le

Most Ame­ri­cans Sup­port Pha­sing-Out Fos­sil Fuels…Isn’t That Worth a Head­li­ne?

Pri­de Goeth Befo­re the Fall

The U.S. Gover­n­ment Lied about the Afg­ha­ni­stan War, They Couldn’t Have Done It Wit­hout Media Lap­dogs

A Boss is a Boss: Nur­ses Batt­le for Their First Uni­on Con­tra­ct at Alba­ny Medi­cal Cen­ter

How Wor­king Class Ato­miza­tion and the Mohawk Val­ley For­mu­la Gave Us Cen­trist Demo­crats

From Lon­don to Bei­rut, From San­ti­a­go to New Del­hi: Pro­testers Need to Build Soli­da­ri­ty Net­wor­ks.

We Can’t Do It Our­sel­ves

Zea­lots in High Offi­ce

When You Fol­low the Gun Trail, You Can End Up in Expected Pla­ces

No Isra­e­li Pea­ce, Joy or Goodwill at Christ­ma­sti­me for Palesti­ni­ans

Raqqa ved en ny begyn­del­se

Goat Gra­zing is No Solu­tion to Wild­fi­res

NGO’er slip­per lob­by-vagt­hund løs

Gene­ral­strej­ker i Frank­rig i pro­test mod pen­sions­nedskæ­rin­ger – Hos os for­sø­ger rege­rin­gen at hol­de pen­sio­nen ude af OK-kam­pen

This Election Campaign Showed the Left’s Power. Win or Lose We Must Con­ti­nue to Build a Soci­a­list Futu­re

Smadre­de overenskom­ster sat­te gang i film­folk

The Cen­trist Delu­sion: ‘Mid­dle Gro­und’ Poli­ti­cs Aren’t Mode­ra­te, They’re Dan­gerous

Shut the Frid­ge!

Nazi­band i Pum­pe­hu­set

Tory Can­di­da­te Faces Questions Over App That Char­ged Food Banks Hund­reds of Pounds

Ber­nie San­ders Is a Cri­tic of US Impe­ri­a­lism. Eliza­beth War­ren Is Not.

Migrant-Led Move­ments Are Lea­ding the Char­ge Against Austra­li­an Bor­der Bar­ba­rism

«Mistil­lit sty­rer debat­ten

Er ikke her­rer i egne hus

Job­ber for jule­mira­kel


Bre­xit – en dej­lig jule­ga­ve

May­or Pete But­ti­gieg Is Even Wor­se Than He Seems

The popu­lar assem­blies at the heart of the Chile­an upri­sing

How Corbyn’s Labour Chan­ged the Minds of Young Scot­tish Voters

The Ber­nie San­ders Ori­gin Story, Part 1

Has Nigel Farage’s Climb­down Gua­ran­te­ed a Tory Win in the South Coast’s Most Bre­xit Town?

Somet­hing Frigh­te­ning Is Hap­pe­ning in Bri­tish Poli­ti­cs

EU-top­mø­de skal dis­ku­te­re EU’s frem­tid

Bag masken: Mød Jonas Sch­midt

Net­me­di­et Soli­da­ri­tet og Enheds­li­sten ind­går sam­ar­bejds­af­ta­le

Da radi­ka­lis­men for­svandt fra gaden

Overenskomst 2020: Mere i løn og en 30 timers arbejds­u­ge

The con­ser­va­ti­ve offen­si­ve and the return of class war in Lat­in Ame­ri­ca

We Should Be Free to Say “Fuck You” to the Boss

Why the Afg­ha­ni­stan Papers Are an Eerie Remin­der of Viet­nam

Australia’s Big Smo­ke

Ide­o­lo­gy or Popu­la­ri­ty: How Will Bri­tain Vote?

Der­for hand­ler deporta­tions­lej­re­ne og ghet­to­pla­nen om kolo­ni­a­lis­me og racis­me

Who Will Pro­tect Us From an Unpa­tri­o­tic Patri­ot Act?

Inter­fe­ren­ce Para­noia: Rus­sia, Red­dit and the Bri­tish Election

Sure, Impeach Trump, But Let’s be Hone­st

Homo­ge­nizing India: the Citizens­hip Deba­te

Con­gress: The Snail’s Pace Race

Modern Family Pro­g­res­si­vism

Juli­an Assan­ge, Thanks for War­ning Japa­ne­se About Was­hin­g­ton

How Afri­ca Could Power a Gre­en Revo­lu­tion

Ngo’er spænd­te på om kli­ma­lovens løf­ter hol­der i prak­sis

On the Door­step

Evo Mora­les bli­ver leder af MAS’ kom­men­de valg­kamp

Whi­le San­ders Pled­ges To Vote Against Trump’s Mas­si­ve War Bud­get, War­ren Is Silent

Cen­trists Don’t Want “Par­ty Unity”—They Want to Defend the Wealt­hy

Making Care Work Gre­en

Lau­ra Flan­ders Show: Stop­ping Gen­der-Based Vio­len­ce

NHS Trut­hers

In the North’s Lea­ve-Voting Seats, Disil­lu­sionment Is Labour’s Big­gest Ene­my

The Only Way is Tory? Resi­sting the Ine­vi­tab­le in the Con­ser­va­ti­ve Heart­lands of Essex

Yet Ano­t­her Round of Clin­ton Smears

Why Labour’s Tax Plans Will Be a Sharp Sho­ck for Cor­pora­te Tax Avoi­ders

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100 Years of Ame­ri­can Com­mu­nism

Argen­ti­na Steps into the Post-Macri Era

Fag­for­e­nin­ger doku­men­te­rer utal­li­ge fejl på omstridt stil­lads

Drop Bal­tic Pipe

Wor­kers of the Wor­ld Can Still Uni­te

Karen Blixens Bou­le­vard

På et skrå­plan!

Nor­disk råd

Den usyn­li­ge stat

Domi­ni­cas rege­ren­de par­ti vandt val­get sik­kert

Fran­ske fag­for­e­nin­ger opfor­drer til gene­ral­strej­ke i dag

Ame­ri­kan­ske præ­si­den­ter før­te alle bag lyset om Afg­ha­ni­stan-kri­gen

Hoved­be­sty­rel­ses­mø­de med bob­ler

The Demo­niza­tion of Jere­my Cor­byn

Ame­ri­can Cul­tu­re Loves a Good Kil­ler

Dansk land­brug: For­gæl­det, for­gif­tet og for­dømt