Election 2021: Scot­land, Wales and Lon­don

There’s No Excu­se for Joe Biden Not to Make Immi­gra­tion Poli­cy More Huma­ne

Post-Par­tisans­hip Is Still a Dead End

Colum­bia stu­dent wor­kers are taking back their uni­on

Right swe­eps Madrid, left must ret­hink

We Don’t Need Elon Musk to Expl­o­re the Solar System

Ny Jerus­a­lem-dekla­ra­tion om anti­se­mi­tis­me kan bli­ve et nyt­tigt red­skab til for­svar for ytrings­fri­he­den om Palæsti­na

#ACFM Micro­do­se: Jere­my Gil­bert on Folk Music

Keir Star­mer Is Respon­sib­le for Labour’s Electo­ral Disa­ster

On VE Day, We Remem­ber the Par­tisans Who Risked Eve­ryt­hing for Fre­edom

FOA Mari­a­ger­fjord: ”Vi skal stil­le krav til arbejds­gi­ve­ren – ikke slås inter­nt om smu­ler­ne”

Sæt foden ned over­for Nemlig.com!

Uni­ted Sta­tes Wit­hdraws From Afg­ha­ni­stan? Not Real­ly

Betwe­en May Day strug­g­les and indi­scri­mi­na­te repres­sion in Alge­ria

Pro­test Can Free the Refu­ge­es Impri­so­ned by Australia’s Gover­n­ment

For the Nez Per­ce, a Pro­po­sed Gold Mine Is a Sym­bol of Bro­ken Pro­mi­ses – The U.S. gover­n­ment sto­le Nez Per­ce tre­aty land to make way for gold miners in the 1860s. A cen­tury and a half later, gold mining again thre­a­tens the tribe’s homeland.

Canada’s Mining Indu­s­try Is Spre­a­ding Havoc Aro­und the Wor­ld — With Justin Trudeau’s Sup­port

Labour Crash in 2021 Elections

Under Keir Starmer’s Lea­ders­hip, Labour Is on the Road to Nowhe­re

Joe Biden Is Not a Radi­cal

David Harvey’s Anti-Capi­ta­list Chro­ni­c­les: Key­nesi­a­nism in the 1960s

Will Joe Biden Betray His Big Phar­ma Fri­ends?

Kli­ma: Tra­fikpo­li­tik med kurs mod afgrun­den

Colom­bia on the Brink

Napo­leon Betwe­en War and Revo­lu­tion

My (Your) Uni­ver­si­ty is Still Racist and Equi­ty Trai­ning Won’t Chan­ge That

Roa­m­ing Char­ges: We Who Are About to Get Shot, Salu­te You

Death by Neoli­be­ra­lism

The “Kill a Lef­tist” Law

Does Big PhR­ma Know No Sha­me? Pro­fi­te­e­ring Whi­le Peop­le Die by the Hund­reds of Thous­ands

Would Any­o­ne Care to Defend Ame­ri­can Radi­cals?

Palestine’s Moment of Rec­k­o­ning: On Abbas’ Dan­gerous Deci­sion to ‘Post­po­ne’ Elections

An Urgent Call for Action by Nobel Lau­re­a­tes

The Fasci­nat­ing Memoir of a “Citizen Pil­grim”: Q&A with Richard Falk

How We Lost It All: Labor Uni­ons and Taft-Hart­ley

Biden’s Big Steps on TRIPS: Get­ting the Wor­ld Vac­ci­na­ted

Tamál Húye: Coast Miwoks Fight for Recog­ni­tion of Point Rey­es’ Indi­genous History

Liberalism’s Last Legs?

The Glo­bal Spre­ad of Fascism is as Real as the Spre­ad of COVID-19

Postal Ser­vi­ce Reform: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?

Capi­ta­lism, Bor­ders and the Dama­ge They Do

Casti­gat­ing Its Com­pe­ti­tors: Western Hypo­cri­sy and China

Chal­len­ging the Bias of the Refu­gee as “Other”: Behrouz Boochani’s No Fri­end but the Moun­tains

Chile’s Neoli­be­ral Nigh­t­ma­re, New Con­sti­tu­tion, and Dani­el Jadue

As India Gasps to Bre­at­he, Modi Gover­n­ment Abdi­ca­tes Respon­si­bi­li­ty

Palesti­ni­an Mot­hers are the Glue that Bonds Palesti­ni­an Socie­ty

The Robot Was Born a Hund­red Years Ago

COVID-19: Bos­ses Lie. Wor­kers Suf­fer and Die.

Ten Thin­gs to Under­stand about Lat­in Ame­ri­ca

GDP ver­sus Lasting Growth Roo­ted in Love

About That “Rules-Based Inter­na­tio­nal Order”

A Very Bri­tish Case: Post­ma­sters and Miscar­ri­a­ges of Justi­ce

Why Wild­fi­res May Bene­fit Spot­ted Owls

Cas­hing in on the Hou­sing Cri­sis

Infra­struc­tu­re Wars

Medi­cal Apart­heid: From Israel/Palestine to Cana­da

Art and Out­ra­ge are Inse­pa­rab­le! Making Cul­tu­re in the Ruins

Why Biden Must Do More

Mah­moud Abbas: a Pup­pet on a String

Hope for Cri­ti­cal­ly Ill Covid-19 Patients Wit­hin Reach

Huma­nizing the Peop­le Poli­ce Kill

Feats of Klee

Sena­tors of the Lost Cau­se

The Hamp­tons: Whe­re Wealth and Pover­ty Clash

Respon­se to Ann Gar­ri­son Arti­c­le on Paci­fi­ca

EUs soci­a­le top­mø­de er en falsk kulis­se for soci­a­le nedskæ­rin­ger

Lady Day and the Feds

Gone But Not Forgotten…by Pop

Phi­los­op­hi­cal Drinking Song

De grøn­ne veste ind­ta­ger Køben­havn


Big Tech’s Cen­sors Come for Sci­en­ce

In Bri­tain, the Left Is Resi­sting a Mas­si­ve Expan­sion of Poli­ce Powers

Efter pan­de­mi­en må vi ikke læg­ge os til at sove igen

Nut­shell Pt. 2 – Phi­fe Dawg

Regions­valg i Madrid: Høj­re­fløj­en sej­rer, tid til eftertan­ke på ven­stre­fløj­en

Jane McA­le­vey on the Uni­on Defe­at at Ama­zon

“The Ama­zon Wor­kers in Besse­mer Would Alre­a­dy Have Their Uni­on If We Had the PRO Act” – What the uni­on loss at an Ama­zon ware­hou­se in Ala­ba­ma means for the futu­re of orga­nizing in the Biden era.

‘How Can I Use This, Rat­her Than It Use Me?’ A New Campaign Takes Aim at Scre­en Addi­ction

Joe Biden Shouldn’t Shy Away From the Radi­ca­lism of the New Deal – ‘Why the New Deal Mat­ters’ aut­hor Eric Rau­chway explains why embra­cing FDR’s sig­na­tu­re pro­grams is not just a moral imperative—it’s good poli­ti­cs.

US-China Ten­sions Are Esca­lat­ing. What Does That Mean for the Left?

Andrew Bace­vich on Ending the US’s Fore­ver Wars

How the U.S. Mili­tary Rein­for­ces Our Brutal Class System—And Vice Ver­sa – Why does our eco­no­my ensu­re a con­stant stream of recru­its? And why are the armed ser­vi­ces so attra­cti­ve to the mar­gi­na­lized? Vets answer the­se questions and more.

Biden’s “Bulls­hit” Cli­ma­te Sum­mit

Ear­ly Draft of AFL-CIO’s Report on Poli­ce Reform Shows a Com­mit­ment to Defen­ding Poli­ce Uni­ons – The long-awai­ted draft report is an expli­cit rejection of calls for the labor move­ment to sepa­ra­te itself from poli­ce.

Uni­ons Can Keep Wor­kers From Fal­ling Prey to the Far Right

Bla­me Modi and the BJP for India’s COVID-19 Cata­strop­he

What are the real rea­sons behind the New Cold War?

Cha­u­vin Lost, but the Mur­de­rers Won

AT&T’s “Har­ve­sting” Scam

Qui­bbling Over Cru­el­ties: Human Rights Watch, Isra­el and Apart­heid

Boris Johnson’s Lies Don’t Harm Him Becau­se the UK’s Poli­ti­cal System is More Cor­rupt Than He Is

On the Spectrum

The True Mea­ning of the Afg­han “Wit­hdrawal”

Will Guantá­na­mo Ever Be Shut Down?

The Biden Admi­ni­stra­tion Wants to Part­ner with Cri­mi­nals to Spy on You

As Zimbabwe’s Wor­kers Fight for Justi­ce, It’s Time for a Fun­da­men­tal Ret­hink of U.S. Poli­cy

Can­cel Cul­tu­re Conun­d­rums

It’s Win or Die for Scot­tish Labour. So Why Is the Par­ty Figh­ting to Lose?

Key Les­sons for Suc­cess in Hig­her Educa­tion and Bey­ond

Impa­ct Inve­sting: a Ruse or a Means to Reducing Inequa­li­ty?

How “Mar­ket Reforms” Hobb­led Bulgaria’s Respon­se to COVID-19

Stop Pain­ting Nort­hern Eng­land as a Land of Rea­ctio­nary Pro­les

Fra de strej­ken­de plast­ar­bej­de­res pro­test: Alle arbej­de­re i Ser­bi­en må gøre oprør!

Sta­tens luft­fart­s­sel­skab SAS i fron­ta­lan­greb på fag­li­ge ret­tig­he­der

Isra­el­ske bosæt­te­re bræn­der palæsti­nen­si­ske lan­d­om­rå­der

Ser­vi­ce Wor­kers Aren’t Lazy — They Just Don’t Want to Risk Dying for Mini­mum Wage

On Educa­tion, Joe Biden Is Making Sure “Not­hing Will Fun­da­men­tal­ly Chan­ge”

Keir Starmer’s First Big Test

Finan­ci­a­liza­tion Cre­a­ted Chi­ca­go Public Schools’ Fiscal Cri­sis

Why You Should Sup­port Boycott, Dive­st­ment, and San­ctions Against Isra­el

“Jeg kun­ne lide uni­for­mer­ne og demon­stran­ter­nes fremto­ning, jeg kun­ne lide deres skjol­de og deres flag”

“It’s a Nigh­t­ma­re”: Insi­de America’s Rural Hou­sing Cri­sis – Across Wiscon­sin, low-inco­me peop­le are strug­g­ling to find qua­li­ty, affor­dab­le hou­sing.

Thank You, Pablo Iglesi­as

EU’s skat­te­hul kan luk­kes

The Lega­cy of Bob­by Sands and the 1981 Hunger Stri­ke

CRIS­PR Mad­ness: Welco­me to the Age of Gene­tic Cha­os

Cra­cks in Nort­hern Ire­land?

US First Quar­ter GDP: Recove­ry or Just Ano­t­her Rebo­und?

Sur­vi­vors of Trau­ma Trans­form Their Vul­ne­ra­bi­li­ties into Strength

Finan­ci­al Transa­ctions Taxes: The Per­fect Way to Pay for Biden’s Infra­struc­tu­re Pack­a­ge

Akut sund­heds­kri­se i Indi­en

The Flows Tell the Story: Kla­math River Coho Sal­mon are in Dire Con­di­tion

Magi­cal Thin­king 

Care Advo­ca­tes Cele­bra­te Wins in Ame­ri­can Fami­lies Plan, Now Back to Orga­nizing

Afghanistan’s Musi­cal Tra­di­tion: a Health Check

When the Legis­la­tu­re Lea­ves Town, Liti­ga­tion Fol­lows

Our soli­da­ri­ty with the Colom­bi­an peop­le!

10-year Anni­ver­s­ary of Nort­hern Rock­i­es Wolf Deli­sting Comes Amid On-Going Slaugh­ter

On His Bir­t­h­day, Let’s Cele­bra­te the Old Man Karl Marx

Til min­de om de kom­mu­ni­ster der blev inter­ne­ret og depor­te­ret for 80 år siden

Juan Guaidó er ikke vel­kom­men i Dan­mark – nej til kup i Venezu­ela

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Hol­lywood Shouldn’t Rema­ke the Bril­li­ant Ano­t­her Round

Johnson’s Gover­n­ment is Rot­ten to the Core – But Does It Even Mat­ter?

Colom­bi­ans Are in the Stre­ets Against a Vio­lent Neoli­be­ral Order

Capi­ta­lism Is Dri­ving COVID Disa­ster in the Glo­bal South

In Dairy Coun­try, a Net­work of Hmong and Lat­i­no Wor­kers Fight Covid-19 – Dairy pro­duction in Wiscon­sin relies on immi­grant labor, a con­tra­di­ction in a sta­te that has seen the rise of nati­vist, anti-immi­grant poli­ti­cs.

Get Rid of No-Stri­ke Clau­ses and Stop Beg­ging – The right to stri­ke is the only thing that gives wor­king peop­le power. Let’s stop bar­gai­ning it away.

Hate Racism? Oppo­se the CIA

Mala­lai Joya: Fred uden ret­fær­dig­hed er menings­løs

Egypt’s Al-Sisi Regi­me Is Still “Dis­ap­pea­ring” Resear­chers Who Oppo­se Its Cri­mes

At sæt­te ulve til at vog­te får.

No, We Don’t Need The­se Fore­ver Wars

The Con­gres­spe­op­le Stan­ding Up for Their Trans Chil­dren – Trans peop­le, who face relent­less atta­cks on their right to exist, are near­ly absent in fede­ral rep­re­sen­ta­tion. Reps. Marie New­man and Pra­mila Jay­a­pal, both parents to trans kids, have their backs.

To Defend Public Health, We Need More Than Lock­downs

Tur­ning a Pro­fit from Death – On Modi’s Pan­de­mic Respon­se in Neoli­be­ral India

De rig­ti­ge menin­gers klub

Fen­ta­nyl Is the Genie That Won’t Go Back in the Bott­le

Poli­ti­cal Bla­ck­ness and the search for mul­tira­ci­al soli­da­ri­ty

Biden’s Foreign Poli­cy and Nuclear Wea­pons: a Dia­logue

Gover­n­ment Report Docu­ments US Respon­si­bi­li­ty for Venezuela’s Huma­ni­ta­ri­an Dilem­ma

Bri­tain Risks Cemen­ting in Power a Cor­rupt and Incom­pe­tent Gover­n­ment in Unde­ser­ved Gra­ti­tu­de for the Vac­ci­ne

New Tenants: Birdwat­ching in New York City

Tim Cook, Apple, and Runaway Limit­less Cor­pora­te Gre­ed

Squad & Co: Uni­te as a Blo­ck to Down­size Biden’s Mili­tary Bud­get

A Farewell to “Gre­at Men”

For­get­ting Citizens­hip: Austra­lia Sus­pends Flights from India

Buzz­Fe­ed News Wan­ted to Be Radi­cal – Inste­ad It Was Main­stream Media With Listi­c­les

Women’s Rights in Nica­ragua Under Atta­ck From an Unli­ke­ly Sour­ce

An Ame­ri­ca Neg­lected Com­ing from Behind

How India Has Cre­a­ti­ve­ly Tur­ned Soci­al Media Into a COVID-19 Hel­pli­ne to Batt­le the Pan­de­mic

Our Huma­ni­ty; Our Iden­ti­ty



On the Air with All (or Most) Thin­gs Con­si­de­red – To mark the 50th anni­ver­s­ary of Natio­nal Public Radio, we revi­sit this 1979 story on the sta­tion and its flags­hip pro­gram “All Thin­gs Con­si­de­red,” which at the time was known as “Sesa­me Stre­et for adults.”

Islamop­ho­bia in Euro­pe

Arre­st of seven Ita­li­an ex-mili­tants: Macron toug­her than Sarkozy!

This Old Ste­el Mill Town is Now a Hub for Gre­en Ener­gy – Sick of poi­son runoff and toxic bea­ches, a for­mer ste­el town near Bal­ti­mo­re fights for cle­an jobs.

Kom­mu­ni­stisk Poli­tik Digi­tal 9 – 2021 – Nyhe­der hvor der kæm­pes

Sen. Chris Coons’s Defen­se of Vac­ci­ne Apart­heid Is Obs­ce­ne

Is Line of Duty Copa­gan­da?

15 Salva­dor­an Mili­tary Offi­cers Could Soon Go on Tri­al for the El Mozo­te Mas­sa­cre

Eric Hobsbawm’s Suc­cess Was Becau­se of His Marxism, Not in Spi­te of It

The Lau­ra Flan­ders Show: A New Day for Public Tele­vi­sion?

Man­che­ster Uni­ted Fans Shut Down Match Over Gla­zers

Eco­no­mic Upda­te: How US Capi­ta­lism Uses Natio­na­lism

Europe’s Bor­der Guards Are Ille­gal­ly Expel­ling Refu­ge­es

Is the French Mili­tary a Thre­at to Demo­cra­cy?

Fag­ligt møde onli­ne 6. maj: Hvor­dan får vi fag­for­e­nin­ger der kæm­per?

The Big­gest Bust Ever: Direct Action Les­sons From Three Days in May of 1971

GOP Still Wants to Pre­tend the Pre­ser­va­tion of Sla­ve­ry Wasn’t a Major Rea­son for the Ame­ri­can Revo­lu­tion

What Would a Deep Gre­en New Deal Look Like?

Modi is Singu­lar­ly Respon­sib­le for India’s Pan­de­mic Disa­ster

Rape and Eth­nic Cle­an­sing in Tigray

A City Wre­st­les

Ignor­an­ce Does Not Lead to Fre­edom

Bra­zi­li­an Sena­te Will Question: Bol­so­na­ro on COVID-19 Respon­se

If You Don’t Op-Ed, Will You Get Enough?

Ame­ri­ca Hacks Itself

Fra nazis­me til etno-plu­ra­lis­me

Hou­sing and the Rising GDP

Nej, ven­stre­fløjsak­ti­vi­ster er ikke det sam­me som fasci­sti­ske bøl­ler

Magi­cal Pro­per­ties

Biden’s Cli­ma­te Pro­posals: Tip­to­e­ing Across the Star­ting Line

EU-par­la­men­tet: Ingen land skal slip­pe unna lov­be­stemt min­ste­lønn

The Long Strug­g­le to Save City Col­le­ge of San Fran­ci­sco

Glas­gow-Afta­len: Fol­kets kli­ma­for­plig­tel­se

Regi­me inten­si­fies repres­sion, but strug­g­le con­ti­nu­es