Soci­al Media: The New Gra­pe­vi­ne Tele­graph

Ber­nie San­ders and the Reven­ge of the Super­de­le­ga­tes

Modi’s India

Which Side Are You On?

Hyste­ria Isn’t Kil­ling Nuclear Power

Tru­ly Remaking Soci­al Securi­ty is the Key to Having a Livab­le Socie­ty in the US

Bloom­berg on Bloom­berg: The Selected Sayings of the Much-Awai­ted Establis­h­ment Mes­si­ah

Cor­pora­te Occu­pa­tions: The UN Busi­ness “Bla­ck List” and Israel’s Sett­le­ments

Assange’s Extra­di­tion Case: Cri­ti­cal Moment for the Anti-war Move­ment

The Wealth That’s Kil­ling Us Will Save Us: Poli­ti­cs Through the Look­ing-Glass

Cana­da, Get Out of the Lima Group, Core Group and OAS

The Rule of Law Under Trump

A Tre­a­ti­se on Tri­ni­ties

Open Let­ter to Canada’s Pri­me Mini­ster Justin Tru­deau on Lima Group Mee­ting

Just Two Kings Tal­king

WORTH THE PRI­CE? Joe Biden and the Launch of the Iraq War

“I Would Love Medi­ca­re for All”: A Neva­da Culi­nary Uni­on Mem­ber on Why She Sup­ports Ber­nie San­ders

The Atta­cks on Ber­nie San­ders Sup­por­ters Are Going from the Ridi­culous to the Deran­ged


Sex­ar­bej­der: ”Vi har brug for ret­tig­he­der – ikke kri­mi­na­li­se­ring!”

At What Point Does Bloomberg’s Unpre­ce­den­ted Ad Spen­ding Amo­unt to Bri­be­ry of the Media?

Angri­per Mer­kels linje

Kre­ver svar om Lurås-nekt

Får luft­støt­te fra Zero

Here’s How We Can Stop the Next Cor­o­navirus

War Is an Enor­mous Thre­at to the Rising Move­ment Against Cli­ma­te Chan­ge

Eco­no­mic Upda­te: Soci­a­lism and Left Uni­ty in the US

The Pri­so­ners For­ced To Sue for Soap and Toilet Paper

Logik­ken er væk i rege­rin­gens nye udlig­nings­re­form

The Oreo Wor­kers Trump Betray­ed

AOC Knows Exa­ct­ly What the Pro­blem Is With Bil­li­o­nai­res Like Jeff Bezos

Råd til mere – tid til mere – plads til fle­re

Why Syriza’s Defe­at Still Haunts the Left

Populist Auste­ri­ty – This Is the Real John­so­no­mi­cs

1050 fle­re fuld­tids­pæ­da­go­ger til 4000 dag­in­sti­tu­tio­ner

Juli­an Assan­ge Must be Fre­ed, Not Betray­ed

“We Need a Homeland”

Reli­gion is a Repe­at­ing Chap­ter in the History of Poli­ti­cs

The Esca­lat­ing Class War Against Ber­nie San­ders

Irish Elections and Uni­fi­ca­tion

We Shouldn’t Have to Beg Mark Zuck­er­berg to Respect Demo­cra­cy

A Sili­con Val­ley Life Les­son: Money That ‘Clumps’ Crus­hes

Mino­ri­ty Abu­se: A Sli­ce of Life in Modi’s India

China’s Eco­no­my: Power­ful But Vuler­nab­le

Afg­han Troops say Tali­ban are Bro­t­hers and War is “Not Real­ly Our Fight.”

The BJP is Not India, and Eve­ry Indi­an is Not a Modi-Devo­tee

Buying Elections: The Bloom­berg Meme Campaign

Her­ak­les in the Age of Cli­ma­te Cha­os

We’re All in This Toget­her

Bodi­es in Fre­edom: a Bar­ce­lo­na Story

Læger ret­ter skarp kri­tik af Sund­heds­plat­for­men

Demo­cra­cy, Dicta­tors­hip and Bloom­berg

Chi­le: The fis­su­res of neoli­be­ra­lism and the return of an “explo­si­ve” class strug­g­le

Among Cru­el Chil­dren

Ilde­vars­len­de rum­len

Sik­ker­heds­kon­fe-ren­ce i Mün­chen dybt split­tet

EU-par­la­men­tet ved­ta­ger støt­te til fos­si­le gaspro­jek­ter

Rege­rin­ger for­går, krigs­po­li­tik­ken består

Mar­ke­ti­sing the Men­tal Health Cri­sis: How the CBT Empi­re-Buil­ders Colo­ni­sed the NHS

Labour Lea­der C4 Deba­te

Flysjokk i Nord-Nor­ge

Sånt som de unge liker

Nord-Syria kan set­tes i spill

Et langt land

Om por­no på bus­ser

Giv os en overenskomst, som alle kan stem­me ja til

At enga­ge­re sig i livet – viser ud over døden

Van­vid at luk­ke kom­mu­na­le sol­cel­le­an­læg

The Leba­ne­se Upri­sing Con­ti­nu­es

Annon­cer og med­del­el­ser

Orga­ni­sa­tions­de­bat tur­ne­rer i hele lan­det

900.000 fær­re beta­ler til efter­løn end for 13 år siden

Anti-BDS Laws Vio­la­te Our Fre­edom

NEPA is Our Natio­nal Defen­se System

How the UN’s Mid­dle East Pea­ce Plan Was Tro­un­ced by Its Own Mem­bers

“Just Mer­cy” and Justi­ce Don’t Exist in Ala­ba­ma

Sinn Fein’s Victory is Ireland’s ‘Bre­xit Moment’ When Left-Out Voters Turn on the Eli­te

“Demo­cra­tic Soci­a­lism” – Bring it on Cor­pora­te Soci­a­lists!

Eve­ry Day’s a Holi­day for the Oil Busi­ness in Col­ora­do

Fas­hion Fetis­hism, Sur­gi­cal Masks and Cor­o­navirus

The Demo­crats’ New Chap­ter

Time to Reti­re the “He Can’t Beat Trump” Tro­pe

Ano­t­her Five Les­sons for Demo­crats to Defe­at Trump in 2020

Donald Trump’s Plan for Ame­ri­ca: Make it Ignor­ant

You Tube’s Trump Pre­di­ca­ment

Trump Shoots Rom­ney at Pray­er Bre­ak­fast; GOP Shrugs

Et OK-Nej skal ikke kun­ne fejes til side – væk med sam­men­kæd­nings­reg­ler­ne!

Ode to the City Bus 

Neit­her Was­hin­g­ton nor Bei­jing – A back­gro­un­der

For­svars­mi­ni­ster klar til at stå i spid­sen for NATO i Irak

The Cos­mic Iro­ny of Ber­nie Sanders’s Rise

“Win­ter in the Book­s­hop”

Debat­ly­sten vil – og skal – ingen ende tage

En travl tid for Iran-grup­pen

Ver­den iføl­ge tyra­nen Trump

Marsje­rer inn i regje­ring

Larm rundt arti­st­be­ta­ling

Kong Salo­mo

Like­lønns­pla­nen svik­ter

Michel Lequen­ne (1921–2020): A very par­ti­cu­lar Trot­skyist

Australia’s New Digi­tal Wor­k­hou­ses

#ACFM: Acid Urba­nism

Sinn Féin’s Day Is Com­ing

Okto­ber Radio: Arbejds­kam­pe værd at kæm­pe

“The System That We Have to Respond to Home­les­sness Is Not One That Was Desig­ned to Help Peop­le.”

Cor­pora­te Ame­ri­ca Can’t Hand­le Any Form of Dis­sent

Rus­sia: Ori­gin and con­sequen­ces of the debt repu­di­a­tion of Febru­ary 10, 1918

Cor­o­navirus (2019-nCoV or Covid-19) in Fran­ce: medi­cal infor­ma­tion, thoughts and pra­cti­cal advi­ce

Reclai­m­ing Los Ange­les

Er lær­lin­ge og ung­ar­bej­de­re en paren­tes ved OK20?

Max Hor­k­hei­mer, a Tea­cher Wit­hout a Class

No fascist USA! Les­sons from a history of anti-Klan orga­nizing

Harvard’s Pro­g­ress Is Not Our Pro­g­ress

The Government’s Ina­dequa­te Respon­se to Flooding Is Furt­her Proof It ‘Just Doesn’t Get’ Cli­ma­te Chan­ge

“We Can’t Be at Pea­ce With Our­sel­ves If We’re Com­pli­cit in Saudi’s War”

Colom­bia: After the soci­al explo­sion of Novem­ber 2019

The Story of an Island

Vi vil have løn, meget mer i løn…. demon­stra­tion ved Tivo­li Food Hall

OK20 aktions­dag i Hor­sens: Vi vil aldrig igen lade os køre over af Indu­stri­ens overenskomst

Micha­el Bloom­berg Isn’t a Smug Tech­no­cra­tic Cen­trist. He’s Somet­hing Far Wor­se

3F er parat til at øge pres­set på Tivo­li Food Hall

500 til demon­stra­tion i Aal­borg

Auto­nom ejen­doms­mæg­ler viser Bør­ne­magt rundt

Ireland’s Left Turn

En for­plik­tel­se

Avfei­er kli­ma­ar­gu­ment

Kan pre­mi­e­res for retts­sak

Pri­va­te Equi­ty Firms Like Bla­ck­sto­ne Are Destroying the Pla­net for Pro­fit

The Lau­ra Flan­ders Show: The Futu­re is Public


Et tabu er brudt i tysk poli­tik

Ophæ­vel­sen af land­mi­ne­for­bud er bekym­ren­de

Byg­nings­folk kræ­ver mere end indu­stri­for­lig

Poor Towns In New Hamps­hi­re Voted Heavily for Ber­nie. Rich Towns Did the Oppo­si­te.

May­or Mike, Wor­se Than May­or Pete

Vedums grøn­ne plan

The­re Is Final­ly an Alter­na­ti­ve in Ire­land

“Subli­me Mad­ness”: Anar­chi­sts, Psy­chi­a­tric Sur­vi­vors, Emma Gold­man & Har­ri­et Tub­man

Roa­m­ing Char­ges: Lea­der of the Pack

The Dooms­day Cuck­oo Clo­ck

Thin­gs Said in Con­fi­den­ce to 4000 Clo­se Fri­ends This Week

Even With Cor­byn Gone, Anti­se­mi­tism Thre­ats Will Keep Destroying the UK Labour Par­ty

Cam­brid­ge Ana­ly­ti­ca: a Salesgirl’s Report

Vichy Demo­crats vs. the Master Voi­ce

San­ders vs. the Establis­h­ment Demo­crats: McG­overn All Over Again?

Marx, Lin­coln and Pro­ject 1619

Ama­zon Onslaught

NPR and the Esca­lat­ing Atta­ck on Sing­le-Pay­er Health Care

Race and Class: Overco­m­ing the Divi­des

Bre­aking with Was­hin­g­ton: Arabs and Mus­lims Must Take a Uni­ted Stan­ce for Palesti­ne

Time­li­ne: How the DNC Mani­pu­la­ted 2016 Presi­den­ti­al Race 

U. S. Lies and Deat­hs in Afg­ha­ni­stan

Trump Ser­ved Up Pro­jection at the Natio­nal Pray­er Bre­ak­fast

The Overwhel­m­ing Sex Appe­al Of Ber­nie San­ders

Why This Election Is Dif­fe­rent

Western Sta­tes Petrole­um Asso­ci­a­tion Tops CA Lob­bying Expen­ses with $8.8 Mil­li­on Spent in 2019

The Medi­um War­ps the Mes­sa­ge Straight to Our Extin­ction

Trump’s Gut­ting of NEPA Will Cut the Public Out of Public Lands Deci­sions

Tulsi Gab­bard: A Poli­ti­cal Post­mor­tem

The Lies of Indu­s­try and the Liars Who Sell Them

Mena­ce on the Menu in Post-EU Bri­tain

Mnangagwa’s Neoli­be­ral Assault on the Zim­bab­we­an Peop­le

The Lies of Indu­s­try and the Liars Who Sell Them

Subver­ting the Bla­ck­list: Kirk Douglas’s Modest Con­tri­bu­tion

The War in Questions: Making Sen­se of the Age of Car­na­ge

Who’s Afraid of Soci­a­lism?

Dres­den, Febru­ary 1945

You’re a Lying, Dog-Faced Pony Sol­di­er

The Wall: Sepa­rat­ing Demo­cra­cy From Voters

Yes, the ERA Has Been Rati­fied

Can the World’s Second Super­power Rise From the Ashes of Twen­ty Years of War?

A Short History of Humanity’s Futu­re

The Iowa Fal­lout and the Demo­crats’ Sha­dowy Plot to Stop San­ders

Les­sons From Mini­ste­ring on the Bor­der

Del­hi Polls: A Storm Over Winner’s “Reli­gious” Acts!

The Unen­ding Human Tra­ge­dy in Syria

Oca­sio-Cor­tez to Con­sti­tu­ents on Boli­vi­an Coup: Drop Dead

Mega­church Mess

The But­ti­gieg Delu­sion

Gramsci and You: an Open Let­ter to May­or Pete

The Consci­en­ce of a Con­ser­va­ti­ve

Bla­ck Ame­ri­ca and the Presi­dents

50th Anni­ver­s­ary of Abbie Hoffman’s Intro to STB

Sav­net som en rift

Rush Lim­baugh Gets Medal for Being the King of Cre­eps

Kun et NEJ kan spræn­ge ram­mer­ne!

Bet­ter in Dol­by

Money is Our Asso­nan­ce: Seven Short Poems

Mjøl­ner­par­kens bebo­e­re klar til kamp mod salg

Poli­tisk som­mer­fe­rie for hele fami­li­en

Revolt in Chi­le: Life Against Capi­tal

Soci­a­lism Is Love

“This Is How We Thank The Peop­le Who Died For Demo­cra­cy — By Let­ting Bil­li­o­nai­res Buy The Presi­den­cy?”

Miners in Geor­gia Are Stag­ing Wildcat Stri­kes in a Bid to Sur­vi­ve As Their Wor­king Con­di­tions Wor­sen